We have a lot a lot of entries. Thank you to everyone. Im guessing were going to have some new people watching this week. So if youre not already, please do subscribe, subscribe, and i know its the catchphrase and smash the this and the do that. But turning on notifications every week i get messages from people saying they missed a live show having notifications is going to be the best way to make sure you dont miss the live, show. The other is check in at mcranger.com forward, slash, live and a couple of days ahead of the show it will be posted there and that will have the countdown timer for when the show is going to be live. So you can join us um. Seeing this is a landscape show, i thought itd be worth to show the shoes that i talked about in my abandoned building. Some of you would know when i was in thailand. I stepped on a nail in an abandoned building, so i went and got some safety shoes with a puncture proof, sole and a hard toe that isnt metal, but its hard. So you can still resist getting your toes crushed and theyre also great for landscape. If youre out hiking, then thats a place, you also want good footwear. So i just wan na ive popped the links in the description below as well already, but i got two pairs these ones i havent worn yet theyre, actually a lot nicer than i expected, but the sole is super heavy and the top is super light.

So i dont know how comfortable thatll be on a long day, because your the bottom of your foot is going to feel so heavy, but these are under 20 bucks and the other ones i got are these ones which are full boots, and these are definitely much Higher quality and for the size of these theyre, actually, i think theyre, maybe overall, lighter than the small pair and being a boot. It just kind of feels like about the right weight. So if youre doing, that kind of shooting make sure you get some good footwear ending up in the emergency room and getting tetanus shots is not fun, so you might want to check those out. Did you figure out how to test them yet im, not sure, but i do have a screwdriver here, so i could give them a jab test, but i dont know if i want to damage them. For that sake, ill keep looking where im walking and trying to be careful, as well as having the extra protection um lets. Just do a quick shout out to the room: high random series of numbers, charles davis, chady, darren marciolano, carlos john cmiz, peter j, sean emelo, kevin photog, mike taichi bill and blue rayleigh, john im, probably repeating names now: thomas andrade, davis, monday, 8n universe, tom, hello, everyone Uh to make this a lot of people from jersey, okay, i see you see um. The whole point of the show is two for two peoples perspective on these images: im a professional photographer stephs, a professional model among many other things, um, but its just two opinions, and we have at least 60 or more in the room.

So please feel free to share your opinions as well thats useful for everyone to get more perspectives on the work that were showing now we do have over 100 entries today, so were going to have to be a little uh summary with our feedback. Ive always said that you know when youre trying to do something in the optimal way. You could boil it down that theres the right way, which is the best way and theres multiple wrong ways. So you could think of it as two categories, but i think theres, a third way, which is the mens way, which is whichever one of the wrong ways, is the quickest one. So im gon na be really good at this um. We will give feedback on every shot, though i have to say, though, for those this is your first time entering or just forgot this week we did have multiple entries that didnt follow the instructions on the website. All we need you to do is size. The image right name it right and then email it into the email address listed. If you didnt do one of those steps then im sorry most likely, youre not included now landscape is well escape, is basically a scene and it should be an image. Thats focused on the land im not going to be too pedantic about okay. This only has 10 land and its 90 sky. Anything like that, but as well as landscapes, there are cityscapes there are.

You know waterscapes or seascapes that kind of thing, and we had a lot of entries that basically have no land in them: its got buildings and water or water and sky, but no land. So i havent cut them from the run sheet. But just keep that in mind. This is a landscape competition, so lets have a quick look before we start reviewing. I have to remind you my find the shot course that does include landscape as well as portraiture and street is now live um i filmed with steph and johanna and others in new york like a year and a half ago, um, honey and felicia in hong kong. As well as adding in the landscape and stuff here in hong kong and its now live, you can stream or download it immediately, and you can see the countdown timer there. The launch sale is on and it ends in a day. So, if youre interested in that link for that is in the description below dont miss out um and for those of you who havent figured out my strategy for that. Yet, basically, when i put a new course live, i it will be. I fix what the retail price is going to be ill, have a pre sale for those who want to pre order, it thats the biggest discount that it will basically ever be offered at then once it goes, live the price jumps. We have a launch sale and then once the launch sale ends, the price goes to retail.

I dont just kind of fake the prices. You know to get a pretend sale. So we have lots and lots of images lets just jump in given how many steps shall we do say roughly ill do 10. You can chime in if you have compelling feedback and then switch okay, okay, i know i dont know too much about landscapes um. I just know what i like to look at and what i think is kind of like weird, so i would try to do my very best with landscapes. You are educated in social media youre, a reasonably heavy user, so it can be a photographers perspective and a potential audience members perspective on peoples work so first up ace landscape. This is one where i dont see a single speck of land in the shot. But having said that, the main issue i have with this one is: you have gone way too far with the clarity all the buildings. Uh have a decent amount of detail, but its made the water really gritty and theres haloing around all the buildings which doesnt look good. So i would be a bit more careful with your editing this one from adam anderson, i think, is really pretty now. This is something that i talk about in the find the shot course with portraits, often what youre looking for lets say: im going to shoot steph in the home shes in now in the outfit shes in now, i would look around where our interesting foreground and backgrounds Wheres theres a nice pool of light.

