So yeah ive got two rods um. If i can get some live ease quickly, then im just going to slide bait to two slide bait: libraries out there um and see what happens uh. But if, if not um, i might get some pulley rigs or something like that when i get to the shop um and uh chuck, one of them out, while the slides working as well so yeah, but also its going to be going on today. Uh kontiki drone and surf casting um. I am excited so hopefully i can uh represent the surf casters uh well today, not that its competition, but its always a competition um. So yeah going to get out, there were heading to um, udecity, beach or eurotiti beach, as some call it um slightly up north uh, its about 8 30, now heading into the shop to meet with the boys, and we are off so ill. See you soon and um, the kontiki im told has got some pretty cool features so looking forward to um meeting up with the boys that know whats up and um getting a bit more info about that. So you guys can hear what the goal is and see it on this video, so yeah, three different methods at a beach drone consecutive surf, casting lets see how we get on it. Get some pies supplies for the night auckland traffic right there, Music, Music, local transport, Music, okay, hes been driving down the beach, as you can see, theres another truck down there, hes hes having a fish um but whats stopped us here is a bit of muscle spit.

So you know drive until you see so she usually wear this food, so it stands to reason were into it. So oh yeah, okay, so so, oh now were talking now were talking. Oh theyve been uh pre cotton day yeah. I find it nice before i go. Fishing normally, and so on, for the first set yep better prepay yeah just makes it easier and quicker thats all one side shortcuts can be taken, yep good stuff, so is that okie and that mullet is it. Oh, this is bubba bonito, oh bonito, yeah, oh theres. Two cool, quite big of the bait. This is leftover. Actually what were using up in northland for the fishing competition up there. Oh cheers think it is yeah and shes always um here, yeah, im, normally fishing on the west coast, yeah yeah itd be a bit short. Well, you could start your visit here. Music, um Music mines probably got a bit narrower now. Five years old were here. This is the bullet. Fishing kontiki. Give us a rundown as to why um this kentuckys so special mate. Okay, its got a couple of features which uh you wont find on any other maplecon tiki on the market, namely uh. It has auto start so its a safety feature and its a convenient feature to have. You can set the run time and once that set is its ready and armed put them in the water and as soon as the splash wave gets over the sensor, which is located on the top of the konteki, it will fire into life and off.

It goes so you can judge if its on a if youve got ways. Youve got no, not them today, but youre on the west coast or if youve got big waves coming in. You can pick when you put them in the water and sort of uh. You dont have to go too far out of the water to get it to go. Yeah, yeah, cool cool um and the other feature is this: this we sell a sonar, operated fish, finder kontiki, it detects if it goes out and comes across a school of fish. It will mark that position where the school of fish is if the fish are within two metres of the bottom and it doesnt matter what depth it is. But songs are within the two meter range at the bottom um and the density that uh, that is factory set um, so its a school fish it will carry on for 200 meters. So the hooks are in the vicinity with a school of fish that meet those parameters down, and it will stop so uh unless the school of fish have moved along or theyre, not on the bike. Youve got a good chance of catching them nice, so youve put us youve put a fish finder. In essence, you put a fish finder on the contiki thats great, oh, my goodness, its built inside its um quite separate to the rest of the electronics for the kontiki. So um yeah, it runs its own little circuit and um sends a signal to stop it if it meets those parameters.

Oh, very cool, very cool, all right and so weve put it out 20 meters, its gone perfectly straight, yeah um 20 meter set unless she spots thats some fish here. Here we go that would have spooled the window, ah, so its full 20 minutes. Okay, its gone for eight minutes, eight minutes, so its found a decent school of fish and its dropped our hooks directly on it, because that should be empty. That should be empty right. Okay, so the advantage of that also is youre not sending them out to the horizon. So well get multiple sets off a set of batteries, nice back in the in the water again and off it will go um, so we can yeah, keep doing that and get multiple sets, love it. Okay, all right! So there we go talking about it and it just uh gave us a demo right there, so thats going to be awesome, first set and now well let you know how we get on so here we go its another kontiki. So this is the non sonar version. Autopilot, auto start very cool. What well do now five ten, how far yep its fifteen there we go beautiful Laughter, uh out there now one of thems still still kind of moving through the water, but um yeah, like you, saw the first set. We did its um got a sonar on the front, which is absolutely amazing, so it basically will pick up the fish on the bottom, like we talked about and yeah um its this little even gone at a kilometer and uh its its sitting on top of fish.

