So congratulations good morning, quadcopter 101, here with the review of the new k1 pro, also known as the hax plus a8 hax, plus uh drone uh. What is the k1 pro well it’s, a small floating drone, as you can see here another one of these folding drones. A small lightweight, although it is not under 250 grams folks, unfortunately, with its battery installed, this weighs about uh 274 grams, so this will be or will require registration in most countries because it does wave, although small and lightweight it still weighs over 250 grams. Unfortunately, however, it is a very capable drone on paper. It has 1503 uh brushless motors for improved durability as compared to brushed motor drum um. It does have gps glonass system installed for automatic, covering and automatic return to home and landing on command on loss of signal or on low voltage. Additionally, it has optical flow sensor in the belly here to enable automatic, covering and maintaining position in space indoors when you’re flying indoors, which you know when you fly indoors. You can’t really receive gps very well, so you still have the capability for automatic hovering indoors using the optical flow sensor on the belly of this drone um. Additionally, it is powered by a three point, or is it three? No seven point four volt that’s ihv battery. I believe, let me see seven three point: seven, no, no lipo battery 7.4 volt 2200 milliamp per hour, but that gives it up to about 16 minutes 16 to 18 minutes of flight time.

Um some place in some places, it’s advertised at 25 minutes. But if you look in the user manual, the user manual says this will give you about 60 minutes we’ll find out when we go flying actually how much flight time one of these batteries will give you. Additionally, this drone has a 3 axis stabilized gimbal for its camera, to provide very good stabilization in flight, okay, keeping the camera level while it’s flying now. The camera itself is advertised, i believe, as an 8k camera i’m, not sure what an 8k camera is folks, but in reality this records, video and photos to a micro, sd card here’s. The slot in the belly, where you put your sd card uh maximum card size, is 32 gigabytes. So keep that in mind. Don’T try, try to put yourself a 64 gigabyte or 128 gigabyte. The card writer will not understand it but 32 gigabytes and then below work with this, but i mentioned the video it records 2.7 k, video folks, 2.7 k, video, not 8k, and that video resolution to be exact is 2688 by 1512 pixels at 25 frames per second Um it’s, not too shabby that’s better than 1080p i’ll. Give you that the photos on this uh also are recorded at 5700 by 4275 pixels. However, they appear to be uh crunched frame, grabs of the uh video okay, video has been converted to uh still photo. Okay, um you’ll, see when i i include sample photos of you know it looks like it’s.

The video frame grabs have been scrunched down to a four to three uh resolution. Instead of sixteen 9 um aspect ratio that’s the correct word i’m, looking for there folks, but again this appears to be frame grabs, although at higher resolution than the the video now, this does give you the capability of viewing fpv video on your phone, along with advanced Flight control modes of circle me follow me and wait points using the h. Fun fly app now. The user manual says that this uses the uav go app, and then it gives you these qr codes that when you actually use your phone to download them using the qr codes, it downloads, the h fun fly app to be safe. I downloaded both of them. Uav um go along with the h. Fun fly app and i discovered why they’re redirecting to h1 fly because uav go does not bind with. This. Drone does not work with his throat, even though the manual says that’s the app to use um in reality. Folks, you want to use the h. Fun fly, app and that’s available on google play and itunes, and that does work well with this drone. What i’ve seen so far now, let me give you the caveat to that. The video and photos and uh fpv video and the advanced flight control meter features of that app are all relayed back and forth between your phone and the drone using 802.11 ac wi fi.

Not everyone has 802.11 ac wi fi on their phone. So before purchasing this drone, i strongly recommend you verify that your phone indeed has 802.11 ac wi fi, or you will be very disappointed when you get this drone and discover that your phone does not bind with. It does not connect to the drones and you can’t use the app. You need a phone that has 802.11 ac wi fi to be able to use that app. So just let you know that folks now this is also advertised with phenomenal ranges. Okay of one kilometer fpv range now keeping in mind that this controller does not have a built in relay that one kilometer needs to be taken with a grain of salt. Now there are some phones that will be able to get out to one kilometer, those phones that have very good wi fi antennas built into them, but in reality, folks, most phones do not have high db antennas for wi fi reception built into them. In reality, most folks really expect about 200 to 300 meter range maximum. With this drone for uh, most phones uh, some phones will get out to about close to kilometer, but most phones will not i’m just letting. You know that right now now the control range, though, is average also advertised at 1.2 kilometers, and that might be true, because if we look at the uh the antennas on this, this antenna is fake. On the back, however, the one on the right is not.

