Little brother, the kf616, much smaller drone than this, and it was problematic. It had some issues, particularly with its obstacle. It also had obstacle avoidance sensor on it. Um, it didnt seem to work on that particular drone, or it was kind of iffy how it worked. However, this one the follow on drone i gave guess kf plan, saw my video and made sure this one actually works. I already took this down in the basement. Just to give it a try and it actually worked folks, the obstacle of wines worked very well, in fact, theres also. Some other features of this drone that actually worked very well too and ill go into them here throughout this review. But lets talk more about the drone. It is a folding drone. Okay, as with a lot of drones these days and the idea is for maximum portability, you can shrink it down in size by folding it and unfolding it like so um. I go with the front arms first and then the back arms to open it up so there it is, and its opened up state. Okay lets put it down on the ground, so you can see it um other things about the drone. It comes with a carrying case to for augmenting that portability its a nice carrying case for the drone and its accessories, all of its accessories they all fit inside this. This is what it came in. Okay, just let you know okay availa its available in both orange and black.

I got the black version this time. Last time i had the the orange version for the kf616, but this one i i got in black and the total weight of this drone with its battery is only 170 grams, and what does that mean? That means in most countries uh? This does not require registration. A lot of countries require registration of drones over 250 grams, this ones well under 250 grams at 170, so it does not require registration in most countries. There are some countries, however, that since this this does have a camera. Okay, so those countries that have restrictions on camera drones will require registration, but in most countries, especially in my country, the u.s, this does not require registration, okay, other things about the drone. It has both altitude hold, which most drones have these days, but it also has another thing, this little camera in the belly. Okay, not only can you take pictures from this little camera. This little camera is here for a reason, folks not just to take pictures but its an optical flow sensor. What is an optical flow sensor? Well, this camera looks directly beneath the drum from the belly at the ground and based on the view that it sees on the ground. It is able to automatically hover in place. Maintain a nice steady hover, not only the altitude hold, but the horizontal position. And again i took this time in the basement. It actually worked. Okay, then, and again that surprised me, because you know optical flow sensors have been out for years folks, but in recent recent years they havent worked very well.

I dont know why not in these toy drones, but this one does this one actually works. So i was surprised and happy to see that other things it has includes headless mode capability where this drone can be pointed in any direction and by pushing forward back on the controller or right in the left. It will go in that direction regardless which direction the drone is actually pointed. Okay ill demonstrate that when we go flying but yeah it does have optical or headless mode capability um. It also is able to do flips. You press the button, and this drone will flip. Okay or do stunts forward and backflips, and i think roll flips too well see when we fly it but uh the thing about flips, though this drone has brushed motors okay, brushed motors will fail eventually, with time doing excessive flips can damage these motors, causing premature failure Of the brush motor, so i recommend, if youre going to do flips, you know maybe do one or two per flight dont do a lot of them because you will stress out the motors and they will fill earlier than they should. If you do a lot of flips with this particular drone, in fact, thats why you know it became a rarity to see drones with flips these days and the reason being a lot of the manufacturers said, lets just take that feature out because it kills the motors, But it is pretty cool to have, though you know be able to do one or two um.

The other thing this has the main. You know the optical flow is what what interested me the most along with this obstacle avoidance sensor, and it does have an obstacle avoidance sensor, uh, both on the the top. I guess to keep it from hitting the ceiling. I hope thats, what its there for were going to find out when we go in my basement, along with some sets. Oh no, no! No! No! No! No thats, not what this is on top. This is the emitter okay, this infrared emitter. This is sending out a light, an invisible beam that you cant see because its infrared – and these are infrared sensors on the sides and on the front and back so. This emits a a light, infrared light that you cant see because its infrared that bounces off objects and comes back to these sensors and based on how close the aircraft is to an object. The aircraft will actually, it starts beeping and he starts these lights start flashing and the drone will stop you cant. It cant get any closer with an object and it actually does work. Okay, ill show you again in the basement. When we go fly this um other things about this drone, it has a camera and we mentioned that already its actually a 1080p camera. I was surprised at that too, its not not too bad. Looking its 1080p, though at 20 frames per second. So there is an issue there and the other issue is: there is no sd card recording capability.