How can we work with the pose? How can we make a cozy image that works with the outfit shes in which knowing steph is sweats on the bottom, with slippers, a dog nearby and a hoodie glamour glamour glamour tripling down on that? No slippers? Well, thank you for watching um and its about finding that kind of a shot. The landscape often the as well as composition and choosing your settings and where you want your focal point, whats the subject, and all of that is timing. This shot. If you stayed there for 24 hours, theres going to be limitless, different shots as the light catches on different peaks differently. So id like that. The light is on the back mountain and that thats then were reflecting in the water. Here is really pretty the shadowing on the front: im not sure works as well on this one, maybe a few minutes earlier when it was, they were both catching light, but not knowing the location. I dont know if that would have been an option. Um adolfo now. Another thing with landscape when youre shooting at an angle on your subject not straight on it, can give the perception of an un level horizon, even if it was level in some shots. Consider using your perspective tool to shift your shooting position. In this case, you would shift it, so you were, you know, pushing the left side away a little bit that can keep your angle on the shot, but keep things also looking a little bit square.

I do like the the stalks in the foreground. Maybe you could even have them a little sharper, maybe doing a focus, bracketing series and merging them this one from android im gon na give that one a pic, i think thats really pretty. It is another one. This is one actually without a strong foreground element. If we bring on our crop, you can see, it is actually slightly off level to begin with, but if you were to go down here to transform and horizontal and push it, you can force the perspective. So it looks a little bit more square. Um. Is this landscape? There is land right in front of him, i know its concreted and then there is trees and stuff on the left, so its mostly water and seascape its so hard. But you know, given that the 60 of the foreground is kind of land or shore ill creep this one through if it were just a shot cropped in on the water, the horizon and the sky. I wouldnt um like this one from andre. For me, this is basically a seascape, yes theres land. In the background, yes, you could say what you know: the rocks poking through the water uh also land in a sense, but this, i think, really is a seascape. If we have a seascape comp, i would enter this one again again. I think youve gone too far with the clarity, if youre trying to bring out detail in rocks and stuff without messing up other aspects of the shot and youre using lightroom.

Consider using the texture slider instead that can do a nicer job, um andrew adams, so again heavily featured with water, probably 45 water in the shot, but then lots of land in there as well. That is a bougie looking house on the hill as well a beautiful time of year, nice colors, youve, kind of its quite vibrant, but doesnt feel overdone. And now, if any of these that im going through steph, you want to throw a pick on then please. Let me know um chang. Sorry, i not understand english im. Sorry i the show is in english. I dont know what to say: they dont do offer live songs, um. Now this is nice. However, unfortunately andrew we asked for entries to be 4000 pixels, roughly on the long edge for a reason were streaming this in high quality im, looking at it on a 4k display and everything just looks mushy and soft, because the file youve uploaded is 2000 by 785. So its being viewed at 200 percent, essentially um anthony, so to me it could be the river, but this feels quite off level. You know im not its hard to see. You cant really see the horizon. Um im not that pedantic, but i think, if youre going to enter a shot into a competition and it has a horizon, get it level their level in real life um. I think its a really nice scene id love to go there for a walk.

I dont really have any focal point thats holding my attention in the shot, though uh barry uh. This is nice. I like the subjects there. Maybe the haloing on them is a little much from editing as well. I do think you could bring up the mid tone. Exposure a little bit, though, keep the deep blacks, but i think that could overall work a bit better and you can see the editing artifacts in the clouds are a bit harsh for my taste, another barry. So we had a few entries when i was looking at the thumbnails theres another shot. That has pretty much this composition as well, but i think it was shot in the snow. This ones shot in what looks to be a desert. So i guess its been made to look like a vintage shot. I have to say im really really not a fan of the reverse vignette blowing out the sides to give it that kind of a look. I think its an interesting tree, but i dont think this composition is strong enough to stand on its own and i dont think the extra editing saves it either ill do two more images here that throw to steph. If you have questions for us, put them in the chat and well get to them after well, take breaks throughout basil is not messing around. This is a 26 000 pixel on the wide edge um lucky im somewhere with good internet.

