First of all, let me wait until this garage closes also, if youre wondering why im so bundled up in texas, its currently like 36 degrees out, they actually even said that there might even be like another freeze today or tomorrow, so that would suck if there was Another freeze, like the power grid, went out like last year because that was terrible. We were literally freezing our ass off, but consoles spoken. You guys said gloss back black wheels jesus. I cannot speak you guys like lost back wheels, and so i was like okay lets. Do it – and i was thinking about – and i was like it might not look good because, like theres, a chrome accent there and theres like a chrome accent in the in the front right here and then in the back over there. So i was like what am i gon na do and then i was just like hit chrome delete, so all of these chrome pieces are about to be black im going there now westons gon na pick me up thats whats, going on today and im gon na Pick it up in three days, so hopefully i can come and pick it up for the end of the video. So you guys see in the end of the video well see. Who knows you guys will probably find out in the next 15 minutes im. Also gon na do something a little different im gon na put stars in the roof.

I dont know, if you guys are familiar with rolls royce, rolls royce, is known for putting stars in their ceiling were gon na put stars in this. I always thought it was a little bit corny because that was like rolls royce thing, but ive always seen obj. You know, odell has stars aiden ross. If you guys know him hes a streamer aiden ross has stars. Chief keef has stars, and so those are like just bursts with stars, and i was like bro thats, so sick, and then i saw giordani if you guys know giordani he lives in chicago. He got stars on his g wagon and they looked so badass. I was like dude, i i just like im getting fomo. I want the stars, so i hit up um jonathan hes, the guy, who did my range rover, so jle customs jonathan does stars. So i was like yo johnson. Can you do some stars and then he was like? Okay, if you do the stars with me ill, throw in the powder coat wheels for half off and then well do the rest of the chrome delete and i was like dude yeah, so were going there now, im also going to pay him extra. If you can get it done a day early, just because its more convenient for me to pick it up on a monday rather than tuesday, so because i want the film i want the i want the video to have it.

Hopefully he takes that offer. We will see its still pretty early, so im going to starbucks and well be on our way to the shop. I know, oh thanks for letting me go that that girls really nice. She let me go in front of her in the drive through that lady right. There can you see, because she, let me go im going to pay for her hey if you guys are in the drive, if you guys end up in the drive through today, wherever you may be, bro just pay for the person behind you. You never know. You know i dont think this person like is struggling, but you never know it might make their day so im gon na show you guys my drink im gon na show you guys how to say it, because a lot of you guys dont know how to say, Like speak, starbucks language, its just a good drink like it, doesnt theres, not tons of sugar and in it and the double shot espresso, plus the cold brew like youre, getting pretty youre getting pretty wired hi. Can i get a grande cold brew with uh two extra shots of espresso, three stevia and then one pump of sugar free, vanilla and light almond milk thats it damn? I dont think that ladys i dont think that girl is going to get anything. Oh wait. Yes, she is yes, my plan is working by the way im almost 230 pounds pushing 230 baby mind along getting pretty watery, because anadrol is from what ive heard its wet so im, assuming thats what its from and its also eating in a surplus.

So, im starting to get pretty watery notice, my my gyno and my acne is actually increasing a little bit. So i guess with anadra somebody told im, like not somebody, but like my my guy, who i go to told me that ais actually dont work with anadrol. So you have to take novodex, which i luckily had on hand. So ive started a little novadex protocol just for uh estrogen issues, so hopefully we get that under control its a tax write off shout out my my new acco. I got a new accountant. So, im writing this off, because its in my video right its gon na be 643. Do you mind if i pay for it to a person behind me as well? No, i got ta do yours. First, though i got ta pay with you. Let me do this sounds good thats. It thanks man, i dont think they put on bro theres. Definitely no almond milk in this bro, its still really honestly, its its almost better than no almond milk, because you can really taste the caffeine all right. So we made it to the shop, i already told them what we were going to do like the diffuser is gon na, be black and then black wheels that piece gon na be black and the front bumper, and then i said, if you get it done a Day early, i give him 500 extra were gon na. Do what we can. I dont know he doesnt work well, its friday.

