At this hour, the pentagon investigation into the last u.s drone strike conducted in kabul has concluded that it was a tragic mistake but did not violate any laws. The strike had killed 10 innocent civilians, including seven children. The report, although admitted to execution errors due to factors like confirmation, bias and communication breakdown, the review done by air force, lieutenant general sami, did not recommend any disciplinary action. The investigation found no violation of law, including the law of war. Uh did find execution errors confirmed by confirmation or combined with confirmation, bias and communication break the breakdowns that regrettably led to civilian casualties. The reviews stressed that the context surrounding the strike was important. On the 26th of august, a suicide bombing claimed hundreds of lives. U.S forces were under stress being flooded with information about threats to troops and civilians at the kabul airport. Under these circumstances, the report concluded that the u.s forces genuinely believed that the car they were following for eight hours was an imminent threat of an isis terrorist planning. Another attack individuals involved in the strike interviewed during this investigation truly believed at the time that they were targeting an imminent threat to u.s forces on hkia. The intended target of the strike, the vehicle, the white corolla, its content and occupant, were genuinely assessed at the time to be a threat to to u.s forces, samis reports and dosed by the defense secretary, lloyd austin also made several recommendations for improvement.

This includes that more be done to prevent what military officials called confirmation bias its the idea that troops making the strike decision were too quick to conclude that what they were seeing aligned with intelligence availability. It recommended that people should be present to actively question such conclusions. Sami also recommended that the military improve its procedures to ensure that children and other innocent civilians are not present before launching a time sensitive strike well joining us live from kabul. Is we on correspondent, annas malik for more on this story? Good to see you anas malik, the u.s still insists and admits that the strike was a mistake. However, they are distancing themselves from blame over violating any laws. Families of the deceased are still waiting for reparations. None of that has been finalized. Yet how do you think the family will react to the latest development? Well, i spoke to the family, eureka and emil ahmadi. The brother of zamirai ahmadi has stated that he is very upset and he is not hes not happy or in conformity with the decision that i was done by the us admins. He said that his family is still awaiting justice. Uh, almost two months on and theyre still awaiting justice. This is what these are: the words of amal ahmadi, the brother of zamirai ahmadi, who was targeted in the u.s rune strike on the 29th of august. Here in kabul, in kabuls, quadro bogra area email himself lost his three year old daughter in the in the u.

s drone strike, which has been called as a quote. Unquote a mistake, but an honest mistake: uh the family has outrightly on previous occasions denied any involvement with islamic state uh or their brother having to do any linkages with islamic state and theyve come out very clear on that, in fact, theyre still awaiting a formal contact, A formal apology from the us admins i spoke to emil ahmadi today, uh he was not in kabul. He was in the outskirts of kabul. Uh and hes clearly told me that hes not happy with what the u.s side has said. In fact, that has made him and his family very, very upset eric. The taliban have been seemingly mum on the issue of u.s drone strikes, given that they have a greater issue at hand. The potential resurgence of a group like isis k that could eventually pose an international threat. What is the taliban government doing at the moment on that front? Well, there are operations after operations after operations that are being launched, offensives that have been launched, renewed offenses that have been launched against the isk. But the is continues to attack 81 days since the taliban have taken over the capital city of kabul uh and there have been 76 attacks, all uh against uh them uh done by the islamic state in these 81 states. So in in these 81 days that talks a lot about islamic states strength and how equipped they are, how well organized they are.

The taliban seem to be doing two things. One dont play the threat of the is to continue with the with these operations, but clearly the islamic state is there uh to to give these signature statements that it will continue to be the biggest, and rather the only military opposition to the taliban here in afghanistan, Regardless of what their tall claims would be, eric live from kabul, afghanistan, thank you very much.