It looked like one of the propellers werent spinning very fast, and i panicked i looked up at the drone and it was spinning full speed through the glasses mountains. Wow thats really incredible. I think that ones there you go around so theres a little estate in there as well. Is this the thats just over there yeah oh yeah yeah. I know that one yeah therell be another estate as a as i keep going right. Yeah therell be another estate. The one thats built yeah there – it is next to the highway yep. So right now i can see the drone its pointing that way. How far up the hill did the veronicas live. Can we fly that far im, not sure im gon na fly that way and see how how far up there we get? Also people ill zoom in you can actually see on the screen. It says h for height 56 meters, so we are well above the requirements. Um whats that highway theyre called mullany lansbury road or something uh yeah anyway, thats, where the veronicas live people, they live up this hill, but im not sure, because we can only go 400 meters or something but youd be surprised how far you can see. Sometimes, with that, i cant remember how far up the street they live. I would um youre about to hit your limit. Anyway. Am i yeah 400 meters already yep, just letting you go? Oh, its letting me go further today, but keep an eye on, though, see that its saying your connections like only half oh and thatll, be you know we lose connection as we go to mullany.

So so should i go higher or would you id just not go any further? Well, im not im not going further im going higher in the air perfect to see if we can see their house maximum flying altitude. Damn you people there, we go so were 120 meters in the air i dont know their house is really that could be that, like that little group of no anyway, okay, theres the glass houses and that oval down there, that is basically in the middle of the Screen now thats, where we are, i think yes, thatll, be our over wouldnt. It yeah, okay, well, um ill fly, oh thats trying to go higher isnt it yeah and oh crikey, filmed down a bit. Oh, we havent, actually havent, really filmed around right flat. Whats. That say so just bring it down by 10 meters that uh, the other one yep id, bring it down to 100. Maybe perfect, i just um. I forgot my glasses, i cant see i mean i can see the picture, but none of the riding or wow look at all these mountains, so well, thats, probably butter him in the middle of the screen. Now weve put the drone up there before we filmed it on top of that butter, um hill, the suburb or its a town or suburb. However, you want to call it wow. This is spectacular footage you, like this sam yeah, its mulling off in the distance back to the glasses glasses, Laughter gon na fly towards there a little bit, maybe thats um up and down.

So we should be able to go 800 meters towards that, because well come back our 400 right and then be able to go another 400. The other way – maybe i think so yeah, so we shoot. This is nice footage it is its like. Were flying. Oh see now its gone up again, so what weve done is weve actually uh, oh so were going like adjacent. Have we already gone our full distance again? No, we um, we havent come back and gone the other way, weve gone like imagine. We were over there and weve gone that way: oh okay, so its like weve come closer and then weve just gone again. Instead of coming back and going so were still the far away, yeah 450. Okay id. Probably, if you want to keep droning, we might swap the battery because its down to 34., oh okay, so ill hit, um, which ones home, h, yeah and then return to home yep fancy because i know theres a full battery in there somewhere. I dont know if theres anything else, i really need to see. Oh, we could put it over lansbrough yeah. We havent done that. Yet we sort of went towards the mountain, but we could. I think we should be able to fly over the township or somewhere pretty close to it. I reckon yeah right yeah, i think its worth putting in new baddies. Me too. I just get a bit pedantic like i know: youve still got 31, but you can see theres a color indicator on this part.

Yeah. It says um, you know your reds, probably at 20 or maybe 25., and we were at 50, something when we first put it up. So its burning up, quick. What that means is its probably quite a windy day. The more the gimbal has to work to counteract the wind, the um more the battery drains its saying something here about it being critically low, yeah landing. Oh yeah, i can see it. Can you ill see if i can oh wow, look how high up in there? It is, i got it on screen. How many meters is that at the moment, 80 thats all right, 64 right now, wow. I can start to hear it now. You can see its blowing everywhere, yeah, but its so still on the ground, but up there. It must be windy as hell yeah, yeah youre right. The pictures really clear yeah, but the drone is getting blown everywhere, yep so and looking at the trees yeah, it does look like a fairly windy day. Yeah well, hes, pretty close to the ground now and hes. Still shaking around stevie lands where he took off from he was see that leaf there yeah that was halfway up the body of the drone, see how close yeah hes hes landed about 30 centimeters from where he took off, not bad at all.