You Korea was first to say first of one of my recent videos and thus was this shot at so congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of a neat new drone, the K F or the K F plane, KF 609 mini tang tang mini. What is the tech mini? Well, if you look at it it's another, you know Mavic mini clone. This is tiny. Little mat mini clone it's foldable as expected, but the real thing about this drone is this: is a beginner's learn to fly drone? This is nice little beginners learn to fly drone now this is available in four different versions and those include 4k without optical flow, 720p version without without optical flow, a 1080p version with optical flow and a 4k version with optical flow. Now I was supposed to get. I thought I was gon na get the optical flow version, but unfortunately the one I got does not have optical flow. However, it doesn't have a 4k camera. Well, not really. Okay, when they say 4k. The video that you actually get is 4k resolution. Well they're. The resolution they get is 4096 by 2160 pixels pixels record it to your phone, since there is no SD card on this, however, and it's a 15 frames per second. But you know looking at the video quality of this supposed 4k video it's, pretty obvious that it's really just 720p that's been interpolated to 4k. So you know, if you're, trying to debate between the versions to get particularly the versions without optical flow I'd recommend going for the the cheapest 720p version.

If the optical flow features not important and again, mine does not have optical flow, and this is how you can tell this little window dot or this little circular tab on the bottom here, that's, where your optical flow camera would be, if indeed it does have optical Flow so check her check yours when you get yours to make sure to see. If there is a camera there, if it's not you did not get the optical flow version now. What is the difference between optical flow, non optical flow that little camera? If this does have a little camera on, the bottom looks down at the ground directly beneath the drum, and it helps maintain the drones position automatically in hover without you needing to manually control hover through the joysticks. Now, since I don't have optical flow I'm, gon na have to manually fly this, but you know not. Everybody has the ability to do such, but you know, as a beginners learn to fly drone. I actually would recommend considering going with this version without optical flow, to help improve your flying skills. This definitely would do it. Okay, I mentioned the camera. The resolution in the cameras 4096 by 2160 sixty frames per second again it's interpolated from a much lower video resolution. You'Ll see that in the video footage, when we go flying, you can tell yourself is that release 4k video I'll tell you a file size. It is, but in actual quality its you can tell it's, not it's been interpolated wet, and that means electronically enlarged through the app actually yeah.

Does that other things with this much it's falling it's? Another big thing about this particular drone? This is actually a good thing about this particular drone. Is it has a nice sized battery three point, seven volt 1100 milli ampere hour battery that will give us up up to 15 minutes of flight time, with this particular drum we'll find out when we go flying. No marked down with the flight time is but additional features with this is it only weighs 113 grams and what that means is in most countries, in fact, nearly all countries. This does not require registration, it's, considered a toy drone and weighs under 250 grams in the US. I know that this does not require registration, so that's a selling point for it. Now the big selling point about this drone is the cost. All these different versions earn a thirty dollar price range started. A ' dollar price range actually 29 up to ' price range, which makes it very affordable for most people. You know a nice cheap, learn to fly drone with our prices right and now. Let'S talk more about the camera there's, the camera there, it can't be smen, ually, swiveled, up or down, but with your hand. Okay, when I said manually, that means you got to adjust it before you take off. I would recommend giving it a little bit downward pitch. So that you can avoid seeing colors in the video, but you know you said it like that and go fly.

It let's talk about the controller that comes with it. This is its controller. It takes three double A batteries that you insert in the back here like so three double A batteries now let's go over the switches. Now these switches are all labeled. Okay. This one here is for automatic takeoff and automatic landing, and if you hold it down for two or three seconds, it will actually stop the motors cause emergency stop and you use that feature. If you end up in a tree or in a bush to protect these little brushed motors, you want to cut us turn off. That motors immediately hold down this button here for about two to three seconds and that which I've done the buttons. The button on the right, if you move it, to click it to the right, this activates headless mode feature or if you hold it down for three seconds, it will cause the drone to do a one key return, what they call one key return now, that is Not a return to home and landing. What that actually does is what the whatever direction the drone was pointed at takeoff it's going to fly the opposite direction: it's going to come back the opposite direction. So if you keep the picture, the drones down in that general direction that you took off and you press that button, it may fly back in your general direction. However, if you're off to the left or the right, it actually might fly away from me, so don't depend on this particular feature.

Another thing that I don't kind of like about this idea is having this button right next to the emergency stop button, so I can see a lot of people saying: okay, if I try that one key return and they actually accidentally hold down this button, your drums Going to drop from the sky and break unfortunately so be careful. I don't recommend using one key return. Let'S say that okay, the buttons on the right this button here is your rights button. You press it and you can switch between beginner, intermediate and expert. If you hold down this button on the right, this is your flip button, click press of that and you can tell the direct and you press your joystick either forward or backward left or right, and the drone will do an actual flip now that's a new feature. That'S, actually, a really old feature on drones that I haven't seen for a few years and the reason being that it was removed for most Jones is it tends to cause motor burn. Ah, okay, particularly in these brush motor drums, it actually stresses the motors quite a bit, so you know I recommend using that feature quite sparingly if you do do that, but it is neat, features, show and impress your friends with say: look at my flying ability and You press the button and have it do an automatic flip. So, okay, one of the things you get in the package between besides the drum the controller, you get a charger for that battery notice.

