I have tried this a few times on uh like another channel, but i just deleted those because uh they weren’t that good, so uh, now with i’m gon na. For my attempt of the first video i’m gon na do kind of a drone review and uh, i don’t know if the drone is called because i got it at my friend’s house, because they uh didn’t know how to put it together, because uh maximum iq there And uh, the thing i like about this drone is how compact the boat is, and with the propellers you can uh put them in like this bend them out like that. Well, it looks so. Crappy is because we crashed into like five trees. That is true and i’m pretty sure, it’s as well and uh, and i remember flying it and uh. I crashed it and uh. The blade got slightly pushed in like that. You couldn’t see it but the yeah and uh and after that uh we didn’t know how to fly it because the blade was broken and uh. Then we uh i figured out, then i felt like an idiot. Also, if you get one view and one like, i will actually eat food believe it or not. I will actually do it. It seems crazy, but i will and uh the german advertising man. The drone has a type of a battery uh it’s charging right now. So i can’t fly it but uh. The drone also has um.

It has compact. It comes with extra blades, because if you’re an idiot like me and my friend then uh, we will crash it a lot. It might not be damaged before well. I’M. Just gon na be in the videos for like some days because he’s moving to colorado right now, like so he’s moving from colorado to california, which is a lot of very nice and uh yeah. The drone is uh nice. I didn’t really know what it’s called or how much it cost or anything like that and uh also um. If we hit 1k subscribers, i will do an epic face reveal, which would be nice even though i’m saying that, on my first video and at five super subscribers i’ll be i’ll, also cut my nails. If you hit 1 000 subscribers and drink water and take a shower yep boy Music, i uh also that’s uh and uh yeah.