He was first to say first of one of my recent videos and this one's this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter water, one here with a review of a neat new drone, the MacTavish 3 also known as the el 109 s. So what is the el 109? Yes? Well, it is a brushless folding, as you can see, folding camera drone with GPS. Actually, you got ta fold these front ones that first because of the leg extensions here, but let's unfold it to show you what it looks like I'm folded, but especially again, it is brushless motors. These brushless motors are brushless 1406 motors, and they should provide sufficient power for this little drone to lift off easily and do what it needs to do. But again it has GPS inside that means this can return to home and land on command, on lots of signal and on low voltage. So you know for those newer pilots who can't bring it back home visually. This will do it. You know if you run into problems just press the button. It comes back and lands on its own now, it's advertised with a 4k camera let's be serious folks in this price range under 200 price Trace, you're, not gon na get a drone with a 4k camera. Yet these days it really this, what this does is it's really produces 1080p video folks to your phone by the way there, although the appears to be a SD card slot on the back of this, do not attempt to put an SD card in there, because this Drone does not have an SD card reader or writer in it.

If you slide one in there, you'll probably lose the card inside you'll have to open up the camera to get at it. But what it does have this produced or transmits via 802.11 AC Wi Fi to your phone, the video and photos, and then it is recorded directly to your phone. Now I mention 802.11 AC Wi Fi as usual. Why not? Everybody has 802.11 AC Wi Fi before purchasing this drone first confirm that your phone indeed has a 2.11 AC, Wi, Fi or you'll be very disappointed when you will not be able to properly use this drum and the way to do that. Folks is you just google search your phone model also along with the term 802.11, and see if 802.11 AC shows up in the results? Okay, we mentioned GPS. I forgot to mention this also has optical flow sensor on the belly. What this does is looks directly at the ground beneath the drone and maintains the drones position automatically when you're not using the GPS. You can turn off the GPS and use this mainly for indoor. If you want to fly this indoor, so you've got a big enough room to fly. This endorse this we'll look at the ground and maintain the drones position automatically return to home won't work when you use this, but it will hold its position also with the optical flow. It has also an altitude hold barometer inside here. My pressure sensor that will help maintain the drones altitude by the pressure.

Ah let's see now let's go back to the camera, a couple more things about the camera here. This came with a very thin protective film over the lens. You would not even notice it folks did. You know it looked almost like the lens. So if there were do you get this, I recommend that you check to see if that film still installed it should be, and you scratch it off with your fingernail, to get it off it it's in the instructions to do such well, no it's, not in the Instructions to do such a sad on an Internet instruction for this drone from the company and then I look closer sure enough. There was a film over the lens so remove that film, or else you might get a slightly blurry picture from the drone. Now I mentioned it takes 1080p stills there. It takes 1080p still photos and it takes 720p video, okay, that's 720p. Video tells me that there possibly does this has it. It seems to have really a 1080p sensor since it's taking 1080p stoves and since its power filming at 720p, there might be some image stabilization, and indeed this is advertised with some type of anti shake electronic anti shake technology. Now I don't know what that is folks. If it's electronic image stabilization we'll find out today when we go fly this, but the what ID your idea to fly it out in front of my my front yard here just to check it out, and I did not really see true image stabilization.

Maybe that anti shake is what I'm guessing is intended to reduce jello effects: okay, that's, the main thing for that anti shake is what I'm under the way I understand it. At least it also hasn't up done some. I gimbal here that you could remote control this lens, push it up or down using the controller, and I don't try to push this up or down by hand. You use the controller to adjust the angle of the camera. Okay, now let's talk about the app since we were touching on 802.11 AC Wi Fi. This is this uses the lyz r ly z, RC app with that app. It gives it the functions. A circle me follow, follow me and waypoints. Okay, that's strictly done through the app. There is no buttons on this for circle me or follow me or waypoints. You need to use the app to do that, but the app also gives you an option of a 50 x digital zoom that's, pretty close that's, a pretty powerful zoom. Okay. That tells me possibly maybe there is a 4k sensor but you're not using that fork. You can't record the 4k, but you can use that for the zoom to zoom in and still get a clearer picture and also for the automatic image stabilization. If there is such in this camera, but 50 times digital zoom. It also has gesture photo capability where you can put up your fingers like so and it'll take a photo or if you go, look put up your hand like so in front of the drove it will start and stop video.

