Welcome back to our channel today were going to look at our drone and please remember to like and subscribe click the bell, like hi, guys, im gon na look at this video of the drone on facebook of the end lets go Music well, thats cool! You can carry a dog you can throw stuff at it can go in the trees, waterproof Music, and it is very nice Music, thats, amazing, Music. It can fly very high and can, as i track you, we bought it at this website. Our drone and its a very good price, and it can fly really good and its camera is really good of recording and yes, the suitcase and yeah it can fly, go underwater and its waterproof. It has very good camera and it can and it can um record you wherever you need and it can fly up very high and theres the tractor, a tracker and heres all the features. Guys we go. Look at the drone lets see it now. Is it the suitcase for it look its the drum? You have the instructions heres, the remote controller, and it comes with four batteries and heres the camera. Yes, to hold your cell phone, and here is the drone and heres the wings and legs and yeah the guards to protect the wings lets lets build. It remember to charge your batteries. I got a usb plug and lets charge it and remember to plug it in lets.

First, mount our legs and the other side. You have to get the groove there you go there you go now, can stand perfect. Im gon na put in the guards make sure to put it upwards, not downwards Music. Now i put all the guards on yes, the camera. We can put it on the tone. I thought the camera was a bit heavier, but actually very light. Now lets put it in so you have to mount the camera perfect, so slide it in here like this, then you put the wires in here. There you go. We have the camera on Applause, okay, so im going to show you how to put in the battery. So, at the back of the drone theres like a little thing that you open, then you slide and open it. Then you put the battery in and connect two of these wires. There you go lets close it there. You go theres the battery this, this doesnt, this remote control, doesnt, even look like the head instead of white, its gray, but anyways im going to put this on to hold your phone, so you take this out. Then you hook this button. Okay, now lets look how much batteries it needs. It needs three batteries. The smoker tool has lots of buttons, and you can do this. You can go up and down left and right and you can hold your phone and you can fly your drone with it. You must download the app how to fly.

Oh okay, okay, im gon na switch it on now. Oh wow. Look at all the cool lights doesnt! It feels very light. I dont think its waterproof, but i think it flies very high and i think it can go over the water Music and lets go test. It outside lets go hello, guys, im so glad you came. We got twisted outside now with a bit of wind. Lets. Go Music im gon na fly it Music guys it doesnt want to work in the wind outside, but we got ta test it inside our house now ill meet you there bye guys. We are we in our garage. Now we got ta taste it Music. It cant hold them once, but you have to go up and down. I think this is what makes it difficult to fly. Lets face the camera Music. This was the actual video from this phone Music. The camera stays in one spot, you cant, move it up or down or left and right. The camera is, as i know, in the game, the camera quality is not good and its not 4k. Like the boxy im going to show you a trick Music, you can use this as an emergency to stop the drone. We got ta do a 360. Music. This is the only cool feature about this one Music. I think this drone is only for beginners and employees. I wont really try this drone, because, if losers control very easily, this is all my bloopers Music.

I crashed a lot because its not really easy to try the drone. It can be dangerous if it falls and kill you when youre done concentrate. This drone just gets out Music, we go to i360. Yes, my face is 60, but i crashed it. Luckily, they gave you all some of the pillars, so you can replace it. If you can, i dont think you must buy this one because its really hard to control guys. It was very hard to fly, but it was fun like by trying, but it goes really high and it goes very fast, but it but its very sensitive as well. Music guys, i dont think its waterproof, and i dont think i can pick up a dog but and the kit and the quality of the camera is not good thanks for watching our drone video bye.