I have a another drone to show you today. This was sent to me by the folks at banggood, its the kf plan, kf 101 uh folding drone with a three axis gimbal and well kind of get into a little bit of the specs here in a minute. But i want to show you uh what comes in the bag? I saw this on banggoods website. I just checked just now and it was like 175. So this is solidly in the bargain price drone category. It is a gps. Folding drone and uh does have a three axis gimbal again so uh, you know well see what kind of uh video we get with it uh, but uh lets uh lets. Take a look at the whats in the bag here, first off. Let me get this box out of the way so in the bag. Here you have get the ubiquitous piece of foam and then in the top here an owners manual and ive looked through this owners manual. I like it because its big its also some of the things the way they explain them in their are difficult to understand, so understand that youre going to be playing a part of this by ear. The other thing is, i noticed in this that they referred it to the drone as a visual drone. Visual is another brand. I i dont know if they made that for kf plan. I dont know what that connection is, but i suspect there is a twin to this thats thats, a visuo uh product.

So what do you get uh in the in the bag? Here you get. The drone itself lets pull that guy out and i already actually have already had this out of the bag, because i wanted to get the the battery charging uh, but but i havent pulled any of the plastic off yet so first time so lets uh lets pull That off and again its a folding drone so lets fold the arms out. So you get an idea of what it looks like here and you know: theres pretty good snap when they when they get into place and it does take a micro sd card. I already put, i just put an 8 gigabyte card in there. It shoots in im getting ahead of myself a little bit, but it shoots in 2.7k, its supposed to take 4k photos. So anyway, its not the its, not doesnt, shoot video in 4k and it is 25 frames per second, and there is a a sensor on the bottom here. It looks like a sensor. I dont know if its, i dont think its an obstacle flow and im just trying to decide if it has a piece of plastic over it or not ill ill figure. That out, it looks like an infrared sensor so anyway, well well, leave that as it may and then the the battery right here battery just clicks in right at the top, and let me look at it while were looking at that, its a 2500 milliamp battery, and I think they were claiming 25 minutes flight time.

Let me look at my notes here now, theyre saying 30 minutes, im telling you my experience. Is they always exaggerate a little bit if you get 20 minutes out of a battery youre, probably going to be doing good, and you know usually for me after 20 minutes of flying im ready to land the drone anyway uh. So it has instructions on the bottom. Here on how to get the gimbal cover off, so we did that, and we do see a three axis gimbal there uh that that moves in all three axes, and they also say that it has electronic image. Stabilization so well see well see how that looks, and it looks to me yeah. It looks to me, like theres plastic over that so ill have to remove that as well. So yeah thats about it brushless motors again, which you know youve, come to expect on. Almost all drones like now, you know not too many brushed motor drones, anymore and and brushless motors are definitely an advantage theyre more powerful. Some of the things that that they say about it is that its got a 1.2 kilometer range or then an optional three kilometer guys. I have no idea what that means. Is this the three kilometer or 1.2? I know often they will boost the range wi fi range of your cell phone through the controller and so lets take a look at the controller. One of the encouraging things about this controller is that that i can tell you ive looked in here and theres wires in both of these antenna, so that means that theyre both functional antenna.

So it leads me to believe that you will get some pretty decent range. Uh pretty simple remote here you know your your usual uh gimbal sticks and then you, you definitely have a led display there, just giving you your basic flight data, which is always welcome. You know dji cant put that on their rcn one, but these toy drone makers are close to toy drone makers can but anyway, buttons wise. You got on off and it does have an internal battery which i, like so youre, not putting a bunch of double a batteries in it. So you got return to home. This is to turn gps on and off and put it in headless mode uh. And then this is the button you push to start a compass calibration and then its got speed modes. I dont know if its two or three speed modes but thats what that button is for and then youve got on this side to start video, this side to take a picture, and you have right here, a scroll wheel to move the gimbal up and down and Thats, where you mount your cell phone right there, your mobile device uh, so you know i mean its a pretty standard, looking controller, it feels pretty good uh, so yeah lets uh. You know well well hope for the best looking forward to getting it out and flying it so also theres a box, and i am not going to open up this box for you, but what this guy has in it.