There is actually a wire going up there, so there this actually might be able to get the 1.2 kilometers control range. With this uh controller – and you know even if you fly out of fpv range, we are recording to an sd card, so we will still be able to record video, even though we fly out of fpv range using the controller. However, you will be fine blind. I do not recommend doing that, but it does. It probably does have the capability to go out to 1.2 kilometer range now let’s talk about the controller uh. This controller has a phone holder, that’s kind of unusual, in that actually i haven’t seen many like this one, but the phone slides up in here and then you clamp down with these two sides here. Unfortunately, this seems to be made for skinny phones and my phone is not a skinny phone. You know my phone is a big uh armor 6e, and it just does not fit properly in this in that it’s too thick for this phone holder to use so i’m. Going to have to come up with some way to uh jewelry rig my phone onto this. So keep in mind folks, if you have a big uh thick phone, it will not fit into this phone holder on here. You’Re gon na have to figure out a way to get your phone to hold on to this controller, but let’s go over the controller.

Again i mentioned uh the antennas uh, the one here on the left again is fake. The one on the right is a true antenna, the buttons we got on this looking at on the top here. This is for starting and stopping video. You press that button once a quick press to start stop video restart video, another quick press to stop the video before shutting off the drone. Take a photo by pressing this button here. This button here is a scroll wheel for raising and lowering the gimbal. You can do such with this scroll wheel here. This is your power button here to turn on the controller, and we do have lights here so right now, we’re showing we’re in gps mode and power is on um. The controller does have the ability to switch between mode one and mode two and to do such mode two. You hold this button down if, if it’s not already in mode 2, hold this but it’s default mode too, but hold the video button down. While turning on the power and that will switch it to mode 2., if you want to go to mode 1 with the throttle on the right side, hold this button down here and while or hold the photo button down, while turning on the power and we’ll switch To mode one, but again it is default mode. Two, with the throttle on the left other buttons let’s talk about. We got power button here, uh we have automatic take, or this is automatic, return to home and landing by pressing this button here now this slide switch in the center here switches between gps or, if you’re indoors, you can turn off the gps and go fly in Optical flow mode, using the belly sensor of the belly camera sensor.

This button here is for automatic takeoff and landing press that for three seconds and the motors will go into io and press it again. It should take off additionally uh. We have stick controls on the left here now. This automatically has a geofence of 200 meters turned on as soon as you start and fly the drone, and if you fly out to 200 meters, the drone is going to stop it’s not going to allow you to go any further. Unless you press in to this left, stick here the throttle, stick and that will turn off the geo fence, so you can proceed further now. The area that i normally fly in, i don’t go farther than 180 meters maximum around that. So i don’t expect to bump into that fence, but we may – and if i do, i’ll press that button to turn off the geofence on the right side on the pitch roll stick um if you press into the pitch roll stick that activates headless mode. So this does have headless mode capability and again activate it by pressing into the right stick and to do a compass calibration manually without using the app you bring. This stick up to the right and stick down to the left and that will activate compass calibration mode and i will demonstrate how to do that when we go out into the field. Additionally, you can start the motors manually by bringing both sticks down and in board, and the manuals will enter into idle and you can take off by just giving it some throttle.

Okay, let’s go over what you get in the package i forgot to mention. I always forget, but you do get a very nice carrying case for this drum that comes with this, so a nice small carrying case with a strap so that you, you know it makes it highly portable. But what you get is you get the manual um it’s available, both in chinese and english front front section is chinese back section is english. You get the kai one drone and i forgot to mention the batteries. I just slightly mentioned the batteries, but i didn’t show you the battery how it comes out and again it is charged. This is what i want to show. You is charged through a little micro, usb port right there, a little blue and red light comes on and when it’s fully charged the lights go off. So keep that in mind, along with the controller, the controller also has a built in here. Let’S put it like that, for now the controller has a built in 3.7 volt battery, and you charge that through also through a micro usb port there. So keep that in mind. Let’S put the rest of the battery back in. Additionally, you get in the package. Uh spare battery, if you ordered them, it comes available with one battery two batteries or three batteries. If you’re, considering possibly getting spare batteries, i recommend strongly recommend you get them at the time of purchase as you’re gon na have a hard time getting them afterwards because of lipo shipping restrictions.

If you buy them at the time purchase, they bundle it with the drone and that somehow gets through the shipping restrictions for lipo batteries. I don’t know how, but it does okay. Additionally, you get the controller uh, you get a spare set of propellers and you also get a micro usb cord for charging the batteries and charging the controller so that’s. The k1 pro um it’s, a very good drone on paper, let’s see how it actually works, though. Folks, when we take it out to the field hope you enjoy this flight good morning, quadcopter 101 here and welcome to the maiden flight of the chi one pro um notice. I had to jewelry rig my phone in here. I don’t know why a lot of these drone manufacturers thinks everyone owns an iphone 6. it’s, not true folks. A lot of people got larger phones, so manufacturers out there if you’re, listening, think about the people that have these bigger phones. Okay, look how i had to rig it on here: okay, so let’s get the chi one in the air to start this up. The on off switch is on the belly right here, let’s press and hold it until we hear the esc’s chirp you sees are chirping. Then put it on a flat level surface, so it’s gyros can calibrate and then we’ll turn on the controller and we should be connected now. The first thing i want to do is the gyro calibration.

