Can there really be a drone with the 4k camera for under 30 dollars? You know there sure is, or maybe you just clicked on it, because you saw my beautiful wife, hoping shell be in the video, but shell be in the next one. So thanks to subscriber jaron van s who messaged me a few months ago and said james, you got to review this ky 101 drone from aliexpress me and my daughters. Had it a few months and its an amazing little drone – and i was like i mean i got so many drones to review in the future. I really want to start doing some bigger drones. I dont need to do another mini budget drone, but he was very persistent. He said james. This thing flies really really good. You got to review it its under 30, so here it is, came from aliexpress without a camera, its 23. with a 1080p camera its 25. But if you want the bad boy, if you want the 4k camera its 27 dollars shipped so with taxes, i think it was 2903 um. So when it first came, i wasnt too impressed it seemed kind of chintzy and cheap plastic and the camera i mean. How can this thing fly came with this little bitty 500 milliwatt amp battery um, and this is a review im not going to give you instructions. It flies like any other mini drone. It hooks up to your wi, fi and youve, got to hook up the app and figure everything out comes with a really nice remote control.

A lot of buttons takes a little while to figure out all the trim buttons and has a take off button. Uh trim button everything else. You need two different speeds. If you fly it outside, you got to go to speed 2 immediately because its a big drone for its weight, it only weighs 93 grams. Let me show you so it weighs 93 grams and how much is 93 grams. Well. 93 grams is about this weight of a medium sized tomato. So how does it fly thats? The big question well lets: go put it up in the air and uh ill show. You how it flies and then well come back for a final review. Oh wait, wheres the speed button there we go all right, guys so heres my review of how this thing flies immediately. I was impressed uh, nothing. It just took off that it actually flew very, very well and the latency and the way it spins around was really good. Ive reviewed some drones recently that were 100 to 200 dollars that, if youre going fast and you want to turn around and go a different direction, you better give yourself a lot of space because it takes forever. Now, with this thing, it seems to turn really quick on a dime. The controls feel really good the camera up top i wasnt trying to get you know cinematic photos or video action im just flying around having fun, but look at that camera, its really good.

I didnt take any pictures i should have. I did later, but it was after i did this video and it takes really good pictures. So the camera quality is really good. You can see some jello in it and its kind of shaky but thats just because its a small 93 grand drum that im spinning around and stuff it has a button on it. It makes it spin around. I love the color it. As you see lots of times. Most drones are gray, this ones red, so it really shows good up in the air see there. I hit that spin button. Spin button is fun, but it doesnt help you fight the wind. So if you see the pond theres, absolutely no wind whatsoever, so if its windy, youre, not gon na, be able to fly this thing outside ill give my review at the end about this being a good beginner drone. The plastic seems kind of cheap on it, and i talk about that. But jerome said he crashed it a lot and he didnt seem to have any problems when i did first get it. One of the props was kind of bent, so luckily it did come with extra props and it comes with prop guards when you put the prop guards on it, its actually pretty large. So i dont think itd be a very good indoor drone to fly indoors because its so big, even though it is pretty precise, with the controls, so you could fly it indoors.

I pushed it to the limit kind of here and a couple other times of how far i could see it. I just lost a drone that i was pushing the limits to see how far it would go and it kind of just it went away, and that kind of scares me not that im losing my drone. What if it drifts over near a freeway, so you got ta, always be careful what youre doing with drones. So i would think 50 meters, 75 meters. I think 100 meters would really be pushing it because then youre at the end of the line of sight anyway. So, even if youve been flying drones for a long time, this would be a lot of fun if you havent been finding drones. This is a lot of fun also. So if you watch some of my other videos about beginner drones, i talk a lot about the orientation of a drone. You know the drone sits on four axis: it uh pitches forward and back it rolls left and right, yaws, left and right and goes up and down. So when you first grab the controllers, it seems kind of confusing. You know if youre young and you got a good skill, set youre going to pick this up, really quick if youre an old fart like me, it takes a while to learn how to fly drones. Uh it all matters on your skill set. You know you could have flown planes before or even playing video games in the simulators is going to help you, but its really important to learn the orientation of these drones before, especially with something like this before you go out and spend a lot of money on A drone so im glad jerome was persistent for me to review this drone.

This thing was a lot of fun, so if theres something you want me to review, um, send me a message. I respond to all my messages and all my comments underneath um, my email is thats, actually james b, ill put that here below. So enough of me, rambling on lets land this thing and go in and go with the final review. Look at this thing. I keep sending it right over my head, like an inch having lots of fun, hey guys thanks so much for watching my review of the ky 101 drone from aliexpress for under 30 with a 4k camera. So the question is now that youve seen how good it flies should you buy it ill put the link down below to see. If you want to order it, should you order it for your first drone? No, i dont think so. I dont think this things going to be really durable in the long run and youre going to crash a drone a lot in the very beginning, i still say stick to like the hs210, but now with the shortage with raw materials and chips in china. This things like 38 dollars so its 10 more than this one but ive reviewed a lot of other drones. I really love the hs340. I think thats on sale for like 44 right now, and you saw me just review the the lulan u61 theres, a lot of other mini drones. I put on there but um if youre a drone enthusiast, and you want to have a lot of fun, get this man for 30.

You pay that much to go into movies, with your wife right and for thirty dollars. You can keep this around your house and if your friends come over and wan na fly your good drone, you can let them crash this one and tell them it costs 300 bucks, so all right guys as always uh thanks so much for watching and i hope Youve got something out of this.