There will be a third day of deliberations within the last 30 minutes. The juror said were done for the day. The judge sent them home no verdict. Yet, but still a lot happened: team coverage of todays protest and deliberations happening outside the courtroom, but lets begin with angelica sanchez who is live with what happened inside of the courtroom today, angie well, we know now that the jury will be back tomorrow morning at 9, 00 a.m, but its a question that the jury had today that launched both sides in this trial in a heated debate over the quality of the drone. Video each side possessed no sign of a verdict yet on day 13 of the kyle rayne house trial. But the defense once again asked for a mistrial this time without prejudice. This means the state can try the case again. If the judge grants it. We understand that its going to be without prejudice. We understand that the state can redo this case. If the court grants it, we understand, they will do it again. Jurors began deliberating at 9 00 a.m. Their only question was a request to re watch. Some of the video evidence. This led to a heated debate over the drone footage submitted into evidence. While the trial was already underway, the defense argued the video quality for the drone. Footage was different from the quality the prosecution possessed. The prosecution says this was a technical glitch, they say they did not know.

The version they sent was poor quality and different from what they possessed. They argue the file compressed in the emailing process. The defense insisted they became aware of differences in video quality. Only after evidence had already closed. They argue its not fair to their client hes. Looking at a life sentence, potentially without parole, if hes convicted and to not get that until the evidence has already been closed, that doesnt strike me as fair. So for those reasons im making that request in the afternoon the courtroom was cleared. So the jury could watch footage on the television screen earlier in the morning. The judge addressed some of the media coverage surrounding the trial, including criticism he received for his long standing practices of not allowing the word victim in a trial until a person is convicted and allowing the defendant to pull juror numbers out of the tumbler. I will tell you this im going to think long and hard about live television a trial again next time i dont know i ive always been a firm believer in it, because i think the people should be able to see whats going on. But when i see whats being done is really quite frightening and again the jury has gone home for the day. All jurors, including those six alternates, were given strict instructions not to talk about this case outside of deliberations again, they will be back tomorrow morning at 9 00 a.m. Reporting live inside the kenosha county, courthouse angelica sanchez fox 6 news angelica.