So after leaving our last hotel, we checked into a new one and made plans. We soon found a couple of really cool activities and places to visit, and with that being said, lets see what this drone and the end of the world are about. For me, the most interesting part about this drone is its lightweight and, with the quality now catching up to the professional ones, its an option ill be choosing for more and more Music Music, so were now in some pretty windy conditions, but were still gon na fly. The mini 3 pro so lets test it out and see how it holds up, because i want to get some shots of us hiking, because this landscape is pretty incredible. Music, apart from the vertical camera feature, the mini 3 pro can film in 4k, with 60 frames per second, allowing you to slow down your footage in post. This is giving you that extra capability to play with your clips when theres a lot of movement but whats, maybe most impressive, is its low light capabilities with an f stop of 1.