Already today, the defense asking for a mistrial jurors, asking to review videos from the case and the judge expressing his frustration over media coverage of the trial, saying he will have to quote think long and hard about allowing any of his future trials to be televised. Our team is in place monitoring whats, going on inside the courthouse and on the streets. Speaking with people in the community lets start with correspondent, kelly beason, who is live now kelly. We just heard theres some more breaking news loud bangs, a huge police presence outside the courthouse right now it was nicole just moments ago we witnessed a clash between protesters. This was a man and a woman, its unclear. What started the dispute. However, it resulted in both the man and the woman being detained by police. There was a large swarm of media and people around this disagreement, and it just really speaks to how tensions have been flaring here in the past hours. Obviously, of course, with the opportunity for a mistrial now only stoking those flames. Now we want to get to what happened today, though, this is day two of jury deliberations in the trial of kyle rittenhouse. Today the jury asking to view video that had been presented earlier in the trial, the prosecution saying jurors, should be able to view any video they want as many times as they want the defense objecting to the jury. Reviewing drone video, the prosecutor said, showed written house pointing his gun at protesters before the shootings we didnt realize until playing them side by side, mine and then the states that there was any difference in quality.

The defense has accused prosecutors of withholding a high definition version of the footage until saturday when the case was already closed to new evidence. This is a high risk strategy for the state. I was quizzy about this from the beginning and im only quizzier about it now ridden houses. Lawyers are now asking the judge to declare a mistrial over the video evidence. The case could be refiled if granted. Kyle rittenhouse now faces life in prison if convicted of the most serious charge against him first degree. Intentional homicide, nicole yeah attention, certainly high there outside the courthouse kelly. Thank you for that. Thank you. So much for watching make sure to click on the red subscribe button below.