The video is recorded directly to your phone over wi fi, using an app and the wi fi uav app one other thing about this camera this. It has a gimbal that actually moves up or down okay remotely using the controller to send a signal to tell it to look up looked on and it will do such um its, not a smooth movement. You know its kind of jerky like that, but you know it does have a an up down. Uh control on the camera, mount okay regarding the camera itself, lets pick it up again. I just put it down regarding the camera. It sends its video to your phone. It transmits video to your phone to be viewed on your phone via wi fi, okay, i use this two standard, 2.4 gigahertz wi fi. What does that mean? That means this should work with most phones, okay, this doesnt require a special, eight or two point. One one ac wi fi to use. You know that five gigahertz wi fi, you see on most other drones. This uses standard 2.4, gigahertz wi fi. So again, this drone will work with most phones. However, keep in mind since its using 2.4 gigahertz. That signal will also uh interfere with the controller, which also operates on 2.4 gigahertz, so uh. What youre going to see is the range on that video is not going to be as great as youd see, with uh drones that use five gigahertz wi fi, because theres no interference between five gigahertz and that controller.

But since this it will be off operating on 2.4 gigahertz, the wi fi signal um there. I do expect to see some interference between the two causing some frame drops. You know from frame skipping frozen frames and reduced range because of 2.4 gigahertz. Okay, now that app the app that this uses is called the wi fi uav app available in google play and itunes. That app also enables you to fly this drone with the app alone. If you wish to do that, i dont recommend doing that. To tell you the truth, because you get much better, more precise, safe control with the controller than using the app, but again it is capable of flying via the app. Only okay lets go over what you get with the drone. Again, you get its carrying case. You get the drone, you get an operating manual for the drone in both english and chinese. You get an instruction manual for the app the wi fi uav app and how to get it. You get the drone um. I didnt mention its battery. You get one battery. Two battery or three batteries, depending on which version you get they get the battery out. You got ta. Oh im, sorry i was doing it wrong. You got ta slide this connector back on both sides and pull it out like so okay. It goes in like so now i didnt mention the battery because its time to mention it, but it is a 3.

7 volt. I believe 1200 milliamp hour battery. They predict this to give you about 10 minutes of flight time. I would believe that you know 1200 milliamp hour. Battery of this size of a drone should be able to uh operate for approximately 12 minutes and when you put it back in look for the connectors on both the battery and the drone and then put it in an angle like so it slides in an angle. Like so down and then clips together through through these two clips again dont try to force slowly pull this out to open it again, you got to put your fingers on both sides, your thumb and forefinger, and then slide this backward like so and then lift it Up diagonally like so to get the battery out so thats how that battery goes in and out, but again you get the drone. You get a battery one two or three batteries, depending which version you get. You get a full spare set of propellers you get a screwdriver for removing those propellers and you also get a cable micro, usb cable, and that is for charging the battery. I forgot to mention that too lets take that battery out one more time this battery is charged via a micro, usb port right there. You plug that in this into a wall charger. I recommend a 2 amp wall charger with this particular battery and you plug it. In there and the little red light comes on and when that red light extinguishes the battery is fully charged so thats how you charge this battery in this drone.

Other things you get um you get the propellers. You get a set of prop guards im going to fly mine without prop guards um. The drone generally flies better. If you dont use prop guards. Most drones do because these prop guards do interfere with the airflow around the propellers and also, if youre, flying outdoors with prop guards on they act like christmas tree, ornaments, uh hooks and your your drone can become a christmas tree ornament if you crash into a tree. So keep that in mind folks, okay, lets go over the controller and what what you get with this controller um one thing about the controller: it is powered by three double a batteries, as you see there, um other buttons on this controller. This button is for rates a quick rest of this button or quick press. This button enables the drone to increase its pitch and thus its speed for most flights. I would recommend keeping it in low rate beginners rate, but if you want to do tricks and high speed flying, you can by pressing this button and well do such okay other things on this. This button here is for flips. You press this button here and then you can tell the drone which direction to flip by moving the right control. Stick forward, flip back flip, left, flip or right, flip, okay, other buttons. It has automatic takeoff and automatic landing which you activate by pressing this button here or you can do a an emergency.

