This is d hunter, bringing another action figure review today, we’re going to look at the lantern toys, xenomorph figures: these are seven inch, alien figures and they’re warmer exclusive. These are the cheaper variety. These things are less than ten dollars each at first, i saw them thought they looked. Okay, i decided to pass on them, but after seeing them over and over again and just seeing how cheap they were, i just had to go ahead and grab all three of them from left to right. We have the drone alien, the warrior, alien and the runner alien it’s kind of like representations of the aliens from the first second and third films, and they come with accessories, a facehugger and an egg, a facehugger and a vial, a facehugger and a dog. I mean for nine dollars. This is a great value. These are obviously going to be inferior to the neca figures, but i was really curious to check them out and see what they were about so let’s check out the packaging here, as you can see alien collection, special collection, collector series here, he is in the package – Got the egg, the facehugger and the xenomorph: these are a walmart exclusive, as you can see here on the back, you can see the rest of the figures. Warrior drone runner, here’s the barcode case that helps anybody and then taking a look at the warrior. He’S, a blue alien got the ridged head, got that really nice face secret vial, see him on the back and there’s his barcode.

Then we have the runner alien he’s in a copper. Color comes, the rottweiler. Doesn’T appear to have any articulation and a facehugger, pretty cool on the back, pretty much same thing and there’s his barcode, so let’s go and open them up and see how good they are for nine dollars all right now that we got these figures out of the Package here they are, with all their accessories laid out. We’Ve got the white drone alien. He comes with the egg and the facehugger. Then we have the blue warrior alien. He comes with the stasis, tube and a facehugger, and then we have the runner alien. He comes with a facehugger and a rottweiler so in this video we’ll take a look at each of the figures: individually, we’ll look at their accessories height and articulation and we’ll compare them with a bunch of other comparable alien figures. Now i love my neck alien collection. Those things are absolutely amazing, greatly detailed, greatly articulated, but nowadays they run for about 30 each these lantern figures. Here they are nine dollars and some change walmart exclusive, very cheap, great figures for your kids, great figures for you as well, they’re articulated pretty nicely. I don’t expect anything remotely as nice as neca, but these things should be a great bang for your buck, so let’s go and start off with the drone alien, so here’s, the first alien. This is the drone alien. I believe he’s supposed to be the alien for the first film and in the expanded universe.

I’Ve often seen the dome headed to aliens referred to as drone aliens and the rigid head aliens referred to as warrior aliens. So let’s take a look at him. He’S, mostly white, some transparent, looking parts on the dome, smooth, dome, looks pretty good i’ll say his face, looks excellent. They sure caught the alienware personality between the smooth head, the teeth, the lip then he’s got his hands like this. Just looks like one of those intimidating poses where the alien is about to grab you and pull you up his teeth. Honestly, look very nice! No problem there open of his mouth you’ve got his inner jaw inside there. His second mouth but it’s not articulated it’s, just gon na stay back in there that’s okay go a little further down, see the rib cage the shoulders i mean it all looks very reminiscent of the alien all the signature. Details i’d expect even has this tail looks pretty nice. The tubes in the back, the detailing is absolutely fantastic for the price. Now let’s look at the egg and the facehugger. They of course do separate the facehugger here. Pretty nice sculpting detail inside you can see it’s not just blank. It has some of those sort of more adult details. Inside of there, the fingers look pretty good the little lungs all lines down him. His curled up tail looks pretty nice. This one’s not quite flat enough to stand up on its own it’ll, literally just fall over, but i’ll tell you very pleased with this thing.

It looks really nice. You see this thing scurrying across the floor, then we have this egg. The detail. This thing is also very nice. A lot of texturing the egg is open. You see the flaps here. It is in a greener sort of mucus, color and it’s, not accurate to the film, but it works. The inside also has some pretty nice detailing on it. Here’S this egg, next to neccas eggs from both alien and aliens, you can see their version for the first alien film is considerably larger than this lantern toys. Even the one from aliens is larger as well, and here it is next to all the different variations of the egg that necas made in their alien collection. We’Ve got the egg from the first alien from aliens and from alien covenant. Here it is next to neka’s face huggers for both alien and aliens. This liner toys facehugger is similarly sized to necas aliens facehugger, just a little bit smaller and then nika’s alien face. Hooker is even larger, here’s, the detailing on the inside of each of the facehuggers. As you can see, the neck ones are considerably more detailed, but they also cost about three times the price. Here it is in the front next to all the different face: hackers, my collection for a wide variety of companies such as kenner, neca, hasbro, figma, sh, figurehearts and mayfix, and all three of these facehuggers from the drone, the warrior and the runner are pretty much.

