We have the key lead: e525 pro mini drum. This was a request from someone that commented on a previous video on the xkj um video that i did and you requested that i’d get this and do a little review on it, so that’s what i’ve done i’m just going to open it up, as you can See it comes with the carrick case. I hate to pay a little bit extra for that now before i carry on with the video. I just want to mention that i will be giving this drone away after this video is finished. All you have to do to enter is comment below and on the first of next month, which is april, i will put all the names into random.org and have it choose one name at random and then i’ll message that person and we’ll get it sent out to So yeah let’s carry on so this is the bag that comes in. You have to pay a little bit extra for the bag. Now i paid a little bit extra for the bag and a little bit extra for a 1080p camera um. I know for a fact it’s not going to be 1080p um, but i bought the 1080p version just to show you that it, you know it won’t be i’ve placed it alongside my mavic minute and my computer mouse. This is a standard size computer mouse. Just to give you an idea of the size of the drum you, probably you probably can’t, see, but it weighs 110 grams.

Approximately it keeps going up and down the the xkj. I believe was it just i can’t, but it was. I think it was. I have to look, then i’ll have to put that on screen um, but i think this is heavier than the xkj, which is surprising because it doesn’t feel heavier if i’m honest. The overall feel of it is a little bit flimsy. The xkj, for example, in a previous video um, even though that was lightweight it, felt strong and it felt stirred, and it felt like a good quality drone. This one is sturdy, but it’s a bit lightweight and it just feels like i could break it easily. You know what i mean um. The on button is here: um it’s, not an actual button or a touch sensor. You have to perhaps press into the shell of it and to turn on and turn it on and off, which is a little bit odd. But there you go, the battery is in the rear, yeah just pull that out. As you can see, the um charging port is there and we use our charging cable to charge it two hours charging time for 15 minutes flat. Damn it has infrared sensors here which stops it from crashing into obstacles. Oh well, that works. I don’t know i don’t really want to test it out because i’m giving this drone away. I don’t want to break it. The controller has a multitude of functions and you can sit your phone here i’m, not too sure that my phone will fit that to be honest, um, you can fly it with your mobile phone or you can fly it with just the controller itself.

As you can see, see there’s a bunch of buttons on there, you’ve got all your trim buttons. You’Ve got um your obstacle avoidance button. There turn it on power and directional, and we have um one button, take off um one button land and one button return arm. I believe that one is um. We have one these two here we have the barrel roll on this side and i believe this side is for speed. Adjustment, see that’s pretty much how your controller works. We have this little leaflet here detailing to get the app and all the functions of the app the only function we’ll be using is the record function function. Sorry and that’ll be just to show you. You know the quality of the video, etc, etc. Um the instructions had a quick look of the instructions. They’Re very they are easy to understand. Actually, surprisingly, usually they um they are difficult to understand, but this one seems to make perfect sense in all ways. Um i’m, going to put this on charge for 90 minutes. Make sure it’s fully charged you’ll need three excuse me. Three air batteries for the controller we’ll get some put in there now i’ll get the app on the mobile phone and we’ll get these batteries charged and we’ll. Try and get some video footage um and see what the camera is like. I think i’ve covered everything else, um yeah, something i missed is that i mean it’s quite obvious, but that’s the on button for the controller.

As i said overall, it does feel quite flimsy. Um a lot flimsy than the xkj um, but we’ll give it a bash we’ll, get it flying and show it um how it works. Oh, it works out for us just quickly something i didn’t pick up on until um no i’m just about to film some footage, and i realized that the camera you can move it i’m doing this with one hand, so you can actually move it to whatever angle You want, you can only move it up and down, but um that’s handy you can manually, move it it’s, not automatic in any way um so yeah. That would be quite helpful. So what i did was, i took the drone out in the car and i held it with my hand just to get some footage. I thought it’d be easier than you know, trying to record some footage. I’M fired at the same time, so, basically just holding it in my hand here and, as you can see, it’s absolutely terrible quality. It would never be perfectly great anyway, because there’s no onboard memory card so you’re doing this you’re recording on your phone um wirelessly now and you can see the quality here – isn’t great and the phone is right near the drone. If the drone was set foot feet in the air um, the signal quality would be less. Therefore, the video quality would be less than it would be even worse than what you’re seeing right now, um so yeah.

