Welcome to my channel its a little chilly out here today, but im gon na take this little product out for a flight. This is a drone that is under 250 grams and costs very little and has obstacle detection on it and is supposed to fly in level 7 winds right now. The winds are happening, but its not level 7 right now, but this drone being with all the things i just said about it. Uh does not have a three axis gimbal on it, but it has electronic image stabilization. So let me explain something to you as i pull it out here. If you have a drone without three axis gimbal and you fly it in level, seven or level, five wins the drone im just gon na unfold. It here to show you the drone will do this watch so im the wind. This is the drone because its trying to hold itself in position with gps, its moving all over the place. If you do not have a three axis, gimbal guess what your image does it does this as well, so your video is gon na look like that with electronic image stabilization, its pretty much designed if thats all it has its pretty much designed for a little tilt. Like this in this so light, winds is best to fly this in now. Let me show you a close up of the camera, because the camera on here is designed after the dji mavic 3 camera.

You know with the two cameras, but theres only one camera in it, although when youre flying, you can switch between this camera and the bottom camera or have it a picture in picture when youre flying to see both as youre flying, which is pretty cool flight time. On this is about 25 minutes, and the range is about 1200 meters, which is a kilometer, so in actual fact youre, probably getting what 800 meters 500 meters 600 meters – i really dont know, but it wont be 1200 sensors on the bottom. There is an optical flow sensor for stability. You can it indoors, i have flown this indoors and you can do it as long as theres a lot of light in your area. The camera up front says in the specs that it can take 8k photos, which is true. I did check out the photo resolution. It is 8k, but doesnt mean its a good 8k, its more like a 2k bounced up to 8k, so thats. What youre gon na get in the end and it records it to your phone? The same is true with the video the video on the specs says 4k, but its really 1080p and its recorded back to your phone, because i cant find any place on this drone. No matter where i look: where would you put a micro sd card in here? I have looked all over the place and i cant find any place, so i dont think it uses a micro sd card.

I think you have to record everything on your phone that could be a problem in this video, because i always record my phone screen to show what i see and, at the same time, this is going to be recording on my phone in a different sort of App so i dont theres going to be any conflict but well find out in this video now up top here is where the obstacle avoidance goes and its just a module that comes in a box. You put it on top. If you want to fly with obstacle avoidance, if you dont want to fly with obstacle avoidance on just leave it off obstacle avoidance, four budget drones that has unit that goes on the top of the drone uses a laser and because of that its light, and because Of that, if the sun is not directly above you and its sort of low in the horizon, the sun reflects off objects or gets in the laser, and it thinks everything is an object. So it gets afraid of its shadow, its probably going to happen here as well, so you have to either turn it away from the sun or fly when the sun is directly above. My sun is well in the horizon at the moment, so it might not work out too well, but were going to give this a try all right. First things first lets take this top off because were going to put the obstacle avoidance on now during this video.

I might say obstacle avoidance or obstacle detection. There is a difference and i usually say them both interchangeably, but for this, if you hear it, it just means the same thing. So the difference, if youre not familiar obstacle, detection means that a drone will see something and stop obstacle. Avoidance means the drone will see something and go around it. So this obviously would have obstacle detection. It would see something and stop right. It comes with this little controller, which has interesting antennas. You have to pull them out first before you can pull out the arms there we go and the arms are which holds your phone right in here now lets power on the drone, and these little lights will turn blue there. We go blue and flashing, so flashing is good thats. What you want. It means its ready to uh for you to do a few calibrations on it to get it going so lets put it down. Then, on your controller over here, you see this button. Thats your horizontal calibration, your gyro calibration, just press it, your beep, thats, good and the lights – will be flashing. Theyll stop flashing in a second then to do your compass calibration its this button, hole press it down and hold it beeps and lets. Do our compass calibration its really simple? We just want to make the lights all turn solid, so lets spin. It once wait for beep there we go and now put it up and spin.