It has some extra props. It has a screwdriver and it has the uh ubiquitous usb8, usbc, cable in there for charging etc, and you will have to charge it. It is a uh and get this battery off again. There is a usbc port on the side of the battery for charging and plan about five or six hours to charge this guy. So youre really going to have to plan your flights with this drone because its going to take a while to charge it. And there is a usbc port on the bottom of the controller for charging it as well so lets see what else can i tell you about it? Uh, you know it. I dont know exactly what intelligent flight modes its going to have on it. I believe it has waypoints, and it says it will do tracking you know is that optical tracking or or tracking, the gps on your mobile device, i suspect, thats what it is: uh and yeah im sure itll probably have an orb mode, etc. When we get out to fly, it well dig into the app and figure that out and the name of the app. Let me uh see if i can find that real, quick. The app for this uh drone is called the vs gps pro, and so i havent looked at it much yet. I can tell you in there is theres qr codes in the manual for whether youre on android or ios, so you should be able to just be able to pick that right up, uh, so yeah.

I think thats about it for the unboxing here. Uh lets get this guy out in the field and give it a flight and see how it does hey. Okay, guys i uh when i got back from flying the kf 101, the kf plan, kf 101 drone id hoped to find, take a look at the video off the sd card. It was empty for whatever reason i dont know why it didnt record the sd card. I looked through the menus. I didnt see anything there that i had to enable or something not saying i couldnt miss something its possible. However, there was a cache video saved now it also is somewhat corrupted, for whatever reason you guys will see that i really my fpv feed was really horrible and lagging uh pretty badly and youll see the same thing in that cash video. So, for that reason, im not going to be able to sync up the cache video with the screen recording. So what you will see is the screen recording throughout most of the video then that cached video – i will put it at the very end when im doing my conclusion so anyway, just wanted to explain it to you and let you know what was going on there. Hey okay, im out in the field with the kf plan, kf101 drone uh were gon na, get this guy up in the air and try it out its uh. You know fairly mild today, im going to say in the mid 60s very little wind.

So really almost perfect conditions to try this guy out. The light is kind of flat so take that into consideration uh when youre looking at the video uh, but lets get this guy up in the air im, not sure what all features were gon na find in the app it was pretty sketchy in the instruction manual. So lets quit messing around lets. Get this bird in the air. Hey, okay, ive got the uh, the drone fired up and the controller fired up uh. You know very easy to bind the remote to the uh to the to the drone itself. So simply on the left: stick you go up to the top and then down it took probably 45 seconds or so and then we got it bound. And then you push this button down here to to start a compass calibration. I did three spins to the right with it uh horizontal and i got a beep. I did probably two and a half spins, then in the vertical position and got a beep, so we should be go good to go and then to do the gyro calibration its both sticks down and to the right that all went very smoothly. So now i just need to fire up the app and and get the uh make sure that its connected to via wi fi, so im looking on wi fi here and i cant remember what the name is. I wonder yeah there it is zgeis5g, so were going to connect to that.

There were connected so thats good im, going to start a screen, recording here, real, quick and im. Getting a little few drops of rain here, kind of interesting, uh, sun, shining and rain at the same time, only in idaho so lets see so then the app here, let me find it. It is the vs gps pro app so firing that up here connecting to aircraft, it says which is good, unconnected aircraft. So dont know what that means. Uh, i dont know were all were all connected: unconnected aircraft yeah. How do you? How do you enter there? Oh there there we go. We finally got it here. So oh and weve got uh, except for now its upside down, so the sd card needs to be formatted, so im going to do that on the screen. Let me take my phone out and put it in the other way. Okay, so i told it it could access my photos. First thing its asking is return to home altitude. 30 meters is fine, so im going to click save on that equipment connected. We have gps. It is in chinese – and i remember i thought initially i told it that i wanted to be in english and im looking to see if theres some place to do that here and i dont see it lets enter device again. Yeah setting success so im going to go into a photo here and lets. No, i was looking for a menu to format the card preview mode.

Full lets see what this is surrounding radius, so its set on five meters lets kick that up like that. I believe this is one of those drones that you have to set the uh the when youre doing a circle flight you have to set the radius so ive got it set at 14 meters. That should be good were going to save that setting success whats. The next one horizontal we did that already uh – we are not – we want to take it out of beginner mode and return to home altitude is set uh. What im looking for here is uh earlier. It had asked to format the card, and i just dont see that setting anywhere in there weve got 19 satellites. We should be good to go here. Let me see if i can put it in video mode and i did and we are going to start video recording now uh it didnt give me anywhere that i could see any way to change the video resolution. I believe its 2.7 k so supposedly it started. Recording im going to shut the door to my car here and let me make sure you can see it on the screen here, im going to back this camera up a little bit just so that you guys can see the takeoff here. Yeah you got it now were going to try a takeoff on the app here, like i said, 19 satellite 20 satellites now so its looking good.