Otherwise, this one would have probably had to be skipped if i was like on location, because i wouldnt have been able to download it, but okay, so loads of detail, beautiful colors um. I think its a really nice shot and i am going to give it a pick. But again i dont feel theres a clear subject: thats the issue. When you go to a full panel, if its not just jaw droppingly spectacular, then you still want a subject. So what are we looking at here? For me, the most beautiful part of the shot is probably the rocks on the far right. The path doesnt lead us far enough to kind of lead us into the horizon, so i actually dont know if this is benefiting from being so wide and the big central part of the image, the dead area of grass. I think kind of lets the image down its like theres, a beautiful image all the way around the periphery, but the middle of the image is kind of drab um and ill, throw the staff on billy anderson but im, giving it a pic day. I like the tree um, i like the fog, i dont, okay, so a lot of these images so far they give me wallpaper vibes the one prior i was thinking like wow lord of the rings. Oh, was it the little wizard in the corner or the collection of gold rings or exactly exactly, but i do like the colors of bill, andersons landscape, i i just think its its nice.

The focal point is like the tree and i im assuming thats fog and thats, not edited in, i believe so, and its just its its just really nice. The division of this, like clarity within the image so yeah great thanks, brad bachel. Oh, is this landscape. This would be landscape right. I dont know where it is, but antarctica or whatever, so they dont look like full glaciers. But, yes, i will say: landscape thats, a mountain. It just happens to be covered in snow. At the moment, um i, like the sun thats, hitting the mountain on the right. I personally think i would have just cropped it in from the bottom just a little bit and if anything, it might be too tight on the top um and the left side is not really doing much. For me, its kind of like dead space. We need to see like the mountains and then its just like empty to the left. So, as a nerd who shoots in these kind of locations, i can hazard a guess why he included that when youre shooting glaciers, those that are most compressed and least melted, have the richest color and his bluest little iceberg is on the left there so im guessing. He left that part of the image in to get the most beautiful blues. Okay, look at this. They kind of stack up really nicely brad bitchell and brad langston, but it looks like were going from like wow norway to utah cold to hot um.

With this image, i also feel like its just a little too wide. Is that possible for a landscape i dont know. Personally, i think i would have just like this image to be a bit closer cropped in from the bottom and from the right um, just to kind of keep the the mountains and like the structures within the frame um or even make the central structure crop it. In so its like left and its not centralized in the image, i agree with the central composition: just got feedback that our sound levels are way off. So i just want to check who is too loud, um, oh better. If you dont move until we get the feedback of who was too loud, maybe youre already loud, so steph is already loud. So let me just fix you sorry and um. I dont think you guys want me to sing everyones just gon na sign off okay. How is the order test now? Am i okay now im sorry guys, give us more feedback. I will um adjust it as necessary, but i have dropped. Stephs laughs, dont be sorry thats, loudness um. How about this shot from drum roll? Please im a little bit slow. Um carlos aldana, and i also feel like this one stacks up nicely onto the last one. So weve got the mountain peaks, the whatever they are, the red rock peaks and then the i dont know the maui hut. I i think, everyones still saying that im still loud um but anyways, okay um, i dont – i kind of dont feel like this is landscape to me.

Um. It just has like this one structure, which i think the colors are beautiful, but i feel like you may have pushed like the editing to make it pop even more even more than this yeah i dont know. I just feel like its just a little too bright. So theres just something about it, but the design is cool. I just think yeah the um, the colors are a little too much or like the editing, was too much yeah. For me, two things: the dock isnt level, which means the horizon isnt level and the exposure is a little bit. The highlights are a little bit too blown um. The the water in the foreground has actually blown out um, hopefully, were closer. Now guys i have dropped stephs audio and oh wait. Did i drop steps, or did i drop my own? Damn that would explain it talk to me. Steph talking talking, testing testing folks tell us how were standing now. Hopefully this is better. I apologize um, sorry guys. Next, one lets do five more first step see now. For me, this is theres technically land in the distance, but before i even throw to steph the horizon is way off level. Sorry, charlie wallace, but thats easy to fix and correct steph um lets see. I mean its mostly water and clouds uh, but the reflection is really nice. The cloud is really nice um, its kind of like dark on one side and then its like light on the other uh yeah.

It just doesnt scream landscape. To me, sorry no need to be sorry, so this one heres how you make a waterscape become a landscape. Well, a nature escape just have a tree out of nowhere um, even though theres a tree here, i still feel like this isnt fully landscaped, even though i see the land in the back its just that most of it is like the sky, which is just beautiful. The colors are great, i feel like the editing might have been over done. Yeah, though the yellows in the tree are black, like really pop yeah, like the yellows and the green and the greens um, i think just be careful with your editing guys. I think its just better to kind of dont over edit and just kind of keep everything to its like natural colors, but conceptually i like this shot. I agree and i well, i agree its a beautiful shot. I dont know that i would put it right as necessarily a typical landscape shot with the editing i think in this one. Yes, the yellows especially have been pushed too far, but i wouldnt agree that you need to keep the colors natural to the eye because you know often your memory of shooting something is different to how it comes out of the camera and all shots need an edit. So if you want to make those kind of adjustments, do it, but if they like you, when people look at theyre like whoa, that looks over edited, which is a personal taste, then thats, something to keep in mind um claudio grizzoli.

