This arrived to my doorstep the other day and what this is is a little uh toy grade quadcopter. Now i bought this one from aliexpress uh. Usually i buy a lot of rc car parts and you know escs motors stuff like that, but i thought a couple of weeks ago ill try out one of their toy grade drones or quadcopters just to see what theyre like so uh. This one arrived pretty quickly. Its known as the ky 101, okay – and it looks like you – got four different uh. You know models there with different camera options, and i decided to buy this one. This was their most budget priced one. I decided to get one without a camera, because i think its important that, if youre new to flying you dont want to any distractions of a wi, fi, app and um. You know youre going to get decreased range as well using wi fi apps with cameras. So this is basically a lunar squad, so i thought ill uh, you know, put up on a channel and see and test how good it is for the price. Now this one only came in at around 28 australia and thats, including shipping. I think it was about 24 for the actual quadcopter itself, so lets have a look inside and then um well, take it for a test flight and see how it performs for the low budget price. All right guys so lets have a look at what we get in this box now its just a plain foam box, but it did come undamaged in the mail, as you can see here, heres all the drone and accessories here so lets take start taking things out Of the box take the drone out.

First, we have a full set of uh prop guards just here ill show you how they go on a bit later on also got some landing legs in this bag. A couple of spare props and weve got the screwdriver as well. Its good to have weve got an instruction leaflet here: okay, just there and we can see all the uh different modes and what each button does so. It looks like weve got three speeds there, plus a high rotating speed, one key flips its got all your fine tuning, one key return, headless mode, left, rotation, right rotation. I believe this one must have altitude hold, because youve got one key, take off from one key landing, so yeah photo and video here doesnt apply those two buttons there, because this is not the camera option that i chose all right guys. But, as you can see, you can get the camera option ill leave links to all the models in the description guys. So if you choose to want to get the camera option, you can do so. Okay, weve got the charger here now. Ive already charged this because ive still got it connected here. This didnt take that long to charge guys its a little uh 500 milliamp hour, 3.7 volt, so its a one cell and uh should be good for around eight to ten minutes fly time. I would imagine. Okay but uh it comes with this little uh white plug. That is very common, so you could actually put uh, for example, sema x5c batteries in this one, because ill show you in a second the battery bay in the drone can accommodate larger batteries.

So yeah you get this one packaged with a 500 milliamp hour, one cell lipo, so heres the control that comes with it guys uh pretty lightweight, but it feels good in the hand its got. Some very smooth gimbal sticks for a toy grade. Quadcopter weve got your shoulder buttons here for the three speeds and weve got the flips up to the top and all those other buttons that i showed you before. Uh take off and landing youve got your trimmers and so forth. Okay, on and off switch in the middle here up and down to bind, as you can see its a solid red now and with the little antenna stack but uh yeah lightweight toy grade. You know very plastic sort of controller like many uh toy grade drones and on the back here. Weve got the it takes three double a batteries and weve got the screw just there to secure it and thats what the screwdriver is for yeah. This should be pretty good for up to 80 to 100 meters. I think theyre, saying on the on the listing, so youre not a bad little controller. Okay, so here is the little uh ky101 quadcopter guys. So, as you can see, the shape of it is based on the dji phantom, except this is a real small mini version of it guys. You could also say that its a little mini, sema, x8c or x5c in its design got a little uh brushed motors here.

As you can see on each corner, weve got the brushed motor sitting in there and then its gear driven on the bottom guys. Okay got some tiny little lights here, front and rear. You got, i think, red on the front and green in the rear there on and off switch on the bottom. Okay. Just there – and here is the camera mounting uh section here. You just slide the camera in if youve got the camera model and you plug the wi fi camera into there. Okay and on the back here, weve just got the uh little battery door and, as you can see like i mentioned earlier, you can fit a larger battery in there, even the ones that are suitable for the x5c, so like 600 milliamp hours or maybe even 700. Milliamp hours you could easily fit in this battery bay because its got enough room for those larger batteries. All right so im going to put the landing legs on guys and well have a look at it and ill put the prop guards on ill show you how to put them in its very simple: you just click them into there. All right, guys! Well, ive got the prop guards now, if youre a beginner or you want to fly indoors, this little quadcopter, you just grab the uh prop guard here. Okay, face it up like this and then just click it into place. Okay, you can do all four like that and that way, especially for youre a beginner, you can bounce into walls and crash into furniture or you know outside.

If you have a crash, these will save your propellers. You know it gives this uh drone a much bigger sort of footprint – okay, but uh. If you are a beginner, i dont usually use these obviously because ive been flying a while, but uh mainly for indoors. These are purposely made for these uh little bumper stops here. Just to save your propellers, okay uh outside youll find that they act like a bit of a wind sail and it might uh make the drone fly a little bit harder. Youll try to fight wind a bit harder, but theyre there in the package. If you choose to use them, okay, guys weve got the landing legs here and very simple to install theres. No uh screws needed theyve got like a little slot there and you just match it up with a slot on the drone. Just like so. Okay, like that, and one more just like that, okay, so there we have it theres a little ky101 uh mini drone. Okay, so uh lets uh, take it out and well see how it performs for the 24 to 28 dollars. I paid twenty eight dollars with shipping, so this will be around possibly around twenty dollars: american, if not under twenty dollars, so uh lets see how it flies and uh take for a bit of a flight test. Okay, guys now im out here at the field, with the little uh ky101 little quadcopter here and uh.