You can do that with this, and it also has a music video capability, which I'm not going to demonstrate, but a lot of the recent software apps that come with these drugs include it. Where you can take your video and add me to it using the app and finally let's talk about the battery, I haven't mentioned the battery, yet let's pop it out. You can see it the port back and down. Let me hold on folks get a better grip on let's. Do it there we go. This is the battery. It is a 11 point: 1 volt, 20. No, no 1600 milliamp per hour battery, no it's predicted to give this drum 25 minutes of flight time in hover. Whenever you see the what they're talking about for a flight time, it's usually means in, however, it realistically realistic flying I'm gon na guess. This is gon na, be rad 10 to 12 minutes we'll find out when we go fly it today again to find out what the realistic flight time is for forward flight, so let's plug that back in it's back in the belly. I think I covered everything on the drone. Let'S talk about the controller. Now this is the controller. It is well labeled, but it is difficult to see the white insignia. You know they were used. White font and it's really hard to see. That gets the silver background, but this button here is for rates. This button here is for return to home.

With quick press you, the drone will come back and land if you press these for a long period for three seconds. This side here starts the compass calibration. Since this is a GPS drone, you will need to do a compass calibration every time you fly it it's very important when every time you put a new battery – and you need to do a compass calibration – and you do that by holding this button down here and That initiates, it I'll demonstrate in the field one how to do it this button here. If you need to do a calibration of the gyros, so you can get a level flight using the optical flow sensor. You press and hold this button here, and this button see. I can't even see these like this okay, this button here is for taking photos by a quick press and holding it down for three seconds. You can start and stop the video camera this button here is GPS. You could turn GPS on and off by a quick press of this button here. If you want to fly indoors, just press that GPS button we'll turn it off these two buttons here or for raising and lowering the gimbal or the camera lens using its electronic gimbal. There – and this button here is for automatic takeoff now to do an automatic takeoff. You need to first start the motors, and you start the motors by either bringing the sticks down and out and holding them out for about one or two seconds, and the motors will start and then you press that automatic takeoff down in also does the same.

Will start the motors or stop the motors, and then you press the automatic takeoff or automatic landing button there, and this is button here or down in the lower right, is for headless mode. This drone does have headless mode capability for doing panning shots. If you want to do such press that button and inner head this book, the draw or the controller uses three double A batteries which I have inserted in here now it has these antennas, but these are fake antennas that we normally see on these lower end drugs. They'Re, deep fake they're just there for clothes, abetik reasons. If you the real know people, but people say these are photos, they are not vote older folks or just fake antennas. Here'S. The phone holder phone holder is on the belly of the controller, pull it out, and then you slide your phone in there and hold your phone on the bottom of this controller, so that's the metabolite, the one more thing I got to show you before we go Flying this is its carrying case. It comes with a very nice carrying case to hold all the components nice web mesh on the top and some of that, and it holds the drone and the controller and your any accessories in there like such, and I also forgot to mention what comes in the Box completely, you get the app instruction manual in English and Chinese. You get a user manual and English in Chinese.

You get a four spare sets of propellers, along with a little bag, full of additional components for the propellers and additional screws to install the propellers. Now you also get this controller it's a 3s controller for 3s, balanced charger that you've charged through a micro, USB port or a USB port. I strongly recommend that you use a 2 amp wall charge for at least a to employ charger to charge your battery. Oh, your, you will be waiting very many hours to charge that 69 million per hour battery and that's it that's. What you get so let's pick this out into the field folks and see how it flies. Hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and we are at it. One of my favorite flying fields was the flight of the metallic. Now start. This up first we've got to start the drone and you hold this button down until you hear the SC's chirp actually quick lesson: a long press click press, then a long press is cheap, yes see, sir chirping, and then you turn on the transmitter connected now. It should automatically connect, and you should know it will be automatically connected when you see the voltage cycling between twelve point five and three point: eight volts, the drones battery power and the remaining battery power and the controller. So now we know we are connected now once we're connected. The next thing I need to do is connect to the Wi Fi folks so hold on.

