So the reason im out here in like this grassy field is because theres a little stream behind me and i was flying the dji fpv drone earlier in the week, and i was flying down this stream, avoiding trees and branches. And i came across a beaver dam and i kept on going and theres a second beaver dam, and people have told me that around this area said that theyve seen the beaver every now and then, but as long as theres, not a lot of noise. So i thought, if i drive this, really slow down the water and i use do i have it in my pocket. I have the dji action. 2. Camera. Stick that on top i know its going to be pretty heavy and get some film as im going down. Maybe ill see the beaver or maybe ill just get this stuck one or the other anyways lets go check it out. This boat has the ability, when its in water, without a camera, on it to uh right itself, so it goes upside down. It can write itself back up. Of course, if you put a camera on it, it cant write itself back up because theres too much weight, but its also a double haul design. So i pulled off one section: you have another section, which is all these little locks on it to keep it nice and tight water sealed, and there we go so inside right. There is a battery.

Now mine came with three batteries, and youre supposed to get about 10 minutes run time per batteries. If youre going flat out. This does have a speed of 40 kilometers per hour below what it is in miles per hour, small having a remote that has the ability to tell you when the batterys low inside the boat or in the controller, as well as its getting out of distance or Out of range, it also has a range of like 100 meters, and it also has this light system up top. I dont know: can you pick that up so when youre driving it at night, you can change the lights to different colors. If you wish, we go so lets connect it. This thing here is beeping. I dont know why it works. The batteries are charged, so i dont know why its beeping, but so uh lets go. Maybe would i put it in the water to stop beeping? I dont know why are you beeping all right? This is our stream, so this waters backed up a little bit. It used to be higher because theres the dam right there. Unfortunately, the dam has been busted, so somebodys busted it to let the water go through. Maybe some kids or something not really sure so i dont know if well see our beaver today i might have to drive it lower down the stream. So let me just try it up here. First, oh and this beeping is only supposed to beep if the batteries in here are low or the batteries in here or low its at or if its out of range.

So i dont have no idea why its beeping all right im going to toss this in the water theres no camera on it. I just want to see how it works there. We go still got the beeping happen. Dont get caught up because i got to go over there, get you there. We are so im down over there where the beaver dam is, it does have. A reverse, thankfully, seems like the back end is really really weighted down, not sure whats. Up with that lets bring it over here might have weeds on it or something. Oh, my god, thats looking pretty weedy. So there was the problem weeds all over the prop, so maybe its not a good idea to go here all right, theres, our damn and theres. Well, theres a beaver around i dont know hes hes out right now doing something else all right. This uh boat is now a disaster full of mud, seaweed gunk and everything seems to still work and ive changed to a different area where its a larger pond. I just want to see if it actually moves without all the seaweed on it. Okay, there we go Music, all right, so lets bring it over here in the shade put on our little lights there we go should be able to see that in this camera over here lets see what it looks like with the lights going. Music Music lets see what it looks like with the action too hook that on here we go lets see.

Is it lops? Who can i put the action two on? Well, we aint filming with that, because whoa were underwater thats, no good, so yeah you cant film, with the action too its too lopsided. Can you see it sit down here all right, so action? Two sorry cant use you darn. So i honestly dont know what the beeping is on this thing, because all the batteries are charged so uh. One last time lets: stick it out there Music try not to hit that middle thing Music and bring it back into the rocks good shot. All right. I have to say everything: ive done in this video has been a total fail. I tried to go over where the beaver was. I got seaweed in the motor couldnt drive it anywhere. So i gave up on that came over here where theres more water and everything, but the wind is up uh this things bouncing around in the water, but it still works. I do like the little lights on the back. It would look cool at a cottage at night, but yeah. I wanted to put the action 2 on the front, get some really cool footage, but its just plunk upside down, so couldnt do that. So the great things about this is, it does have the beeping sound, which is not a supposed to keep beeping. So i probably have a battery i stuck in here. There might be one battery thats, not up to par and thats, probably the problem, because the batteries i stuck in here are fully charged.

I checked them before i left, but these i didnt check. So maybe this is the problem. So its telling me you got a low battery and transmitter anyways, it does drive well, it is designed more for children at a cottage, so uh yeah, if you have kids theyll like it because of the flashy lights. You know the sun is directly on it. Right now i dont know if the lights even show up here lets see this is out in full bright daylight. Do you see any lights flashing there on the back theyre on there we go now we can see them over there yeah and they are powered by uh themselves. They have their own little tiny battery inside, so they dont take the power off the main battery. So theres a little battery that comes with it. So what ill do next is ill show you what comes in the box just in case youre interested in this boat, because maybe where you live its summertime and nice and warm not where i live, where its not so nice were in fall weather here, not the Greatest so heres the unboxing check this out. This is the box. Your boat comes in and inside that box, youll find that everything is securely packaged for an inexpensive boat, its actually rather detailed in design. Looking at the rear of the boat youll see that the fins, the rudder and the prop are all made of plastic, but if you wanted to, you could change them to metal.

The boat does have a double haul. Locking mechanism unlock the first section, and that reveals the second section unlock the second section and we see the internals of the boat. Here we can see the water cooled brushless motor, as well as the esc and the battery its a two cell, plus the servo. Now mine did come with three batteries. You can get it with one two or three batteries. A battery charger is included, as well as a rubber nose cone put the rubber nose cone on the front of the boat just to avoid hurting somebody or damaging the boat. In addition, an led light bar is included pressing. The light bar will change the lights to different patterns, different colors, and you just connect it to the top of the boat. The included remote is your typical remote with all the trim controls you will need as well. It does have a beeper, as you saw in the video just in case the battery is low or its out of range. Also, it takes four double a batteries not included. Finally, you get a stand for the boat plus spare items and you get the user manual. All right youre back to me, so what ill do is ill put links below the video that will take you direct to this boat on the banggood website. Ill include a discount code, so you can get it at a discount, see if its for you or your children for a christmas gift.

If you live in an area where you know you have uh warm weather all year long and you can go out boating. Well then, theyll love, this all right guys, thanks for watching this video, if you have comments on this boat or you can tell me why this thing here keeps beeping, obviously its the battery uh then sure post comments below, but for now i say thanks for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up, and i will catch you in a future video where everything goes right, not like this one, where everything went wrong.