2 really love the first episode sincerely guys. If you end up enjoying our reaction, it would mean the world if you could go ahead and hit that like button. It helps us out in the algorithm more than anything else. Please subscribe click that notification about were going to be putting this out weekly im just glad to have you here, man, some of this korean cinema experience has been freaking awesome, its something i wanted to dive into years ago. I remember talking with john and my brother about it. This year has just been freaking awesome to really be exploring it its a good year to be korean good year for to be korean and like koreans. Thats right bad here for races to hate careers, guys full length watch along, as we think about the time code or at our patreon page cover a whole bunch of shows over there were at the same tier you get the option for reaction, highlights and watch alongs Included, lastly, thank you to prepper for editing down these highlights for us lets get into action. People Music have thats what i do. John yeah. I just take things too seriously done. Oh yeah, they never did get those beef pancakes. Do the zombies eat the insects too, or does the disease wipe out? The insects too, neither seems possible all the bugs are in that house. Dont open dead inside how unsettling where they all go they can fly. I would draw your swords man.

Good thing you didnt have a storage room. What someone like stuff them under there? No, no Laughter its like a king rat. What uh? What oh look at that? Girls, neck Music yeah, its just so cool like just when you thought they couldnt brush up the zombie tropes. Sorry Laughter: oh priorities: man, Music; no, no! No, not in the water Music, why not? The water? Someone might drink out of there? Oh yeah thats! True, all these bodies at the bottom of the lake Laughter foreign, oh they come alive at night or something or like i dont know, under rain or im, trying to think of any possibility wow what a tracking shot no like is this a crane? Is this a drone guys, no listen for a second? Oh? Was he trying to burn them? All? Probably i mean yes, yes, let it burn Laughter people wont need much convincing grave Music. Does anybody have an iphone theres? A signal out here? Oh theres gon na be like one left: oh no itll be a dead horse dead horse, thats gon na come in the show i dont like dead horses. I, like my horses, living and breathing Laughter this man dont. You got bigger fish to fry, yes, Music, good! One man good one: oh, oh, no, what the hell, so it is a nighttime thing, not easy. I wonder why, because its atmospheric Laughter, you guys, will be fine. What do you see? Oh Laughter, Music, this office reaction is that the dad thats, i think so.

This is so messed up Applause. Yes, we just need you to walk outside for a minute, so people think youre alive. Put you on a leash. You know: oh sick Music get those contortions going. Why was he at the front of the line? Applause? Oh! No! Its just this is just gon na get really out of hand. Now yep, you guys got really lucky Laughter. All you got ta do is hold these bars till morning. Oh no bad idea, man dude! This thing is awesome. Whos whos in there im not sure how long they waited open. This box, its a really complicated, vlog cant, kill a man with that sword. Oh was he was he bit couldnt tell i think the guy on the ground was bit. Oh yeah hes been hes hes gone for well. That sounds one problem: yeah Music, all the like yeah contortions and stuff, looks so nasty its good physicality turn around Laughter. Oh nice, great splat hes discovered the secret to beating them. Yeah hes, like the first one, huh thats sound design, burn it all. Let it burn its be an awesome video game. Yeah right ghost of tsushima meets resident, evil thats literally way faster than i expected it. I thought it was gon na be like since thats, like episode, four, i know wow yeah its like each in these two episodes youve seen like each little wave of the infection as its slowly spreading. I love i love just how this show manages to progress quickly with the plot, but also um take its time and let you become absorbed into its mood and atmosphere.

I feel like the preferred way you got to watch the show with headphones, because theres like subtle, sounds uh and just the environments like when that the place where the water is yeah, where im like. Oh, you could hear some of the wind and stuff in there that just creates so much more of a mood, and i i feel like if youre not watching this show with the headphones. You might miss some of that yeah yeah. Absolutely the sound, especially when things are in different channels. It really enhances just the feeling that youre there yeah yeah yeah. I thought this was gon na, be like a few episodes before we were feeling like our crown. Prince was uh was getting some validation and you know right of his suspicions, but this is so how its all just getting out. It was like yeah. They have no reference point for any of this so like they have no idea what the hells going on. But i like the inclusion of what theyre doing with uh the the formation of or the the creation of the zombies. Essentially, yeah uh, like youre, youre, slowly understanding the mythos behind it for this specific series that they come out at night and that they come from the resurrection i mean thats. I dont know thats not confirmed yet but im assuming thats, what its going to be, that it stems from the resurrection plant and i think they just seamlessly weave the politics together for it all.