While I connect to the Wi Fi and turn on the app okay. This is the ly zrc app available in Google Play and iTunes. Now it has a list of different drones that you can select right now it has L 108. That is not this drone. We want to select L 109 GPS. That is this drum. Okay – and the next thing we want to hit is the control button, not the Quick Start, but the control button. Second, one down on the right, and that should bring this up and they're saying we're and we have sufficient satellites to fly in GPS that's. What that Chinese is say so you hit cancel until it goes away, and we are ready to fly folks okay before actually, we are not ready to fly. We haven't done the compass calibration now remember, there's, two ways of doing it or the way to do the compass calibration is hold down the left button. Holding down the right button. Just does a GP, a gyro calibration. We could do that and the gyro calibration is completed okay now. The next thing we want to do is the compass calibration holding down the left button. Until you hear the beep now, the lights are rapidly flashing and, as you can see there, and we are going to turn until we hear a beep rotate clockwise okay. Now we are ready to do the second part of the calibration right now. The front legs, the red ones, are blinking and we've, put two no up and turn again until we hear another beat I still flash in and if you don't hear a beep.

Those are still flashing. What okay we're done? Second beat. No, I was just still flashing. Let'S. Try nose done. Those have got us there, we go. That was down. Did it. I guess I was wrong about nose up. Okay. Now the lights are solid. All lights are solid. You got ready right in the front and green in the back. Now that other beep you hear there should be sufficient satellites to fly let's check yeah. We have 12 satellites, we have sufficient satellites to fly. We see 12 they're in the LCD screen and also 12 on the app screen now start recording. We need to press the camera button and where is that camera button on this upper left hand corner there? You hold it down until you hear a beep and you know you're recording, because the yellow camera icon will be flashing. Okay to stock, the motors, both those sticks down and in we're out in works and let's press. The automatic takeoff button holding it done and we're going to check for stability looking for toilet bowl effect I'm, not seeing any so it's, nice and stable. Let me get in the camera in front of the camera and say I like my shirt today, folks. Okay, that cameras nice. It has quite a bit of zoom on it, but there we go there's. My camera let's point it down just a little bit and that'll, be the angled um button, just a little bit right there, okay! Now the first thing I want to do is put my glasses on because we're gon na do a range test of this, and I wanted to be able to see it so I'm gon na turn the drone and push forward and up up higher and go forward.

We'Ll go out halfway to the skate park, which is about a hundred 50 meters right right about there I'm gon na. Stop it right about there what's the distance we're at. We are at 75 meters and we still have connection so going further at pushing forward I'm gon na go is slow, I'm gon na try to go slower, but look a bit higher turn it to the left to head toward the skate park, stuff, GPS and I'm. Losing fpv signal right about there at a distance of a hundred and fifty one meters away. Okay, let's see if I can rotate okay, I got the signal back again: okay, so I'm gon na push forward again. Actually let me raise the camera up a little bit. You might see a little bit of props, but I want to see more sky when we're going forward pushing forward again and I seem to have lost the signal still still have not regained it again wait a minute. I think I got it back again, so it gets really at about 150 meters. Folks, now keep in mind that we are recording to the phone via Wi Fi. So each time I lose the signal I'm losing the video okay loosen video recording it's. It gets real choppy, so you know, even though this is advertised for 600 meters. The effective range is about a hundred fifty. It seems to be about a hundred fifty year, I'm. Turning to the right now, let's go to the other end of the field here.

