Kf616 drone. Now looking at the kf616, we see it is another one of these little flowing drones highly portable. As you can see here, you can fold up all the each of the arms and put it in your carrying case. That comes with this by the way, a nice carrying case for your drone and its accessories and take it with you just about anywhere to go. Fly it now lets mention this right now. This is a budget drone. This is uh runs in the 30 to 40 price range in a 30 to 40 dollar price range. Dont expect to get a cinematic drone. Okay, its not going to happen folks youre not going to get 4k camera on a 30 drone. The 4k camera itself is going to cost, at least that, if not double that, so you know ex come in with this real realistic expectations and youll like this drone. Um you come in with this with unrealistic expectations, and you probably dislike this drone. Okay, youre not going to go flying fpv with this youre, not going to be a cinematographer with this youre just going to learn to fly a drone with us thats. Its purpose now lets talk about other things about it: um, it weighs 100 grams folks. That means this does not require registration in most countries. However, it does have cameras on it has two cameras, actually one front camera and one belly camera. So there are some countries that do require you to register drones with a camera.

So keep that in mind. Folks, most countries do not require us to be registered since its only 100 grams under 250 grams, but there are some that do because of the campus. Now one thing special about it and notice this device on the top of the drone. This is the obstacle avoidance system. Okay, it has an emitter, an infrared emitter thats, this one light on the top here, and it has detectors on each of the four faces of this rectangle for detecting the emitters, infrared light bouncing off of walls or objects, and then it comes back and hits these Detectors and the drone detects that and will try to avoid, hitting walls and other objects. This works. Kinda dont expect it to be. You know, perfect, okay, but it should keep you out of trouble for most instances. Okay, with this obstacle avoidance system, other things about it, it also has altitude hold control so that the drone will automatically maintain its flight. It has one key return and all one key return is folks, as you press the button and the drone will fly the exact opposite direction that it was pointed at. Take off now. Dont expect that to be returned to home and landing. It is not all. This does with one key return is fly the exact opposite direction. It was pointed at takeoff. It may come back to you if you keep it in front of you, but again it may fly away from you, so dont depend on that.

One key return: okay, just trying to give you a heads up there. It also has headless mode ill demonstrate that that enables the drone to fly in any orientation with, and you dont have to worry about the front and back you just push forward and itll itll fly in the direction it was pointed at take off forward back in The opposite direction right and left ill demonstrate that again, particularly when we go downstairs to fly this. This also has flip control. Folks, you press a button on the controller and move this right stick and the drone will actually do a roll and forward flips or backflips thats thats, pretty cool um. Those are fun for beginner flyers to play around with, but keep in mind. Folks, flips do stress the motors on this. Okay, these these are tiny, little brushed motors and you do too many flips. You will burn out a motor so keep those limited, maybe one or two of flight, allowing at least a 15 minute cooldown period between flights to improve the longevity of your motors. So just giving you a heads up there on motors, okay, i already messed in yeah. I have some of ones the folding arms and i just mentioned the brushless six 716 motors. These are 716 cordless motors by the way folks. So if you do need to get a replacement, you have to remove that little screw there and pop it out and replace it with a 716 motor.

Those are widely available on ebay on amazon. I dont know about amazon, but ebay. I see them all the time. Just do a google search for 716 coreless motor and you will find replacement motors for this um. It is powered by this little three point. Well, its a 3.7 volt battery. This is advertised as 2 000 milliamp per hour battery. That is not true. I can just look in there right now. This is about a 500 milliamp per hour inside this. I think they were planning to uh put a 2 000 milliamp per hour. In fact, the um photos that i see for this battery on the advertisement show this whole uh battery bay filled with a big battery in there, but thats not what came out in the final production run. Folks, they replaced it with a im guessing its about 500 milliamp per hour. As i said, can i see it says 2 000 milliamp per hour on it? It does it. I can see that, but that is not a 2 000 milliamp hour battery. I dont care. What anybody says: thats uh its printed two thousand milliamp hour, but two thousand milliamp hour. Batteries are big; okay, especially in three point: seven volts and that cant be that just cant be saying that right now, okay, um, i mentioned the cameras. Lets talk about these cameras. Lets put the battery back in there um again, you get two two cameras: a forward facing one.

