What comes in the box? Guys is just the quadcopter or a transmitter with a phone holder and put that together and place it on the transmitter. We get a full extra set of props a screwdriver im, not sure why they give you that theres pretty much nothing that needs to be screwed in, except for the battery covers, which you dont get screws for. Those so like, i said, not sure why they added that you get a set of pro prop guards and thats it your structure, manual and app user guide. Now i didnt go through the app yes to see how everything works on there. I i know how to record with it thats it so a little bit about it. Its called a ky, 905 folding mini drone. As you can see, it has foldable arms. You uh, take prop guards off, you want to fold it and it goes in the transmitter. Guys, if thats your carry case? Okay, now i cant remember what i purchased. I think i bought the 4k version and uh well youll, be able to tell anyway its most likely, not a true 4k, its probably interpolated up to a 4k, but you can get it in 4k, 1080p or you can get it with no camera whatsoever. It has one key return: take off one key return takeoff and landing: uh 3.7 volt 500 milliamp battery its 2.4 gigahertz theres four channels, six axis gyroscope: it does 360 flips uh supposedly draw a flight path on the screen that will fly.

That path has headless mode and altitude hold. So that being said, one thing i wanted to mention before we do fly it its supposed to have a 10 minute flight time, but ive got nowhere near that guys. Ive got three minutes roughly and batteries flat dead, im, not sure if it gets any better, as you continuously keep charging this, but i cant see it at a little 500 milliamp battery 10 minutes, probably not the most youre, probably gon na get would be maybe five And, like i say, im getting three so lets: take it outside and uh test it out. Oh yeah. Camera is adjustable to 25 degrees, so see that you can move it up and down very slightly so 25 degrees, so yeah lets. Take it out test it out and show you guys how it flies. Okay, guys! I am in my own yard here with the kane ky 905 mini drone. You can see why im in my own yard, here theres pretty much nowhere to go, but here so lets kick this up and uh well get her up in the air. Show you guys how this thing flies: okay, power! The drone on turn the wi fi on the phone there just found it it connected to us. So there we go. Okay now were ready guys, so both sticks down and out to calibrate the drone. We will hit record and auto take off button. There we go, so you guys will see what the cameras seeing i have it facing straight across, so you guys can see me there now.

So it does fly pretty good guys. It has three speed settings its only in the first one right now, which isnt doing too bad because theres no breeze, i just felt a slight breeze, so we may have to go and put it in the uh second or third speed setting in a few minutes. Here lets take it back around this way. Yeah, okay, ive got to go second right. The breeze just picked up and started carrying us lets. Go this way. Just fly around the yard here guys. So the altitude hold is a little finicky with it. It will rise and lower on its own now and then, but it does fly good um. I noticed indoors. I had to play with the trims a bit but im, not even touching them out here, because its going to wander anyway, but its its doing pretty well right now, but there you go wandering back so im, not gon na mess with them im just gon na Leave it as it is, and uh well fly it here and see what we get for a flight time now. When i flew this two days ago, i was able to get six minutes maximum. I think it was like five five minutes 50 some seconds and well see how it does here, but i know the cold is going to make that a little less. So what do you think guys not a bad little flyer? The ky905? Now there is a ky 906 out, maybe well grab that one next or something to review, but uh.

My boy, drones and dogs wanted to see this. So here you go buddy just a nice little flyer for you to get your hands on and the uh. The case is also your transmitter, so pretty cool. I think i seen you with one of these uh some something similar reviewing us, but not a bad flyer. Man, not a bad flyer at all lights on the front will start to flash when the battery starts to drain low, but pretty cool, pretty cool quad gear up a little high here there you go guys, can uh see in town there, yeah theres no way thats A 4k camera no way youre going to get a 4k camera for 35 bucks anyway. Lets bring her down here its hard for me to keep my eyes on it because of this camera. On my head every time i lift my head up the camera kind of flops back a bit and i uh i wanted to use the second camera on my head here just in case. I get audio problems with the gopro today because this is like my third time trying to film this guys. So were now four minutes: 18 seconds and shes still flying no lights flashing, yet no flashing lights. Yet pretty cool little flyer, i must say there we go lights – are starting to flash now guys. 4. 48.. So well, fly it right out and see what we get here. Music. You remember im in second rate too, so its burning it a little quicker, see those lights flashing on the front.

What i didnt show you guys is flips and i dont think i know i cant now, because the battery is just about dead. So to do your flips, you will just push in on the stick and then whatever direction you want to flip and it does them pretty good. I just forgot to show you guys that it also supposedly has a trajectory flight. You draw a line on the screen. There you go shes landing, see it also. Supposedly, has we got five minutes 40 seconds, as i was saying it also supposedly has trajectory flights um its probably if, if you guys can see my screen its probably this one here looks like a picture: uh yeah, you click on that and then draw your flight Path on the screen, it will fly that that path, and i think i already told you guys in the unboxing it has headless mode and sort of a return to home, but the return to home is just going to fly the drone straight back from the direction It was heading so dont count that as an actual return to home, but i hope you guys enjoyed the flight um. If everything turned out fine youll see this. This will be the next upload. So if youre new to the channel guys you like this type of content, please consider subscribing leave a like leave. A comment make sure your notifications are on.