Stop say this crashes into the tree or a bush, and you want to protect those motors from burning out. You want to stop those motors as soon as possible or if this flips upside down and crashes the same thing by pressing and holding um this button here, emergency stop and it will do such you can calibrate the gyros by a quick press of this button here Or enter into head, or i believe its a headless mode is a quick press and then you can calibrate the gyros by doing a long press on this particular button here um, you can take a photo by quick press of this button here or start and stop Video by a long press of this button here and this button here, is for uh obstacle, avoidance and trim. So if you want to trim the drone, you do a long press of this button and then move this, stick right or left to trim it. But a short press of this button will turn on the obstacle avoidance system and the lights will start to blink. They blink when the obstacle wing system comes on and if you move close to an object, theyll rapidly blink – and this will also beep to let you know, youre close to the object before that automatically will stop and well demonstrate that when we go down into my Flight test facility downstairs this button here is for turning on and off the controller by pressing it like so, and these two buttons here are for moving the camera and go up or down.

This is up, and that is down repeat. It presses and well go up or down now. This is your phone holder, my particular phone doesnt, fit in this. My armor succeed, so im gon na have to use one of my older phones to fit it in here. Okay, so keep in mind the larger funds. Might have a problem with this particular phone holder, so that is what you get with the kf617 from kf plan. Lets. Take it down to the flight test facility in my basement first and following that, i just actually might take it outside too for an outdoor flight. So hope you enjoy these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility for the test flight of the kf617. Okay. To start this up hey before we start it up notice that i got prop guards on it. I know what i said folks, but this is a bigger drone than most toy drones for indoor flying purposes. I would recommend putting on prop words guards just for indoor flying outdoors, take them off, okay and the same reason being this will end up in a tree and then youll never be able to get it down again. Okay, so to start this up, you put it on a flat level surface like so, and press and hold the on off switch until the lights flash. Then you turn on the transmitter like so, and the light should go solid, telling you that it is connected to the controller.

We can fly it now, but we want to get that video from it. So im going to need to connect the wi fi signal thats emanating from the drone to my phone im going to go into my phone settings. Look for that! Wi fi signal and connect to it, and then i open the app and ill be able to see that video so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the wi fi uav app available on google play and itunes, and you really dont need to go into settings. Theres theres, nothing thats really applicable to this other than if it goes out of english mode. But you can see the other languages that can be used with this particular phone, but were going to come out of settings and the reason being. We want to go and hit start, and we should be able to view the fpv video coming from the drone. And we are okay before we take off. I also want to start the video recording by pressing and holding this button here, and we see a little yellow signal that tells us it is recording. Now all we need to do to take off is to press this left button here and there it is okay lets see how that optical flow system is working im getting a little closer to it, just to see it but yeah its working. Okay, i am noticing a lot of jell o with this particular drone, but okay lets uh turn on the obstacle avoidance system by pressing this button here and notice.

The lights, blink, okay lets go up a bit higher and push forward and see how that works. Now you got to go slow with obstacle avoidance, you go fast, it dont work, but lets see if itll recognize there hear that beeping. Okay, it says i am near a wall. I cant go any closer to it. Get me out of here so im going to pull it back. Lets, try it to the right here im going to hold up the sticks, so you can see it lets go to the right that blinking starts im, giving it more right, throttle or right pitch. It wont let it go so it works, it actually works lets bring it out of there. It went up a bit higher, so dont hit my hot tub and bring it over here closer. Now we got obstacle avoidance on lets. Turn it toward me. Show you the camera and say how do you like my shirt today, folks now notice? I dont need to fly this thing its doing itself, although it is drifting a little bit over. There lets focus it back toward me, but yeah ive seen a lot of vibrations, though so thats. Another thing you know with a toy drum, do not expect cinematic photography. Youre not going to get it, but you know if you want a cheap drone. Thatll take you up and then youll be able to view your neighborhood real, quick yeah. This will do it and also a cheap drone, thats easy to fly because of that obstacle or optical flow system that enables it to automatically hover yeah thats.

