S lets go ride it and see if it is as fun as everyones been saying. Okay guys, so the ktm 1290 super adventure s. So this is the road version. They do. A more of an off road bias version as well, with a sort of 21 inch front wheel, um, and that is exactly the same, but its its called the r, the 12, the ktm 1290 superventure r. So today we have the road version, retailing at 15, 599 pounds on the road price, but then youre probably going to want to get a few extra packs for it um and one of the main ones. I would say: is this here: the optional tech pack, but well get into more details of all of that later. First off, like say a huge thank you to blade motorcycles here in swindon for allowing me to ride another one of their fantastic machines here. So, thank you very much to them, anyway. Lets jump on this monster. This is a first ride. Ive, never ridden it before im. Actually a big fan of um adventure, bikes, very big fan there we go ready to race as ktm always say so. Weve actually got the yeah. I got the acropolic exhaust on this slip on exhaust, not the full system, hello there. She is. This is going to be fun, heated riders seat. No, thank you not today. Yeah lets have that off this bikes, so technical its got. So many good tech packs on it all of modern technology.

You know its got front facing radar for cruise control cornering abs. Obviously its got a wp semi active suspension that is adjustable on this nice tft screen here. Well, go over all of that in a bit im just eager to go for a ride, see what shes like. Oh, yes, the thing about adventure bikes. They are just so easy to ride, arent they. I recently rode again from from blade here the brand new 2022 triumph tiger 1200, which was fantastic ride and its the same theyre just so easy adventure bikes. As i was saying, im a bit late to the party with this ktm im being honest, ive watched. So many videos on youtube, etc and reviews of people riding it and its just been getting rave rave reviews. I hope i havent hyped it up too much in my in my mind, but, oh god, immediately yeah. The quick shift is really nice. I would say so. Its a v twin guys, its uh, exactly, i think its a 1306 cc v twin and you can feel it immediately. Its got that ktm characterful um vibes from it full disclosure. I, the only other ktm ive ever ridden was the 1090 adventure which i really really enjoyed. I ended up actually getting an africa twin honda, africa twin instead of it, which, if im being honest, i slightly regret – i should have got the ktm. I loved it at the time, but this has got those definite ktm v twin v, twin character from it, the vibes from the engine very quick response on the throttle.

I have to check the seat heights well go over later, but i can flat foot it im. Five foot nine easily get my feet down on the ground there, so just going into the tft just looking at the tire pressure saying, the rear is 2.9 bar, which doesnt sound too low. To me, i think its saying it is 2.2 and it should be 2.9. Okay, so that is a fair bit lower than than it should be yeah immediately. This feels very, very easy to ride, not intimidated by the size of one iota really not actually, and the steering feels very quick, really dirty steering for an adventure bike, thats surprising yeah. This is going to be a riot on faster roads that quick shifter is so smooth up and down quick words on what its like in town, really really nice, very easy to ride. All of that weight is low down yeah. I would say one of the easier, if not easiest, adventure bikes to ride so far as long as youre aware of the power thats there catch up with you in a bit were going to go on some quicker um, dual carriageway sort of motorway motorway riding see What the wind protections like and see if it can go 60 miles an hour which im pretty sure it can? Okay, so coming on some quicker roads. This is so nice absolutely rapid on these dual carriageways, no worries for um power at all.

Obviously so ive got the windscreen in its highest setting and theres a little whiz wheel, spin dial down here. You can have it all the way down or you can just wind it up and thats its highest setting. Thats really easy. Actually, i know the um. The new triumph tiger 1200 is really good system. You you just push it up or down with your hands very easy, but thats, not a problem on the ktm. There really easy yeah. So what were going 73 miles an hour? Sixth gear im getting a bit of wind a bit of wind buffering, but not too bad its its good wind protection. Its a big screen, obviously youve got hand guards here, protecting the hands nicely and at these motorway speeds its actually smooth right out the engine. Its very comfortable you could just go for yonks and yonks on this. This does have the ktm 1290 front radar facing um adaptive cruise control. Now i have never ridden a bike with it before and i dont even know how to set it up on this bike. But as a little experiment lets give it a go honestly, i havent even looked at it and try and see see how easy it is and how well it works. So bear with me if i um. If i mess it up so theres a button on the left press set. Okay, so ive set it at 67 miles per hour, theres a trike coming out in front of us thats a good test.

I dont know whether the radar kicks in automatically or i dont know what happens so literally just testing it still going 67 miles an hour im just going to cover the front brake. Just in case the radar isnt working, yeah slowing down off goes to trike. So im get yeah im, not touching the throttle spit. We sped up now the lorry in front id rather not be quite this close to the lorry yeah and it slowed down radar kicks in, like any other cruise control system. You just set it and it starts working were now going 58 because were following this lorry, so lets do a test. If i pull out to the right once this cars gone see what happens there, i assume its going to speed back up to 67 miles an hour here. We go whoops already started going seriously: 65 66 straight up to 67 immediately. Actually, that was quite quick, yeah thats really good roll on the throttle and it doesnt cancel it. It comes back down to 60. dab on the brakes and it cancels it ah thats awesome that was really easy thumbs up to the front front, facing radar cruise control. Very clever turkey, in that little experiment. Its worked really well. Okay, so on some country, roads got 160 brake horsepower the handlings very responsive. I see what they mean. It really is like a supermoto when youre riding it gives you that vibe being slightly careful with the throttle actually in second and third gear on most of bench bikes.

