We have threatened birds that are nesting here on this property and um. That, whatever is that a drone? Yes, ma’am uh, it’s, it’s, real, noisy, okay and, i would say, they’re right. They were down there at that corner of care of them. What threatened threatened birds? Okay, okay, you wouldn’t mind finding another area, sure i’m sure that planes and everything else don’t bother them at a all i’m sorry it’s, very different from a plane it’s going in and out and it’s noisy, like a buzzing like angry bee. Okay, it’s a little different from a plane, never had any problems with birds before so well, they’re, getting ready to nest, i’d, say it’s, probably not the best thing to be buzzing around here. If you went out, you know farther out like in what i can’t get into because it’s it’s uh those fields out there, where the kids play okay boxes right there, and then i just saw him up on the lights fixture populating, so they’re definitely going to be Laying eggs soon, okay, thank you, sure, not believable, Music, all right, so this is gon na be just more of a a rip, video um, nothing really crazy! I got kicked out that other spot so i’m back at this spot, where i flew, like i don’t know five months ago, which is a really good spot to fly. Um it’s, probably not gon na, be a continuous flight like i’ll, probably break this apart a little bit um picking up some really bad habits with the fpv drone.

So what i want to do is just try to flush those out regain my throttle control, because this fly is very different than the fpv drone. Also, i am using the osmo pocket 2 for my stick, cam, which i think is working pretty good it’s, actually not bad. I got this little mic up here, so maybe the audio sounds better i’m, not really sure, but let’s give this go: Music. Music: oh Music, Music, oh Music, Music, so Music, Music, so Applause, Music, oh Music, wow, Music, um, all right, so that was fun, got some good little flowy lines going and um yeah. I feel pretty good about that. Wait is that up there yeah. So that was pretty fun, some some nice lines at this place. This is probably one of my favorite places to fly just because nobody’s going to bother you and there’s just so many little gaps and dives in here that uh make it really fun. That was really weird i got kicked out of that last place. I didn’t want to argue with her. I didn’t want to argue with her and i didn’t argue with her.