Great too. You even got a drone that you can narrate in front of while its flying and not actually spending any time flying the drone, while its doing that, so all in all yeah, it works it kind of works, okay, um. The other thing i want to try is um pressing this button here and pushing forward okay turn off obstacle voids first off by pressing and holding this button here. Okay, and what i want to do well obstacle voice did not go off. I think i got ta press a quick, quick press there we go now. Next thing i want to: try is uh headless mode, and that button is this button here. I believe no, i got to hold it down yeah trying to get headless mode working here folks, but thats not working it. Okay, let me land it real, quick to make sure im pressing the right button im going to press that automatic land button now and it puts it on the ground im gon na. Stop that video recording. But i got ta look folks beneath my phone here to see where the headless mode is and there it is here so headless mode. Is you got ta hold down that button? The second button from the left i forgot already where it is so lets, go back into the air again. Actually, i want to make sure its pointed in that direction, because i want that to be the headless mode direction, whichever direction its pointed at take off should be the headless mode direction.

Okay, we i just did a calibration too, but uh taking off. Okay, then pressing the headless smoke or pressing record button. I want to record video too okay and pressing headless mode button and holding it okay. We are now in headless mode, okay. What does that mean? This will be always left thatll, be always right with this right. Stick, this will always be for with the right stick, and this will always be back, and that also means we can fly backwards now, like so and im going to press forward on the stick, and it should fly away from me. Okay, actually it has this mode. We can even parallel at it the drone flying toward me flying to the right. Let me go to higher rate too, so we get faster, pirouettes forward back, left right, it dont matter which direction its pointed that is always forward. This is always back thats left to right that makes flying by beginner pilots very easy, okay, im turning off headless mode, and we are still in second rate, so we demonstrated optical flow headless mode, uh altitude, all barometers, working as we can see there lets just flatter On in my house, going back to beginners right because again, this is a large drone. Thats second rate. Three third rate: there beginners rate beginners rate, should you know beginners should be able to easily fly this okay notice that the lights, blink, thats, the obstacle avoidance system, still kind of works, even when youre um, but it doesnt stop the drone with it turned off, but Its still detecting objects, when its flying around lets, bring it up close, pretty cool drona and that optical flow again makes it very easy to fly.

It just hovers. Okay, again, other cheap toy drums you normally have to manually fly it okay. This one acts almost like a gps system. Now, the difference being. There is no automatic return to home. You cant do automatic return at home with uh optical flow. You got ta manually, fly or manually, bring it home because there is no gps. Gps knows what the takeoff position is. Optical flow does not know where takeoff position is theres, no computer other than computer trying to um maintain its position, thats it okay like its doing now so, okay. Now this also can do flips uh lets see. If i can do flip with it, this low im gon na bring it down low the reason being it kind of climbs when it doesnt flip lets. Try it were gon na. Do a right. Flip, okay, dont do flips indoors. Okay, we just learned that. Let me stop that recording and restart the recording again again. Dont do flips and doors it. It takes too much vertical space to do a flip with this particular drone lets see if we can take off now. Oh, do i need to rebind it after it bumping itself, i do so hold on while i rebind this drone, it shouldnt take long um. Actually, can i start it by down and in or down and up, oh yeah? There we go. I just started by moving: it sticks down and in so you can also manually start manually.

Stop it like such okay. So if you crash in a tree, you can stop those motors quickly by just bringing both sticks down and in like that. So okay lets see. Do a manual take off give it a throttle: okay, no more flips indoors! Well, do them outdoors! We fly it outdoor later, but im just going to turn it around here now. You know this being a big drone like this. I really cant do a lot of acrobatics indoors or a lot of maneuvering flight. It just aint going to happen with this big of a drone. Okay, it is kind of a large drone for indoor flying, so you beginners be careful, fly nice and slow dont. Try! Fancy things indoors with this particular drone, its just too big, okay notice, those optical flow, our obstacle avoidance, sensors were blinking, but again they do not work unless you turn on the obstacle, float or obstacle avoidance ill. Do such right now, im still the avoidances on lets. Move it to the left to see if it senses the door or the wall yeah there we go see im, trying to move it closer to that wall, its not letting me im still avoiding sensors. Stopping it point it toward me lets bring it toward me see if it senses me come on. Ah, there we go its sensing me now im trying to push forward boys, dangerous dont, try that at home folks, because that could have flowed into me if, if the obstacle avoidance, didnt work, okay, going back toward the other wall, well up yeah, it sits in the Wall blocking it blocking it, okay, coming back toward me, so obstacle avoidance does work on this.

