I bought this for 179 last month on amazon. If you look right now, theyre 199 on amazon, but when i see a cool looking drone like this, that has brushless motors gps, two batteries, multiple access, gimbal and a 4k camera. It has all the features. Follow me circle me all that for under 200, i got to try it out. So if you look, it is a lot larger than say the dji mini sc, but at this price point its at the same price point as a holy stone 175d. But this one doesnt have a multiple access gimbal. It gives it kind of the same features as the holy stone: hs 360., with the multiple access gimbal, but this ones almost 100 more than this one. So it does have an optical flow sensor on the bottom. Its got a really nice light, i love the remote, its got a led screen and its got all its user functionalities right here on the front of it. It does come with extra props and a really nice carrying case and again two batteries. But the main thing is this: multiple access, gimbal, so its a two axis gimbal its, not a three axis gimbal, so it doesnt have the pan, but it does have it. That goes up and down so when youre flying around it gets real, stable flight images. Uh, like the 360, does in the dji mini, but not the sc at the same price point so its a good looking drone.

But how does she fly well? Lets go out and fly it and then after i fly it well, come back and ill show you how to use the app, because i had a couple issues with the app and well go over all that ill. Show you how to calibrate it and get it up in the air and all the features of the drone and then ill come back for my final review, Music. All right guys! Let me start out by saying i love the color of this drone. I love an orange drone. I think they make them grey just to make them inconspicuous, but if its my first drone and its a budget drone, i want it to be orange and i love the red hs200 and blue would look good, but i guess it would blend in so nothings better Than orange, so let me say this drone flies really well, it yaws really slow. In other words, it turns left and right really slow and it comes down really slow. It goes up fast and it flies really well. It did seem to fly better with gps off, but if its windy or you want to use return to home, of course, you need gps and, of course, its always better to use gps, but in the beginning it was just a little quirky, but anytime you fly Any drone its gon na be different than all the other ones, so it took me six or seven batteries, just to kind of start getting really comfortable with it, but at the price of 169 on amazon right now.

This thing flies really good and youll see in the videos and the pictures. I mean theyre fantastic, to think that you could buy something for this price point and take it on vacation and really get some good photos, and some good videos is amazing. Is it a dji mini, of course not its, not half the drone, the dji mini is but its you know its almost half the price of the mini sc and, of course, in many two combos 600, and this is 169. um. The two axis gimbal versus the three axis gimbal, is not a big deal. It doesnt have the pan, but most people dont even know how to pan their camera so going up and down and tilting, left and right is just awesome, its much better than a camera. That just goes up and down so heres how fast it yaw is: yalls, really slow, thats about it, thats full speed, even in speed 3.. Another thing about having three speeds: you want to start in speed. One speed one is really good as a beginner, but it is really fast sideways and forwards, and back another thing too. This is a wi fi drone. So turn your phone on airplane mode, its using your wi fi from your phone, not your house! Not only does it stop annoying text and emails, it stops the interference when its going through the gps for the phone, because its depending on that wi fi from your phone.

Also, it records the video straight to the app i mean you can use the sd card, but it really does a good job. I think it sends 1080p to the app and then then you can record up to 4k on the sd card. You can record up to a 64 megabyte look at the blue lights on this thing. I love these blue lights. I flew it at night. It really helps with the orientation of knowing them which way the drones going. It helps you keep the drone in sight. Also, even flying during the day, you can see them, they work really well, so i do want to start a milk delivery business with drones and im going to name it derriere, but my wife said that it would be the butt of a joke Laughter and i Told her the happiness would depend upon the hard work of other people, all right, so now im going to bring it down and catch it with my hand. Dont do this. Unless youre used to flying drones, those props will cut you pretty bad, but almost any drone. If you flip it over like this, it will kill the props. The gyro inside will shut them down and then ill practice a hand launch thats a lot of fun its fun to practice it so heres. The video, the video, is really good on this drone. Of course, you see the pond theres, absolutely no wind whatsoever, but the color saturation is really good.