I guess this kind of screams landscape, its more seascape, i think, or is there a beach escape um? I like the effect that the the water, like the waves, has kind of like created, but i dont know theres just something about it. Its like the rocks are too dark. The sky is really dark. Maybe this was like before a store fit yeah and i think the theres been a gradual filter added. You can see it hitting the tops of these rocks here. You can basically see where the linear gradient stopped its darkening up the clouds, the horizon is way too dark and then the tops of the rocks is where it started. You can see the line through the image, so i think again claudio great capture, probably better, for a seascape but be more careful with your linear gradients. Okay, how about this one then well take some questions whatever you think of this one from clive, stephanie, okay, i i like this one um. The only thing i would say is again: i think it might be the editing in terms of like the sky um but im not really sure if theres like a technical aspect, thats causing it to look like that. But i do like the green, the rocks, the the road and even the the water to the left. I think the various colors is really nice in this shot. Just i dont know how i feel about the sky and what its doing to the i guess, the rocks.

Okay, so my two cents, i actually like the darkness of the clouds. I think you do need to be more careful with your masking, though, because were getting halos around the edge of the rock, which is maybe what steph is talking about. Im still going to give this a pick, and i have to say, whilst i like your watermark, i think its too long and youve got a leading line of the road here which your watermark is covering. So i think you really just the camera and the words in this would be plenty without all of those dotted lines and also the dotted lines arent evenly spaced. So, im not sure what thats about you might want to fix that if youre gon na stick with that as your watermark going forward um okay couple of questions uh from jay, i got the z100 to 400 for my z62 very pleased so far. What autofocus settings would you use for this combo for birds in trees uh? So i want to give you specifics, but it is going to depend on the bird and the tree and how far you are away, if its a really busy scene like a sparrow in a thicket or something, then i would use probably start with a small point Or use small area and have it that will help you find the bird if its a more open thing where the bird isnt covered, then you may find just the using all the points, the cameras able to detect it anyway, um shady, do you have any tips For full length portraits when the lower part of the curtain keeps creeping into the shots when you say curtain, do you mean in your camera, or you mean the background like im using now im guessing thats? What you mean? Basically, you need to drop the height of the curtain so that you can make it a little bit longer grab some tape, so you take the front down.

Have the model stand two inches behind the edge of the curtain and be really careful with your composition? Make sure you get it level, because if you need to correct the level later youre going to bring that in or you take, that kind of behind the scenes shot where you include the tape down front of the curtains, so they kind of get a production feel From the shot um or get a stall change, the pose yeah that also works or have her jump. Oh yeah, that too um okay, i dont see any more questions for now, so send them in lets. Jump back in weve got a lot of photos to look at um, colin cameron. Again. I think this would be a seascape more than a landscape. Again, i think the horizon is off level um. The water burst is the main point of interest here. I think the rocks creeping in on the right hand, side of the frame arent adding anything, so i would crop it in from the right dale thats a little bit spectacular, obviously, a stacked shot with uh. You know combining exposures of to get the night and the day like the person in there. I think you could bring them up a little bit without making it. You know you dont, want it to look like the cover of schindlers list and make his red jacket just glow, but i think you could bring him up. A little would probably benefit on this one um not too much.

I might bring the crop in just a little from the bottom to have it finish on the water might be the only thing, and this pole in the foreground is kind of a distraction. I understand you know its such a great composition but im just trying to give some kind of helpful feedback if you had the ability to go slightly to your left and shoot. From that vantage point, you could get out the fence on the left on this side of the frame or some of it and potentially get this pole out, but i think youve done a good job of dodging and burning to reduce the impact of that. So thats a pick galvin, um its tricky shooting into this kind of a shot. With the you know, the light directly into your lens youve got the flare and then youve got all of the artifacts going on. This was iso 100, but you can see we just got so much pattern noise here, despite that um. What are we looking at here? F8. 1. 400 of a second iso 100. What was used to shoot this? A d90 okay? So it could just be that it was a bit of an older sensor, um, honestly, its just its a really challenging shot um. If you want to work with this one, then i would try and probably get in and bring your shadows down clean up. Some of the luminance noise as a starting point, i just saw the post there from steph.

Yes, next weeks theme is men yeah, so get involved. We forgot to mention that i remembered so many things this week, but i forgot that one um, so this is so busy so yes check out if you have a shot where the main character is a man im sure over the past over your shooting career, you Must have shot some submit one or yourself darren melrose again, i think this is more of a seascape than a landscape. It does have some rocks in it. I would say that the rock at the back looks somewhere between a snakes head and a macaroon, or something like that. Thats kind of tasty, especially saying i didnt, have breakfast im thinking about treats um yeah. I didnt have dinner yet so i think its a nice shot. But again i think this is a seascape um david rees hes even got in the title. So this is an urban landscape theres, not a piece of soil in this shot, its concrete glass and scotch. That you can see, though so yes, theres plants, i guess um, but even as it is, i think the perspective is nice, but i dont think it really holds me its actually quite well framed youve got geraldines or whatever that is on the right is all in Shot the glasses and everything on the billboard, they all do kind of pop, but i i dont know i dont feel like theres enough in this shop whether it was a cityscape, even um, even if it was a cityscape theme that theres enough here to give it Real impact david clardy, so i do like this, but it kind of it feels like you just stopped on the side of the road and didnt make that much of an effort in terms of the composition, because the tops of the hills are all cropped off.

