Where i will be discussing the various mech builds you could make and play with lancer gorgon is a giant walking cover that gives people eye cancer if they try to stare at it. Gorgon also does not play fair compared to other frames, because with gaze, no matter what the enemy do in their turn, its also the gorgons turn to bring them pain twice and then theres this, which is every single time. Someone attacked the gorgon theres a 10 chance that they just get stunned, which is the strongest status effect in the game. Its complete, which also means that gorgon is a very survivable frame just by the fact that nobody dares to shoot at you having a massive boss. Sized health bar is also a good idea and guess what the entire license gorgon has is made for this exact scenario in the following 40 gorgon builds theres a ridiculous amount of vorpal gun, because it deals very funny amount of damage on reaction cilla, because more reaction, Fire scorpion which work against tech attack and action in any way possible and finally mimic mesh to get somewhere fast at the speed of your ally, getting their kicked in. As for the role well, obviously, gorgon would be a defender by default simply because of its traits. However, due to its somewhat short sensor range and its very own nature, a lot of its builds are focused around getting close to both allies and enemies. So were gon na talk about the defender, striker first, which winch winched, which, which is probably the most normal defender, striker gorgon, build i could find, which is saying something you might notice, that this build has double vorpal guns and guess what? Because of gaze gorgon could actually pull out both in the same reaction fire to immediately deal super heavy level of damage to someone thats, not all by using cilla to fire crawl rifle.

If your victim decides to run, you can immediately chase them down, possibly in the same turn, thats the beauty of gorgon and its systems by using all the reactions to bring more pain to the enemies. Suddenly, it feels like you can do more than you thought. Obviously, thats not the only cruel rifle gorgon around either. This is shoot to thrill, which has an addition of flicker field. So, every time you boost thanks to coil rifle, you are also turning invisible, making you even harder to be killed and with walking armory you can arc your croil rifle shot, then use jump jet to boost jump over obstacle and drop. Kick someone personally speaking, i just find it very funny that people somehow figured out a synergy between atlas and gorgon because, as it turns out thanks to gays again, gorgon can overwatch someone with terrashima blade, then immediately triggers jaeger, coos 2 to strike them even harder, which Thanks to kai bioplating, you will most likely win and, of course, if you want to cut someone, you might as well get dualist and exemplar, both of which have reactions that can further boost gorgons capability in close quarter combat. And if you arent, fighting someone held image to throw out free, lock on, is a nice option too. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, no is another half atlas gorgon except worse, because this one can fly and guess what it also has stasis bolt, which it can use to cause an attack to miss which directly benefits lord stance, tarashima, to knock your opponent down and ace one to move which Also benefit jaeger, coos 2, because ace one also provides a bonus to agility role.

This build also uses monitor module instead of sila, which, to be honest, monitor module is basically just a worse cilla. However, you can get it for 2sp, less investment in gorgon license and is also not an nhp, so theres. Quite a few circumstances in which monitor is actually the better choice. Lets talk about something else. This is anti synergy, a famerian gorgon that actually wants to choke someone as a reminder for most frame that isnt named blackbeard. If you grapple someone, you cant use reaction, this corgan instead rely more on metastatic paralysis for protection, and primarily this build is just here to annoy the hell out of people by using monitor module to spam nexus to critfish for centi main effect. Then spam grapple with dualist, combo or manually, so you can use total strength, suit, 3 or brawler 3 to stun everything which, with open door for an incredible 17 save target the chance of your victim being unable to move is high. Big bore medusa is a half tortuga gorgon. This one is a lot less brain twisting you just use mimic mesh to get to your allies, use your shear fomarian bulk to protect them, then just activate hda to become a goddamn brick with cilla vanguard, overwatch, gunslinger, 2 plus vorpal to shoot anything. That comes your way. Mama bear is instead a half drake gorgon, since you usually dont, need to move much after moving close to your allies, an assault cannon works surprisingly well and using cilla for double concussion.

Shots works well in sending enemies away and impaired, and since gorgon doesnt like to grapple people, you can instead use cable winch to pull people with you or let your allies pull you instead. Jabberwock hunter is a sisyphus gorgon, which, thanks to metastatic paralysis, gets a lot more funny. If you get a one or two, the next two npc that try to shoot at, you are most definitely stunned or you can get a 20 which, with brutal and op cal lets the vorpal gun deal 18 goddamn damage. Plus this whole build is designed to be lazy. You have auto gun, vorpal gun. Even the dual pistol could basically be left untouched, since you can overwatch with it easily and if you need to see something you have eye of horus for it. I hate you. I want you dead, please step into my dome is a half salad in noah gorgon, because noah is good at protecting your allies and its also a reaction. This build is built for both mid and short range as light nexus, and thermal rifle could poke and annoy enemies at a distance and when the enemies get close, you activate hard light defense system and just beat the out of them. You also have flash anchor and scorpion to provide additional protection to you allies. Finally, theres incajs long lost twin sister, whose primary weapon is the torch, because half of three burn is still two burn and with horo s1 you can force enemy to move and cut them with an overwatch which, with ttt that cut, is gon na hurt.