I didnt do anything in post edit to enhance this at all. This is uh, and even when i crop in on this, this is probably a three time zoom. It shows you how good the camera is and the cameras really good. So this is what the uh gimbal pointed down, because here, when i take off, the gimbal is pointing straight forward and then its gon na get the props in the shot which you know for fpv flyers. That might look pretty cool. But if you dont want the props in the shot just point, the gimbal down just a little bit and itll go away so a little bit of choppiness. When i turn but thats common with a lot of drones, a little bit of jello, i tried jerking it back and forth right here, but it really hit held steady, pretty good. You see it right there, the jello. I think you get more jello in the shots when the props are in it and then heres a picture. The picture is really good, even when i crop into it its fantastic so lets. Let me show you how to fly it all right, guys lets see what she weighs in at she weighs in at 324 grams, so it definitely needs to be registered with the faa because it doesnt weigh under 250 grams, like the dji mini 2.. So how much is 324 grams? Well, 324 grams is about the same weight as three pretty big carrots well hold on about three pretty big carrots staying in the same uh orange theme, all right guys.

It comes with a really nice case, a nice zipper, its got a little handle on the top. When you open it up, it has a space for the drone, a battery the remote, and then you can pull this piece out. If you want to maybe put something else here, but it doesnt really need a charger because on these batteries uh they charge right here with the usbc. They take a couple hours of charge and its getting about 12 to 15 minutes of flight time so inside the bag. You also get the manual a handy, dandy, screwdriver and some extra screws to put the props on. Of course, these props are labeled, l and r. So make sure you, when you do replace them, you get them lined up to the right side and they do attach just connect. The mini two right here. On top with these little bitty screws, so be careful and dont over tighten these when youre putting them on. So on the drone, you know, doesnt really matter which side you open first and you got to make sure theyre popped all the way its like they have one little last little clip folding it so its pretty good size. It comes with a nice gimbal guard, just like all gimbal guards. Its kind of hard to take on and off has an optical flow sensor on the back and its got a really nice light when its when you want, you can turn it on and off.

When you land so the best thing about this drone is, it does have a multiple axis gimbal, so it does go up and down and it tilts right and left. So as the drone moves around itll itll keep a steady shot. It doesnt have a pan access, but it does have like a rubber band system up at the top. That keeps to keep the image stabilization when its going so it doesnt have the third axis, like the mini two does. That makes it allows it to pan right and left, but you can, when youre flying it, use the drone and turn it to get your pan access and the sd card goes right here on the side. Batteries pop off real, easy, theyre, 2200 milliwatt and batteries, and they are brushless motors, now turn the drone on you push this button right here and you got to hold it down for a few seconds until it goes all the way on light, split turns it on So on the remote i im not sure if these antennas are real, i think probably one of them is, but you turn turn the drum turn it on here. So its got. A really nice led display so on the top is how you move the gimbal up and down itll beep. You see the gimbal right here is your turn on and off gps switch. So if youre gon na fly indoors, you need to hit the gps or, if it ever starts to toilet bowl and fly away from you because its got interference.

I know this is hard to think of, but just turn the gps off real, quick and then just fly it manually. It also seems to fly better without the gps on, but if theres any wind or anything like that, youre gon na need to be fine with the gps heres the button you push to start the props um. This is a short press for headless mode dont. Ever do that that takes away the orientation of the drone learn how to fly it correctly and then a long three press is returned to home, so once youre so make sure youre in gps and itll return to the same spot. You took off on um right here is your descend and land. So you push this to take off and you push this to make it land right. Here is a short press for a photo and a long press for a button. Now its got three different speeds and i wish it was a switch, but what you have to do is you have to push down on this joystick one. You hear two switches, two speeds and then three speed, so if its windy outside at all just go straight to three speeds, so it is good to start out in beginner mode with what i would call speed one and it turns real slow now when im flying It youll see it turns real slow anyway, even in speed one two or three, it also descends very slow slower than any drone ive ever seen.

