Are you taking me to jail? Sir? No, oh goody. Get your drone okay and drone. Retrieval Applause! Oh hi um were just hanging out here at an abandoned psychiatric hospital and im reading up on how to take care of these fpv guys. These are the ruins of the now closed and abandoned searcy hospital in mount vernon alabama. The original purpose for this property was for the mount vernon arsenal. A united states army munitions depot the site was listed on the national register of historic places on may 26 1988.. It is one of the most complete antebellum era arsenals still standing. The confederate army held this arsenal almost until the end of the civil war after the war was over, the arsenal was returned to the federal government and the site was renamed. The mount vernon barracks from 1887 to 1894. The barracks were used as a prison for captured apache people, including geronimo, and his followers in 1902 circe hospital, also known as mount vernon insane hospital opened. It served african americans exclusively until 1969 when it was desegregated following the civil rights act of 1964. circe hospital served. The southern third of alabama until it was closed in 2012., the campus is now closed to visitors due to safety concerns and despite the lack of fences and no trespassing signs, this is private. Property were just gon na roll in like we belong. There, apparently is the plan because theres a cop sitting there, we didnt think there was gon na be one, but there is hes actually trying to get speeders coming down this road and hes parking where we want to be.

We didnt want to disturb the officer, so we went down the road of it and entered in a place that had no fences having never been here before we didnt know there was supposed to be fences and no trespassing signs and we just walked right in eagle. One to chicken hawk eagle one to chicken hawk. We made it in good deal all right. Im gon na find a place to park and get my backpack and ill catch up roger that oh, this place is so awesome for any authorities watching this later. Just know that if you see dudes with drones on their backpacks theyre, not gon na break stuff, yeah were just there to fly around and film cool things, and i dont know where to point the camera, because everywhere i point it its just nothing but awesome awesomeness. I mean so awesome everywhere. I point the camera. Oh, oh, you stop! It oh come on now. This would be a great set for a walking dead episode. Look at that Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music! This guard, hello, is uh im sending yall over here. Oh, you want us to leave you to leave a lot of teenagers. Oh well, yeah all of our angst is gone real, quick! You know you want to all right. You ready! I love this enthusiasm. Usually people are like what what the hell it may be. A little static im dead. Well, it was fun for a minute wasnt it.

No one time i crashed yeah theres too much crashed all day pressure. Oh thats, the first crash too much pressure. Where is it crazy? Youre over there Laughter all right, awesome? Oh its tight back here, i think its over by that building with the columns. Well, here i am in the back of a cop car not a good day. Are you taking me to jail? Sir? No, oh goody. Get your drone! Okay and drone. Retrieval get your drone out of jail yeah! The drone is in jail. Thank you for helping me retrieve my drone, sir thats the front there. It is right there. Okay, oh youre, welcome all right. I see it see i cant get out because theres no theres no handle oh goody, its in thorns there. You are oh youre, all right, oh youre, giving me right back too. All right appreciate it, sir. We will get out of here, toot sweet and, as we left, we met the super friendly and helpful security guard, who, oh so kindly reminded us, that it is private property and to please not come back bye. Buddy. Thank you. Thank you. Officer love. You jeff! What you saying i love you. We then drove about an hour away to the gulf and found this even better location fpv. That was him. Music, hey, co, chat, hi your shoes on time, buddy, Music, Music; well, thats. It thanks for watching. Thanks for subscribing you stay safe out there until next time, buh and bye.

All right were about to deploy to a non fenced area, because no offenses means permission thats it did. I authorize you. I authorized you. Thank you authorize you. Would you authorize him? Yes, authorization granted all right were all covered im thinking that if he hasnt said anything to us, hes, probably one of those rare cool cops. What do you think confidence level not high with this one, a cool cop? What are you talking about monster wang, my wing big? I dont remember sitting for this. They opened it up for us that was nice wow. All the windows are pre broken. Do you think that cops gon na do anything or is he gon na stay in his nice air conditioned unit? It depends. I mean i made six figures and i paid a whole lot of taxes. Oh thats, what you thats the first thing. Well tell a cop. I pay your salary that always works. Well, it always works.