You can tilt this lens up or down manually: okay, theres, no remote control, but you can manually tilt this lens up or down, and this belly camera always looks down. Um, this is not an optical flow sensor. I was hoping this would be an optical flow, but its not its just there to give you another view directly beneath the belly of the drone. If you want to take a photo looking downward from the drone, you can or photo or video looking downward from the drill using this sensor on the belly of it. The resolution of these now its advertised as a 6k camera again dont expect 6k 4k or any high resolution camera in the 30 to 40 price range. Drone youre not going to get it even if they say its there, its, not true, okay um. This actually produces both photos and videos. I ive checked them both the resolution of those photos and videos is 2048 by 1080p um. The videos are at 20 frames per second now, looking at those photos and videos um, the sensor itself looks like its much lower resolution sensor, im guessing around 720p and the app thats used with this drone interpolates that enlarges it to that higher resolution of 2048 by 1080P, but again, its not very high quality video, its not meant to be in a 30 to 40 dollar drone, again its just to give you a taste of uh video in flight video youll be able to see yourself on the ground and your house from up Up in the sky, but again um, not professional quality video by any means with this little cheap drone, okay, um, the v: this you can view the in flight video on your phone using the app that comes with this and thats the rc fpv app available on Google play and itunes um there are other features that that app does.

I think, theres even a little. Follow me rudimentary. Follow me that you draw but dont dont expect those to work very well either, since this is not a gps drone, a gps drone with uh waypoint capability. This is not okay, this you know with the uh autofly capability. You just draw a little line on the screen and the drone will fly off in that general direction for a few feet again, its just a little give you a taste of automatic control using your phone, but with that app rcfpv app again, you will be able To view the video uh from this drone on your phone, it uses regular 2.4 gigahertz uh wi fi to do such uh transmitting that video to your phone over 2.4 gigahertz wi fi uh, but because of that there will be some interference with the wi fi. With the controller, since this controller also operates on 2.4 gigahertz, so expect ranges because of that interference. Um fpv video ranges around 30 meters in control range up to about 100 meters. Im guessing well see when we take it out in my front yard there and fly it out there see how well the video fpv looks outdoors when we go fly now. What do you get in the box with this particular drone? You get the instructions in chinese and english. There are easily good instructions. I was able to follow it. You also get instructions for the app um right here, along with a url or qr code, that you can click on with your phone and it will take you to the google play or uh apple uh version of this.

I recommend, or you can just go on. Google play and look for rcfpv and youll find that app there other things you get. You get the box nice little box for the drum and inside that box comes the carrying case and again nice little carrying case for the drone and its accessories. You get the drone you get a screwdriver along with four spare uh propellers for the drill and the screwdriver is for removing these propeller supplies. Theres little screws in the heads of each one of these rotors, so thats how you remove them. You get one two or three batteries, depending which version you buy. I think the the cheapest version is around 33 dollars with one battery and the most expensive is around 40.. With three batteries you get a charger for those batteries notice. It has a little reddit jst connector, so i have been able to charge these on my professional charger. My hobby great charger downstairs using that red jst connector. So if you dont want to use this, you can, but you should be able to find placements of these. Also, if you break this particular charger um, you get a set of prop guards. These are for indoor flying mainly in fact, i will install these im gon na show you theyre very easy to install and uninstall these notice. These two little holes on the base of the motor and they line up with these two little holes or two little pins on the prop guard, and you just snap it on like.

So let me see if i can line them up here. So i see what im doing here got my glasses on its kind of hard, but there we go theres one installed, so they go on pretty easily slide on easily and they pop off just as easily so. But again i use these for indoor flying. I do not recommend them outdoors, because prop guards always end up as hooks ornament hooks and your drone will become a christmas tree ornament. If you fly outdoors and end up in a tree, so dont put take or dont put them on outdoors. They also mess up the uh flight capability of the drone. You know the efficiency of the propellers, if you put these on so um, if you want to fly longer periods, more maneuverable, take them off outdoors, okay and finally, lets talk about the controller you get. This controller, it is powered by, i believe, its three triple yeah. It was right three aaa batteries that go in there notice the dollar store batteries that i use, but lets talk about the buttons on this controller um. They are well labeled. I got to say this: is your rates button youve got beginner intermediate and expert rate for different flying speeds of the drone. You have a flip button, you press this button and then move the right control stick and it will tell which the drone which direction to flip the sticks are. This is mode 2 controller.