Okay, we to do the calibration. We need to hold the stick and down to the left and up to the right till we hear a beep, and i just heard that beep i’m going to do it again. Don’T need to do it again, but once you hear the beep, then you check and your front light should be solid, blue and the back light off. So we rotate three times until the lights switch. Okay. Now the green light’s solid in the back, no blue light in front. We go vertical like so continue rotating and there we go so we got saw light in the front and blinking light in the back blinking, green and it’s looking for satellites when it’s blinking, so we still don’t have sufficient satellites to fly now. What i need to do now is connect the drones, wi fi signal the 5g wi fi signal to my phone or have my phone connect to that 5g wi fi signal and then open the app so hold on. While i do that folks, okay, this is the h – fun fly app available on google play and itunes and we should be ready to go actually let’s see how many satellites we got here, 12 satellites and we are in gps mode. So we are good to go there. Okay, i’m. Going to start the video recording first off video is recording and then we’re going to hit uh automatic takeoff let’s hold on let’s, see.

If that does it, i press take off button, let’s press it again. I guess we’ve got to give it a throttle to take off and there we go so made in flight let’s get into the picture, see what type of lag there’s any there’s a little bit of lag, syncing up the cameras folks. So my lips are in sync, with the drone: um let’s hold its position. Well, so we should be good to go. Let me put my glasses on next, so i can see the drone, and the first thing we’ll do is try a range test of the fpv. So push it out up and out let’s go to the edge of the road here. First i’ll hit that button. Also. I want to go up to about 20 meters, so i can see lake erie let’s pop it there for a second altitude, 31 meters. We can see lake geary distance 81 meters out pushing forward again popping it again going out a little further. I lost fpv reception already so i’m flying blind, uh well i’m, not flying blind. I see the aircraft in the sky, but the problem is i’m, not seeing any fpv, so we lost fpv at about 80 meters right now: we’re 204 meters, so we’re over the road. So from that position there let’s do that automatic return to home and landing so pressing the return to home button. Well, it said in chinese, i guess it’s returning home.

Okay, i see it coming back 200 meters out saying we have some geomagnetic interference: i’m gon na hit okay. If i can, we still haven’t received reception back again, but the drone is flying on its own. So you know that’s the advantage of having an sd card to record folks uh when you fly these fpv drones that record via fpv only you know via wi fi, only um when you fly out of range of the s or of the fpv signal. The video signal you lose the video, but you don’t. When you have an sd card, you shouldn’t lose the signal. When you have sd card recording so that’s the big advantage. You can continue flying line of sight like i was doing there as long as you can see the drone. You should be able to control it and still get video so i’m going to stop uh the landing or from hitting the ground, because i don’t want to cut the grass with my blades, but we’ll see how close we are just before hitting that or touching down. I got signal back that’s, good and we’ll. Stop it right. There uh it’s, still continued on to land. Okay. Now. The next thing i need to check is: am i recording mobizen mamazon? Are you recording? No you’re not so mob, is in his background, so that first flight is just to show the camera let’s put it back on the pad and this time we’ll stop the video camera mobizen’s recording looks like the video recording’s already stopped i’m, not sure why, starting and Stopping now i’m, not certain that i am recording, because we lost fpv reception and the app has gone out of sync and because of that, what i’m going to do folks is restart the drone and restart the app.

So how long will i do that? I want to make sure that i am recording okay, this is the h. Fun fly app available on google play and itunes. I hit start flying and start now and we should be good to go this time, starting the video or i just took a photo actually starting the video camera and uh starting the motors with automatic takeoff and landing, but it doesn’t do a takeoff folks. It just starts and stops the motors, so you take off, you got to give it throttle and verifying that we got 13 satellites getting back in the picture again this time and again, syncing up the cameras, while we’re recording, okay let’s try the advanced features of this. They got okay, going up a little bit higher and walking over here now in the upper right corner, see those three lines: uh let’s hit the three lines, and that brings up our advanced features. First off we’ll. Try follow me in the upper right corner. It looks like a transmitter click that that’s the gps, follow me and we’re gon na hit okay and when the distance, i guess you got to be certain distance away. I can’t read the because of my uh okay, 30. Okay, i want to fly the mobile phone. Okay, gps is on and coming out of that let’s try it and see. If it follows, is it falling yet falling it’s? Moving with me, as i move off to the left here, how about the other direction let’s go to the right up a bit higher too we’ll follow as i walk away from it.

