We are powered up over here and we got the radio powered on now its in safety mode. We need to get it out of safety mode, so we can take off. So we need to pull the trigger, pull back on the wheel and hit the switch, and we are off the drone. Racer guys controls just like an rc car thats, exactly what it feels like huh. This is pretty cool, takes a little bit of getting used to uh flying this drone with an rc car radio but uh it pretty much flies like an rc car guys or drives. Like one, i should say so well bring it this way. Theres our break lets see how our reverse does thats full reverse its coming back to us thats throttle when we turn the wheel, it spins the drone. This fly is pretty good im really impressed and it looks like the altitude hold is working really well its holding altitude im doing nothing to control the altitude with this drone im just giving it throttle and steering just like you would an rc car, wow thats. Pretty neat im really impressed okay, so we do have it at the lowest setting on the altitude. So if we hit the button here on the radio, we should go up just a little bit and it should hold in that altitude so well go ahead and try to do that now. Well bring it back over here. The wind is picking up guys.

Its fighting me right now so well bring it back. Here were fighting the wind all right so well hit this switch. Now we went up a little bit, so that is the maximum height. You can fly this drone at. We are at maximum altitude, well, bring it back to us and well lower it back down, so were gon na lower it down now right there thats the lowest altitude you can fly at. I figured. I would have trouble with this because im used to the two thumb sticks when i fly drones and helis, but this works very well im really impressed. If you can drive an rc car guys, you can fly this thats for sure now. You will need to give it minor corrections on the wheel to get it to turn around. If you give it too much it will. You know kind of turn around like that. All the way around but uh seems to be trim too pretty much now the instructions say it takes about 120 minutes to charge. My initial charge took about 30 minutes, so it may take longer. You know on our second charge, hopefully not too much longer its going a little faster that way because thats the way the winds blowing there is a little wind out here, but its handling it pretty good and its holding altitude, which is pretty impressive. I figured our first flight would be here on the concrete, because its a flat surface uh lets, try it here on the grass and see what it does yeah.

It does pretty good on the grass on the box. It showed uh grass, you know the dirt snow water. However, i wouldnt advise flying this over water. In case the battery dies. You dont want to get it wet, but yeah. It flies good, uh, im enjoying this. This is pretty cool. I was kind of hesitant at first. You know flying a drone with a rc car radio, but it works its like a hovering rc car thats. What it feels like now right now the leds are white in the front and red in the rear. It does say on the box: they have a app or uh some kind of software. You can use on the computer and you can change the color of those lights im assuming thats. How you would do that, so the led lights, look pretty cool, they look pretty bright. I can see them. You know out here in the sun, so this may be a cool night flyer too, as well. We may have to try that out on another video and its handling the wind pretty well. It is kind of windy out here and i figured that would be an issue but seems to be doing all right. I dont know if i mentioned this before, but the instructions do say we will or we should get around uh 10 minutes of flight time, which is pretty decent for a drone like this. It is a 1000 milliamp hour lipo, if i remember correctly, thats hands off.

Look at that hover, thats hands off hovering now to land it. All you do is find your spot where you want to land. First of all, and you go down here, thats your launch button and your lan button and we landed just fine over there. That was a lot of fun. Um didnt know how that would go, but i enjoyed it so well go ahead and take it on inside and talk about it at the table. See you guys there all right guys were here at the table, uh ill make. This brief, because i dont want to make this video too long, im really impressed with the drone. It flew great, as you guys could see. Um here is the radio you know this is a what you would see with the uh. You know an rc car or truck uh. The radio worked great um, i havent messed with any of the trims or anything uh didnt really need to. It was trimmed pretty much out of the box. This is your power led ill. Just show you guys what it looks like when you power it on thats how itll look when you power it on uh, nice, bright, leds, uh radio worked really great, no uh issues with um losing signal or anything like that. The drone itself flies great um. Leds are real bright, so we may do a night flight pretty soon, maybe in our next video heres the actual battery, it is a 3.

7 volt, 1000 milliamp 25c. We did get about 10 minutes, so they were pretty uh on point with that and the instructions. As far as flight time uh, i couldnt be happier guys and, like i said in my uh unboxing, it is on sale right now, its half off its normally 200 on a main right now, its a hundred dollars. So if youre interested in this drone, i would i would snatch it up quick. You know because i dont know how long that sale is going to last or if itll even be available later so uh yeah, i really enjoyed it flies great controls, like i said i probably said it more than once in the video, but it controls just like An rc car i know that sounds weird, but yeah it works and i had a blast flying it. So thats my quick take on it guys i say: go for it if youre on the fence, if youve thought about getting this drone like i did, i thought about it a while back and i ended up getting it because it was on sale and im glad I did so with that guys thats it for this video. I appreciate you watching if you like what we do here on the channel, make sure to like comment and subscribe. It really helps me out. This is rc reviews signing out and ill see you guys.