I would say you can, pin it theyre quick, but you can do it. But if you completely pin the throttle on this in second or third, the front ends coming up. I assume that anti wheelie will stop you from uh wheeling too much but yeah its got some poke. What stands out the most so far is that engine and how responsive and immediate the power is and the handling much more so than the tiger 1200 new one. I rode it turns in much quicker more athletic, i suppose more responsive it just jesus. It wants to lean in its a sports bike on stilts and thats, not detrimental to the tiger or the gs or anything theyre theyre different, but this is this is an animal i mean it is eager really is because its the adventure style, its got the highest Suspension and i think its a 19 19 inch wheel up front. I reckon this would rinse my sports bike seriously. Oh its just eager, i want to find some more roads and just spank. It just makes you want to spank it wow wow, its fun lets calm down a bit it. It doesnt, encourage you to ride calmly lets, say that, and that could be a downfall. Actually, a downside to a to a motorbike like this is i dont know. I need to make my mind up its amazing actually but its its. Not that relaxing shall we say its just like its like a little kid.

Its poking you the whole time come on. Go, go, go, go, go it really. Is it feels like that lets see if we can find somewhere scenic to do a bit more details? Ive, never ridden a bike so quickly, never felt so reassured and confident. So youve got that high up riding position from an adventure bike. But this is not an adventure bike. This is a sports bike on stilts and the front goes slightly light as well in a good way. Its fun maniac just trying to calm down a bit just going for a ride to a spot, to to stop off and um go over some more of the technical details of the bike. It is an animal on the road im very impressed with that. That is so much fun, but in town, its completely doable its got really light clutch and a very light gear throw the engine. You have the thrum, but obviously because its a v twin youre, getting those vibes that thrun there, but its not like an older ktm. Where it could be clattery at all feels very composed and just cruising in town 25 miles an hour in third gear, it feels lovely its not like an africa twin or a gs. I would say in the slow speed stuff im really impressed at how light it feels and how maneuverable it is main problem thinking about. It is whether i would like it for a bike myself.

I always try like to review bikes in how i would like it in all honesty, but this is a realistic thing be slightly concerned as to how many speeding tickets i get and how long id hang onto my license and thats a real real thought actually, like A police car just went past early and of course i havent been breaking the speed limit at all, but i can imagine you could youd have to be careful because it is that good and easy to ride quite fast. But that being said, it is just so much fun, but its worth, considering that all right time to uh decompress a bit yeah that is um quality. I think its possibly one of the the best adventure bikes. But then it is. Is it that style of adventure by just completely depends what you want? I think this is a very, very fun and easy to ride quickly, machine personally, if youre not like a moto, gp, rider or race racing sports rider, really capable rider, then these adventure bikes are this capable this ktm its so easy to ride quickly and have fun On you, dont need to be a really really good, uh rider so yeah. I think that is testament to how to how good the the bike is really and how good its all set up the suspension the wheels, the motors its an amazing motorbike, its really really fun to ride. My only thing being on it is: is it as relaxed as say a gs or a honda, africa twin or even the tiger 1200.

Those are still fast bikes, but theyre. Nowhere near as quick as this, but theyre more relaxed is that more of a benefit. You know you can just cruise on the hondas lovely for cruising. The bmw gs is. Is you can hustle that bike not as much as this, but those bikes have that that more relaxing character of just cruising you dont want to be feeling like youre being i dont poked the whole time to go as quick as possible, even though it is mega Fun, yeah thats, just the character of the bike, its a its a v twin 1301 cc 160 brake horsepower and 138 newton meters of torque, and it delivers that power. Youve just got all that torque like immediately really not not like an electric bike but its there. Its mid range is just lovely and thats so usable on the road to ride quickly so yeah, so its a beautiful motor and its its got. Those v twin vibes, but its not like an old clattery, sorry to say that ktm its a lot, smoother yeah, really nice motor. So the suspension moving on to suspension and brakes the suspension front hammer is wp suspension, semi active as well its really clever suspension. So theres a lot of tech on this bike, a lot of tech and you can control it all pretty much yourself manually or you can set it to automatically from the tft screen, which is really very easy to use its, not the easiest tft instrument panel ive Used but it is intuitive and you can go so deep into what you change.