So this is throttle. This is yaw. This is pitch and this is roll. The button is on the left side here. This is automatic takeoff button here automatic landing button. Here you can turn the lights off in the drone by quick press of this button here or hold this button down for three seconds and it enters into headless mode. If i remember correctly yeah headless mode, you can take your photo by pressing quick press of this button here or start the video by pressing this. A long press of this button remember to stop that video after landing or before, shutting off the drone. Otherwise, you will lose your video uh by the way this video is. There is no sd card recording on this drone. Video is recorded strictly to your phone over wi fi. Okay, just let you know that no sd card capability, this button in the center here turns on or turns off the obstacle avoidance system. So you can turn it on and if it starts acting screwy and it didnt mean one one or two occasions, you can turn it off by pressing it one more time buttons on the right. These are trim buttons, it does have trim buttons and you can turn off the led lights. This has very bright, led lights, just showing you that real close here, but you can turn them off to save battery power by a quick press of the center button. Here, uh long press of this button be careful on that one is emergency, stop that will turn off the motors and the drone will just drop out of the sky.

You want that in case this ends up in a tree or flips upside down. You dont want to burn out those motors press that emergency stop button and that will stop the motors from overheating, and i mentioned the flip button there and finally on off switch right there. So that is the kf 616 from kf plan lets, take it out or actually lets, take it down into my basement first and fly it indoors and then uh afterwards. Well, take it outdoors and see how it flies out to us so hope you enjoy these flights. Good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the indoor flight of the kf616 okay to turn this on. All we need to do is press and hold this button here for a few seconds until the lights start flashing then put it on a flat level. Surface then turn on the drone like so or the controller like so, and it automatically binds to the drone. We dont need to do an up down on the throttle. Now, before we take off, we can calibrate the gyros and to do that, you bring both sticks down and to the right like so, and that calibrates the gyros to help you get it a more level flight now im going to get down on my knees here. For the takeoff, so we can see it up close, but for automatic takeoff or before we take off lets turn on that video recording by pressing and holding the video record button, and this light up in the upper left corner here should be turning yellow and then I think i took a photo instead, so lets press it again and hold it.

Oh, i have not connected the wi fi yet hold on. Why do such folks? I need to connect the drones, wi fi signal, which is coming from the drone to my phone so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the rc fpv app available in google play um. All i did folks again. I connected the drones, wi fi signal to my phone okay and then i open the app and thats how you do, such with these wi fi flyers, im gon na hit start and its recording right now or no its, not recording yet, but we do have fpv Video, but to start recording, i need to press and hold this video button right here, holding it down and it blinked down there and we get a yellow video signal on the screen. As you can see here, that tells us we are recording okay for automatic takeoff. All i need to do is press and hold this button here or just press this button. Real quick take off button and its drifting to the right lets, bring it back over toward us here im going to adjust the trim we want to backward and to the right to counter that, and now we have a nice steady hover. Let me go one left lets see if that stables that stabilizes it two left going over by my tesla coils lets, bring it back toward us turn it turn it go forward a bit and say how do you like my shirt today, folks there i am here, I am, and my peppers theyre still doing, fine.

So, okay, it hovers quite nicely once you trim it once you trim it just drifting to the right a bit now i had previously turned on that emitter up here. Okay turn on the obstacle avoidance im gon na show you what happens. Folks uh with mine mine seems to be uh defective, so im only gon na do a little bit of obstacle avoidance, but watch what happens when i turn it on. It goes into this drift to the left and itll keep on drifting to the left until it crashes, okay, so im gon na try to turn that off. Maybe i got ta hold here, its turned it off. I think okay, im gon na stop that video recording too just in case um that had something to do with it, but im gon na bring that back over to the pad. Well, put it right back on the pad, hopefully that drifting is going to stop, but every time i turn on the obstacle avoidance at least indoors it drifts to the left. It might be something to do with my pepper plants. Here the lights on the pepper plants. Might be on the same frequency as that i dont know, but when we go outdoors to fly ill, try that obstacle avoidance again: okay, starting the video recording one more time and making sure that its recording and it is and pressing automatic takeoff. Okay, so yeah ill. Try that im still avoiding some more outdoors but in the meantime, lets see how this thing flies indoors.