The same sculpt, i would say any slight variations are simply from the factory and if you’re curious, how this facility skates up with a neca marine. Here, you go here. He is trying to hold it back from getting him, and even though you can’t wrap around his neck, it does fit across his face. Pretty nicely now we’ve taken a pretty good look at both the figure and his accessories now let’s check out his height, so the back of the package boasts the seven inch collection. These guys should be about seven inches tall. Now that doesn’t mean they’re the seven inch scale, the neca collection is the seven inch scale, meaning the humans are seven inches tall and the aliens are a little bit over eight inches tall because aliens are taller than humans. So this guy here from bottom to top, is sitting at about 6.75 inches tall, not quite seven inches and that’s, going to translate to about 17 centimeters. Now let’s, look at his articulation, let’s start with his head here. Of course, it can rotate from side to side as far as going up and down pretty much non existent. You only need that rotation there, his mouth can’t open his jaw, is hinged here shoulders kind of on a ball joint. You can hear the joints are kind of ratcheted going to each little place. They go up more than 90 degrees up down around, not too bad his elbows. Here single jointed.

They go in just a little bit less than 90 degrees. Once again, the joint is ratcheted. You sort of feel it locking to the different places. It does have rotation here as well his wrist here it can rotate and it looks like it’s kind of a ball joint here, so we can kind of move around pretty nicely his torso here. He’S got a ball joint in the middle, can rotate around can also go forward and back legs here also ball joints. They got about this far not very far and then go forward about that. Much back about that. Far single jointed knees get a 90 degree bend there and then his ankle here it’s another ball joint, so we can go forward and back can rotate around can tilt and rock at least a little bit. Then his tail here it’s got rotation at the base. Now check them out next to some other alien figures from the first alien film here he is next to mcfarlane’s. Version of the big chap mcfarlane, just like neca are the seven inch scale and the lantern toys are simply seven inches tall. Then next to neca’s, big chap and neca also made their own version of the white or albino big chap. This is a concept design. I guess originally the alien was going to look like this in the film, but they changed it to a black design. Now, next, to a mafix, big chap and here with a figma big chap, then next to the sh monster arts, big chap now, let’s look at the warrior alien.

He comes with a stasis tube with a facehugger inside just like from the second film, so let’s take a look at him. As you can see, he’s got that rigid head a little bit of green paint. Job on the top. There looks very cool aliens. Is my favorite of the alien films so i’ve kind of come to prefer the originated aliens in the long run, sort of blue tinted? How the aliens looked under certain lighting in the second film you can see. He’S got some green tints all over him. A lot of reused parts from the drone alien here, but it comes off very nicely overall, the details very nice, a different texture, different sculpting, all over this guy, he looks very good. His mouth, his teeth, look good, just like the other one he’s got the inner jaw permanently inside there. Overall, this guy looks very nice, especially for the price now let’s look at which parts are reused for the drone alien. Of course, their heads are going to be different, being rigid head and smooth head, the bottom part of the jaw does appear to be the same. Look at the arms top part of the arms. Definitely the same in the bottom part it’s altered slightly. This guy. Has this extra piece here and you can kind of see on here there’s a little sort of i don’t, know different area. You can tell that’s where they sort of change the scope for this guy, so they’re completely reused just slightly altered.

The chest area is the same. Crotcher is the same. I would say their legs are 100, the same with their feet and then their tails. Here, i would also say they’re exactly the same except the drone. Alien has a little pointed tip and the warrior does not so these two aliens are completely identical, just repainted it, except for the top of the head and then the forearm and the tail are slightly altered. But you know what they look quite different. All things considered now let’s look at this accessory. This is the stasis ii with the facehugger inside and i’ll. Tell you this accessory looks great it’s got this transparent plastic, simulating glass in the middle. You can see the face over through it. It’S got some sort of metal at top, as well as the bottom and guess what it does open up. You can take the facehugger out or it can escape pretty much the same facehugger design for the other aliens, but i’ll tell ya. It looks great. This whole thing looks great it’s, going to be a great alternative to the neca stasis tubes, which are pretty expensive nowadays, here’s the lanyard toys, stasis, tube and facehugger next to nexus version. Neka’S version is considerably bigger and better detailed, but once again this thing’s about one third, the price. Now one badass feature that the neca one has that, of course, the atlanta toys doesn’t. It has an led light inside it can light up and be an absolutely fantastic display piece now.

One thing i thought i was gon na be able to do with this stasis tube, just like the neca one is fill it with the water and have the face sugar sort of just sitting there suspended in water, and you know what i poured water on this Thing and it looked really good, but the water just leaked out the bottom, so it’s not really tight enough to do that. That was a little disappointing, here’s charles weyland, getting the new stasis tube an extra specimen for his weyland yutani facility. You can see all the different neca tubes in the back very happy to add this to my collection. Now let’s check out his height he’s, pretty much the exact same body as the drone alien, so they should be scaled exactly the same from bottom. To top this guy’s sitting at between 6.75 and 7 inches tall, which can translate to about 17 centimeters, now let’s look at his articulation, starting with his head here. Of course, it can rotate from side to side about all you’re going to get there jaws hinged shoulders ball joint up down around single jointed elbows with the rotation this wrist on the ball joint can rotate around go forward and back just the tiniest bit ball joint. The torso can rotate around can also go forward and back legs only wet a little bit forward about that. Much back about that much single jointed knee and then the ball joint in the ankle.