Pushing forward let's see if I can maintain signal no it's choppy again as I go forward pushing forward again, I can still see the drone, but it gets real choppy. So again, you know the effective fpv range is only really about 150 meters and you don't really want to fly out that far because you're not going to be able to record this video okay, it's gon na get real choppy now let's do the return to home And landing automatic return to home and landing and I'm trying to find the button for that there's upper right corner, pressing it and let's see how accurate its return to home and landing is from that distance. There it's, climbing and coming back – and it comes back quite rapidly, I'm gon na step off we're gon na see how close it is. Landing is OK right above me, flapping itself. There let's see what do its descent to a landing and we'll see how accurate its return to home is very slow descent. Obviously, trying to minimize vortex ring state wobbling wobble of death. They call that going into the prop wash so that's why they come down real slow like this folks, ok, it's landing is going to be about a beater off, not too bad, not too bad at all. So ok let's put this back on a pad again and turn off return to home and landing again return to home and landing is in the upper corner here.

Turning it off, okay, quick press, ok, quick press turns that off, ok, let's turn off the camera. There are the recording by a quick press of the camera button, which is right there long press the camera button make sure we got that recording and maybe not doesn't want to stop recording thing. Ok, I'm, going to use pressing the camera button down here to see. If that stops, recording, ok, recording head, stop let's see if we can start that recording again long press on this. Ok, so right now the app does not want to record unless you use the app so we're gon na use the apps feature to record, but before that we're gon na get to the ear. Take the beer I'm gon na do a manual takeoff. This time throttle up come down a bit getting the picture, because I want to take photos how about a quick press, a quick best work, no I'm gon na press the camera button on the app I don't know if it's recording one more time, quick press here, I don't know if that's, recording or not, but how about a long press just start the camera again nope, so I'm gon na have to hit the camera button camera button on the app to start recording again now we're gon na try follow me. Follow me feature that's let's, lower the angle of the camera Don's about there right about there Center in my position and then select follow me see what it does folks does it actually follow when doubt a little bit more and it's a little bit bumpy, but it's Following as you can see, there let's stop it right there stop the follow me.

This type of I'm gon na go a little bit further away. Hopefully that will reduce the jiggling that we're seeing there because of a GPS error between my phone and the drone. Okay, there could be a big difference between the GPS, where my phone is saying and where I'm at and where the drone thinks on that. Okay, a little bit further follow again follow me is activated let's see from what it does. Okay, you know what it seems to have a Hobson's stout i'll, follow me where it stays at a cardinal compass position away from me right now, it's soft in my position and it doesn't move. Okay, just stays south of your position, while you're doing follow me let's see if it follows me forward now raise up the camera and let's walk toward it, see. How follow me works, walking toward it so that's. The follow me feature crosses Stroh against its. It does not have stability automatic stabilization, it's real jerky, because the drone is jerking around a bit as its doing this follow me. Let'S go over this way now to the right see if it still follows – and indeed it does. Ok, so let's follow me so I'm gon na stop that now we're gon na bring it over toward me right about there. Ok, let's go a little bit further down the field here, because the next thing I want to do is circle position and I don't want to hit these poles.

Ok right about there. Ok, so uh I've lost video hold on. I got ta. Stop the video recording just come down a bit and I've lost Wi Fi signal folks. So unfortunately, yes, you know an issue with these Wi Fi Flyers. You can't lose a Wi Fi signal. Let'S go back over to the pad I'm gon na land it on the pad and then reconnect the Wi Fi so hold on folks right about there going back going back and lowering its position close enough to that bad ooh right on it, pretty good so hold On why reconnect the Wi Fi folks, okay, it's, a couple of days later folks, I had trouble reconnecting to the the Wi Fi of this particular drone the other day. Okay, now we got a sufficient satellites to fly, but when I took it home it seemed to work out Kay, so there might be a problem with a Wi Fi module on this, in that it may overheat but we're back again, so let's and I haven't recharge The battery this is the same battery power as before the reason being, I want to see what the total flight time is on this battery. So let's start the camera again start recording and starting the motors by down and out and then giving it automatic takeoff checking stability. Stability is good, okay, so the next thing I wanted to try the other day was circle me. So let's go over the over this direction here, first over the center of the field right about there pop it, there go up a bit higher and we're gon na SiC, select circle position and we're gon na give it a radius.