But youve sacrificed them to get the rest bay on the side of the road in the shot. I think you could just tilt up have the couple closer to the bottom of the frame and actually get the tops of the hills d pack. This shot really reminds me, my assistant in australia, justins, a landscape, photographer and power lines were his bug, bear that whenever he would find a great shot and then you know, realize ah its ruined by power lines. So a friend of his wife, who is now my hero, even though ive never met her, made him a calendar for one year, just of beautiful landscapes ruined by power lines, which i thought was a hilarious joke gift. But here you kind of make them a central part of the composition. It leads us through the shot um. I think you could bring it in a little from the right, um but interesting way to make use of. You know the landscape that was being obscured uh. The benchy same thing: when youve got such a broad dynamic range you just cant help but have the sun blown out and then the darks all muddy. The easy way around this is to take multiple exposures and then blend them. You can do it in a way that doesnt look too hdr y, but yeah. Another thing you might want to consider is getting down low, moving to your left and having your fishermen kind of silhouetted by the sun ill finish on this one, which again is more of a water shot than a landscape shot um.

I do like this one from dennis, but i dont know about the central kind of having the rocks really centered where they meet the water. I get that its kind of mirrored this way, but i feel, like again were missing the tops of the rocks. I would rather see all of it in either reflection or actual rocks, rather than getting part of it in both and ill leave it up to steph if she wants to give dennis a pic or not or move to the next shot pic. That was easy. Uh. Next one yeah my turn right: Music, oh okay, cool um. I like that at first glance it kind of looks like a flying saucer of some sort because of the lights and the shape. The only thing is im not sure if you could find a different perspective to shoot from, because the bush in the front is a bit distracting. Um yeah and i think just like cropping it up. Im, not really sure. If you could choose like a different angle. But i just think the foreground of foliage is a bit too much yeah, so sorry to cheat dennis. But looking at this i appreciate those at night and and especially if youre not wearing good footwear. I wouldnt suggest trudging through a field in the middle of the night, but looks like in front of there is vineyards. If you had gotten in front of this foliage, it looks like you would have a beautiful, clear, vantage point onto this frame and to be honest, looking at the colors there.

I think you missed it by about half an hour if youve gotten there when the town lights were on, but there was still a bit more light in the sky. You could have a much more colorful and vibrant shot but looks like theres um some agreement in the crowd that stephs prediction that thats a spacecraft is correct right right right. What do you think of this aerial shot from dibrata? Sorry to cut you off steph, but im trying to keep this moving, so were not here for three hours: yeah yeah, gotcha, gotcha um. I like this im, not sure if it really screams landscape. I guess i do see land, but i think the focal point of it is like its the boats in the water, its a sand um but ill. Give it a pick. Anyways, okay, yeah. I think quick one here, one thing again: plug plug plug, buy, buy, buy, sell, sell, sell, define the shop course something i also talk about is so lets say you took your drone up. You got what you got yes next time, you can learn and improve on it, but you want to make the most of these images. We do a section on editing to get more impact, and i think this is a simple one that looking at the composition here with the grid lines over it. The top third of the frame gives us nothing as simple as bringing it in. So we get more of the bolts, you instantly add impact to the shot just by bringing that in closer have your what is the part of interest larger in the frame, and i think it helps so steph did pick that guy, okay, steph rapid fire, five more Dustin, okay, um lets see dustin thats the bug i like it.

I like the colors i feel like it also could have been a little bit over edited as well its very confusing to see this many colors i dont, know whats going on, but i like it. It looks its a whats, the right word, geothermal area, where from maybe iceland or norway or somewhere like that so id say some of the coloration in the foreground is like basically copper from the sulfur coming out of the earth and then the geothermal water. This one with all of those colors could make for a really interesting black and white. If you then played with the color channels, um diptree. I like this one, pick simple as that: once we get to the end and we are choosing our winner winner, we may go into the more thats fine. I love it. My new editor – and i were talking yesterday that we should have done a show. Whilst i was still drinking where we just got really hammered and just give like one word, reviews like awesome, crap quit whatever um, oh mine would be so nonsensical. It wouldnt even benefit anyone. I would say, like the weirdest randomest things, because would just remind me of something yeah its something like that, like a rorschach test for you uh, what do you think of ed figures? Finger rollers, jesus christ, thats two words: oh painting? Okay, no, give me your actual thing. You can have kenwood yeah, i i like it.