So, if youre real up, if youre way up high and the battery starts to go down, you better start bringing it down quick, also, a long three pest. Also, if you press down on the gps button for three seconds, itll do the circle mode, so itll circle around you so on the remote it does tell you the speed, the height and the distance that youre away. How many satellites you have and it shows how much the battery has and as you push this itll show you which speed youre in all right. So this is real important inside the instruction manual. There is no wi fi instructions, it says to refer to the wi fi instructions and it says it comes separately, but mine did not come with it, but i did look up and it does. The app is the vs gps pro so vs gps pro and you download the app. I flew it with my phone im, just showing you this on the ipad. You open it up if you hit enter device, its not going to be entered because its so its a wi fi drone, so youve got to go out of the app go over to your settings. Go to wi fi, then its this lula 5g. Once thats clicked. You go out and go back to the app hit, enter device and now its connected, but its telling me to do a gyro calibration, so you want to make sure youre not near any medical obstacles.

You spin the drone three times you heard it beat, and now you hold it horizontal three times, and so now the the gyro is calibrated to set the gyros to the drone to this. So how you do that, is you pull down and both to the right? Yep down to the right here, beep again and they beeped again so now everythings bound and calibrated. If you step, if you skip one of these steps, its going to fly away, i see read so many flyaways. So the best thing to do is make a pre start checklist. If you want one, i can post it in the comments, but id. Rather you make your own that way, you can memorize it, so this will be full size on your phone. So right now, even though its calibrated, if i hit this button, the props will not spin because it hasnt got enough satellites. If i turn gps off and try to fly it indoors, i can fly it indoors, but right now its still looking for a um, its still looking for satellites. So up here, you can do return to home. Take off! You can hit this button and itll. Have your map? It is your map, thatll work when you go outside, but its the fact that were indoors up here is how you take a picture and itll. Have that annoying thing where you cant see what youre doing for about 10 or 15 seconds so over here you can touch, you switch it over to uh itll.

Do a video or even do a time lapse, but you can switch it over to video and you can press this and then go into here, and you can see the videos that youve taken in the pictures and this little box right here is your waypoints waypoint Flights, gps follow that worked pretty good. It actually did and uh the surrounding where itll fly around you. This is where you can change your speeds to one two: three, but just its easier to use the remote and then find my drone. So if you, if it gets lost, you can go back to your flight record and itll. Tell you where youre at all right. So thank you so much for watching my review of the larvender kf 102. I think its the only drone under 200 that has so many different features: multiple access, gimbal brushless motors gps, all the above. How do i like it? Well, its okay. Let me tell you what i dont like about it. It comes down really slow. It yawls left and right really slow and its just kind of quirky. Once you fly it four or five times or six or seven youll start getting used to the quirkiness of it. But if youve never flown a drone more than a mini drone. Youre going to think that all drones fly like this and it may scare you away from drones. So if you bought one, you got one a really good deal because its got a lot to offer for the price uh.

Would i buy this drone man? I would try to save up another hundred dollars and get the dji mini sc. This thing is, i think, dji selling these way too cheap. Actually, i think these are 100 under price, because these this is a professional drone. This is all the drone that 90 percent of people out there need. So if you bought this first, you might think drones fly that way and it turns you away from drones um. This is a good value, its a great value, its got a lot going for it. If thats all you can afford its got the dual two batteries, the mini sc of 299, only comes with one. It does have the multiple access gimbal. So should this be your first drone? No, i always say start with the mini drone. Learn the orientation of a drone fly around your house like in all my videos i talked about, then get it then upgrade to a drone. I really like the next step up. Would be like the holy stone 110d for under 80 and then move up to professional drone to make sure drones are good for you all right, guys, um if you bought. One of these, tell me what you like about it and what you dont like about it. Like always guys, if you got something out of this, please like and subscribe, subscribers mean everything to me on this channel.