So it gives it kind of an interesting effect kind of neat and what i read today, i guess this was kind of interesting here. This one says: korean air develops worlds. First, aircraft inspection technology using drone swarms korean air. With this extensive experience in manned and unmanned aerial, vehicle development has developed a technology that can inspect aircraft using drone swarms. Korean air held a demonstration event for aircraft inspection technology using drone swarms on december 16th. At the airline headquarters hangar drone aircraft inspection has transformed maintenance norms and is being introduced by airlines around the world, whereas maintenance specialists previously had to perform a visual check of the aircraft usefully from heights of up to 20 meters. Drone inspections improve workplace safety and allow for increased accuracy and speed. It says drone aircraft inspection has been transformed, maintenance norms and is being introduced by airlines around the world, whereas maintenance specialists previously had to perform a visual check of the aircraft fuselage from heights of up to 20 meters from the soundsmith too, it seems like people are Already using drones in this way with aircrafts but theyre using a swarm of them, it says korean airs. Aircraft inspection technology is the first in the world to deploy multiple drones, simultaneously shortening maintenance time and dramatically increasing operational stability. The airline has developed a drone with a one meter, width and height weighing 5.5 kilograms. The aircraft facilitates can be inspected using four of these drones simultaneously.

The company has also developed an operations program that allows four drones to be programmed to take photos of pre planned areas. If one of the drone fails to operate, the system is configured to automatically complete the mission using remaining drones, its kind of funny. With that in mind, are they terrified that these drones are going to go under control and hit like a manned aircraft taking off, and all that? I would guess in general its more practical, as they say so, its just a matter of time until they start using stuff like this, and this is kind of interesting with reading that other news recently with apple suing that company that created things like software and stuff, That enabled people to spy on whoevers using their products, this ones from facebook or meta and apparently theyre trying to go after. I guess people using software and all that or whatever it means to try to fish out information of people in a malicious way. I guess you could say this one says: taking action against the surveillance for higher industry, the global surveillance for higher industry targets, people to collect intelligence, manipulate and compromise their devices and accounts across the internet, while these cyber mercenaries often claim that their services only target criminals And terrorists, our months long investigation concluded that targeting is in fact indiscriminate and includes journalists, descendants, critics of authoritarian regimes, families of opposition and human rights activists. We disabled seven entities who targeted people across the internet and over 100 countries shared our findings of security researchers.

Other platforms and policy makers issued cease and desist warnings and also alerted people who, we believe, were targeted to help them strengthen the security of their accounts, its kind of interesting too just reading. I guess what these companies or groups were. You can see like this little chart here so stages of surveillance, reconnaissance engagement, exploitation, so names of – i guess companies here and then also that says an unknown entity in china thats what i was kind of interested in like what does that mean? It says here for the description, surveillance chain phases, primarily reconnaissance exploitation. We removed about 100 facebook and instagram accounts linked to an unidentified entity in china, responsible for developing surveillance, wear for android ios windows and also linux. It also engaged in reconnaissance and social engineering activity before delivering malicious payload to its targets. While we havent been able to attribute this activity to a particular actor, our investigation, analysis of the command and control service behind the surveillance, tooling, indicates its usage by domestic law enforcement. In china, thats kind of scary isnt it, although then again, you wouldnt, be surprised with stuff like this happening nowadays, any country could technically do this as well huh, and you guys asked a question which i thought would be interesting as i guess a lot of other People would want to know as well. It says a question about your mini too. Is there anything that you wish it had but doesnt, and is there anything you dont like about it or is it the perfect drone for you in terms of the perfect drone? For me, i dont think its the perfect drone per se, its the most convenient thats, the key thing, because in terms of quality and stuff, even with my mavic pro, i notice when you capture things like sunlight, for example, you just get this different, look and feel Its more cinematic, its probably due to things like the larger lens and all that, but in general again this is more about convenience.

Its currently from what i have the best available item to use in various circumstances, and that doesnt mean convenience in terms of, for example, put it in your backpack or something like that. Its more about regulations, i mean i have an advanced license and all that but theres many situations where its just easier to use something smaller. Imagine all those situations throughout the year. So far, oh a sudden thing occurred here. Okay, are you have to go through all this process now, just to get this thing up in the air to take a picture or just fly this up im trying to think what i can fairly criticize in that sense, because it is what it is you cant Expect too much in my opinion, for something so small, like obviously itd be nice if the thing flew for one hour or something like that, but lets get real. But i guess in terms of a fair comment i would say i would wish it had better low light capability because, just in general, when youre in an area where its dark on the bottom bright in the sky, man, the picture is so unbalanced in that way. So its harder to get the right shot its kind of okay in many cases for myself, because usually when i fly and capture stuff, i do it multiple times. One time it could be with a certain filter, the other time with a different one. So in that sense is okay, but yeah.

I just wish it had better things like dynamic range and all that one thing i dont like about the product, though for sure which is pretty universal for all dji products in general, for the ones that ive used anyways for their drones is their geofence. Its just a complete nuisance, where you have all the permission in the world and so forth, to use the product you could have the advanced license like i do, but still they insist, you must go through them. One great example this year actually remember when i went to the barkerville to help film that gold show theres an area there where dji insists you need to get it unlocked through them. Now, in general, i had full permission to do all the flying. Theres no issue with what i was using and all that plus the fact that there was, i have an advanced license, but imagine theyre having to go through dji all the time because they insist theyre the gatekeeper so to speak. Even though i feel its saying i paid for this product plus the fact, if i already have permission, why shout out to go through you again and again to make matters worse in that area? If you guys remember, the internet connection was virtually zero in some places. So imagine trying to get it unlocked while youre up there. Fortunately, i was able to afterwards through some work around getting different connections and all that, but still thats.

One thing i dont like about dji products in general, which would include basically with the mini here but again overall, for this drone, its more about the convenience and, if i had to, i guess, try to fix something. I would prefer it if it had better low light capabilities and none of this geofence stuff, in my opinion, anyways other than that you cant, really expect too much just based on the size and all that, although an interesting note about that show, i helped film. They actually showed me this rough cut that they made of a reel and so forth, thats kind of cool. I was surprised how much of the drone footage came in handy for them, and there was some parts where i thought. Oh, that would have been perfect. If i had like an fpv drone instead, it makes me wonder still if i should try stuff like that, i still havent actually seen something that i would be able to use. I guess every single day and all that as well, but different types of drones for different situations.