This time, let's come down a little over actually a radius of about 10 meters, 10 meters and then hit done and then confirm let's see what it does. It goes at 10 meters from that position where it was that lots of self down and does it circle so there's a circle meet. We didn't get to do this the other day we're doing that today, though let's let it do one or two circles just to show you what it can do in circle position and it works, seems to work. Fine yeah and how's my battery pirates about 13 battery power right now, we're gon na call quits in circle position now, so we showed that work now. The next thing I want to show working is waypoints well waypoints work all right now, let's select where we are Center I'm, not in Kenya, Ethiopia, where's. It say of that. That is wrong folks. So maybe I won't demonstrate that, because obviously it doesn't jive with where we are here thinks the drone is in Africa, and I am here, but let's hit the center position and now no that's not gon na work. Folks, unfortunately, so next thing we want to try, it sounds like the battery is getting low too. I haven't shown it yet let's. Stop the video recording right there, bring it down a little lower right there and take a photo and take another photo get a little closer. I hope the photos are taking one more and let's, try it using the photo button on the controller itself.

I think that took add one bar okay, now I'm gon na start the video camera one more time and here in a helicopter but I'm, not seeing it if it gets louder, I'm gon na plan, but I'm starting to camera. Using the button. Again, I tried to use. The controller does not seem to work with this okay. The next thing we can try is photo mode, GPS mode, battery's low by using gesture control I'm going to select gesture control and go like this see if it works. Music now let's see that work good yeah just my hand alone. Did you see that yeah yeah, one of them, seems to be workers, wait, wait there we go, I don't know if it took a photo or what I think it took a photo. So that was just your control now. Finally, this last button in the senator I don't know what it does: let's press it: okay, oh that's, the zoom, so let's I'm gon na step back a bit let's try this optical zoom zooming in that's. It zoom folks it's a not optical, zoom it's, a digital zoom folks, so you know all it's doing is zooming, and can I pinch zoom it too yeah? You could use your by pitching a nun pitching. You can also zoom using this feature now again that beeping we're hearing is low battery we're gon na fly until what does it return to hold on a little battery or whatever it does with low battery but I'm gon na start the video recording one more time, If I can sync it up the cameras and let's just go up a bit higher yeah, but there and I'm just gon na rotate the drone.

Slowly just again to show you its camera again. It'S, the camera is recording via Wi. Fi only does not have an SD card, so we're, you know, may see some stutter in the video some fringe lost frames, but going to slow rotate, showing the camera and that's it. So let's bring it back that again coming down coming down coming down and finally, let's just try out it's how good of a flier it is uh that's, the that seems to be the end of its ranger. 20 meters looks like from the take off point. It won't go any further away than 20 meters coming down a little or just showing it it's flight ability that's is that it's back speed, let's let's press the speed button to okay is this? Is a high speed let's see how reactive it is at high speeds? This is high rate on the drill maximum speed. Let'S watch go into the geofence okay there's its low battery return to home folks let's see what it does low better to return to home goes over to the pad where it took off from plops itself there and does it descend, yep, it's descending, so we'll see How close this return to home and landing is Music and there we go that's its total flight time. Let me stop the recording, so that is the MacTavish three folks I've I forgot the hit Bob is in the start. Rob is in recording, I believe, we'll see.

If I did but yeah it's, wise, okay, but again it that's not record to sdcard that's an issue there, and the other issue is that the again the Wi Fi seems to cut out him had cut out of me when I was flying the other day and Would not start up again, so there might be some Wi Fi module overheat problems with this I don't know. Okay, I don't know if other people have encountered that same issue, or maybe I just got a defective one, so that's the L, 109s McTavish tree. You hope you enjoyed this flight it's quite copter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey, if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click the build button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.