First thing you want to do is turn on the switch on the drone first and then the controller up down. Okay. Now another thing you want to do with all these toy grade: quadcopters is calibrate the gyroscope within the actual uh board, so its on a level uh on a level platform. So you want to go on this one down and out, and the lights have flashed a couple of times. You wont be able to see that on camera, but thats what they did all right guys so lets take this one out for a little flight around this field. Here this is actually uh the field that i learned to fly at so um. You know its perfect for this little uh quadcopter, because the whole point of this video is to show where you can get rather inexpensively as your first quadcopter. So im gon na try out this uh take off button and there we go so were in rate one and its got pretty good altitude hold look at that staying perfectly at the same altitude. So, like i said in the unboxing, these type of quadcopters are perfect for beginners um and rather than go out and buy your first uh gps drone, which basically flies itself its rather important that you learn orientation manually on one of these types of quads. Now this isnt fully manual because it has altitude hold the stick center in the in the middle there. But this is the best second best thing that you can get as far as orientation now im going to kick it into rate three, because there is a bit of wind here, but uh good controls, nice and uh responsive on this one.

Now this does have headless mode and one key return. This is a little bit windy to try those ones out, so i wont even bother, but we can do some flips, you press the flip button and it does elevate a little bit. Come back. Try a barrel roll ive got the drone facing me, okay, so it does elevate, which is good, see that now, like i said, i chose the no camera option because i think its important also that for your first quadcopter you dont really want uh the distraction of Looking at a wi, fi fpv screen, you want to learn how to control the drone first, and only that the wi fi apps usually create a lot of lag in the controls, because they both run especially on these toy grade ones. They run on both the transmitter and the phone app usually run off, uh 2.4 gigahertz, so they clash with each other but uh. All in all, this is a fun little fire. I mean third rate because it is a little bit windy. Some funnels just bring it down a little bit, so you have a look at it. As you can see, it looks a little bit like a little mini dji phantom 3 or a miniature version of a sema x5c Music. Okay, nice quiet little motors on it all right, so this uh try some more flips its got a little uh 500 milliamp hour battery this one, so they did claim around eight minutes flight time i am flying in third rate, so back to level one here, speed Rate one, as you can see, it is pretty slow its getting caught with the wind there speed rate too yeah nice little flyer, good one to learn on thats for sure.

Take it up a bit. I think the range is supposed to be about 80 meters to 100 meters, and this one does not have the camera so youre going to get better range than one with the wifi camera app thats for sure. Just done a flip, there see if i can do a barrel roll bring it back this way. So you want to fly in rate three being that its so light in some wind, like this, its actually windy up there so im going to bring it down a bit front, flip so yeah. You can definitely fit some larger batteries in this one um that are specific for the sima or sima x5c ill leave a link where you can get them below guys, theyre, really cheap uh, like i said this ones only got a 500 milliamp hour battery, but uh You know the sema ones are typically 650 milliamp hour to 750 milliamp hour, so ill find them online and ill leave them in the description below, as well as a battery upgrade for this, you can get multiple packs with a multi charger that runs off usb, for I think around eight nine dollars, something like that. Sorry guys, like i was saying um earlier. These little quadcopters are perfect to learn on because um, you know, theyre, not gps, enabled uh. Gps. Drones basically fly themselves, and if it comes to a situation where the gps module loses, some satellites and youve got a drone thats going to fly away on you because its lost satellites, you want to be able to control it and not panic.

So these little ones that are cheap, theyre, a good little tool to uh to get used to flying in general, learn your orientation that way when there is a situation, if youve got an expensive gps drone or you upgrade to a gps drone later on. If you know fail, safe does fail on them. It doesnt want to return to home, because ive had that happen before or loses satellites and wants to fly away. At least you know what to do. You can gain control and uh. You know try to bring it back towards you most most of the time you can bring a gps drone if it loses satellites back towards you safely, and this one, like, i said, has only cost me. Twenty four dollars plus uh four dollars: shipping 28 australian. I got within a couple weeks from aliexpress and uh. You know in american dollars its gon na be well under 20 bucks, so very inexpensive. If you break it, youre not going to really cry over it because its uh cheap okay, i try to do a flip. I can see the lights flashing now. Lets have a look there. I dont know if you can see that on camera, the lights are flashing, so well get a flight time here been flying in third rate, two most of the time, guys. Okay, i think its gon na land there we go its gon na land, so i did fly in third rate most time because theres a little bit of wind here it is a very lightweight uh quadcopter – would weigh less than 100 grams, so with the wind out Here today it would have flown away if i stayed in rate one but uh yeah, i mean its a good little trainer quad look good little beginner one, especially if youre new to drones um.

This is a good one to practice on and, like i said its around twenty dollars, uh us so very inexpensive and the controls on this are really good um. You do have headless mode and also one key return. I didnt bother demonstrating that because it is a little bit windy out here, so those functions wouldnt really work perfectly especially uh. One key returner would have just blown to the side a bit but uh yeah, guys fun little flyer, uh, fun little park, flyer thats for sure or you could even uh fly in the backyard on a calm day, but uh yeah. Definitely dont fly this in high winds because it will, you know be being so light will get taken away on you, but uh anyway, guys good little trainer quad to fly in a park like this learn some skills on how to fly a drone, and then you Can upgrade to something more expensive, so yeah ill leave a link to this one. This is a ky101 a little quadcopter here manual. Flyer altitude hold no camera option on this one, but you can get a camera ill leave a link to where you can get this on aliexpress below and some extra battery upgrades. If you want uh larger batteries for this one all right guys. So thanks very much for watching and ill catch you on the next one. If youre new, the channel feel free to subscribe.