uh. Let me go ahead and just play this video that i made now its not as fancy as yours. I didnt do a fancy moves, because what i did was i put on one quad, yeah, the nine and then the ten, but i think it was backwards, but it was a lot of weight, so i bet uh thats. What she said here is me, comparing the video here in in the daytime in the daytime. Okay ive got both the hero 9 and the hero 10 on the quad. Its a little heavy. The hero 9 is here. Hero 10 is here and its a little windy. Im not going to get too fancy uh lets see what it looks like in the daytime, all right, so ken your impressions and now this by the way just to let you know this is 4k 60 linear. I like i like linear. I know you dont, like linear cam. I am a super view. Guy yeah, i dont like everything, looking fishy eyed. Well, i use a lens distortion correction when i do mine, so my first impressions with the hero 9 hero, 10 uh. At first glance, i dont think somebody will really really notice until you get close to objects when you start getting close to the trees. I notice that theres more detail in the leaves and the blades of grass agree agreed. It feel like the 10 captures that data like better at a higher speed, especially for fpv thats, where i see the wind color wise.

It looks pretty much similar. The stabilization is just leaps and bounds better though leaps and bounds better yeah yeah, it is and uh it looks like it has a wider field of view on the tent just a little bit slightly yeah. You can tell with those clouds its just slightly different by the way. This is my neighborhood in case you didnt notice, okay yeah, i just want to visit just show up. You dont have to call first yeah just just stop by uh. You dont have to call, or anything just show up cool all right. Yeah i mean i just come on through. I have free um 45 rounds for anyone who just shows up so just come and get your your round and get come, get some and yeah thats. Not my car just to let you know thats my radio stations car. They were very nice to let me use while my awesome car is being fixed. Oh thats, really, nice that they did that. How far are you gon na drive each day, uh, zero? Okay? Yeah? Oh you you just you work right from the house. I do i from this very microphone. I do the radio show that is outstanding. That was so nerve wracking. It was nerve wracking. I was afraid to flip it or do a dive just because its a lot of weight on this thing you could see it was very floaty, but uh hope you could tell the difference here.

What do you think ken? What do you think ken? I think your skin tones look better on the hero 10. yeah, like if you look at your skin, i noticed like youre youre, were better exposed here, a lot less red. You always like the hero. 9. I just feel like gopro makes your skin look really super plasticky um, not that i dont ever use it for vlogging or anything like that, but if you were going to, i think the 10 does do better in that regard. So my perfect, my perfect porcelain skin, shows up better on the 10. on the 10 yeah. Okay. Now, what do you think about low light with it? Have you done low light? Uh comparison? Have you flown it its it? I have its its just marginally better. Okay, i i did a little flight with that one as well. Lets lets go ahead and check this out. Take a look. The display already looks better on the 10 for some reason, just the display, but its uh just so. This was dusk like not even the golden hour, a little bit past schmutz. I got a little bit of schmutz on the lens there yeah whats there, oh yeah yeah, im all about that schmutz its sort of interesting as you look at this footage like the the hero 9 looks just like the slightest bit warmer yeah. You can typically tell it in the sky, but its almost i mean night and day as far as detail, yeah yeah.

I know the detail night and day for sure i i dont know i sort of prefer the sky on the 9, but i i like i like the exposure on the tent its its sort of a a weird thing. Look at all those birds, ive gotten a bunch of birds. They always fly over that church at dusk and i forgot yeah, but you can see the shadows underneath the carport. There are a lot better: oh yeah thats. That was a good example right. There yeah and the silhouette seems a little more detailed in the Music. What about the doofus on the porch and the slippers yeah its easier to make them out with the hero? 10 yeah sure you can really tell how cool he is more with the hero. 10.. Yeah yeah, how do we produce are those loafers horizon that stabilizations nuts hows the tilty thing? Okay, do you ever like stop and think about like the things we do when were making videos? Oh yeah, just thumbnails? I was thinking about yesterday, im, like god. This is just not normal stuff like im making these faces like im. Making these constipated faces. Oh yeah, i dont do those. I dont do those kind of thumbnails but ive seen people theyre like like. If i was going to do this phone itd be like yeah yeah, you know because thats what you have to do to get peoples attention like. Oh this guys this guys taking a in the thumbnail wow, we better watch this video got ta watch it.

I got ta sit, there ill sit there and psych myself up ill, be like all right. What emotions going through my mind and im like like just i dont know. I go through a lot of emotions like if i had a camera on me, which i do, but there they were. It would be interesting, maybe ill do that maybe ill do that in my next thumbnail, just as a just as a joke. Next one give me a little face or something yeah like like uh like like. I just had the big o. You know uh and and im talking about this awesome little radio thats. What ill do you always got? Ta do it yeah i have to now.