I ride to clear my head of all the daily stresses and responsibilities and there’s one particular kind of riding that clears it better than any other picture. This you head out of town towards the nearest wilderness, a place that has no light pollution at night and where the four legged inhabitants vastly outnumber the two legs, the twisty country, road winds into the hills, the farms give way to forest. The trees grow. Thicker, the homestead’s more sparse, eventually, the blacktop turns to gravel and lakes that were carved out by the ice age, glaciers, dot, the landscape, the gravel turns to dirt, which winds through mossy muskeg and over rolling hills. The ancient remains of a mountain range. The trail gets rougher muddier, more treacherous, the going slower the forest closes in now. It takes all of your concentration to keep the bike moving. Everything peripheral leaves your brain as you flow or bounce through the wilderness, using your skills, such as they are to keep the bike upright and going straight soaked in sweat, standing on the pegs shifting your weight this way and that to avoid the worst of the rocks And mud you relish in the feeling of riding where most motorcycles dare not tread. Every difficult section is a triumph. Every mile, a conquest, man and machine become one up through the pines down through the ferns. You find that narrow two track. That leads you to your camping spot where the sun shimmers on the lake during the day, the stars blaze in the night sky and the only sound is bird song and the rustling of leaves you’re, sweaty, exhausted and sore and after you pitch your tent and build Your fire you sit down and take in the motorcycle that got you there.

What bike? Is it an r1250 gsa? Well, if that’s the case you’re a much better rider than i am because i would not want to wrestle a 600 pound bike over that terrain, nor risk one that expensive here’s another option i spent a week and more than a thousand kilometers with the kawasaki klx 300 and rode plenty of pavement, gravel, dirt and single track, so let’s take a look at this most modest, yet surprisingly, capable motorcycle, oh and as usual, if you’re, enjoying the content. Please, like subscribe, do all the stuff we’re also on the gram, which is where we share the latest doings with the channel and what’s coming up so feel free to give us a follow. Now, let’s check out this new cowie it’s been an uneventful year in motorcycling. What with the pandemic and many new models were delayed or even cancelled due to current market conditions, but thankfully kawasaki kept things rolling with the introductions of a couple of new klx’s and a new klr 650 we’ll. Look at the most off road capable of these bikes. The klx 300, this bike is the evolution of the old klx 250, which sat in a class known as dual sport trail bikes, not adventure, bikes or enduros trail bikes are inexpensive, light motorcycles that can be ridden to and on the trail and require much less maintenance Than the more hardcore dirt bikes, there are a bunch of less expensive options than this, but at the top of the trail bike heap sit the suzuki drz 400, the newly updated honda crf 300l and the klx 300.

yep. The yamaha wr250r is kaput. As of this year, so, given the limited choices, the klx 300 is a highly anticipated bike. Some details, the bike – is light the lightest in class of 304 pounds. How much does the abs version weigh nothing, because there isn’t one kawasaki ain’t messing around they made this one for the dirt. Does it feature any other technology yup it has wheels and an engine also included, are lights, a seat for your butt handlebars and a dash which shows you, the usual lights, your speed, the revs, an odometer and two trip meters? Oh and it has some cool tucked in passenger pegs, and all this can be had for 6.5, canadian thousand dollars that is or 5.6 american. If you’re south of me, so pretty bare bones. But then you don’t pay a lot of bones for it, and the two things that make this bike stand out among its peers are the low weight and the good suspension best in class. In fact, and coincidentally, those are the things that are most important when riding off road, i had the press bike for a week and immediately took it to the trails, forget the feeling out process. I hit the loose sand and single track on the first day and i have to say i was immediately impressed. The forks are compression damping, adjustable and rock 10 inches of travel, while the shock is fully adjustable and squats just over 9 inches.

Ground clearance is just under 10 inches, which is a little lower than the outgoing 250. A bit odd, since seat height has gone up to 35.2 inches, but numbers don’t tell the whole story. I never scraped this bike on anything and it handled terrain that would have had lesser bikes, squirming and getting thrown about. I haven’t ridden the crf 300l yet, but i have a feeling that its suspension adjustable for preload in the rear only will not be anywhere near as good. You can see where kawasaki skimped on the dash and updated styling to make sure that this bike has the best suspension in class. I have to say that it’s impressive, deep sand, it plows right through ruts and rocks no problem single track, yep and all the roads connecting these. They were fine too. So the bike is great on the trail, where the suspension handles the rough stuff without excessive pogoing and keeps the bike planted gravel dirt, it’s overqualified for them and can easily be pitched into tight. Turns by shifting your weight on the pegs twisty pavement. It did fine. There too, yes, there is considerable dive under braking, but every bike in this class does that long travel forks come with trade offs. If you want a small bike, that’s great on pavement get a ninja 400. So what is the new engine like here is where we get into nuance. I would describe this 292 cc liquid cooled single as agricultural.