Pretty neat drone up for the price. It is a pretty neat drone for the price. Now, the only bad thing about it im seeing again is a lot of jello um. You know mainly its due to the im sure those propellers could use a bit of balancing um if you go on youtube. If you are on youtube watching my video look up drone uh propeller, balancing theres a way to do it with tape, im going to explain it here, but you can reduce the vibrations of those propellers to minimize this jello by applying tape near the tip of the Propellers so im going to turn off that obstacle woods and right now we are blinking because i think, were low on battery notice im on my knees here, its going to be on the same level as that drone. Let me press that again see if thats true. Okay, obstacle avoidance is off okay, i was holding it down in two seconds and then that wasnt doing it. Okay, while were here, lets, go up a little bit higher, go up a bit higher, go up a bit higher and point that camera down. Okay, i just pointed the camera down a little bit. So look at me from up above hello up there. So pretty neat jump. Okay, point the camera back up; okay, it was sensitive. Oh there we go low battery, so lets see what it does: a low battery. Its altitude hold gets a little wonky, maybe that was because it was since oh, our air conditioners on never mind that was air conditioner, causing that hitting it, but well see how long of a flight time we got with this blinking light here.

Give me my final thoughts here before we take it outdoors so indoors. Uh put the prop guards on obstacle. Avoidance works, but you got ta fly slow, um. If you go into high speed, it wont work. Itll crash, okay, um, beginner, pilots. Take it easy with this drone: it is a big drone. Um the altitude altitude hole can use a little work here, especially when wooden is hitting it right now. Um again, the air conditioners bumping it around a bit so were seeing that, and this also probably sets it its a prop wash and its about to land itself right, let me give it a little more throttle. Keep you in air im, giving it more and more throttle, keep it in the air it wants to land so were gon na land. It were gon na call that the flight time – okay landing it now so thats the indoor flight of the kf617 im liking. What im seeing so far in this particular drone its very easy to fly good for beginner pilots. You know that optical flow system works well. That is something that uh. It was on a lot of drones about three or four years ago, and then they took optical flow off, and then they tried to put it back on these toy drones and they wasnt working this one. It works so lets. Take it outdoors now see how it fly, so i hope you enjoy the second part of these flights good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the outdoor flight of the kf617 okay.

I already have this connected to the drone uh the wi fi connected to the drone and also ive bound it to the controller. So all we need to do really is put the drone on the ground, and also i need to start mob is in. I havent started recording yet on mobizen so hold on. While i do that, i use mob, as in screen recorder for those of you wondering what i use to record the screen video. So this is the wi fi uav app available in google play and itunes. So we should be ready to take off. I am going to start recording first off by holding down the record button and we are recording and then give it automatic takeoff by pressing the automatic takeoff button and lets check the that optical flow well. Optical flow seems to be working, so lets go over here, a bit and ill go out here into the grass turn the drone toward me and say: how do you like my shirt today, folks, okay, so yeah – that optical flow works next thing, while were out here Outside lets, try the flip button, flip press, the flip button and right flip: okay, going up a little bit higher flip button and forward flip. So those are the flips it does. I limit the amount of flips that i do with uh drones, because that does damage the motor, so dont do them too too much. Okay, we are recording, so lets go over into the circle out into the circle and go up higher and show the area pop.

It right there lets see if its holding its position. It is now its drifting a bit so weve reached the maximum amount of height it can fly and have that optical flow work here, but lets try it over here. Im going here at that altitude. Is it holding its position, its drifting, a bit yeah its its drifting? So no you, you know the maximum altitude that optical flow works is probably i dont know. I guess in about eight feet or so, but while were here, uh lets, try uh some of the other features of this uh, namely that camera okay, its lets see, can we look up higher pressing the up button? Yeah we can look up at the sky, actually go even higher thats a max altitude coming back down and setting it there. Now i do see a lot of jello thats to be expected. You know youre in the price range of this drone youre not going to get a cinematic drone, but still you have a drone that you can have some fun with okay lets go up a bit higher higher higher higher and show the area there lets do a Rotate from up there showing the area with the camera of the drone, so thats, the camera now lets bring it down and try to see how well this flies. Okay coming down coming down and from there lets increase the rate. Okay were, in second rate right now. Lets see how it flies.