So, basically, once it senses the fish itll go out. Another um 150 meters, which is how long the uh surf line is, or the clearance from the kontiki to where your first sinker starts. Um. So itll just continue to run that over and drop your hook section directly on top of the fish um man, so so simple, so easy to use automatically starts in the water, um and youre away. You are away um, then. The second one here is auto. Nav still still got the ordinary feature, and i got a i got. Ta say ones gone directly straight out from us, the other one weve kind of set on a bit of an angle, um, so ones going out straight. Pretty much hasnt shifted its location, the other one weve set on another a little bit of an angle and ill show you how how close they are and um they are bang on the course that weve set them on so um theyre made well man. They are made well so yeah bullet fishing um well put up some links in the description um below, so you can check them out, but mate definitely a good time, definitely a good time so yeah. Let me ill show you how close together these winches are, because it is pretty impressive, so heres heres one of them right here and theres, the other one right there. So, as you can see very close together, its not even a car park between those two, so yeah and um not even worried so im gon na get too wet, but um weve got to just pass the sandbar right there go and get the old uh live.

Video now and see if we can catch us a little car while something something small anyway and see if we can slide them out there and hey weve got two contikis fishing down the beach weve got the boys and the drones got the surf casters out. What a bag is there anything better to do than being on the beach? I think not quite like a minute. You guys eh, oh yeah, so here we go gee good size, one too theres a bit of weed out there. Eh okay go! Our second set came in with two gernard um, so very quiet. On the snapper front, this one was up two kilometers as well, so she was right out there. Um yeah guy um, that was pushing down from us said that um hed only caught a couple of smaller snipers. So, whatever bit of a tricky, i mean to be fair, shes flat as a pancake out here, um, so its going to be a challenging day, but were were three groups so far, one of them weve just put back because it was a bit undersized, but um Were three group and ive been given some intel that the boys that were drone fishing have only caught one gernit so so far, it seems as though the old uh contikis got the edge but well see how we go well, see how we go sometimes its just About the depth of water, the distance and where youre putting your baits today were using mullet were using mullet.

Octopus and bonito. Is our baits so got a bit of a range heading out there and um im still having to go trying to catch a livery uh, because its outgoing tired im, not gon na bother uh fishing with bait um, but uh theres a bit of a sandbar. So perfect place to prospect for some live bait um. If i can get a live view, ill slide it out on the old slide. Baiting rig and uh yeah well see what happens, see how we get on, but so far kontikis been uh. Bringing in some carrots, which is oh mate, ill, take a gurner any day, but weve got one set, thats just gone out so second set on the sona um, auto nerve bullet kontiki and were just bringing in the one that went uh its just the oronev uh Konsiki all right and uh so far, nil on the surf clusters, but um in saying that i am only going for live ease, so lets get back into la. This is the second set still its on the sonar. Auto nav weve set this one out a little bit further and um well see youll see how this one goes so its set to stop in front of fish um, better fines and then the other one were bringing in um actually theres, not too far. Right now. There he is all right, well bring that one in reset it and send that back out and um im gon na go back over and see if i can catch some live bait again and then uh yeah well give you a bit of a nosy as to How it goes when were back on the reset, i dont know whether you can see it or not, but um what ive been doing is chumming up some cultures, the same things im using for bait, just cutting them up into small pieces and then um in my Hand im putting it into the wave and mushing it up so that all the good juicy stuff starts coming out of it and um all the pedal.