I still dont understand the point of keeping the emperor alive its just so that way like when some people pass by theyd be like no its, not moving yeah its basically, if they declare the emperors actually dead. Now, then that means the crown prince taking over yeah. So the whole point of just keeping him in zombie form is for the few people who can just confidently say no. I saw him moving. Yeah yeah hes making sounds hes there, hes still alive, hes, still hes still moving and stuff, so were just gon na. We just got ta keep the body alive for uh the the random witness who might see him pass by or something like that um, but, as this is all falling apart like i, dont want to get caught up too much in predictions just because, like all the Episodes already out – and we are watching this just one week at a time so well – well see how this all unfolds, but from what were getting so far, i mean i love the the main character. I love the the two of them, the crown prince lee and who whos the other guy and uh mu young. I think his name is yeah. I dont know how to pronounce it properly yeah but uh, though those two characters just their chemistry together, real greg and john dynamic constantly, just in my buddy, hey its kind of funny, but its not funny its, not pony man, because you might actually do it.

You never got me those beef, pancakes, yeah, theyre, great together and, like i, i love how seem its interesting, because their relationship is both friendly in a way and familial, but also based off of this hierarchy. Yeah, you know, and and yeah in this hopeless situation, where even the crown prince is sort of thrust out of his authority and realm of comfort. They really do make a very natural pair, and i love watching the sort of progress, even when theyre sort of separated – and i mean, as the episode ended, i feel like the last time we saw him young was – was slipping into the crowd yeah. So you know i i have to imagine the way they get reunited will probably be interesting to see in the next couple of episodes and im wondering im, trying to ask myself what is it of why i, the guy, who was part of the im so sorry For not remembering the name of locations and peoples names the the person who they were searching for and he came forward and was trying to burn the bodies yeah yeah. I find it really interesting and i dont know exactly what it is. How this from episode to episode, it managed to springboard me into being like this dudes kind of an unlikable guy too. I dont know why i really like this guy, please listen to this guy. It was his fault without him, realizing it was his fault.

What happened like he did? He didnt know that you know serving, i mean it was like messed up and disgusting its a borderline sadistic. I mean i granted desperate times. I get it yeah. He had good intent, i get it um and you know i. I can never understand such a poverty driven situation. I mean i will, when the channel crashes and youtube explodes then ill know what its like to suffer such such depraved hunger as you eat my lifeless mind. However, i dont know. Maybe this is the fact of how he was actually like really capable in action. Yes, you know how he just like springboards past the guards like throwing himself through it hes past the guards at all points, hes able to fight off so many of them yeah and then yeah like knocking down the doors and such and uh it. It seemed like somehow what this episode did for me with that character when you do an action like what he did before, because when hes serving all the people in the last episode, it sets you up in a way of oh look at this guys. Actually, as much as he complains and hes, actually a good person, you know and and of his first scene hes, you know going up against the the king and and hes. You know standing up for the people and as much as there were decisions that he was making that were, like man youre, making this guy kind of unlikable.

He feels very human in in that regard, so but then its like, oh man, but youve, been if you had all the people, human being whats wrong its disgusting, but i think what this episode, i guess, what they made the line very clear on is that he Really cares, though, yeah yeah at the end of the day, despite some of the things he says and choices, he makes he really cares like he was like desperate as hell to try to get through to people like. I know everyones gon na try to kill me im the guy youre. Looking for. Let me just burn these bodies, please let me know: hey im gon na fight, you all theres, no time yeah, so i think thats thats. That might be what it is because uh i was kind of surprised by how much i was really loving, watching him on screen this episode yeah its not like the focal point of this episode. There is hes part of the focus um, but that that was probably that surprised me most. I was. I was pretty surprised that the guy who um was antagon the only persons name. I know it was lee: chang is crowded, but the way how uh the person who was antagonizing him um. You know the one who keeps like, obviously wanting to kill him yeah and you know uh pretty much rob him of his uh, really his pedigree. His prestige yeah, the one, is really carrying that torch for youre, causing treason, yeah yeah, even though you know he know he knows hes not yeah, but he just wants to bring him down out of how jealous he is and such the point being is.

I was surprised by how oh wow the second episode he turns. I thought that was gon na be like a thing that goes on for a while. Just because im used thats what american dramas you definitely do, yeah. I think thats whats been refreshing about watching. A lot of this is its not as predictable, and i dont know if its just the fact that its korean drama um or, if its just generally just really great, writing yeah its probably both yeah, and i mean even just from like a zombie story perspective. I think theyve done a really s a neat job in how theyre spreading things out, because i feel like a lot of zombie things do the outbreak. You know in interesting ways, but oftentimes, i feel like part of the driving sort of aesthetic force is that oh man like theres, no way to stop the spread, whereas this is like a very slow set of waves and its like you have. You know that first bunch of corpses and theyre all sort of isolated and youre like man, if hed just gotten back and was able to burn all this down. Maybe there wouldnt be an outbreak, but because of yeah these decisions that uh overlap into yeah political greed – and you know treasonous uh, pursuits and whatnot. It becomes this yeah. What feels like a very big and intricate and interworking? You know series of decisions that are just gon na make this that much worse, because nobody understands and its its a great tension driver that fills me with that.