I just think that the um, the foliage and like theres a shot here from a different angle. That, i think, is better basically, but i do like the reflection in the water and like just how clear it is, but i feel like the the grass in the foreground and to the right is just distracting okay, i feel like theres, a better shot. Okay, next eric this one, i think it was kind of like over edited, probably because, like the sun was a little too bright just to bring up, i dont know theres something about it, its like too dark and then too too bright in certain areas. Well, thats, just due to hard light, you will have brighter highlights darker shadows, i think its just from the the rising sun. I think this could actually work, but i think what youre going for here eric is the cool silhouette on the fern and the starburst, and then what i think maybe is a patch of snow and that has a starburst over it. So on that one, i would probably bring it into a composition more like that, because the left of frame really was not adding much um so heres, the other one that i said was similar in vibe to the desert shot. What do you think of this from everybody probably shot in the same place? Um it doesnt, scream it doesnt, scream landscape. I i think its really just because uh the image is so overblown you cant like.

I would just assume its snow, but you dont really see the details in it and thats probably what he was going for um just looking. If you wanted to you, can crush the shadows and kind to get some of that back, but stephs right. It is kind of blown out, so you cant get a whole lot of detail, but i still think having a bit of contrast: there um improves it uh, two more and then well. Look at your questions. Folks, if you have more questions, send them in if we dont have questions, then itll just be my turn. Frank hubert, i feel like this is a little flat um, not quite wallpaper material yeah, its almost there, but not quite also clean up your dust spots. My friend, you look like you have years worth of dust spots on your camera. I can see at least 25.. Oh yeah. I see that too uh frank, bith um. I feel like this shot. Is this also have been brighton? I just feel like its very bright in yellows. Yes, just lots of yellows, i think, whilst the trees uh biggest right in front of you, popping your camera over the fence and getting a shot without the fence and using those ones that are just beyond the fence to be, your subject would have made for a Stronger shot anyway, um one more for you steph and then ill take over okay. I, like the i wish there was like a better shot of the definition in the back mountains, because its got like these weird uh lines to it: thats really cool.

But besides that, i just feel like theres, really nothing to focus on its just a lot of green theres like a road, but you dont really see the full road, then theres like the sky and then it looks like city. I feel like maybe a different angle. Good point, and also look at the bottom left of frame get the guardrail out my friend, yeah theres a railing, but just taking stephs point. If you were to bring it in, have it be about the mountain into a frame, something like that, then about the mountains. Being mushy lets just go in there just look at the difference. The different tools make here: ive done a whole video on texture, dehaze and clarity, but, for example, dehaze its going to darken down all the shadows and get rid of the haze. Doesnt really work in that situation. Clarity does the opposite its going to bring out mid tone contrast, but it washes out saturation doesnt really work, but here i think the texture does bring out some decent detail without messing up the rest of the shot. So youd still want to work on the rest, but you can see it does kind of pop out all of those giant broccolis in the shot um. I think, thats. My turn then gary payne. This is another one where i think your linear gradient tool has been abused. A little bit youve caught the subject on the horizon, being the mountain and its also competing with the rock in the foreground, which, due to the darkening in the background, is a lot brighter and bigger.

Finally, but just be careful because you can quite clearly see where your, where the background has been darkened and where it falls away, you might want to try using the uh masking tools in lightroom now to more accurately select your horizon feather it. So its not. You know right on the horizon, giving you a halo, jeff pick thats pretty um. I think theres even better shots here, but those ripples in the sand are great id, probably i dont know maybe even get lower to the ground and get the left out of the frame. So youve got more of the ripples and less of the less interesting dunes. In the background, but very nice um gilbert, i think the same feedback goes here to some of the earlier ones that maybe a little bit earlier in the day when you had a bit more ambient light in the shot, its certainly dramatic. But if you want real drama, then it would mean going right in on that and making it basically a seascape or cloud photo but thats, where youre going to get a dramatic shot. Theres. Basically, 20 percent in of the shot thats got lots of drama, and i dont know that the other 80 is carrying its load and another one of these for this time from harry farrell. First thing that jumps out of me is this dust spot or snow or whatever, on the top edge of frame scan the edge of your frame for any distractions.

Thats takes this much work to get rid of, and now we dont have the distraction. Um again, i think of the three this is, you know well compared to the last one. This is better exposed you havent hit highlight. So if you wanted to bring more contrast into the shot you can but again, i dont know that the tree is enough to hold the overall image, but i think so far for the single tree blown out background concept. I think this is the strongest of the three haya tekki. I cant say your name. I like the glassy water. I like the bridge. I dont know that this is a landscape, though its bridge and water um. I really like it as a shot. I really like it too. So if were in a different competition pick in burton um Music, i mean this is just what youre dealing with right. Sometimes you get the light where you want it. Sometimes you dont, basically its the the top and the right thats, the most interesting part of the shot. You could do a multiple exposure and bring up the foreground from a brighter exposure, um or just use a slightly longer lens or crop it in a little bit. But i think some of the colors coming through that top right foggy area are just beautiful, but i think theres just too much of the shot thats not being utilized iw austrian alps. So this is very pretty.

