Today, transport canada issued a safety alert directed at drone pilots via their civil aviation safety alert newsletter system. Frankly, i doubt that many drone people actually subscribe to this newsletter, since it is usually an endless series of alerts about loose nuts on cessnas and stuff like that, but regardless im sharing it here, long story short unless you are explicitly authorized to participate in firefighting, keep Your drone at least 9.3 kilometers five nautical miles away from any forest fire, otherwise you can be fined or thrown in jail, and this applies to drones of any size, including sub 250 gram. Drones like the dji, mavic mini or mini 2., just stay away. Why? Because there are likely to be helicopters and water bombers flying low and fast, every which way and a drone could easily interfere with such a flight and if they see a drone, they ground the water bombers needlessly delaying the whole operation and endangering lives and peoples property. So what should you do? Number one? If you see smoke or flames, dont fly your drone simple, two check for no tams indicating no fly zones for drones or other aircraft. No tam zones are visible on drone pilot canada. Now, by the way, the safety alert did not even mention no tams. I dont really understand why. Maybe they dont think people look at them, im, really, not sure anyways. You know theyre there so check before you fly and finally in case that isnt enough, there is an interactive map that shows active forest fires check that too, before you fly ill put the website in the description below this video bottom line, stay away from forest fires With your drone, dont put firefighters lives at risk or cause needless delays in their brave efforts.