I didn’t film much because it’s just not worth the effort but as you can see, it’s not the best Music quality. Okay. So if you remember the um xkj video well, if you watched the xkj video, you remember that i did the recording in a graveyard, which many of you will find a bit strange. But the thing about your graveyard is it’s, peaceful and there isn’t kids and dogs and things running around you um yeah, so i’m gon na do a bit of filming here now it is a bit windy. I’M checking a chance here. I mean i’m, giving this drone away um. So i’m i’m really hopeful it’s not going to get broke, but it is a bit breezy but i’m taking the chance, because, honestly, the weather has just not been great lately, and this is the sunniest day. We’Ve had for a while, so i’m gon na give it a shot okay, so the drone switched on the controller’s switched on um. Now i haven’t checked how you, when you get going, but usually what you do is you push up? I think and then push down and then push up and it would start off or maybe just down and then up to start it off um. So yeah, like i said, it’s a little bit breezy but we’re going to give it a shot. Um make sure you place it where it’s, not. You know where the blades are not gon na hit anything so that was up and then down just check, see our trim.

Buttons are here, um, so just make sure you wear where they are. So when it’s in the air – and it starts to veer off to one side or whatever you can adjust to um, get it back where you want it so i’m going to take off now, hopefully, you’ll be able to see it. I’Ll, lift the camera up a bit uh. Oh, oh lots of frozen. This is much easier to fly than the xkj and it hovers quite well. Actually, it is veering off slightly i’m having to to pull it back well. This is actually quite easy to fly, which is really as surprising, wait a shot there, sir. Well, that has really surprised me. Usually, the cheap drones are a little bit difficult to fly um this one’s, not too bad at all. It does it. It does try to do its own thing um, i could say he’s trying to get away from me there but i’m having to pull it back. The wind is blowing against it a little bit don’t. You can hear that um. I can’t remember the distance i’ll put it on the screen um for you, speed and things like that on the screen. You’Re not gon na, be able to see it now. I don’t think Music take a look a bit um, you can see in the sky there. What it’s done, though, it’s out to range, because it’s going to range it’s landed itself, which is pretty good it’s over there somewhere, so the range isn’t brilliant? I mean what what’s that about it’s, probably about 100 feet from me now and what it did was.

It landed itself because it lost um connection with the controller, which is a pretty good thing. I didn’t expect it but that’s a good thing. I didn’t know that was a feature of this, so i’m, just gon na go and get it well. I was going to go and get it i decided well, i am going to go and get it, but i was going to get it off camera, but i decided to walk to it. To give you an idea how far it is or how far it got before it landed itself so i’d say roughly: it was roughly 100 feet before it dropped down slowly from the sky and landed in the grass. Hopefully that’s not damaged the propellers. I don’t think it would have done as you can see there. It is, then, you can see the tripod for my camera is somewhere there anyway. Okay, so we’ll have another go um, this time, i’ll try and not panic and i’ll. Try and use the trim buttons to get it to come into line i’ll just move on camera there. While i do it Music, doesn’t, look a bit better. It’S, hovering well seems a little bit hit and miss Music. The wind does dab down a little bit, bring it back. It is doing as it’s as i want it to right now. So what i’m going to do is you see how it flies? Um i’m going to end it, though so honestly, i don’t want to push me with it.

I don’t want the wind to grab it and then break it because i’m, giving this away so we’ll end it there and it is flies out. It should look a bit temperamental, but i think that just makes it more fun. I mean i have a mavic mini um, which is exactly as you want it to do. So if you want something that’s a little bit challenging, this is a cheap option for you. If you break it, you’ve not lost that much money and so we’re going to stop it. There i’m going to press the uh well i’m, going to put it over the grass in a second in a second a little bit over the grass i’m going to hit the firm, the land button. You can see it drop yeah as you can see that dropped and then flipped over.