Its actually kind of stable nice and stable, actually yeah, not too bad, not too bad at all. Try it right going that way. Lets try a higher rate. Second rate: oh much faster, whoa, much faster more for outdoor flying at second rate, but lets try that try! Okay, while were here, lets, try flip bringing it back over here toward me a bit not too high flip okay. How about a forward flip, bring it closer forward? Flip now, dont do forward flips and just dos roll flips, how about backward flip, a backward flip now so more or less just right in the left, flips its okay. I like right and left lips, especially when im flying outdoors okay lets see how its maneuverability is going around in circles not too bad and lets. Try it the other way, be careful in there now. One of the features we got on here is headless mode, and this boat should be on, which means okay, right now it doesnt matter which direction this drone is pointed its pulling toward me now. If i push forward thats always for this is always back. This is always right and thats always left. In fact, we can actually do pirouettes. We should be able to do pirouettes, see hey by the way. The altitude holder in this thing is pretty rock solid. I like it, you know normally the altitude holder. These things are not good. Okay, turn it off headless mode lets.

Try that one key return – and i want to demonstrate one key return – well, go over here and im gon na press that return button holding it down and it flies backwards. Okay lets go over. There turn it sideways one key return: oh that wasnt right it was just flying backwards. Lets try that again, yeah it just flies backwards. Theyre going to be returned, so it doesnt quite work out the way you think it would work, but okay, going around again uh. Where are you going over by my xbox? I was just playing gta 5., but okay, oh there we go crashing it. I was going to try to do a high speed turn around the pillar here and that didnt quite work out the way i wanted it to okay, so lets go over and get this drone behind the hot tub which i have never used yet folks, never turn This thing, on the reason being i dont, want to clean it. So, okay lets try to. Oh the cameras pointed down too. Let me point that camera back up from that little tussle that we just had and automatic takeoff again do. I need to do any more calibration. No seems to be good. Okay lets turn it around and continue flying um relatively stable. You know most beginners should be able to fly. It would have been nice if they had put that um optical flow in the belly there. That belly camera down here, but its okay, its a 30.

What 33 dollar drone, i guess with one battery, what do you? You know you cant expect too much. Okay, i raised it up a little but yeah again. The altitude hole is working great on this working real good on this saying hello forward, trying to give it a little bit of forward okay, its drifting up a bit getting close to that ceiling. You get that weird um pressure, change that causes these altitude old drones to get sucked into the ceiling, but, okay, going to higher rate lets. Try second rate went up a bit higher, but im not bad lets turn these little pirouette turns quite nicely indoors in a very small area, going up a bit higher, raising the throttle up, so that was working. Okay, bringing it back over here trying the other direction forward going too low, too low to the ground. Lets go around the um that yeah these prop guards. Really there arent protecting very well just direct. I put them on, but it could be better. It only protects a certain areas, as you can guess. You know forward and backward on those arms. Those props are going to hit. Okay were starting to get a light flashing here, and we all know what that means. That means the batterys getting low batteries getting low on this thing, but oh yeah, its a good learn to fly drone. I guess this would be good, especially outdoors. I got ta feel this could be a great flyer outdoors and thats the end of the the flight time and now lets stop that video recording so thats.