Now let’s check them out next to some xenomorphs from the 1986 film aliens here’s, the lanyard warrior alien let’s see the old mcfarlane warrior alien from aliens, and here next to the neca version, neko made a blue tinted version. They also made a brown tinted version, so you can have whichever one you prefer now. Let’S look at the runner alien. He comes with a facehugger and the rottweiler very appropriate accessories for him. He’S made in a sort of copper paint job, so let’s go ahead and take a look at him. Here’S his head. It looks very nice. The mouth is different: it definitely screams dog alien to me. His head and i’ll tell you that could be where it can. Actually look completely forward when he’s in the running position. Why is it that leonard can do this? Their first attempt and neca has still not gotten that right after releasing the dog alien, four plus times overall, the body is going to be considerably different from the other. Two aliens i like what i’m seeing so far very thin, very animalistic, looking no real articulation in the knees here, although i don’t think the other aliens had it either. His tail has the tip really like what i’m seeing so far neca. I can’t believe you couldn’t get the head right on the dog alien, even in your second ultimate release, sure it can go further up, but still can’t do even as much as its lanyard toys version.

Now look at his accessories it’s a same old face. Hugger got the same detail in the middle on the outside. It does look good, then we have this rottweiler here, this rock wire. It looks very nice, i mean think about this. You get all three of these things for less than ten dollars great deal. This guy has zero articulation i’ve even seen some people saying they’re gon na buy this simply for the rottweiler you can see. His mouth is open his ears. His face he’s got the black the brown different tones to it. It looks really nice a little bit of texturing on the coat here. I like what i’m seeing this is a very cheap dog for your action figure world here’s, a lanyard rottweiler on the right next to the neca version on the left. The next one looks a little bit better. It does have articulation in the neck, but beyond that the lanyard rot wire looks very nice. Now let’s check out his height of course, he’s sitting on all fours, so he’s going to be considerably shorter than the other two aliens from bottom to top sitting at about four inches tall, which is going to translate to about 10 centimeters – and i was curious. Can this alien stand up on his two hind legs? The answer is a big fat. No now let’s look at his articulation start with his head here. Of course it can rotate from side to side, and i cannot tell you how impressed i am today.

Look down about that far. I didn’t completely look forward when running on all fours very nice job lanyard his mouth here, it’s hinged. It can open and shut, and he has his inner jaw stuck inside there his shoulders. They have a sort of ratchet joint. You can see it clicking into place here, goes out about 90 degrees up down around all that good stuff. His elbow single jointed goes in a little bit less than 90 degrees and has rotation, above that his wrist here has a ball. Joint can rotate around let’s. Go forward and back a little bit, his torso is one solid piece: it doesn’t have the articulation of the other guys. His legs are on t, crotch style. Hips just goes up and down that’s it. The knees both knees have no articulation whatsoever. Then his tail here done a little bit different than other guys, it’s on a ball joint here versus the rotation color. The other ones have so it can rotate around goes up and down pretty nice really impressed with the head here now. Let’S check them out. Next to a couple of other dog aliens here he is next to the older mcfarlane version of the dog alien. Then, next to a couple of neca versions of the dog alien, you can see one on all fours and one standing up on his two hind legs. Now let’s check these guys out next to some alien figures from each of the alien films by neca.

Nika is the only company to have covered all the films and my alien connection is predominantly neca oriented. So those are the figures. I was really curious to see them next, to these guys are way too sort of cartoony and soft to be compared to the neca figures, but i definitely appreciate these ladder figures for what they are, but before we do that here they are with lanyard’s seven inch. Predator collection here they are next to a couple of neca’s ultimate big chaps. Then next to a couple of ultimate xenomorphs from the 1986 film aliens and here next to a couple of dog aliens. Then next to a couple of alien resurrection, aliens and now next to some alien versus predator aliens. And here they are next to an alien warrior and the pride alien from aliens versus predator requiem. These are some older neca figures and they’ve promised a redo of them in the near future. Here they are next to a couple of deacons from prometheus. Then next to a couple of aliens from alien covenant here they are next to a couple of engineers from prometheus and now next to a couple of ultimate predators. And finally, here they are next to some various human characters from necas alien collections. So, overall, these are some pretty cool, alien toys. What really caught my attention? The store were these seven inch predator figures. I grabbed some of those to see if they fit in with my neck collection and they definitely don’t.

These guys will be even further from my neck. Alien collection than the predators are, but i’m still happy to have the purchase. I cannot stress to you what a good value these guys are for your dollar. If you have a small kid, buy these alien toys for them, you don’t worry about them breaking and if they do it’s nine dollars, who cares these guys articulation is a little bit better than mediocre. Their sculpt and paint job is even a little better than that. Their accessories are fantastic, especially for the price you pay their face, huggers the stasis tube, the rottweiler. They all look very good. Overall, if i were to rate these guys, i’d probably give them a 5 out of 10. that may sound like a low rating just because these guys aren’t as realistic or well sculpted as neca, but they’re a good one. Third, the price i mean: keep that in mind. These guys are about the best possible value you can get at the toy store right now, so it’s d hunter think guys watch this video. If you like the video press like below. If anything, you want to say about the video add to the comment section. If you want to see additional action figure reviews from me press subscribe, i do appreciate you do that once again, this is d hunter.