The little plug on this charger and the plug on the battery is not your standard white, low C it's, actually a little pH 2.0 connector plug for the battery. However, you know since it's indented like this, you have to use this adapter, this particular controller. To use it unless you have an adapter cable that can plug into it, if you want to plug it into your better charger, if you do have such a charger that can charge pH 2.0. Okay, other things that we get in the package is a spare set of propellers two spare propellers let's, put it that way, one for the clockwise and one for the counterclockwise. Spinning motors you get a little screwdriver to help remove those propellers for that little that's where the propeller or inserted propeller screws. I don't know if that's, showing up or not but that's how you remove those propellers. If you need to you, get instruction manual, it's, actually a nice little instruction manual, readable, however, very tiny print it's printed, both Chinese and on the back and English on the front or vice versa. So if you want to say yeah, but again, the print is quite small. So if you have older eyes like me, you are going to need a magnet, find glass read it, which I did need to use to be able to read it. You also get a user manual for the app the ethel, and this uses the fyd UAV app, and i haven't mentioned yet, but this particular drum does not require 802.

11 AC Wi Fi. Instead, it uses standard 2.4 gigahertz Wi Fi, which means that most phones will work with this drone. You don't need a newer phone to use. This drone, like you, do with many of the other drones today, so that's, a good thing too. So that's the the K, F, 609 thing: let's, take it out into the field and see how it flies. Hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 and we were out of one one of my favorite flying fields for the flight of the K. F. 609. Dang mini okay. To start this up, all you need to do is there's an onoff switch on the top, and you press down and hold it till the lights come on and then put it on a flat level surface to allow it's gyros to calibrate, okay and then to bind The controller you need to turn the controller on and move. This left stick throttle stick up and down, and we are bonded to the drone in that we can see that the red lights are now solid in the back. Okay. Next thing I need to do is connect my Wi Fi to or my phone's Wi Fi to the drones, Wi Fi signal, okay and I'm gon na. Do that and then I'm going to open up the app okay. This is the fyd UAV app available in Google Play and iTunes. Now all I need to do is hit play and we double check to see if Wi Fi shows up.

If our Wi Fi signal we do have Wi Fi signal. I can see that now and if before you go fly and also make sure that the signal is not frozen. Okay, if it freezes up, you need to restart the app too, so I got okay and I'm adjust in the level of the camera. Okay, that seems to be good and we're doing good. There. Next thing to do is hit record on the app to record video in the upper left corner, hit that little video icon to make sure it starts let's, try it again: okay, it's, recording and again before takeoff double check that you still have video. Okay, that it is not frozen. I find that out earlier that you know trying it out last night that if you take off with it frozen it won't reset, it may take a while to reset okay. So the video is recording – and I can tell you right now – it does not look like 4k video, but keep in mind. This is a toy folks. Okay, don't expect to get true 4k video in a 30.00 drug that's, just not being smart. Okay, okay, we're gon na try the automatic takeoff button first and see if that works, pressing the button and there it is okay. Now again, mine does not have optical flow, so I'm going to need to fly this manually to maintain position, let's bring it around going up a bit higher and I still have video, which is good, so let's, take it up higher and try out the camera slowly Going up there's a little wind coming from that direction there so I'm gon na go upwind and then balance it there and then rotate to show the camera let's rotate it.

This is its camera, went through the Sun, of course, and bringing it back to me and the video images frozen. So if you go outside of range, you know expect video image to be very choppy and it is let's. Go back up. Wind let's go way up. Wind this time and I'm gon na go to a higher rate because of this wind there's second rate let's go up to there, plop it there and let it come down lower, go by me. So you know the camera again appears to be 720p. That'S been interpolated to a higher resolution than what it really is so again that's to be expected in a 30.00 drone, it's not gon na be true, 4k it's interpolated 4k, which means electronically enlarged it's, fine, actually very nicely. Okay, let me rotate it rotate. It rotate. It that way and coming down as in regards to be able to fly this fpv, now you're not going to be able to rely on the screen alone. To maintain your position because of the lag and the frame dropping that you're, seeing let's bring it around again. Bring it up closer this time, I want to go right about there Suns in my eyes, trying to hold it steady. They come up to the camera, turn it that way and say: oh you, like my shirt today, folks, okay, will that be it done? Let'S see how this flies. No, I wanted to try the flip button.

Let'S go over here, pressing flip button, letting look and telling it to flip there's a flip. Okay. I get. I have to see these in toy drones in a quite a few years by three years, flip buttons, normally left left flip buttons normally have been taken out because they tend to damage motors of these brushes little brush motor drones so usually it's best to limit those Flips, so you know what I want to do now is: I want to I'm gon na fly high speed and do some we're gon na try out the maneuverability of this drug. So I want to land it first and I want to raise the camera now. We are going to probably see some propeller in the video okay that's, because I got the camera angled up high but I'm doing that, because I want to fly high speed and it's gon na be tilted and I don't want to be seeing the ground in most Of this video, so I got a slightly tilted up so now. Secondly, let me stop that video and restart it. Video stopped. The video has restarted there. We go a second way to take. This off is just just: do a quick push up on the throttle and then let go to the throttle. Stick and the motors will start like so, and then you can manually take off by just pushing up. Okay, now that we got camera pointed up, I can still see the ground or see I'm hoping to see a better image.