I dont, however, think the so youve got the closest layer, a middle layer, the mountain layer or maybe even four there and then the sky um being that its 80 sky. I think this is almost a star shot with a side of land, but i dont think the foreground is really adding that much to it and if its a landscape, i think i would have rather see it be – have a more dominant aspect of land in the Shot, rather than being so minimal overall nice shot, though jamie riley. I do like this one, but i feel, like my eyes, are gon na bleed from the clarity in the sky. Um yeah, i like it, but i just feel like the editing is really harsh um. You know how you can combat this one being that the rocks and the foreground is so it leans towards being so harsh would be to pop on a 10 stop nd shoot this over a minute and have the sky, soft and blurred and pastely contrasting with the Hard rocks, i think, would work even better jason. Are you with me with that horizon level? Seriously? Oh gosh thats a seascape anyway um, another jason im, sorry its so dark its basically a seascape as well. It feels like a grab shot to me. Um maybe wait until the clouds were more behind the clouds, so you can get a more even exposure but brightening up the shot, its just, not a really engaging subject: jay vamura this is the kind of shot that someone who lives in photoshop could make an absolute Masterpiece out of with dodging and burning and bringing it all up, and that kind of thing to put all of the emphasis on what we could make look like a bonsai tree.

But as it is its just really hazy with dust spots really flat and it doesnt look like its been edited so um yeah, i mean we could go into the composition of it, but i think just giving it a proper edit would also work well. Um jay dalton, so this is kind of like the one. I think that was in utah of the road theres a lot of just rocky path, thats taking us through the mountains, when all of the interest is basically up here, the i think the trees on the right are the most interesting. But what is working best in this shot is the lines of light feeding down to this character in the shot um. So i think it needs to come in closer jenns, maya, okay, theres definitely land in that shot. I think the the pattern on the barn being all biblical and stuff look is quite striking um. I would be a little bit more careful with your selections, because the inside of this tree is still bright, but the outside isnt, so youve darkened down the sky but missed the inside of this tree. It looks a little bit unnatural, but i think it really has potential so im still giving that a pick, jay frondano some glorious glaciers and mountains um. I think i thought that was a like a rocky face coming out of the water for a second, i was like what is that um? I think it has potential, but its really flat right now.

This needs some kind of editing and i would say that the shot would benefit from being shot at multiple times through the day to try at a different. You know, early and late in the day when the light is warmer different angles of light. So we get some more interesting shadows rather than just bam. It feels a little snap, shotty jay wilson. This almost feels like a still from a movie rather than a landscape, shot yes, theres land in the shot, but its basically a cottage scape, rather than a landscape and joel whitaker. This is kind of a millscape rather than a landscape. Um, i shh i mean i kinda like the shot, but its almost an architectural shot rather than a landscape shot and john dalston. I again i quite like the shot, but again this is a seascape shot rather than a landscape shot um, quick feedback on it. I would not have the horizon dead on center on this. You could bring it in so the clouds at the very top of the frame, john drummond, that i feel like ive seen this shot before. I think this one would benefit from having a subject in the shot, beautiful, colors um, not too much wrong with it, but also not much to keep us here. Um john padina, again wildly off level horizon um. I quite like this one ill, probably bring it in from the left just a little bit, but having the tanker on the horizon and the sun, i think, looks nice.

You know theres more land in it than some of the other ones um. Oh, this is misty. John sullivan, its haunted haunted forest tiffany fan. Dont make me come over there. Um wait come on over, we can shoot. Actually, i am thinking maybe to come in, may so block your calendar for two months, just in case um Music. Hopefully i do like it. It just i dont you cant do a global adjustment of haze. I feel like maybe you added to the haze look at the the top right, especially, but also the top left its muddy and a color cast is coming there. I think you added a border and definitely down the bottom thats editing, something you know. I think youve added a lot of haze to this shot, um, which i think maybe is a bit too much. I dont know the. I think this shot really has potential, but i dont like whats, going on with the the edit or especially around the periphery, its like you added a haze vignette because theres just this little circle, where its not so bad. But then all the rest is just muddied out too far for my taste: um johnny wolf. Maybe this is an infrared shot, um Music. What was it had a 30th of a second, so that might explain a little bit of movement in the shot um it look. I think its an interesting whats, the right word, interesting, graphic shot, basically with the power lines and the wind turbine and the people um, but i wouldnt think that its as a landscape uh a really strong shot julian bard thats, a seascape.