Ive had the suspension in automatic mode. You can delve in and change it to. You can change the preload to low, i think, medium and high. They call it theres so much adjustability in this expense, the suspension, its very good and its easy to do as well ill show you the layout of the tft, its very clear and easy to do, which makes it fun. I think if i had this bike for longer and i owned it, i would really enjoy that aspect of of the motorbike, the adjustability of it and just to play around with the suspension settings and learn more what you like. It seems to to be quite easy and an easy learning curve to um to do that, but yeah the suspension in automatic mode its like. I was saying on the road, its just fantastic for like going on the country lanes and just blapping it down those country lanes on a sports bike. Youd be clattering all over the place and being worried about hitting potholes on this it just like soaks them up. It just makes it more fun. You can just bang on the throttle, see a pothole it just skips over a little bit. You get a little bit light at the front end, but you just still feel confident its fantastic, fantastic fun. Okay, so on to the front and rear brakes the front brakes. Youve got two 320 millimeter discs with brembo four piston calipers on them.

I mean goes without saying that theyre, really good um and actually the the front brake feel is nice and light and sort of progressive, its, not snappy, theyre, just really well balanced, brakes, work very well and and suit the bike fantastically with you know: youre riding spiritedly Theres its such a nice um balance of ktms. What i liked about the 1090 a few years ago, six years ago, i think it was um everythings, quite light. It feels like its a big meaty engine and its fast, but its a light clutch a very light gear, throw the feel of the front brake, is light and progressive, and that just works so well with with the style of riding that youre doing um yeah the The brakes are top notch, so the rear brakes single disc 265 millimeter with a um. I think its a single piston um brembo caliper on yeah. I havent, really. I havent taken it off theyre great on road, but this being an adventure bike. You can take it off. Road youd want the r model, if youre doing serious off roading, so the rear brakes would be used more off road and yeah. I havent had a chance to test it off road, so so i cant go there, but on the road, the rear brakes really good, okay, guys so coming on to the weight of the bike. Shes 220 kilograms, which is, is not that that heavy its one of the lighter, lighter adventure bikes its a heavy bike but its lighter than a gs, and that what i would say is its got.

The bladder fuel tank, so youve got sort of one fuel tank at the top and then the tank splits and youve got two smaller fuel tanks right down low. So it carries the fuel so down low. Im im amazed uh how light this bike feels especially riding, but even maneuvering around you know, just taking on and off the stand and pushing around it feels really light. I dont know whether how theyve done it, whether it is that bladder fuel tank that will contribute to a lot, but just the center of gravity. I think theyve actually tilted the engine forward, possibly a couple of couple of degrees. It feels so light really really impressive. Feels like the lightest adventure bike, ive ive ridden so far right, seat height, so its adjustable by 20 millimeters. It starts the lowest position, is four 849 mil up to the highest eight six nine millimeters. I dont find this seat bad at all. Actually, i think this may be the comfort option seat. I need to check, but people say the seats quite hard on ktm. I havent found that at all, but thats – not really. You shouldnt really worry about that too much, because there are 11 options of seats that you can have on this bike, so you will be able to find something that fits you, i hope through 11 options. At the moment, ive got the seat on its lowest position. Im five foot nine and i can just about flat foot it.

I really like that that height, i would keep it on its lowest seat. So just a real brief look at the screen, its so easy got your dials on the left like four arrows and you press the right arrow youve got an option to go into bike info your trip, info, etc. And then, when you come down to here, you have your motorcycle, so you have motorcycle here: ride mode street sport, rain off road and rally. This bike has the tech pack, so you you get the rally rally, option riding mode with it as well. Its just very clearly laid out, i think, and then you can also go down and you can adjust the you can adjust the abs mode as well to rode off road and much more adjustability on it. Okay to the fun part, obligatory sound test lets see what she sounds like its got: the uh acropovic slip on exhaust yeah. It sounds real, really, nice actually back on board, as i think you may be able to tell i. This is a fantastic machine. Im mega mega impressed. Actually it fills me with joy. I love riding a motorbike when everything just gels and i i fall in love with it, and i definitely have with this im very pleased about that. I, i love adventure, bikes, ive, ridden a few sports bike. Recently and to have an adventure bike that can very much have the um sportiness and characteristics and handling of a sports bike, but in a in a practical adventure, bikes package and just as much fun as a sports bike.

If not even more fun. Is such a cool package such as such a nice bike? Just a few more practical sides, ive got my bag here. The sat nav in but down here a little cubby hole with a usb socket, so you can put put your phone in there. My phone just fits you wouldnt be able to fit a large like iphone max. I dont think, but a normal iphone goes in there, fine, with a charger theres a 12 volt usb there with this tech pack, and you can get a comfort pack as well. You get heated, heated seats, heated grips all of the uh technology you need, but also, which is just crazy, with a bike that could ride so well on the road like you, wouldnt want to take this extreme off roading at all, but you can take it down A dirt track a gravel track, no problem at all, which is just mental bikes, these days, thats so capable and versatile. I hope you liked it guys another massive thanks to blade motorcycles in swindon ill pop, their their link below in the description of the video. Take a look: theyve got some brilliant stock there. They really do. They do as i was saying they do everything, ktm triumph, kawasaki, honda, suzuki and im sure they will have something that suits your needs anyway.