So far, this thing for these kind of drones, this price range. This thing has been a piece of cake, so im hitting the take off button on the app and im sliding to take off, and so maybe i need to arm the motors first. So im going to arm the motors manually, both sticks down and in motors armed im, going to hit that take off button again yeah i get thats not working on the app so im going to do a manual takeoff, uh. Well, the motors quit so well start the motors again so were going to do a manual takeoff and i and it kind of moved up and down a little bit uh, but you know its moving around somewhat uh. You can see it on screen. There lets yawn around here and its moving up as it yaws. Yes, its moving around a little bit, but i mean its. I trust me ive, seen worse uh. So what i dont want it to do is uh go into the side of my truck, so were gon na keep it. It keeps wanting to go that way, im im, keeping it the other direction. Okay, lets see if we can bring it in here well ill. Tell you what its uh im not liking, how it keeps moving over towards my truck. I should have probably moved away just a little bit im going to try and bring it in, but it keeps moving that direction.

Whenever i yeah okay, it seems to be attracted to my truck for some reason. When i let go of the sticks, it just hits that direction. So when i im gon na point it this way, im going to push full forward thats a little better. Okay lets bring it down. I want to bring it in, so you can see it its actually kind of stabilized now so its feeling a little better. I just want to show you how that gimbal works and that gimbal seems to be operating. Pretty darn good im going to im going to do a little droney here so lets yeah if yeah, okay, the uh that camera is a little bit and its and i and theres definitely lag in the fpv, so were just going to leave that camera right. Where its at and lets see, if we can do a manual droney uh well, let me find out what speed mode it is so im going to hit the speed button here. Thats two that should be low speed. Then that was just one beep. So lets go. Reverse and up now reverse and up – and you know what this guy is doing – just fine uh lots of i i will say this lots and lots of lag in the fpv feed. However, uh its actually fairly clear, so im kind of messing around yeah, so there i dropped it down. Theres definitely lag in these controls and in the fpv feed, so youre going to want to keep that in mind other than that, i im telling you im liking.

The way it it seems to be flying okay, so im going to try some sideways moves here and thats good. It seems to be doing okay im looking here on the app, if it tells me what speed mode yeah so in the not on the app, but in the telemetry on the controller. It tells me that its in low speed mode so that now its in high speed mode, so it just has two speeds, so lets go up a little bit. I im telling you uh, you know, im getting lag in fpv uh, but so far the controls its kind of confusing me because of the amount of lag and fpv. But you know ive got eyes on the drone and controls wise uh its. It seems to be uh, not not a whole lot of lag so lets move forward. Here and again, you know im watching the drone move forward. Uh, horizontal speed, yeah boy were getting up to eight meters per second thats, pretty darn good im watching the drone. Its moving right along uh were about 25 meters high. That, like i said, the the negative here, is the lag on fpv theres, significant lag uh and the downside to that is its going to make it difficult to get your shot right. So when you, when youre trying to get a shot – and you got that kind of lag and so im trying to move the drone towards the corner – and i i just have to kind of take my time because by the time i see the direction that im Pointed on the fpv screen uh, you know it its.

It just takes it a while so im just doing it in little increments. I kind of want to go out to the corner here, so you guys are going to be able to see that on the screen recorder and, of course the big key is what were going to see with regard to so im going to stop right there, because I know i got some lag yeah now, look at that by the time it catches up im, almost yeah equipment yeah. I dont know what that beep was uh yeah. We got some a beep there and we are about it says: 760 meters away. We are not that far away im, just telling you uh ive, i were probably i dont know – maybe uh, maybe 150 meters away, so theres theres theres. Definitely oh boy and see like right. There i tried to get. It pointed back towards us and its just impossible, with this controller, to see where youre pointed so. Let me uh: do it again here see if i can get it back to us yeah now its kind of coming in a little bit better and im going to stop here and see how much yeah, okay so ive got. It vaguely pointed back towards us that that is a problem, because its really going to be hard to fly this guy. With that much lag uh in the uh within the uh fpv yeah and its you know, im telling you distance wise, its uh, its not nearly im looking at the drone right here, its saying its like 400 meters away and trust me its not uh, but it Im telling you its got plenty of power it its moving right along.