Crabs and thatll soon start coming up to have a go and um. All of that. So you can see it there on the bottom, its all the bits of culture that ive been chomping up and then um ive just got a sabiki here on a soft bay rod. This is the alv orbiter, eight to ten kilo, just a sabiki four hooks bait and away you go theres a pedal crab there. This car hes gone now, but um and thats literally how i go about trying to catch lobbies in the beach now theres, not much movement in this beach today, but um. We will continue to have a go see if we can get a lobby and put them up um. Just there. You can see the uh consequence, so i mean ill keep going and seeing if i can get some uh action on the old tzabikis and then um. I might change it up and oh its a crab on my sabiki now i can feel it um. I might change it up if nothing goes on and see if i can uh flick a soft bait around theres a sandbar not too far out like i was saying earlier, so there might be some cut way hanging around the sandbar, but yeah hey im, just loving Being out here to be really honest, um bringing in the uh the contiki hell reset that in a moment and um well be away. We go heres our drone boys, so they must be all done for the day.

Well, go over in a second see what the tally was still nothing on the old uh sabiki, yet hes the man that was uh holding it down with the drones today. So how did we get on how we get on a bit slow today, yep a little girl snapper to throw back but its good having everyone there theyve got to see a few things got to show our new condo drone thats coming out the a22. Oh, my goodness, that ones got a mechanical release as well as a tension, release gee, pretty cool testing it out. So water return, itll release the gear, so youre not going to bring your hooks back. If you havent done it properly, cool, really cool, oh okay. Okay! So yeah garnet and uh sniper put back uh so far were now on the uh surf class. As you can see, the slide rig is still sitting there. Um feeling left out uh and were three gurney um three girdered on the contact, so contiguous is killing us killing us. Oh nice, you hear that consequences. So biggest fish was a pie. Oh most fish clean the car oof and i think ive got to clean nathans car. Today. Okay, hey, hey, lets not count out the surf caster all ive got to do is catch a kahawai and ive got shoes. All ive got to do is catch car away. Oh, my theres, a sandbar right there. I just cant, get a blinking liver yet so well, keep going well keep going see how we get on and hopefully soon, hopefully soon the surfcast will be put into some action.

My goodness set number four. You got the same idea. I have looking for a live inside the sandbar a couple more of these mates, so um so whats the plan here. So this one. How far out is this one going? Oh its about nearly three kilometers? Nearly 2k yeah? Oh yeah, heres? What that looks like Music, 200 meters in stock, all right, theres, any fish there, nice just keep doing that. Nice just call that the kontiki bus stop yeah yep, stop off pick up a few passengers. Music pick up. Some passengers then bring it back in a bit more thats, the one yeah thats, how we do it guy out there is being um romantic right now. He likes long walks along the beach Music. Here he is its our drone pilot yep theres. Chris though um ive put a bit of a pause on the um trying to catch, live, ease, weve had gannetts flying past all day and its gone a bit shallow between the shoreline and december um and uh. The amount of candidates that have been flying past and not one, has done a dive in front of us, its quite indicative of um. The fact that shes pretty quiet here today so yeah pushing pause for now. If we might um might resume when the tight turns see how we get on pulling in the auto nav non solar consequent right now and um thats, the one that weve put in close so put that one out ten minutes up.

So obviously, weve got a few different types of bait down that weve sent out there, but weve also tried to mix up the type of trace that were using so some of them just clear traces. Some have got the floating beads on them as well. Just to see if theres certain things um closer to the bottom, like the gernard, this stuff up off the bottom um and some of the uh different fish species, um really come in quite hard on the different colored beads. So yeah it does pay when you, when youre out there fishing, especially in winter, like right now, the harder time of the year to get get fish on the on the beach pays, to mix it up and and try different things. So yeah this set was in close. We wanted to try it out. The last set we pulled back in all of the fish were on the um, the shore side, um of the set. So we thought oh well put one out, um, closer uh and then well put the other one out there. Two ks, like we said earlier, be interesting to see how the other sets gone. This one looks like we may not have had any joy but well see still some hogs to come in: okay, Music, okay, all right heres, the 2k set. This is the one with the sonar again little fish finder built into a contiki eh. How cool is that? Oh is that a gurney is come on.

