If you guys don’t, know ksi sentry, um they’re, not really transformers like they don’t, have personalities, they’re kind of just like drones, that kind of just fight that’s it yeah, but i mean like they’re still alive yeah but like they’re, like hundreds of drones, they don’t really Have people what did he rip apart, bring Music that was megatron that was jolt? Oh, that was jolt. He looks he’s blue though i guess i guess that’s, where the confusion comes from well anyway, guys we’re, not gon na, be talking about that. So let’s um just get right into this video, so the head: well, the head sculpt, you can see no, because they don’t talk and like they don’t like have mouths yeah. I mean, like i don’t know where how they can see like in the thing they don’t have eyes, but they have visors, though i think that there’s, like a camera like behind the visor, okay, guys so yeah that’s, all so let’s move on to the chest. The chest you can see there’s a lot of detailing on the chest: yeah there’s, like screws, see there’s one two and look a third one right there, like the biggest one and guys um. Should i start using a pointer instead of like my hand, because, like i have like a lollipop right here and like maybe like this like pointer, would be like better, so i could go like hey there’s like no, but like it blocks things, though, stop saying that You don’t know if it’s like copyrighted so um yeah there’s some silver detailings here, and you can see that there’s like some.

I don’t know what this thing is, but the windshield down here is not accurate, it’s, not accurate at all yeah. He has some awesome transformers content, if you guys are into transformers, then check out him yeah. Well, if you’re, not in the transformers, you probably won’t be watching this video still so anyway, let’s move on to the lower body, the lower body you can see on his crotch area. I forget what the um the stuff at the back of the car, because you can see like right here – yeah like this thing right here like this thing right here when you transform him, it goes like right here: it’s like the exhaust pipe, the exhaust pipe yeah. So um you can see that there’s some, like not a lot of detailing. I wish that they could paint more here instead of just leaving it like that um yeah yeah. I like i like the blue like right here. I, like that there’s a lot of detail in the art yeah well anyway, we’re not gon na go the arms let’s just talk about those lower legs now, so you can see that there’s detailings here details here and i think that looks sick and you can see He has bumblebee’s feet since um when they’re making ksi sentries they use like they use like models from like transformers, so they use bumblebee in this one that’s why it kind of looks a little bit like bumblebee yeah make sure to comment down below uh.

They can’t. Remember: youtube disabled all contents on kids, videos, yeah there’s, no more comments. Yes, it sucks, so that’s kind of all there is with like the legs, so let’s move on to the arm. So with this arm here you can see that there’s, some windshield here that’s not accurate yeah but that’s, not accurate, though that’s not accurate. Yes, it is no it’s, not watch the movie yeah. So so you can see that like folds up here, like that’s the roof of the car, and but this part, this side here is accurate because he actually has that blade in the movie. They have those blades and also guys, can you please comment down below um. They can’t the comments are gone. Oh my god, i don’t know ask youtube: ask youtube that question. So um yeah, you can see there’s some detail in here in the shoulder, like you see, like the top of the car that’s accurate, to have like this piece here, which is actually yeah it’s like this piece but it’s up here and yeah there’s. A lot of detailing right here, one thing i don’t like is like uh. Look that hand can’t move it’s like stuck to the door hasbro. Does this like all the time they did it to shatter they like uh yeah, like i hate my chad, she can’t move her hand yeah. I hate when, like hasbro like hot rod, hot rods, hands like they can’t move because, like it’s stuck to the side of the door like as you guys can see here, like you, can’t move the hands it’s like they’re, like stuck to the door here, see so Anyway, um that’s, one thing i really don’t like has hasbro doesn’t, even sponsor, like the biggest youtubers well anyway, let’s move on to the backpack.

The backpack, like this part, is accurate. This part’s accurate back here like that, like weird wing kind of stuff, that’s accurate yeah. I don’t i don’t like that yeah yeah, but it is accurate from the movie though, and most all the stuff is accurate, except this except like having like the grill of the car right. There that’s not accurate okay guys. So if you guys do want to fix um that issue so just rip his arms apart, no, then you can’t transform him, so you don’t need to transform your finger because you already have a transform mode, oh yeah, and also guys in the movie in the movies. These guys, don’t god, stop singing about john cena. So in the movies these guys don’t transform like normal transformers. They like transform into like these like little blocks, and then they like, transform inside cars yeah, so um um. At the back of the legs. I don’t like how, like the back of like the car, is here like because you can see like right here: there’s like the back of like the cars, and you can see like the headlights right there, where yeah you can see like on the back of the Car it looks like a butterfly yeah it’s, this part, so anyway, let’s move on, since i have the car mode. Let’S move on to the car mode. So let’s get you out of here, so okay, i’m, probably not gon na, say it much yeah so anyway um the car mode.

You can see that that cannon part is actually this part here like the roof. So you can see that that’s the arm right there and that’s the shoulder part right here, which is that part. I showed you guys and here’s the grill that goes in the back, and i don’t like how yeah i don’t like how this is like see through it’s like you, can see like there’s like a bunch like robot parts, stop singing about john cena, and you can See this is like the leg area and you can see that’s like the crotch area right there. I i like. The blue, like the blue, looks sick, so anyway, that’s kind of what there is with the car mode, so yeah that’s pretty much all there is with the figure since it’s only a deluxe class. So thank you. Yes, i got it right. I always call them voyager classes. Well, thank you! So much! Oh, my god. I got it so anyway, guys we’re, just gon na end off the video here. Thank you for seven subscribers it’s, not that big of a deal that’s. What you guys are probably saying but like it’s a big deal for me and parker, we only had two subscribers for like three months, but then we i came in the video yeah and then we did transformers and, like you guys, are like loving our transformer videos. So, anyway, guys thank you for watching this video. Thank you for hopefully liking this video um and for you guys for you guys to subscribe.