This is uh 8k version. This is not the 4k version, so it has a lot better. Quality of camera. 16 megapixel camera and its foldable grown, so you can unfold it and foldable props. So lets fly the south here im here in a beach um very sunny cool day, but im a little concerned about the breeze and the wind here lets, try and see how it performs its very windy. So the drone is already connected with my wi fi and heres. The app we are using and the app is called vs gps pro. So lets start calibration, make sure you always calibrate your drone and wait for at least 8 bars of gps signal before you fly. Actually it doesnt fly before that, so make sure you are calibrating it properly. Otherwise, the drone might not take off unless youre flying indoor mode with optical flow, so turn your drone clockwise or anti clockwise. It doesnt really matter till you hear the beep and then nose up and then turn it three or four times, and you are gon na hear another beep and your drone is all set so all set here. We need to press start button to power on the engine and then you can take off. You can see it is windy here, but the drone is pretty stable, so thats because of the gps, but i can see its fighting with winds. Music. Yes, its fighting with wind, you guys can see Music, so the picture here you see is from the sd card from the drone.

However, this is not 4k or 8k. This is 1080p because some of the video is shot on 1080p camera. So i was not able to export it in 4k. Also. I found out that the 8k version of this drone is 8k for photos, but if you want to record videos thats 4k, so previously we had another version which was 4k. That means that the picture was 4k and the video recording is 1080p on the previous version, so i can see definitely its a little better picture. Also. The image stabilization is awesome in this one. I appreciate the gimbal a lot so here you can see even because of the winds. My drone is flying all over, but the picture is very stable, so this is very good job kf plan, Music, uh Music. It is a little hard to control it because its too windy, so i pressed the home button on my drone. It arrived on the spot, but, as you guys can see, i crashed it. Look it crashed guys. I crashed. It was looking for home, but good thing. Is it doesnt matter with this drone? You just need to unfold the arms and it should be good to go. There are some scratches here, but it doesnt matter so its still connected and good to go Music. Now the gimbal is not balanced after the crash. Now we are gon na go back to the calibration and press the first one make sure the drone is stable and the gimbal will fix itself, never touch it with your hands because you may break the gimbal.

So i tried the second time and this time i was flying lower to the ground, because i wanted to have more control over the drone, and this time i was flying very nice no problem and also the landing was smooth Music overall. Its a great drone, excellent drone. I love it. The only problem with this is the fpv range, which is only about 500 meters, and the control range is about a kilometer, its okay. For me, because in my country, im not allowed to fly over 500 meters – and i am always required to have visual line of sight. But if you are looking for more professional drone, then i recommend the hubsan xeno, where you can control the shutter speed. Iso and aperture manually, you can click the link at the end of this video to see the review of apsenzino and heres what you get inside this box. Okay. So here we have the drone and the remote control. The drone is orange. This time. Okay, there you go heres the drone, beautiful drone, kf plan. I like this drone. It comes with brushless motors and also three axis gimbal camera, which i really appreciate it when you are uh. Looking at drone for camera always look for one which has three access, gimbal or at least two axis gimbal, because that way it gives you more professional. Look on your camera footage, so this comes with 2xl two axis gimbal pardon me and the third axis gimbal is actually electronic image stabilization inside it, but i prefer the gimbal is better.

Okay, lets open this okay, i got with micro sd cards. The good point is they have given me for free. So here is the micro sd card slot um it records 4k and 8k, so the upgraded version has a better camera and they use different app. Now it has a lot of features im going to show you guys so uh. The upgraded version of this is actually better camera and a different app, which has a lot of different features. You guys have already seen it and it comes with a 8k quality camera. Now so the camera quality is 8k here, and it has an optical flow sensor on here and theres an led light. So if youre flying on night, it gives you a nice led brightness to make sure you can land them properly and the battery is very heavy. But its 7.4 volt of 222 milliamp battery the charge is about 25 minutes um. Okay, you can fly around 25 minutes with one battery. I got just one battery for myself by the way. Okay, i like the lightings here. Let me turn it on and show you guys see the lightings. These are my favorite and then this is the led light. I was talking about just by keep pressing it. You are gon na turn. It off again were gon na. Take a look at this later. Music inside the box um, you are gon na get this charger. This is the charger for the drone im gon na talk about this later.

This is the screwdriver, some extra propellers and pretty much thats it, but there are little screws as well. So when you install the propellers, you are gon na need them: okay, okay, for a minute. This is the remote control guys. I really like the remote control. It comes with antennas, but the antennas are just for decoration. They are useless, um and also there. You can attach your phone here so theres a spot for that this remote control. This is the gps button, so you can jeep turn on the gps or you can turn it off and fly indoors. But if your gps is on and youre not properly calibrated or your gps signal is low, your drone may not fly so. Keep this in mind when youre on gps mode make sure you calibrate the drone properly. So here you, you have two buttons on on the top, so this is for the camera angle. You can tilt it down or you can tilt it upwards. This button is one key return home. You need to press it for three seconds for returning home press it for a second, and this is a button for calibration. If you want to manually calibrate the drone, so you can just press it and thats it uh. This is one key take off landing. This is for uh picture and video, so if you just click it its photo, if you keep pressing it its video recording – and this is to turn on the engine – the drones engine pretty much easy – it comes with a nice case guys.

I really like the case.