It is now it’s going up and down. I noticed because of wind it’s using a barometer to measure its uh altitude and when the wind hits it that does affect it now. What notice okay let’s walk over here? What type of follow me it’s a dji style like actually it’s kind of a hubsan style? Follow me it’s, maintaining its position to the south of me here so that’s interesting. I, like hubs and style, follow me i think they’re. They work better. Let’S move the the gimbal downward, so you see me but yeah let’s go over here. Try off in this direction, now yeah hubsan style, it’s, maintaining that position to the south of me, no matter what i do go over this way. Okay, so follow me seems to work with that in mind: let’s, stop it and bring it back over here. Stop and follow me follow me has been deactivate. Wait. You got ta hit, okay, deactivate. It then i’m going to push forward to bring it back over here. Next thing, we’re going to try is circle position and from that position there we’re going to click the upper right corner again and the second one down on the right. It looks like a circle, click that and hit okay and there it goes into circle position. Can i adjust the altitude with the stick? No, you can go up how about pushing that or pushing forward pulling back on the stick? Does that increase the radius? Can i restart it by pushing either way? Okay, when i pulled back on the stick that obviously cut off, follow her circle position, let’s reactivate it again bring it back over here, upper right corner, so it’s got to be in the settings.

Folks, where you adjust that sending wait a minute let’s, try it again hit okay there we go activate it again, so that’s the circle position. Folks, i got it up in the sky – seems to do a circle of about uh five meters radius. Am i even in the picture anymore? Probably not there. I am so coming out of circle. Now people want to know what about waypoints let’s, try waypoints from that position. There let’s raise up the gimbal, give it back up start hitting the three lines and the third one down on the right is waypoints: okay, okay and there’s. Our position, let’s zoom in quite a bit more okay, i’m right beside it and from there let’s try. Can i give a satellite view: let’s try, a satellite, no satellite doesn’t seem to work, but let’s take a position, one two three and back to me or near me: four okay has been recording. I think we stopped recording but let’s hit submit and the submit is in the upper left corner there. This setting, please wait a moment it’s still recording. We want a second waypoint and should go to one more waypoint low battery warning: okay, let’s slow back we’re low battery already, once a little battery hits uh we go into geofence mode. Can i turn off geofence mode by pressing the well let’s first off see if we got a fence clicking that view pushing forward let’s see if we got distance restriction yeah we do right there let’s see if i can turn it off by hitting the stick or The left: stick, no, you can’t turn off the geofence for low battery, so for the remainder of the flight remaining of the flight we got to stay within the 20 meter circle looks like so with that in mind, let’s go up and get some more video of The area in the circle position there’s circle, the area showing the camera and his gimbal it’s three axis: gimbal: okay, that’s, the camera now let’s bring it back down and i’ll.

Give you my thoughts which battery power do we got nine percent, reducing throttle and just fly. It around um right now. My thoughts are it’s, not 25 minutes flight time folks, but probably about 15 i’m guessing uh, bring it down lower, trying to bring it down lower, pushing down the throttle it descends rather slowly. I got ta say that so right there sticking it up my final thoughts, um it’s a nice little drone um. It certainly doesn’t have 25 minutes of flight time as advertised it’s. Gimbal is working, although you know um i’m, seeing a little bit of bounce here. A little bit of vibrations there uh this has a very high uh resolution: camera it’s that 2.7 uh 2.7k resolution, camera uh that’s an oddball resolution, but it seems to work. It seems to look good. You are going to need a better uh card for this um because of that 2.7 k uh, the fpv range on this was rather short. I got ta say i seem to be about 80 meters with my phone. Others might get longer ranges i’m sure that the control range is much better much farther and again, since this has a built in sd card, you should still be able to record video, even though you fly out of fpv range, so that is the drone. The wind’s picking up a bit it’s only about a seven mile per hour, wind five to seven right now, but it’s bouncing around as you can see here now.

Let me stop the video recording real quick, because i haven’t showed the photos come up higher photo another photo now these photos, i really think, are screen screen grabs folks um. Let me lower that gimbal, because it doesn’t want to descend either that’s another thing sending it doesn’t descend very well, take another photo and one more um look i’ll pull down on the stick. Okay, now it’s calling me a liar but before it didn’t want to be said: okay raising up the gibble and starting the video recording one more time, that’s a photo starting. The video recording one more time for the final part here, um it doesn’t, want to because it’s landing looks like we’re full of a low battery. So what it does is, it brings itself within 20 min uh 20 meter circle and it restricts your movement within that 20 meter circle and then, when the final battery goes low, it will land wherever it’s at within that 20 meter circle, so that’s, the chi 1. Pro folks hope you enjoyed this flight. This is quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101. Here again hey. If you want to get your own shout out in one of my future, videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right. Next to the subscribe button that way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first shot at so give it a try.