You see that hasselblad camera on a drone, thats less than 250 grams just kidding. This is actually the xkjk911 and it is a sub 250 gram drone and you can get it with obstacle avoidance and its going to cost you less than a hundred dollars. Yep. We got brushless motors, its got gps return to home, follow me and they claim an 8k camera yeah 8k. Look at that. It even has a hasselblad h on. There sounds too good to be true doesnt. It does dji. Finally have some competition in the mini category. Music, all right, so let me just say the answer to those questions or no no dji does not have anything to worry. This is not a real competitor to the dji mini 2 or mini 3 mini se. Any of the mini series of drones coming from dji. This is absolutely a hobby or toy grade drone, but that doesnt mean its not good its just not the same thing. This is actually a really good drone for a beginner for somebody that wants to learn how to fly, but doesnt want to break the bank. Now its not going to take great pictures and video, no its, not shooting ak. This absolutely is not a hasselblad camera. So now that weve got that out of the way lets talk about what we do actually have here. It is a sub 250 gram, drone checking in at about 250 grams and thats actually really nice.

That means you can add different accessories to it. If you so choose, not that, i really think you should, but you can add an obstacle avoidance module all right. So i opted for the one without obstacle avoidance and the way you would add it. Is you open up this bay, its actually kind of a pain to get in there? They dont leave you good spacing, and then you put this little module on top and it just kind of snaps into place. Now i dont have the proper one for this. The system works. Okay, you know this little camera spins around and senses obstacles, but its not obstacle avoidance. It is obstacle, sense, beep and stop its not going to go around anything um. I found these to be a hindrance and i just kind of took them off now. Is it worth an extra 10 or 15 yeah? Maybe if you want to play with it, but but youre more than likely going to remove it um and just kind of fly without it, i found it to be more of an annoyance than anything else. But if you want to try it give it a shot. Its okay ive watched some videos with it working its kind of hit or miss, which is actually kind of par for the course when it comes to the flight modes. On this drone as well youll see that it does have a downward facing optical flow camera. You can actually switch to use that camera, but its pretty darn poor quality.

So i dont suggest that you do because you can use this camera and point it straight down with a push of the button on the remote controller. Now this camera does say eis, which would make you think that its electronically image stabilized, but it is not. This – is going to be shaky footage. Theres, no gimbal, no dampeners, nothing going on to to keep the the video from jittering or bouncing. So the footage coming out of this – it certainly isnt 8k, its upscaled and its saved, not on the drone, but on your phone and thats, the worst of all qualities. But it does save price because you dont have to worry about paying for an sd card reader. Although i would right youre going to get better quality video, but the k11 here just doesnt have that available to you. So, just looking at this footage, obviously its shaky obviously were losing frames thats going to happen because its saving on the phone, not an sd card, and it actually saves at uh standard hd right it doesnt save at 4k or 8k, and it doesnt really matter. I guess the pictures do save at 4k, but theyre not really 4k pictures. This is not a high quality camera. Just keep that in mind. So the pictures and video out of this thing are great: uh theyre, not 4k quality theyre, not 8k quality theyre, not 2k quality theyre, not even 1080 quality. I wouldnt even call them 720 quality theyre just meh.

The pictures are probably a little bit better uh. If you kind of line it up and get it set um in one position because its not shaking you get a good picture, but again this isnt a good drone for pictures and videos. This is a good drone for beginners. If you want something to learn how to fly with, this is a pretty decent tool. You have almost 20 minutes of flight time with this thing and it claims a range of 1200 meters thats. You know about a quarter mile shy of a full mile, but is it really going to go that far? You know i dont recommend that you push it to that distance. I think you probably get half of that, maybe but youre going to lose video signal. I say video signal is good for about 600 meters in my testing its good for about 100 meters. Maybe you could do better in different environment than i, but this really isnt something youre going to want to push super far away. I did test a handful of the flight modes, the the follow me eventually. I got it to work and it did follow me, but i wasnt able to control anything on the left. Stick so the throttle or the yaw. What i actually wanted to do was yall the drone, so it was looking at me while i was following me and every time i got into follow mode, it just kind of turned and looked away and then would follow which kind of defeats the purpose.

If you ask me our return home works, it didnt work every single time. I dont quite understand why but thats kind of par for the course when youre buying a drone thats less than 100 bucks. I found myself turning off the gps mode and just flying it. Like a line of sight, drone and thats, actually, where i really enjoyed flying this, it has pretty decent flight characteristics and it flies well. It responds well and like i said, i think this is a really good beginner drone, especially for less than 100 id opt for the one without obstacle avoidance save yourself. I think its almost 20 bucks, because its not really worth it not on a drone like this. The other drone that i like to recommend that is less than a hundred dollars is this. This is the rise teller. Now you can see right away that this is a much smaller drone k911 here is absolutely going to do better in wind has a better range as well. You can fly it further. Um itll handle the wind better, but this is still a pretty solid option. Um and the reason i like the ryze tello is: it has some really well built. Uh intelligent fly modes that just work and the camera has image stabilization, so its the footage isnt going to be quite as jittery now it does a brushed motors right, thats, a kind of a downfall um and it is pretty limited.

But this thing is pretty rock solid, steady with these sensors on the bottom, so its not gps, but it behaves a lot like a gps drone, especially in good lighting. So i also like the tele, because you can learn how to program and code with this. It certainly is an option with the k911, but in terms of you know, if i want a drone to learn how to fly something bigger like a mavic or a phantom, you know this is going to perform a little bit more. Similarly, to one of those, it does fold up nicely and it stores in this carrying case that that came with the drone, which is actually a really pretty solid bonus. A lot of drones for this price will not give you a carrying case. You got to figure out what youre going to do or keep it in the box. The remote here is pretty standard. The antennas youre going to flap those up first. Otherwise, it makes pulling uh the phone holder in the bottom out here a little bit more difficult. This is an old style, mavic controller, where your phone is kind of held in place in the bottom theres. A couple of buttons here this is to turn gps on or off. The return to home button is right here. This is your compass calibration button. Im not sure i figured out what this button does. I think it cycles through headless mode and things like that.

All of my instructions were in chinese and my chinese is uh, not the greatest, so im, not exactly sure how that worked. There is a record button here and a camera picture button here on the top, so you know a decent controller, certainly hobby grade, but it gets the job done. The remote here charges in the bottom uh with a micro, usb, cable and thats the same for this battery as well. You can actually set a props, a tiny screwdriver and some cables to do your charging to kind of complete the package overall. Like i said, this is a solid beginner drone, but dont expect it to compete with a dji mavic mini it just isnt. This drone is not well suited for photography or videography. This drone is well suited for a beginner someone wanting to learn how to fly again. Id opt for the drone without obstacle avoidance, just kind of knowing that its not great obstacle avoidance. It will warn you of most big obstacles, but again i found the obstacle avoidance like this was just more of a hindrance. I couldnt fly around objects. It was just always beeping and not allowing me to proceed like i wanted to so i ended up taking it off the drone that i had this obstacle avoidance on. Hopefully, it was helpful make sure you click that thumbs up button subscribe to the channel, hopefully well, even see on one of our live streams.