It should hear a beep there. We go were done that simple. We are ready to fly so now with your phone make sure you connect your phone to the wi fi of the drone. You can see it on my screen im pointing to it. If my screen is recording. Hopefully, the record is working. The app you have to use with this drone is called rx drone just tap on it. I should also mention one of the things i like about this app. Is it tells you right in the center bottom if you are connected to the drone, so you should see wi fi and then the name of the drone down there. Like you see on mine, all right lets hit the play button. There we go and then you take your phone and you just stick it in the controller. In these little arms as best you can ive got a case on mine, so it doesnt fit very well, but now ill leave it in there ill just hold it. With my hands close together, thankfully in canada, us canadians when its like 5 degrees celsius out, we can expose our skin and it feels perfectly fine. We dont get frozen all right, so im going to stand up and fly this baby here we go lets see how our compass calibration did whoa whoa whoa. I got to stop. I got to stop because i forgot to tell you on your controller. You have a big switch here, ill hold it up, so my my hat cam can get it big switch here.

It says home or gps, so when youre in the house put it on home and when youre outside put it on gps or else, if i left it on home, it would just fly without gps. There we go now were on gps and it hopefully doesnt toilet bowl. It should fly, take it up. There we go its using the gps. I can hear the obstacle avoidance going ddd doing its things, not bad its in the wind and its sitting. There Music, all right, so it does detect me its beeping there. You hear it beeping. That means im in the way im an object. So let me just take it up, so you can see me. Unfortunately, the video quality on here is not the greatest. You see its kind of like jello bouncing around and yeah its, not the greatest. I was hoping itd be better its probably due to the cold out here that its not helping at all but uh. There. You see me, and i will say the obstacle avoidance does work well. At least it makes the beep sounds that works so lets. Try this im gon na come and fly it into my car ill. Take it back. Oh look at that. If i go hey thats pretty sweet, did you see that watch this watch this? That is pretty cool ive, never seen that on a budget drone watch this okay, look at the obstacle avoidance up top now im going to fly backwards.

When i fly it backwards, the obstacle avoidance turns to the rear. Watch. This ill go slow backwards, slow back see, it turn now im going backwards, so it checks the avoidance in the rear and then it when i stop. It goes back to the front thats a 360 obstacle avoidance and i go to the side. It turns to the side. So if i come towards me sideways, it looks at me look at that. That is so sweet. Well, if only the camera was better, everything else works so theres my jeep lets see. Does it actually stop yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah? Well, there we go didnt want to go forward, but i was pushing the joystick forward, so it does stop, see ill, go slow and see it stops its stopping its stopping its stopping its stopping yet so there it is so. The obstacle avoidance actually works on this little inexpensive, drone thats, pretty sweet, but anyways thats. What you get for that price? You could probably slap a different camera on there if you wanted to some little little camera that might look better well, thats, not too bad. Now its when, when it calms down and the wind isnt going crazy, then it looks okay except my world seems tilted. I am like whoa whoa whoa, its a little on an angle, so what i told you with electronic image stabilization if the wind is pushing it thats what happens so you have to get it more like this, where the wind is coming from some direction.

I dont know there we go like that. So let me show you the features on here. Really quick! Oh before i show you the features, let me take a photo and show you the 8k snapping a photo there. We go thats, your 8k photo right. There theres heres another one ill get closer, so it looks more appealing theres another one. So on my screen, if its recording you have a little picture of a drone click on that and those are all the things that can do and im not going to do them all today, calibration switch cameras, so i should be able to. Let me see, can i look at the ground if i click on switch camera there we go theres the ground and here ill walk under it there. I am under it right now. There you go thats me underneath the drone thats, the bottom camera. Okay, so im going to click on wheres the follow follow. Does it work kps follow face, follow body follow so gps follow uh. You have to put the camera on yourself, but the problem is with gps. Follow that you have to put uh. Have the camera face? You because, if not well its just gon na fly and it stops whenever it sees something like that its there. It is, if i walk towards it, its going to fly backwards and flies backwards and the obstacle avoidance goes to the rear. And if i go forward, does it go forward? Uh yeah? It goes forward, but it just keeps stopping every now and then there it is its seeing something.