Okay, like i said that the biggest struggle here is uh, is just trying to uh trying to get the drone pointed because of all the lag in the fpv feed here. Yeah and just you, you saw it right there. I spun that thing around and it was uh. I mean its just its just ridiculous. You couldnt, i i i i really couldnt see it just makes it difficult to fly when its like that, so so much lag. So there you know im kind of guessing as to how much control stick. I have to give it in order to uh and in order to get it back to me and im looking you know, i ive got ive got visual line of sight on the drone. Uh, so that helps but uh still even you know, looking at what direction is it pointed and so forth is, is difficult, so thats a con thats, a big con on this guy, and you know you you might not have as much trouble on your device. I also noticed that uh, it must be using some processing power on my iphone because my screen is starting to dim and its. Not all that warm today lets bring it down here and lets see im going to get it. Uh pointed at me, i got another car coming in here, its funny when you know theres this huge, empty parking lot and its weird. I think when people see you doing something they naturally uh, they naturally want to come in and see whats going on so yeah.

The number of people have parked right where im at here, but thats all right its a public park. Okay, so were bringing it down and in so theres a little drone. Uh were about halfway through the uh the battery here. So we better get something done. I am going to uh see if we can uh walk out in the field here and see if we can try out some of the intelligent flight modes. So i may have to switch to my iphone audio when we get out here but well see so im going to back the guy out, so were back heading back out over the field grabbing a little altitude and well see whats in the intelligent flight modes. On this guy, i want to kind of get try some of that stuff out before uh. We use up the battery uh. You know the the big test is also going to be the video quality, so ive got high hopes for this guy. It does record to the sd card im not so worried about the resolution as long as its uh, clear, stable video, so im going to drop, see if i can drop the camera down Music there yeah, so you can see me down there now its again. You know its one of those things that, with this drone, its uh, you got so much lag in the uh fpv that its hard to tell where you are okay, i think, were far enough out here now: yeah one more click down and again im.

If im getting lag on fpv here, one more click down uh, you know so i dont know well. Yeah thats gon na have to do uh lets go into the menu here. If i click on that little cube yeah there we go vr, waypoint flight gps. Follow lets do uh surrounding and uh that should give us an orbit. Well, maybe i clicked it and it went away so lets. Try that again, yeah guys, i i click on it and yeah. All it does is uh make the menu disappear, so uh yeah there may be something im doing wrong. Well lets try uh lets, try follow me. Real, quick and im always a little nervous about that. Its gps. Follow me so lets see what it does yeah its. Not following anything so i dont know why im not sure why its not taking commands on the on the on the app here so well lets go to waypoints and see what it gives us then lets uh lets see lets see if we can do some Music Im looking for how to do it here, yeah way, point one: oh there you can set the speed and the altitude okay residence time 60 seconds. Well lets just do a couple, quick ones: Music, okay and lets then hit go. I presume hit the slider there and did it take the command yeah its not taking any commands here. Uh on this app, so im not sure whats going on were going to get out of that were just going to go back into regular flight here so guys with regard to the intelligent flight modes.

It just doesnt seem to be taking those commands, so i dont know i can try it one more time here and look and see what we might be doing wrong. Yeah that just made one go away: Music yeah, please confirm so im sliding yeah. I mean it seems to be getting it on the app but uh, but its not doing it. So i just got rid of everything. There were gon na go back and lets just fly it around a little bit. Im gon na go back to uh back to my car and uh. Try it its funny trying to point this guy. It is just hilarious, uh theres, so much lag that its just all but impossible. Okay, uh lets, put it in low speed and lets see. Let me get some altitude here just to be on the safe side. Rain seems to be pretty good, were up about 32 meters lets uh lets, go full stick forward and lets see what we get uh in low speed mode, yeah horizontal speed, its saying about uh. I dont know about five meters per second, so thats pretty good for a low speed mode. I would say uh the only thing that i can probably have an issue with. Is the distance meter uh there? There is no way were 300 and uh, almost 400 meters away, so uh yeah, i dont know what the deal is on that uh, the controls theres, not that much lag in the controls.

What theres lag in is in the fpv screen, and that is just frustrating is all get out because it makes it almost impossible to smoothly fly the drone. Okay, so im back in high speed mode again, weve got 19 satellites and and also im telling you the uh whats odd, is the telemetry on the controller agrees with the telemetry on the map, but but im just telling you that is not uh. That is not correct, so were back in high speed mode. Let me just see if i can im gon na try and fly it here around yeah. I dont know if that beeping was warning me, oh, its probably a low battery beep lets hit return to home. I hit return to home and it is coming back and its coming back its making some time here, its not messing around lets im bringing trying to drop the camera down again. We got some lag, but you know what the return to home. I mean it took that command immediately so flight time there im, showing weve, been recording for 16 minutes thats, not bad for a drone like this, i would say: if you want this drone, i would definitely i would definitely get a couple of batteries and of course, My biggest concern is that it tries to land on my truck here so, and i dont think its going to im making sure that its far enough the other way and it and it did it – did uh take commands on the sticks.

