6 macro two to one its a manual focus macro lens designed for mirrorless cameras, full frame or aps c. It will come in a canon, rf, sony e, nikon, zed and leica m mounts now. I really enjoy putting out these two times. Magnification macro lenses and, as you can see, they can get you spectacular results really really close to even the smallest of subjects. The design priority for this one couldnt be more obvious, darken the maximum aperture and make it as small as possible, and this model is indeed impressively tiny for a full frame lens with such magnification ability. The downside, obviously, is that the maximum aperture of any f 5.6 restricts its use for normal photography, although the lens can focus all the way to infinity too, it just wont get you very out of focus backgrounds still, if small size and presumably a low price, are Your own priorities for a macro lens, then this could be the option for you id like to thank venus optics for letting me borrow a sample copy of this lens for a couple of weeks for testing, although, as usual, this is a totally independent review pricing information For the lens will be in the description below and i will pin it to the top of the comment section too. The lens itself is, as you can see, dead, simple, small, tough and metallic. Its a totally manual optic manual, aperture manual focus. The rear mount is made of metal and does not feature weather sealing.

The manual focus ring is broad, metallic and turns extremely smoothly, although it would be nice if it had just a little more precision for shooting at normal distances. I think, as you can see here, the lens displays a lot of focus, breathing zooming in and out as you change focus but thats, simply par for the course on a macro lens. To be honest, at the front of the lens lies the aperture ring which enables you to stop down to f22. It has gentle clicks on it, which is always helpful, but the app just tops are not spaced out evenly the front filter size is a tiny 46 millimeters wide and the lens comes with a small metallic hood overall. Its typical build quality here for a chinese manual focus lens its fit and finish are perfectly nice and it functions well if youre happy to work with a manual focus instrument, of course, anyway, lets take a look at image. Quality well start by testing it on a full frame camera. My sony, a7r iii, with its 42 megapixel sensor, there are no in camera corrections straight from f 5.6 image. Quality in the middle of the picture is excellent. Great sharpness, punchy contrast, the corner image. Quality is a little softer, but still nice and sharp with good contrast at f 8. We see a mild improvement in sharpness and the corners stay. This sharp down to f11 all those top down as far as f16 and a little softness becomes visible due to diffraction all in all, though, an excellent performance.

Really you can get macro lenses with slightly sharper corners than this, although youd certainly have to pay a lot more money for them. All right lets see how it works on an aps c camera now my little sony a5100, with its smaller and more densely packed 24 megapixel sensor at a 5.6 sharpness and contrast in the middle of your images, is just good now. The corner image quality is noticeably soft, stop down to f8 and the corners are better and the middle of the image looks fantastic. F11 looks just as good in the middle and just as good in the corners too, as you might expect. F, 16 and f. 22. Get a lot softer due to diffraction. Overall, the lens performs okay on a smaller aps c sensor. The middle of your image is sharp enough if thats, where your subject is framed, but there are sharper aps c options out there, including lauers own 65, millimeter, f, 2.8 micro lens, as this is a macro lens now lets go straight to the close up image. Quality results its time to break out my favorite coin. For this commemorating the liberation of the falkland islands in 1982, straight from f 5.6, we see excellent image. Sharpness close up with very good contrast. F8 looks about the same, but unsurprisingly, f, 11 is starting to get noticeably softer from the effects of diffraction, which kick in much sooner when youre shooting so close up, heres, f, 16 and f 22, both of which are very soft.

So, ideally, do your macro photography at f, 8 or brighter here now. Lets take a look at distortion and vignetting. Well, there isnt any really: okay, maybe some very slightly darker corners at five point: six stop down to f11 and any kind of darkness. There is gone. Okay, so far, so good lets see how the lens works against bright light at f 5.6, its a really poor, show flowering glaring you name, it stop down a bit to f8 and you can cut the glaring in half, but still hardly a good performance there. Okay, lets take a look at the quality of this lenses, bokeh its not terribly easy to get out of focus backgrounds with an f 5.6 lens, even on a full frame camera when you do get them, they look absolutely fine, no problems here, a clean bill of Health and related to bokeh comes longitudinal chromatic aberration its not normally an issue on lenses with dark apertures and, as you can see here, well its not a problem. Okay, then well by now, youll have got a handle on this lens. Its objects are great. Nice and sharp, especially on a full frame camera well, unless youre shooting close to bright light, it gets you down to two times magnification awesome and its relatively tiny. The obvious limitation is that dark maximum aperture of only f 5.6, which will limit your portrait photography and means that youre more likely to need to use a tripod for your macro shots.

Well, honestly, for really good macro photography, youll need your tripod anyway, so i wouldnt say that this is a lens with broad appeal, but for those who do want a macro optic that gets you extremely close to your subject without taking up much space in your lens Bag then this could be the one for you thanks for watching everyone. I hope you enjoyed this video and found it helpful. I love putting together these lens reviews. They are a bit costly and time consuming, though, if youd like to support the channel and keep things trucking on here then check out the link to my patreon in the description below theres all kinds of interesting content there for regular supporters, including monthly exclusive videos.