He doesnt work on the weekends. I do not work on weekends, but im gon na come through for sush were gon na, be here on the weekend were gon na grind as hard as we can, but well try and make it on monday. Yes, so hopefully, by the end of the video youll, see if not itll just be in like next weeks, vid yeah im really excited this shits gon na look sick. You excited for the stars, blacking it out right, yeah and again stars yeah. Do you tell them how many stars were doing yet? No, i didnt say how many 900 right yeah so were doing 900, so other cars, such as the size, we usually do about, say 800 ish and they dont even have a sunroof and it already looks packed whats better about this one. It has a massive sunroof. So were actually going around so its going to look extremely packed its going to be packed all on the sides, but since this has a sunroof were only doing a round with 900. So its going to look even more all around there yeah its gon na be kind of ridiculous. All right, so im really excited, hopefully by the end of the video. You guys see this and uh itll be dope, but were gon na go back home all right. We just got back home and gary hit me up and he was like dude. I want im flying in some photographers.

I need you to do a shoot. We need your car tuesday, so i was like okay. Well, i just turned in my car and we might not have a back tuesday and he was like okay. What can we do to give him an incentive? I said i was already gon na give him 500 extra, and so gary was like ill. Give him a 500 young la gift card, so jonathans about to get an extra bonus. Hes gon na deliver it hes, delivering it to my house, so i dont even have to go there. So by the end of this video, you guys will see the new whip and im very excited to hear that news, because this is like a relief off of me because i know gary, you really want to do this shoot and then also weve got my drone Here, um, you guys remember: i broke the other one. Oh, these are not mine by the way. These were my dads when he was here for thanksgiving, but we got my drone and honestly im just gon na wait till they come the actual videographers and im saying yo heres my drone, its really sick. I know you guys are good with them. Go, go hard! Im really excited im really pumped you know, everythings falling into place. I wont be seeing the camera until tomorrow, im gon na be doing back, im, actually handing the camera off to westin, because hes about to film todays push day.

I will see you guys tomorrow and then i will see you guys monday, all right ill see. You guys welcome guys to prep episode number seven cause. We do a full day of eating. Do chest as well were doing push guys im just joking im, not on prep all right guys. This is a meal french, toast casserole. We got two eggs here: theres two eggs in this and then egg whites and like six pieces of that thin bread just watching my least favorite youtuber. While i like to eat um, i like to use that as motivation. You know its the next day. We did push yesterday for uh, westons video and then today were doing pull dude. We met, rob lipset. Yesterday, yo put up that picture. That was pretty cool because it was, he came up to me and he was like hey man like weve, never met, but i watched the podcast and i was like oh its been sick yeah. That was pretty uh. It was pretty cool because hes, a big name in the industry for the old heads you know for the ancestors. I learned how to fly the drone a little bit better yesterday, so ill be flying it today, dude i was flying it and there was beavers yo play the clip right here: Music Applause, but there were otters. I guess. But then someone told me, someone from houston told me their nutrias nutria rats. I actually want dude.

Imagine i was filming it and then the gator, because you know how the gator, the gator comes up and grabbed it thatd be sick. Thatd be a viral clip guys by the way, the wide neck girdani shirt that everyones been like bro when they restock you when they recycle. This is restocking tuesday. So go get you one. You know the oversized fit not really oversized, though, because, like i said, this is large and i wear xl but go get you one use my code to support me and my habits and my like drone footage habits and stuff like that, but im gon na eat This because im starving then were gon na get a little drone footage and then were gon na go with jim yeah. Get that angle welcome to pilot school. Look at that bro yeah! Where should we fly this time? Should we go to kroger? Can you fly all the way to kroger dude? I can fly to kroger. All right lets see it lets go baby come on Applause, Music! Oh, did i actually go to kroger? Why not all right, bro im just get a little clip right here. Just so, you guys can see what were seeing on the phone, but what is that over there? I will go forward. Let me lower it a little bit im kind of scared bro. This is insane im actually going to kroger. Oh im losing im losing uh gps signal. We got to go back.