Like nervous laughter of like man, these people dont understand and are just like not paying any mind to uh yeah any of the warnings theyre given in any way shape or form and then to watch as, like you know, even the magistrate is sitting there like well Go on poke the body like the second something turns you know they are still kind of like frightened by it. So yeah i like the human elements of how theyre building the outbreak. I like the sort of way theyre spreading that out, because it does feel more akin to this time, where i dont know i feel like in in a in like the 16th century or something like that things wouldnt spread in the same way they do now and Yeah, i think theyve done a nice job with also just displacing the drama and the zombie stuff, because you know in the first i feel like the first halves of both of these episodes have laced in your different clues and your different things that you know are Gon na come back and get more sinister later, like you know, dumping bodies in the river or whatever, but then as the second half of each episode. At least these first two has kicked in thats when you really start to get to. You know the physical matter at hand, which is the outbreak, yeah and so yeah. I think theyve done a nice job of just balancing both making both sets intriguing, mixing the you know, character and political motivations into the mess messiness of the action that goes down when zombies show up yeah and yeah the way they portray them all is like that Way they pull them out from underneath its that weve, seen more and more in recent years of you know, zombies being portrayed as like roaches, just like crawling all over each other and piles and stacks and whatnot, and to see just like an interconnected chain of bodies.

Pulled out like it was a really unique image. Even out of all the you know, millions of zombie movies that ive been subject to i was like wow ive, never quite seen that take before. Well, there were parts of it that were a little confusing at the time because you were like: are they dead? Are they asleep yeah? Are they just human bodies who were did they who placed these bodies so, like it wasnt clear cut, and i think to your point about the way this collapse is ultimately progressing? What makes it very different is a lot of the things that of how? How could be prevented are often consequences of people having good intentions like okay, the kings dead? How do we help him out? Uh yeah know well its both, though, because its, how do we help them out, but also, how do we usurp the throne like? How do we keep them alive in order to yeah pursue our own goal, but thats one part its also yes, its both. At the same time, though, take what you were saying about the one guy who wanted to burn the bodies, the crown prince, if the crown prince wasnt so intent on discovering the truth, so them getting inside the gates that guy could have successfully burned the bodies yeah. You know yeah thats, a good call too um, so that, like everyone, has good intentions, they just dont understand whats going on yeah.

You cant see the big picture, so some of these guys, just like kind of slowed down a little bit thought its gon na, have been prevented, yeah um, which, like the guy or the guy, who was just talking about of how i grew to really like him. In this episode good intentions, he wanted to help out the people and as much as theres messed up things about how he did it. His intentions were good was serving his people, help saving everyones ass and now his uh so yeah. It is interesting to see that theyre not like suffering consequences off of like terrible choices, its actually all good choices, so it seems like this is all inevitable, yeah its its a fascinating way. Theyve theyve put those two flavors together, because there are aspects where youre, like. Oh this, this could be prevented, but also yeah, given the limited scope and the fact that youre in a much earlier time, where theres not a lot of precedent for even the fictional lore of this yeah, it does feel like this inevitable thing that is naturally occurring. Even through just peoples, best intentions, yeah yeah and again i mean i feel like this is a point that will probably just get reiterated all the time so im not gon na ill, just say it again, thats for the sake of saying it that the way this Show is captured, is undeniably cinematic. It doesnt feel like youre, watching a show uh the way they hand like their whoever their look, whoever is their a.

d or their location scouts phenomenal thats. Why i was like it was, so it seems such a part of the the dna of the story that im like do they write around locations. You know like that. It just kind of popped into my mind because yeah they the amount of tracking shots, they use to really let you get a sense of the environment like it, doesnt feel like youre on sets at all. It feels like real locations, whether thats, the wilderness, trekking through the woods going through the forest uh its just any of the many places youre looking through without and throughout the kingdom like all the area like, even because you can build pretty elaborate sets, but they dont Always roof that stuff and that one, where youre, like tracking, above this entire structure like and how its near the river and all those those beautiful gorgeous trees its its surprising just how grand this all looks, its very rich in in its color and texture. So yeah im very much uh very much impressed with this. This is uh. This is. This is a really its like cool too. This is like a cool show everything its just cool like its like intimate but also kind of huge and also cool, but also very suspenseful and personal and yeah im im pleasant. I im liking this a lot more than i expected to i mean i expected to like it just because of the amount of people that recommended it uh, but i wasnt expected to be like damn.

This show is really good doing it for me. Yeah quality right here, yeah yeah, um, all right guys. This is satisfying, keep a lookout for our reactions to the next one.