In second rate, it turns a little faster, a little here, a little puddle jumper flying around here, but lets see what does okay lets go to higher rate third rate highest rate yeah its kind of nimble, getting it in closer plop it there put it put it There and that optical flow is not working on this surface here, okay, um! I guess you need certain okay. There we go, it seems to be kicking in now. Let me get in the picture and uh setting the camera down a bit down there. I am again so you know it can do this. Okay, you can automatically hover im, not controlling it right now, its just hovering on its own, so yeah. If youre looking for a drone that can do that this drone can do it. Keep in mind that youve got to be about, you know eight feet or less eight to ten feet for that optical flow system to work uh, but it does work so recently, uh drone up or actually let me sync up the cameras, while were here so my Voice is matched and raising that camera back up again, okay and which beginner intermediate expert, er intermediate expert okay lets try some stunt flying lets, see if i can do some stunt flying with this coming around and were gon na try to do a flip there did It flip come around again and trying funnels funnels. Its lights are blinking, so its batterys getting low by the way hold on lets, see there before we lose that battery.

I want to stop that recording make sure i got that recording and starting the recording again. Oh actually, i havent taken a picture yet lets take a picture. Okay, thats one picture put it over here lets. Try it again another picture: okay, it lights its light flashes when it takes a picture so theres its pictures coming back up again, recording again now syncing up the cameras again, this is one of the cheapest drones. You can that can do this automatic hovering again its based on that little camera thats beneath that that drone looking down at the ground to maintain its position, and it actually seems to work okay, a lot of the toy drones that ive seen in recent years. The optical flow systems didnt work when they first came out. They worked very well, and i dont know what happened, though, for about a period of about three or four years they didnt work, but this one seems to be working again. So thats great okay, were still in high high rate. Lets go up again, theres a hawk up there. I wonder if hes going to see my drone see him up there, but okay coming back don the winds. Picking up so im going to come back down. Theres, a bit of a breeze through the trees yeah lets see if weve got power to do another flip yeah. We do lets do that again. Coming this way, okay, two flips again limit those flips, because those do damage motors.

Just let you know be careful with flips, so, okay, one more time going up, i hope thats recording well im looking at the screen it it. You know, the recording the video coming from the fpv is not too bad um. Actually, you could probably fly fpv with this one, because its not a zoomed in camera. The camera is actually relatively good, seems to be 1080p. They claim its 1080p. It seems to be 1080p, so thats cool Music. You went around that way. Hey youre, coming back popping itself there and going up give it a ride. Okay, lights are blinking, lights are blinking. What does that mean? Thats i mean okay, they stopped blinking. They were blinking there for a second. They were blinking for a second lets, see if it holds the wind is blowing right now. Im, seeing how well itll hold its position here in the wind seems to be doing it so its getting bounced around a bit, though, from that when you can see that, but its not moving okay, im, not controlling it, well its kind of drifting backward now, and Then it stops right there so thats it so its not bad, not bad at all, now, im still avoiding the system im, not so sure how well that works. Here i got to go to intermediate rate. The wind is pushing it backward lets, see. If i let go, will it obstacle avoidance pop it from that wind, its trying to yeah? I let go again and its it works or not.

Obstacle wins. The auto uh hover of the optical flow that little camera right. There is maintaining its hover, see the little camera right there, so thats thats how it maintains its position so um. Overall, you know an interesting drone for beginner flyers, give them a taste of flying an fpv drone with a camera and enabling auto hover, as opposed to other toy drones, that cant do this, and its flight time seems to be reasonably well too. You know, i think, im over 10 minutes already with this, so im kind of surprised, its that good, okay, turning it again lets see if i turned it and it drips a bit in the turn. Turning again, okay, we seem to be good lets, get up close to it and set it up in a way, and there goes its battery. So lets come back down again, we get an audible warning when the batterys getting low, which is good. I guess so. The battery is getting low lets, bring it up close again, give my final thoughts overall yeah great drone for beginner beginner pilots, okay, um reasonably priced, i believe i believe, um youre available with one two or three batteries. If you do get the multiple batteries make sure you fly this, providing at least 50 minutes of rest time between flights. That way your batteries will last a lot longer. Folks, okay, so – and i think thats the end of its flight time lets stop that video recording by pressing the video recording button making sure it changes from yellow and it doesnt so im going to use the app to turn it off make sure we got that Video recording so overall, the kf617 yeah its a great beginners drone, in my opinion, good drone for beginners so hope you enjoyed this flight.

This quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.