Yeah were turning back to home base bro its crazy because when you get high enough, itll literally be like manned aircraft. Coming like lower your altitude, because theres literally airplanes, theres, literally airplanes and im gon na go by the lake bro im gon na look for crocodiles. Is that a croc? What do we think that is fellas? Okay, its a stick, its? Definitely not a croc bro wait! Low key, though, look at this guys house, you tell a nice bro. Damn is that sun a solar panel? How fast does it go its going 14 meters per second Music? What the is that? What does that mean? Bro aircraft not connected, oh, oh, were back were back bring him back, bring it back, oh its returning its auto returning bro its coming, oh bro. Oh my god, bro. It returned to us im, literally, not even touching anything Music theres, a little sketch dude. That was scary, yeah dude, that was scary as but dude. How smart is that it lost connection, so it was like bro just comes home, yeah nah. This goes crazy. Im gon na learn this thing. Oh my god, instant, replay that bro Music wait. You want to go fast, bro, dude, yeah, wait! No just try it bro! Just try it. Oh yeah, dude mode is crazy. Sport mode, crazy, bro! All right launch it as fast as you can go all the way up. Yeah, oh my god, dude bro, you just shredded it Music, its okay, its just plants and nah.

This. This little buddy put in work, bro yo, i dont hear. Okay, people have been no actually, no one has its just myself. Ive been breaking out a little bit. So you know start a new skincare routine, but were going jim yeah were gon na, go there, get some drone clips and then were gon na, be training back as well and then were in erics. Car eric is in chicago were using his car. My car is obviously getting work done. We both had two scoops of black cherry nitric. Before we left we kind of got to hurry up, because that should probably kick in like 30 minutes, so were back peace. All right were flying. This were flying it in the car were out. Laying here shoulder shoulder. Oh wait show kenny, hey kenny. I want to see drone. I want to fly right now, just around here Music. I i got Music throw the valve time, but you dont want it too tight because then its going to like squeeze the fat out and look gross. No, i need like a thicker one. This ones like that one looks disgusting. Its like squeezing the i died. I actually almost just died im all pumped right, like im all strong, and so i jump up and i push myself too much and i almost went over the bed just throws yourself over. Imagine my head pump that corner, i would have literally died inside. I almost died.

No video madrid uploaded madrid would upload the video in my debt like he died, like literally. He died like a million ads. Mature just makes a like a bag, and he keeps them. He keeps the whole video the same, and then i just die at the end. All right this is our area thats. My this is our area. Bro set a perimeter with the back. Is that a perimeter making me like watery, but at the same time just give me like a hardness like i have like a fullness hardness look yeah also, but also i have that like water, but my hair, oh update from my last video. I said that i was going to lower the doses i did lower the doses and my hairs like been like totally different, so probably did have done half the shedding, as i was before so thats really good, because i, like my hair, a lot welcome to a New segment of sush and weston, posing hes nine and a half weeks out im, probably 56 weeks out ill compete in a year. You know how, like the bodybuilders, would guest pose im guest posing for westons show, so this is thats how its going to go. We just what do we do? Youre the bodybuilder, not me i do mens physique poses or i do classic physique poses even on vinces seats, whats for side chest, you guys have to vote who each pose, who wins folks side.