So i dont know ive never heard a body follow but im pretty sure, thats, something where it just yeah. You can see theres a green box around me, so is that gon na follow me, so the green box is following me: does the drone follow me im going slow, try it again. Maybe i have to get closer, maybe that some of these have to get closer im gon na touch it this time. Okay, its red now, is that the follow moving backwards, moving sideways now, im out of the box, no idea how that works. The two of these other things like circle lets see what it can smash into here circle. Why is it showing me a map for circle there? I am down there. Oh, do i have to pick something to circle, so the blue dot is obviously me so ill. Just pick beside me here circle that okay, its doing a circle mode now, but its going too fast and its there we go over my head, theres circle mode. One thing i noticed about the circle mode is that it still sees objects, so its gon na stop itself. I got ta get back in the center here anyways. There goes there, so theres your circle mode. If it sees an object, it will go up. Although i do see the obstacle avoidance pointing to the front, which is odd so on my phone, i saw a setting for speed, it said 60.

There we go. What am i on 100 there? We are, it says it right on the screen so lets try that, and here we go Music. A little faster lets come back with the wind 100 speed with the wind there we go much better and im going to hit return to home. Now i just want to see how well it does coming back so theres a little return to home on here. Lets see. Does it come back to me? Its going up home is down here well, see where she lands there. We go theres my phone screen. You probably cant see anything because of the glare but uh heres our drone up there there it is its spun around and its coming down its doing well, its pretty darn close to the landing pad im, pretty sure Music there. It is coming down. Look at that! Thats, not bad thats, not bad at all. Look at that there you are whoa whoa, so it made it down there and our landing pad is right over here, so theres the distance between the two, not bad. Now, if you buy this drone, let me show you what you get in the box check this out. This is the box. Your drone comes in inside the box. Is a nice little carry case and inside that carry case would be your drone and accessories. This is a foldable drone, so unfold it. The drone looks like this. The drone is powered by a 2500 milliamp hour.

Lipo battery one accessory is laser obstacle, detection which comes in a box when you take it out of the box. It looks like this and when you place it on the drone, it looks like this total weight of the drone with obstacle. Detection is 228 grams, a rechargeable remote control is included, it folds up nicely and when you unfold, it looks like this. Other accessories would be spare props, a micro, phillips screwdriver and a usb cable for charging and your instruction manual all right. So what are my final thoughts on a drone like this? Well, first off i have to check the price before i make any sort of determination, because, honestly for the amount you pay for what you get for this drone its not that bad, its a very, very entry level drone designed for beginners for people that do not Want to spend a lot of money and just want a camera drone with a lot of cool features on it, that an obstacle avoidance that actually kind of works thats under 250 grams, where its weak is obviously in the video quality. You saw that because you know its like, i said: theres, no, three axis gimbal, so you get what you get youve seen here. What this drone could do and, yes, it will fly better in warmer weather and less windy weather. But honestly, its not gon na become like the next dji mavic 3, just because it has a camera that looks like the dji mavic, 3.

im sure theres some goofball out there with a youtube channel thats going to review this and go dji mavic 3 killer. You know something for some sort of click bait catch phrase, but anyways thats. My review of this little budget drone. I review budget drones on my channel. You know this is a very professional channel. The only reason i review budget drones is because theres so many people that want to get into the drone hobby and they dont want to spend a thousand or two thousand dollars for their first drone. So they always ask me about these cheapy drones and the only way i can answer them is to show them on my channel and basically test it out for myself. So i have an idea so thats why i show the chippy drones on a channel with all professional drones. Alright, guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you have any comments on this drone post them below. If you enjoyed this video, please give it a thumbs up. If you want to buy this drone theres discount codes, its not very much links are below go check it out and i will catch you in another video with really cool rc products and some really expensive, drones too.