I like that, the top waves kind of look like elephant heads peeking over the bushes, but im not really getting any land in that shot. Uh car i did check car is this persons name, so they did rename the file its not just a file name. Okay um: this is certainly landy, its almost like horseshoe bend, but without the water from a different angle, um another one where i think a different time of day and you might get a more beautiful result. I think its a it would be spectacular and dramatic. To look at, but when youre taking the shot of this kind of a place, you just have to look at wheres the light and shadow and whats kind whats the quality of light whats it doing to the saturation in the image, and i dont think youre doing This landscape justice at this time of day, uh kathy mead. I quite love this composition. Maybe the path on the right is a little bit tight to the edge, but otherwise i like it. I think if you were lower to the ground in the flowers, you would bring those up and give them more prominence. And if you actually had all of these, i dont know what you call them, but the long bits of flowers in focus not just the mountains. That could be really dramatic, but i do think the clarity on the mountains has been pushed a little bit too far.

I dont mean this as a disc, but this is exactly the kind of shot i used to see a lot in the camera club, especially with the little border on it and stuff. That would do quite well um, so i think theres room to improve, but i think its also a nice one. So pick um kev drury. So this says its a 4 000 pixel file, but maybe its been uprest, because that looks like it was shot on a potato um. What was it shot on? Maybe it was shot on a potato it was shot on. Am i blind 70 to 210 and a nikon d750 so that doesnt explain it? Maybe yeah i dont really know whats going on the sky is clean enough, but all the foreground and the mountain is full of artifacting. Ive got to guess that you up rested from a low res file and i think its stephs turn chris prolls hi, oh its another treat uh this one also kind of see uh screams, uh seascape to me too, but i like it. I feel like cropping it in, though from the left, so that way we dont see like another random tree peeking in so its just a focus on this one tree would be nice. Okay. Next, okay, oh look at curt. She looks like an adventurer, but then you zoom closer shes, a content creator carrying that tripod and everything nothing. I know theyre walking, sticks theyre, actually walking straight yeah.

What do you think? Well i like this one pic i like it too. I think if you had her in a more powerful stride, maybe a little bit more to the left, it could be really impactful, but thats nicely done kurt any other feedback or next thanks marcilano. I dont think this really screams landscape to me um. I do like the colors of the graffiti thats going on, but its also like a little bit distracting when all of the other colors in the scene, like the clouds dont, even look real to me. They look like they were painted in um, so not sure whats going on with editing, maybe youre, trying to make the graffiti pop a little bit more, but i think thats. Oh, oh um send us in more questions. You have folks. We will review them soon, but stephs got about eight more shots here, but were up to m in the alphabet. Thats pretty good. Now, marcus saiwan, your shot is half the resolution. We asked for just a note for next time, yeah its not clear and im, not a big fan of the border for this. It doesnt really like when you see the finance pros wearing triple polo shirts that are all got popped. Colors do people still do that? Oh im sure they do no offense if its not chris doesnt, he doesnt watch her anyways next uh come on. I think, mark sorry, but mark siwan, i think, is in the audience so hes made the effort to enter and join the live, show so ill.

Give a little bit more feedback um, i dont see whats actually in focus it all kind of looks out. The trees may be in the foreground. Um. I think the rolling hills are the most interesting part of this shot, so maybe framing up to avoid the little town will give a more interesting shot, and i think stephs point if your image doesnt stand without having a fancy border added the image isnt strong enough. As a general rule, steph marcus, nunes um, i feel like its cropped too tight in the from the top and the bottom, the top crop it from the top. I dont know i like this one but theres still something about it, but i dont think the rock to the bottom right is really doing anything: uh great yeah, um, okay, marion bonnet. I like this one wallpaper material. I can see why youve kept the foreground in this trickle of blue water is nice, but i still feel almost all the interest is in the back. If this were, i mean its pushing it im just talking general feedback here, because if youve done this, i might say oh theres, not much land in the shot being the annoying boar that i am, but i feel like thats, where all 90 of the interest is In that half of the image so bringing it up, i think theres not really enough to justify having sixty percent of your image be well. Fifty percent of your image be this snow flow at the bottom, but its super pretty.

Oh, this is step shot. I wont just keep giving away pics but ill say i do like it. I like it too. I said its a wallpaper, so thats good enough, okay, anyways next, mario, i feel is this a low res image, its very low res and again it could be Music that it was just really unusual cloud day, but i feel like this has had a bit of A bit much clarity done as well: im not going to disqualify you for en erring too low of a shot, but for everyone else and mario in future. Let it be a lesson if you send in a low res file it just doesnt look clean when were looking at it on high res screens, so its gon na have to be pretty spectacular, thumbnail and actually be a winner um because it just looks to say Crop it in from the right okay to get that straight from the right. Yes, that pole or whatever um yeah. I think i feel, like you have a. I think it was just shot at a different time of day, just because of the clouds um. Unless that was done in post, okay lets do three more then.