This bike has been around and it’s 250 guys for 15 years and feels old school, the single clatters and thumps and above 6500 rpm. You can feel the vibes it does not feel refined. Like the 286 cc honda crf300l motor, an engine i know, will because it powered my wife brooks cb300f, where the honda is slick and refined. The kawasaki is clattery and raucous, where the honda likes to rev, the kaui pulls hard down low but runs out of steam. Up top, this is telling me that kawasaki tuned the motor for the dirt. It has a surprising amount of torque down low and several times it managed to pull me up hills when i almost bogged it down with poor gear selection. My initial impression is that kawasaki made an off road focused motor, while the honda will be better for on road riding, where the higher revs count for more i’m picking up brook’s new crf 300l rally around the time. This video airs so i’ll. Give you the definitive answer when i review that bike. A comparison is definitely in the cards, whether you like the klx or the crf better will depend on how you ride the bike. I suspect the klx will have the edge off road and the honda will be a better pavement bike. The klx is fine on pavement, but the lack of top end makes passing on a two lane, an affair which requires some planning let’s just say it.

Ain’T no ninja 1000. Music on the highway expect to top out at 130 kilometers per hour or about 80 miles per hour less if there’s a headwind or a hill it’ll, get you there, but it wasn’t made for the blacktop on dirt is brilliant. So other details, the looks it’s hard to tell it. Apart from last year’s, 250. it’s not terribly dated and looks more modern than a drz 400 honda updated the light on its asian crfs and then gave europe and america the old headlight design so which one you like better will come down to colors and headlight shape. The kowi comes in green or camo, i like the camo, but the green will be more visible on the road, so i’ve covered the good now is there anything that kawasaki could improve. This bike is tall i’m, 5, 11 or 181 centimeters tall and weigh 180 pounds. So the klx squatted down under me, but at five seven and only 120 pounds brooke, was on her tippy toes she wasn’t confident enough to ride the bike. Being a complete noob off road, yes experienced riders can make do with putting down one foot but shorter riders. New to dirt, many of whom will want this bike because it will make a wonderful first off road motorcycle may find the height intimidating. Other quibbles. A fuel gauge would be nice. I know it’s not necessary, but the honda has one. How far will it go in its two gallons of fuel? The fuel light came on at 146 kilometers after a fill up, and i got to the nearest gas station at 170, at which point i could only put 6.

8 liters into the 7.7 liter tank. This leads me to suspect that 200k or about 125 miles, is the upper limit of this bike’s range. I wouldn’t bet on that, though, that ride included paved two lanes and about 35 kilometers of very twisty gravel. If you’re pushing higher speeds on the highway expect. Far less range, as these small engines get thirsty at high revs other complaints, the bike needs hand guards and a bash plate, but they all do. Manufacturers want to keep them as light and inexpensive as possible in this class, which means that riders are responsible for accessorizing their own machines, it’s part of the fun – i guess – i’m, not 100 sure, but i have a feeling that a lot of the klx 250 accessories Will fit this bike as well? Oh and riding two up in a pinch, only two people on this thing would look like two monkeys being indecent to a football one: more quibble for kawasaki i’m sure the brits who watch this channel will pipe in in the comments and demand that this bike come To their market, asap i’ve been hearing complaints that kawasaki is not importing to great britain, and a lot of folks are upset about that. What would i add to this motorcycle aside from the bash plate and hand guards not much definitely bar risers, as every time i stood up, i ended up hunched over in a weird crouch. Also larger pegs, as my off road boots were perched on the precipice i’d.

Also, probably keep the stock pipe as i like to fly under the radar when i’m off road, so the verdict, if you’re interested in getting into off roading at a same price. This is a great option, whether you’re just learning or you’ve, dirt biked. For years the klx will get you there without drama. You won’t get there as fast as on a ktm, but you’ll pay much less and there will be less chance that somebody will have to peel you off a tree or that your motorcycle will leave. You stranded. No secret that i love japanese reliability. This thing will truly take you off the beaten path and, after all, isn’t that what it’s all about yes, this bike is simple and bare bones, but when you’re out in the wilderness, exploring cool places and trekking on trails that haven’t seen a human for weeks, there’s Something refreshing about simple: you just get on and ride once in a while. You change oil and clean the chain and believe me riding this bike off road is way easier than riding even a mid sized adventure bike, so dirt bikes and dual sports seem to be worth their weight in gold these days and have been flying out of showrooms. As soon as they land i’m seeing seven and eight year old, drz 400s on the used market for the same price as this klx, if you can still find one and that’s a big if i’d snap it up, there’s a reason, people can’t get enough of these Kinds of bikes they can be hard for the money you never spent on that vacation that got ki washed by the pandemic.

So are you in the market for a dirt bike? Dual sport trail bike, enduro or whatever name is fashionable nowadays, which one tickles your fancy, and why or are you a roadie considering adding one of these to your garage? Please share in the comments the season is upon us and trails are finally open in ontario. Stay tuned for a lot more adventures and a detailed look at our new crf 300l rally and ride safe if you’re interested in any of the gear that brook and i wear or use or the camera equipment we use to film this channel, the links are below Everything listed there was bought with our own money and we are not sponsored by any company. However, the links below are affiliate links and the channel is paid a small amount for referring you to shop at no additional cost to you. We do not recommend any products that we are not satisfied with ourselves, but we do strongly urge you to do your research and select the correct size for items like helmets and clothing. As always, thanks for watching your support is greatly appreciated. Please hit that subscribe. Button. Give the video a thumbs up and leave a comment below and whatever you ride, enjoy it wave at other bikers, no matter what they’re riding we’re, all part of a brotherhood and sisterhood keep the rubber side down shiny side up and may the spokes be with Music.