You good thing, thats what we like to see. Oh thats, a good one, thats. What we like to see. Oh theres, another one thats. What we like to see there. He is heres another one, good stuff. I guess that was the final hole on the um sonar kontiki by bullet fishing, what a machine fair to say its been really really quiet. Today i mean i hinted at it earlier: weve been weve, been seeing gannets flying up and down the beach the whole time. Weve been here basically and um theres a sandbar here, um everything and uh. Not once have we seen them dive. Not once have we um seen any sign of life around, i mean its its winter, its thats pretty flat to be fair as well, but um yeah. We got a bunch of gurney and ill. Tell you what um, although yeah we were hoping to see some snapper come up ill, take guern it over snapper any day of the week, so um good haul of goonies. I think all up theres about six of them in the bin now um and kentuckys were definitely the winner today, poor rod never even got the slider live here so yep we were ready for it, but uh she wasnt to be so ill have to bow on The feet today um look at that theres one right: there yeah patrolling the old sandbars all day, long yeah, so um, i think, were gon na start packing up now and start heading for home.

Hopefully we dont get caught in some crazy traffic um getting back into auckland, like you saw in the video on the way out here, but um what an awesome day doing it good doing it. Well, man doing it real well, so um yeah um check out the bullet fishing. Con tikkis ive used all of them now and on man i rate them pretty high when youve got a fish finder on your kontiki youve got something pretty special indeed, so dont be surprised if you see me doing more videos with those bad boys um, and i Definitely want to do another day where we get out slide, baiting, drone fishing and contiki fishing and see if i can see if i can have a bit of a hang with the big boys choice. Oh hope you enjoyed the video bit of a chill out on the beach today um. If you havent, already hit that um subscribe button, give us a thumbs up. Uh comment below uh what you want to see more of the summer right now, its winter um but itll be coming into spring soon and uh with that means were about to get busy chasing kingies um war fishing uh surf casting drone fishing, its all gon na Go on so yeah comment below. Let us know what you want to see some more of and we will get out there and do it with you right here on outdoor adventures, with keys much like um whats up whats, our recap of the day.

So far we got a total of five journals. I think it was yeah um four of those were caught off the sona kantiki yep and side by side. The uh non sonar. One right. Look at that yeah thats, the difference you do see um when youre fishing right right now. Look at that and uh here weve got um chris, who was drone fishing and uh. The the recap of your day was mate. One um snapper that i had to throw back unfortunately, but we had a really good turnout at the beach yep nice um, pretty cool. We had a few customers that already had drones need a little more help on how to do it. Weve got the new a22 drone coming out yeah. So final recap from the surf: caster yeah, big fat, donut, big fat, doughnuts um, so yeah yeah youll be fine, youll be fine. I just dont want to go nice um yep, so we got um. Ive got absolutely nothing on the surfaces, not even a lobby which is absolutely embarrassing, but um, hey its a team sport theres, a team sport today and theres gurney in the bin, so uh well probably go back now and grab a salad, um yeah start heading home And uh got a bit of cleanup and pack up to do and then we are off so good good day, good day out on the beach and uh, not even far from home. So there you go come in and check it.

Um check out the gear. Pauls fishing systems um look up bullet fishing. I tell you what that sonar bullet fishing contiki, pretty deadly, pretty deadly, i must say so. Uh yeah hope you enjoyed family have an awesome day and well see you again soon. On the next adventure beautiful fish, you can hear that sound no whanau, i did not have baked beans for dinner last night with the garnet is the end result some beautiful carrots from there bad boy just finished my my salad and um. Oh, oh, oh in the burger.