The indoor flight of this thing try stopping it there, making sure that stop so thats about. I dont know about six minutes six, seven minutes of flight time to be expected and that just more confirmation that is not a two thousand milliamp hour battery in this drone. I dont care what that says on it. But okay lets take this outdoors now and see how it flies there so hope you enjoy the second part of this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the outdoor flight of the kf616 uh notice that i have removed the prop guards from the drone, Because well be again flying outdoors, we dont need them, especially we dont want them to end up if this drone ends up in one of the local trees. Here, itll be a christmas tree ornament for years to come. Okay, so to start this up, we hold press and hold the on off switch until the lights start to flash and put it on the ground like so then turn on the transmitter and we have automatic bind and again. The next thing i need to do is connect the wi fi signal from the drone to my phone and then open up its app so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the wi fi signal from the drone and im going to start recording by pressing the record button here. Holding it and making sure we got yellow and the counter is counting and to start lets see.

If i can. Okay, calibrated the generals first and then do automatic takeoff and i calibrated them on a slope. I am going to need to adjust the trim. I shouldnt have calibrated on that slope. Its moving see so right, right, trim and then back trim. There we go lets, bring it back over toward us, so thats how the trim buttons work. Folks, you wrap it press in the opposite direction. It drifts, okay, which way! Is it drifting now its not drifting at all? Okay, so i got good trim. Lets drifting to the right a little bit so one one click on that right trim! Stop that okay lets! Try out that im coming down a little lower too lets. Try that obstacle of one see see if it drifts, pressing it obstacle. Avoidance is on its not drifting like indoors lets. Let me get in front of it and see if it bounces off of me seems to about this way yep. So the obstacle avoidance is working outdoors. There must have been something indoors. You know what it is folks. My grow lights, my grow lights on my um pepper plants, thats the problem, but its working now the obstacles, okay lets go to higher rate third rate. Highest rate lets turn off obstacle of wins because i think yeah when you turn it on obstacle avoidance, it automatically stays in beginner rate. Okay, so lets try that right now, im in high rate, you can see it wiggling like that, but turning on obstacle avoidance and we go right to real low rate, so it flies real, slow in obstacle avoidance mode trimming it up a bit okay.

So now we are in high rate. With that in mind, lets go. We havent shown what were going back to low rate going up high to show the camera thats his camera folks trimming it back a bit going up a bit higher and rotating around the area. Slow rotate its actually flying, not too bad, although the camera view is somewhat zoomed in, i can see coming back down. This is actually a nice flyer good for beginners. Again, you know in a 30 40 price range hello, dont expect you know some attack cinema cinematography, but it is not a bad little flyer for this little for a little drone like this. Okay, while we got power fresh battery power lets, try lets bring it up. Closer and try a flip thats, a right flip and a left flip and going to higher rate third rate. The reason being i want to see if we can do acrobatics with this thing with that, especially that flip Music kind of come in the other direction. The flips are just a little bit too slow for acrobatics lets, try funnels now. You know this is not a bad little drone for 30. You know in 34 price range that its at its actually quite nice and again these drones are not meant, are meant for just actually, let me just say: theyre meant, for you to learn the controls of a drone, the throttle, the yaw, the pitch the roll and How to use them and they for that purpose, theyre not too bad.

This is not a bad little drone at all, very responsive. Now, as a beginner youre going to crash a lot and youre going to do that, no matter what drone you have and you want to do that in a drone, it costs a couple hundred dollars or one that costs 30 to 40 dollars. Thats. The idea behind this folks, so dont poo poo, these cheap little toy drones, is what im trying to tell you theyre, not bad, going up a bit higher lets. Try that obstacle avoidance again yeah its weird it wouldnt work indoors. How about from the back yeah its working. It bunched off me wont work indoors, but outdoors its okay. No, it wont work if you got led lights and those were my led grow lights and they – and this drone saw those and thats why it was crashing indoors and thats the flight time too folks, not a long flight time again. I really doubt that that is a 2 000 milliamp hour battery, stopping the video recording ill have to do it manually. I really doubt that is a 2 000 milliamp hour battery, because its not but oh no. It is a nice flyer, great for beginner pilots to learn the basics, especially learning the controls, um and the cameras not the greatest in the world, but it works, and the led optical flow system works its just that if youve got led lights in your house. A lot of people do these days.

This detects them. Okay. So keep that in mind, if youre, exactly wonky indoors turn off those led lights that you might have operating in the house, so, okay, its quadcopter 101, hope you enjoyed this flight quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter101 here again: hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel its real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out so give it a try.