Try how you do it. Take your thumb right, i hold. I hold it: okay, hes gon na me on this one dude posings hard, all right guys. I hope you guys enjoyed that me. Looking 2 30.. I actually last night i weighed 2 31 when i went to bed. I woke up like 2 27, so technically, ive weighed 2 30 before last night, 2, 31., thats the end of the workout. The next time you guys see me will be when i go to pick up my car when its got all the done. Well see you guys in a couple of days, but its the same video so ill see you in a couple seconds. Oh wait. Thank kenny before videos not over, but makes you guys think kenny. Wait. Dont move bro youre getting mogged bro from the mirror; youre mirror dude, sorry all right its currently. What is it two or three days dude face? Looking watery sunday, we had a little. We had a little cheat day, aka little binge fest. I had five guys and stuff, so it looked a little watery. Uh wesson dropped me off because its raining and so thats why? I dont have my camera im on my phone, because i was like bro. I want to film in the rain, but he left the car in the garage about to go inside and see the car um. I kind of saw it on instagram, but i havent seen it like all together.

So im really excited and yeah its gon na be sick. You know doing some customization to the car and they got it done in three days. So jonathan with uh jle did a good ass job were gon na see. This lets go all right dude. What do you think dude that that back piece is sick, its way better seriously dude yeah? That looks so good that looks fire dude dont do the ram or the wheels ten times better? Oh dude, i forgot about the headlights its like so much more jesus nah that looks unreal. Bro that looks so much better, its so much more aggressive, whats up you gon na rap in a t shirt i dont know because dude literally it like full blacked out guys if i full blacked out this like it would be insane. So you ready yeah im excited with those holy. This is our 900 star package. It looks insane no yeah its insane. What do you think dude? It looks so good that looks unreal bro. It looks unreal bro. You guys killed this for sure back home thanks for driving me bro. I didnt record it because i didnt think i was gon na record, but im gon na go show you guys the stars right now, because its super dark in the garage weston. You want to come see: bro nah, dude, bro youre, a dick hes bursting my bubble and bro. The sickest thing is, i can control it on my phone thats.

The second thing, all right, im gon na keep it dark in here also blacked out bro like i was so happy watch this. Oh, what the! Why not turn on? Oh there they go dude literally lights, up the whole, it lights up the whole whip and its creating that grain effect on the camera, because it cant handle how dark it is with the light. But you guys can see how bright that is it like at night time dude its almost too bright like. Let me turn it down a little bit. Yeah see we turned down a little bit, maybe a little blue or a little red sheesh. Look at the red bro. The red is crazy, thats, a thumbnail right here, but yeah. So getting sick, oh wessons right here, so i might as well just show them. I ate my food super quick, so oh thanks, thank you bro, oh yeah. Can it change colors yeah? What color you want bro? What about just white, yellow, yeah yeah? The blue, does look really good, though yeah i like this. I like this blue, its like a really nice cool. Like a frost blue mm. Hmm, i havent seen the headlights. Okay. Let me turn on theyll expect. It makes me want to black out the whole car theres still like. I dont know how this works like its still bright, like lights bro, he told me he was like. Is your visibility good? He was like hows your eyesight at night and im like its all right.

Hes, like okay youll, be fine yeah wheels, blade, im, glad you kept the chrome exhaust, so it looks sick though westin approved glad to have her back, so the total price that he gave me was like 2 700 for the whole job. I told him id give him 500 extra if hed get it done monday, which he did and then gary also threw in a 500 gift card of young la so shout out to jonathan and also like that is kind of a lot of cash. So i appreciate you guys like supporting me, because i want to be able to one have this car and also be able to do these sick little mods that are probably not the smartest decision, but like something that i can do and i can share it with You guys i was getting dms, which was i wasnt, expecting somebody dm me because i posted on my story and somebody dm me they were like. Let me read it just so i have it yo i just saw the chrome delete on your snap story. Thing looks so badass thanks for giving me something to strive for absolutely insane how successful you already are. Keep it up bring back my cast so and yeah my guys come back once james is back so something like that honestly, i didnt even think would have even crossed anyones mind like maybe being able to do this, and then somebody was like yo im striving for That so that was sick.

That was kind of a nice thing that made me feel less entitled. If that makes sense, because i almost was like damn im almost like wasting away money just because i wanted a cooler car, but that was like kind of a relief. So, thank you guys for watching.