You also have vorpal gun and sentinel drone to punish anyone that dare to shoot at your allies, plus siege spec to knock enemies out of cover, since, as it turns out, vorpal gun is a cannon and thats all on the defender, striker gorgon, probably the most dangerous Gorgon around since they can really bring the pain to anyone nearby that even dare to think about hurting their allies. And at this point you probably figured out why gorgon doesnt have heavy mount already, because one thats, a lot of damage and two heavy gunner, gets real. With gays but gorgon is still a horus frame. After all, so lets talk about the defender, controller builds all roads lead to payne is a full, auto gun gorgon, with all the actions to do anything. Besides attacking it can pop sisyphus, which works with universal comp to possibly activating core power twice or just invade enemies, to move or jam them, or just throw turret drones everywhere, which, because of gaze, could add six full damage to any successful ally attack leader and exemplar. One are also good reaction. Talents for gorgon both basically increase the accuracy of your allies attack next is dont touch my baby, a half black witch gorgon that protect its baby with black ice or magnetic shield, protecting them from tech and physical attack. It can also just shoot incoming threats with dual vorpal guns or monitor module nexus spam with centi main or flick them away with ferrous lash.

This build also has neurolink, so these vorpal guns are going to be a lot more dangerous than normal, inter dimensional soccer. Mom is exactly what it said: anytime, someone shot and hit it. This gorgon can teleport with singularity motivator and shoot someone in the back with gunslinger too, which, with free, lock on from held image, possibly knock them prone with stormbringer. The vijaya rocket spam is gon na, be crazy, with monitor and vanguard pistol and thanks to hunter logic, it can easily keep melee striker away, plus it has reactive weave. So, even when it breaks it will always move a pretty basic gorgon with a neurospike. Garnish is a gorgon that surprisingly doesnt have a gimmick. It has scorpion mimic mesh, monitor, sentinel drone, the usual gorgon tools to disencourage enemy from attacking, but it also has flicker field to turn invisible every time it moves and neurospike to further convince the enemy to not fire with exemplar. Any enemy that gets too close will be trapped and must face the gorgon and withheld image and spotter. Your allies will never miss their shots plus burst launcher spam with monitor, is going to cook and impair a lot of enemies. In a round approaching me mistake is a half blad gorgon, because impaler gets very funny with cilla and having charged stake plus web jaw. To make sure nobody can move is a very good solution to a lot of things. I would honestly try to shove in monitor.

In here too, just so even more people could get immobilized in a single round. The cerberus is a drone commander gorgon because, as it turns out, assassin drone needs reaction, and with two of them you can really convince an enemy to get the hell out. Autopod is also a really good option for gorgon, since its basically free damage with held image, not only that it combo with spotter to increase your allies, accuracy and stormbringer to knock the crap out of enemies plus with tempest. You never need to worry about enemy. Getting too close for comfort, only us is a gorgon that tries to isolate its opponent as much as possible, using horo s2 for false idol, with 15 save target or exemplar to challenge them. And if that doesnt work it has flash and smoke charges to. Hopefully, block line of sight finally theres care package incoming a flying gorgon that wants to always arrive on the scene with ace 3 for supersonic and funny enough, while flight system can cook you up quite badly, if you use it repeatedly, it also only apply the heat. If you fly in your turn, so if you fly with mimic mesh or use skirmisher with overwatch, you can fly and dont get cooked. With this build you just land next to your allies with supersonic, then send someone flying away with juggernaut, possibly saving your ally from danger and thats all on the defender, controller, gorgonz truth to be told, you might notice that theres quite a lot of overlap between the Controller and striker builds thats, because gorgon really likes to take actions up close, whether you want to do striker stuff or not, builds with controller tag, just means that they are more focused on controlling the enemies than destroying them.

Sorta now lets move on to the defender. Support builds, and you might have guessed it theres, a lot of battle. Taxi gorgon this is mama. Bear is angry and its very simple. You just carry someone on your back and protect them with your life by punching the out of anything that gets close with held image for some free lock on theres, also clingy life partner, a full bonded battle, taxi gorgon that honestly doesnt really do anything special. Its just very good at its job helping and protecting its rider big brother is yet another fomoryan battle taxi gorgon this time with argonaut shield to actually protect its rider physically and also comes with two vorpal guns. If you ever get stuck on how to build your gorgon just shove as much vorpal guns in it as possible, it will work and heres helicopter parent, a battle taxi gorgon that can really move thanks to silicoil rifle for all the free boost allowing anyone riding on It get close to the enemy really fast would have prefer famaraian instead of ttt, though anyway, thats enough battle. Taxi lets go with something else, like aegis, editimo siligorgen. That can shoot a lot and split the timeline for its allies for better mobility. The weapon selection might need an adjustment, though its all over the place you are not immune, is basically another half black witch gorgon this time with ferrous and pcp to move everything and ice out to completely shut down hostile tech, attacker plus neurolink vorpal guns are always Nice to have the same could be said for the big charged sword.

Next theres open the door get on the floor, a technically battle taxi gorgon that does it differently with blink space tunnel, instead with final secret and accelerate to move it and its allies really fast and warp rifle to send someone half a map away. Finally, theres yandere simulator dont worry this build is actually complete, its a no acylic organ that can protect its allies in any way possible. Shatterhead is also a good choice to be used with scilla, since it can hit basically anywhere in range 15 decently and thats. All on the defender support gorgon that once again works surprisingly well because of gorgons general proximity with its allies. That and supporting, is just defending in a slightly different way. Now thats, all 40 gorgon builds finished. Once again, i would like to thank all of the submitters that have sent in their builds for this episode. I was always slightly confused on how to build a gorgon, but now i know what to do turns out. All you need to do is shove. In vorpal guns now lets introduce the topic for the next episode. This is not going to break my mind or anything anyway, thats all for now, and i will see you all next time – hello there. If you like this video, please subscribe to my channel and click that notification bell button.