Quality let's go over there and then go higher ice move. This thing moves okay. It moves like that. Let'S see. If I can do some trick, maneuvers like that it's, actually nice a little flyer, you know a lot of people poopoo these toy drones, but they are really good for to learning to fly. Okay, yeah, the price is right. You don't feel bad. If you end up in a tree, if you have a you fly too high and the wind takes it, just just a good price range is 30 price range for drones, trying those flips now that's the second. This is the second rate it's very maneuverable. The second is there, a third rate let's find out yeah. There is well thing really moves in third rate: Music, zum zum. Yes, his toilets could be fine. Didn'T. Take the tried to do a flip that's, my fpv toy it's, probably freezing will it regain navigating it, which is good let's, try to get that thing to do a flip in the forward motion. I did it going this way down through the Sun. Okay. I'M. Going to the second rate, the second rate seems to be in the most flyable of this now. This has other features too, like gesture control and um, really simple version of waypoints where you just draw on the screen, but that one you know to do that with this version without the optical flow would be be somewhat difficult.

Because again, I got a win today. Now an optical flow version. You could probably do that. The gesture control you just let go of the sticks that you can do this, but you see with my version without the optical flow. The wind is coming from this direction and it's blowing it like that. Let'S show you that again so it's kind of difficult to hold er one position in do optical flow. Let me just turn this toward me as it goes by me: that's, the wind blowing it folks. Oh there we go so again. How do you like my shirt today, folks, come down a little lower, so you can see it another? It goes to the winds blowing it away for 30 bucks. Again, I recommend, if you're, trying to learn to fly let's get the optical flow version. Get this one without the optical flow, the cheapest version 720p, if you can get the 720p version, because I know this doing this interpolation with an app is probably causing a lot of lag in this fpv video. So the 720p video is probably much smoother than what I'm seeing with this nice little flyer, nice little flyer for 30 bucks yeah there used to be so many when I started in this five or seven years ago, or five years ago, was the peak when they Had all kinds of great little 30 Flyers since you don't see that much anymore I'm. Glad to see this tell you the truth, because I really enjoyed them I'm enjoying flying this one zoom zoom, zoom where's that flip button again see it's enjoyable for 30 bucks.

I press the button twice let's. Try it again come this way coming down coming down, zipping it not a bad little drug we'll see what type of flight time we get out of this cuz I'm flying it really aggressive as they save client like I stole it. Great little drug okay in this son and is it still recording, there's, probably frozen by now, yeah the videos frozen from all the aggressive movies. The Wi Fi see if I could regain the videos, just slow it down and bring it close see. If we can get that video back – probably not I'm gon na stop that video recording right there unless we get it back again and we're, just gon na finish out the battery flying again great little drug to learn to fly, it does have altitude hold even the Cheapest version has altitude hold, so you're, not gon na get the full throttle management. You know learning how to do throttle management, but you will learn to use picture roll and yaw and you I do need to do the throttle adjustments even with the altitude hold, because these flight are speed, changes, cause pressure, changes on the barometer out to the old. So it's not entirely non throttle management, so let's bring it up close I'm trying to go into the wind here coming down, lower hold it up. My camera here try to hold it steady in the wind, actually very good for the price I kind of like it, and it is a long flyer what if they have a two or three battery version, not check that where you get replacement batteries for this, because It is a proprietary battery, although it uses a pH 2.

0 connector. Like I discussed, I don't know if you'd be able to do some modifications with pH 2.0 batteries in there look no more flips. That means our batteries getting load. That means the lights are probably flashing too let's bring it in see ya. They are, though, the white lights are flashing. That means the battery is getting low, giving us a warning that battery's low without flashing light, most drones that had the flip feature when whoa would not allow you to do any more flips. When the battery gets low in this, so does this one will fly it and until what don't want to fly no more, which is right about now Spears starting to slow down bad little drone let's go back there, one okay! This is the lowest rate enough of high speed flying I'm. Just gon na try to keep it steady, get some thumbnails what's, another drone that was similar to this, the ec 58. I guess that's another beginners realm, except that one became somewhat pricey and there's no reason for it. In my opinion, nice keeping them at the 30 yard range for the beginner fliers. Okay, what you gon na do you're gon na fall from the sky. Oh, no, your landing, that's it okay. What was the emergency? Stop? Hold this button now let's. Try that there you go so that's the flight of the K of six or nine, not a bad little drone, I kind of like it it's very maneuverable, nice little flyer.

This again is the non optical flow version, since it does not have that belly, camera and it's. Also, I guess the cheapest. The 4k non optical flow in the 720p optical flow. If you can get the 720p, if you you know, I just want to have for fun flying. I recommend going with the cheapest version of this, so hope you enjoyed this flight, this quadcopter on 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again, hey! If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it's real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that Bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when I release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.