While it was in return to home im going to pick that camera back up and there, you should be able to see me standing there, and you know what. Of course, i moved it over, but its its pretty darn close to the pad uh. So im gon na stop recording im gon na tell you that that is important on a drone like this. If you dont, stop recording before you shut off the drone, youll very likely corrupt, the file and may or may not be recoverable, so were going to stop. Recording and that should save everything to the sd card its funny now, once we land it, i see the battery percentage kicked up a little bit, oh, but it is saying at the top of the app low electricity, which is good uh. So, anyway, let me get everything shut down and well do a quick conclusion: hey, okay, the kf plan, kf 101 uh kind of a mixed review here, uh. You know the drone itself flew fine. I i so appreciated how easy it was to get in the air. One of the big problems i find with a lot of these lower priced drones is trying to do the calibrations and getting connections, and so forth can be difficult. This guy, it was very smooth, very easy to do followed the instructions in the manual. It worked perfect. The compass calibration and, as you saw, we had no issues with it toilet bowling or doing any kind of weird movements while up in the air the controller.

It responded well to the controls other than just so much significant lag in that wi fi fpv feed. Coming back to my phone, it made it all but impossible to fly it smoothly, because when youre trying to turn or something there was so much lag that you couldnt you just never could see where it was pointing. Now now, if you were looking up at the drone – and you knew where the head was and so forth, you can you can fly it that way. The other issue that we had was that i couldnt get into any of the intelligent flight modes. We were certainly connected, i mean with the app because obviously we had fpv, uh and and so forth, but it did not respond to any other the controls in the app i mean the app seemed to be working right, but the command didnt seem to get to The drone when we tried to do an automated takeoff when we tried to do any of the other automated features an orbit, a follow me or even a little waypoint mission. It just wouldnt accept those commands, so im not sure what to say about that. Would it uh, you know if i had just rebooted the app would it have been all right? I dont know i only have one battery for it, so you know i just did what i could with the with a single battery uh flight time. Im going to say is okay, you saw we got about.

I had the recorder on, we were recording for about 16 17 minutes. I think they im trying to remember what they said. I think they said 25 minutes flight time. Let me tell you they all exaggerate. So 16 minutes flight time or 17 minutes is perfectly acceptable. Uh, if you want one of these id, get it with a couple of batteries, because youre going to want to fly probably a little bit more than that now. The big thing for me is: how is the video quality going to look? You guys will have seen it already. I have the sd card yeah somewhere here, theres the theres, the sd card right there. There were no adjustments with regard to uh the resolution, so i could not choose like 720 or 1080., its its a the its its its something like 24, something by 1080 or the resolution. It was an odd resolution number but uh im not actually so concerned about that. What we want is good, uh, stabilized, clear video, so hopefully thats what well see when i get it back and again, you guys have already seen it uh. So i guess thats about it. I again ive seen this on banggood and banggood as who sent this drone to me. I think it was 179 179.99 or something like that. Pretty close around 180, not a bad value, the only the only caveat im going to throw in there is without better without all that lag and fpv, and you may have a different experience.

It could just be my setup, my you know it may not like my iphone, who knows so again. You may have a different experience than i did other than that i like the drone. I mean it flew great. It responded to controls well and in fact, ill. Even take it a step further, this thing responded better to controls than most other drones in this price category and was more stable. So i was very happy with that speed. Wise was good. Oh, the other anomaly was, for whatever reason, the distance meter, the the height, seemed to be pretty accurate, but the distance uh was way out of whack. You know it was showing me out in the corner of the park over there at like 780 meters or something like that, and i know for a fact its about 180 meters to that corner of the park so anyway take that for what its worth, not the Most important thing, but uh uh, really: oh thats, the other thing i should mention really no connection issues at all, which is huge on a drone in this price range, so thats, another big positive for this guy uh, so anyway, thats about it. This is marcus crawford with the idaho quadcopter channel out and if you like, this kind of content uh, please consider subscribing my channel. Most of all, i appreciate you taking the time to look at this video and yeah uh if youre interested ill put a banggood and affiliate banggood link down below the uh kf 101 kf plan.