A single billet of 1025e will be thrown from mizunos direction. Itll crack you straight in the forehead. No thanks. The second thing is, if you think this is typical: mizuno bloody hell! Okay, if you go in thinking its the thing that cant be named, youre, probably going to be disappointed like actually Music ill. Tell you one thing for free, actually make it a tenner its definitely not the prettiest mizuno iron ive ever seen, especially coming from the mp range, especially after weve just tested the 221. I mean nothing, really bad came from that review. Did it down at the address position, though it is traditional mizuno back, come on yeah silly! Oh, that feels very good. That feels very good. You havent won yet no, no, not that easily duck. Oh man! Oh this feels very good. Do you dare okay thats that that that hey see that that is what were after? That was one of the best i felt in very long in very long. So, for most of last year i had the mp20s and the mmcs to make things very awkward, not really its a golf club. The mmc happens to be the predecessor of this 2, 2, 3, so im extremely passionate about doing a toe to toe with those two, because i love the mmc like love it yep, okay, now i get it now i get it. That is a very easy. This is a 200 yard club. Tell you what this has got.

Some serious its like. I dont know how to explain it. Not a 2 2 1 soft, its its own soft, with a bit of a springy, kick feel you understand. That was a bottom groover in the hole, so i suppose the thing that makes this less misundery or they like that come on lets, go yep ill, take it. This has got a lovely compact player head profile, but its been stuffed like a christmas turkey with distance enhancing technologies. So what does this iron take after? Well? So imagine that the laser gets left on in honey. I shouldnt the kids. It did get left shut up. So lets. Imagine, then, that the jpx 91 happens to fall into the laser and mizuno is saying that post laser beam. The 223 is now comparable to an mp62 and even an mp64, its quite impressive. It couldnt be shrunk anymore because number one theres too much tech in here to make it any smaller number. Two robo happened to be the item before the two two three and he took the majority of the hit pausad. I was wondering how long it was going to take for one of those stops fast. Weve got the spin come on mate come on. I ate a shank in the other video just oh hold on. Oh, please not even asking that much so hopefully, by now many of you have watched the mizuno pro 221 review. It was fantastic apart from that, so what i dont want to do is regurgitate the same information.

What i like to do, if weve got multiple sets in a range, is try and mix the info. Keep it fresh. So here are a few things that you should know about the cyan. We do know its one piece: grain flow forged with 1025e at hiroshima, japan ive been there. We also know that its got that internal copper layer, which was made famous by the tn87 and made a surprise, come back like the undertaker in 2018. Music, hello, brenda. Despite my fatty exterior, i was a very good swimmer when i was younger that counts in it. The 223 is chrome mullet and the flow micro slot from 4 to 7 iron for extra ball speed. That probably explains what that little noise is. So exactly what it sounds like people watch this you know. I know guys if youre not subscribed, please hit the subscribe button and the bell notification. I cant stop hitting it Music im going to put this down a minute. Oh my would be real day so again. Currently, because of issues with stock, i do only have a seven nine. Everyone forgets about us in australia. We just we dont exist. Do we apparently, so there is that in my fake studio in fake australia, i do only have a seven iron. The full set will be coming and well be going on the course with that again to help the video out. If you want to see that just type course223, you know what to do.

Stock shaft weve got the wonderful ns pro modus 3 tor 115 stiff Music. Oh, its just delightful its like that crumpet warm crumpet with butter melted into it, thats what it feels like beautiful smash, one out to the right for the final lets, go and see those numbers. So if theres an iron that matures me yeah unbelievable, i know its. The mp range mizuno pro, should i say now: um never have i ever. I feel like i need to drink after this ever wanted to ever like hit one really hard. When im stood over the ball with any mp mizuno pro range, i actually want to hit the ball. Well, you know what i mean its. I really dont want to visit brenda and barbara. I want to hit it nicely. I want to get the rewards fitting it nicely and i think thats what really makes mizuno mizzou. Now we had six one, two, nine on the back spin, which you would expect thats slightly lower than what we got with the two two one um and thats. Obviously, down to a few things, itll be technology, but mainly down to that stronger loft, but still ample backspin to get the ball stopped, as we saw carrier was 177 yards 181 total im, not joking and ill, probably do it in the shot, shaping challenge. This has got high end 190s 200 yards in the bag quite easily swinging. It extremely similar to what i was yesterday, but i feel like im getting more rewards with this eye and definitely got that forgiving aspect a little bit more help a bit more distance.

A bit more power, but does that mean with an moi adjustment, its going to be harder to shape well find out very soon so shot shaping, challenge coming up? Stick around you will be rewarded with either shocking shots or hopefully, pretty decent guys. Thank you, as always, for watching. Please go and try these out. You know what you know the drill by now, if you like it, dont take anyones word for it. You need to like this. This needs to perform well for you. This needs to perform well when youre fitted too so go, and do that all right so guys if youre, not a part of tmail, and you like the content, please consider hitting the subscribe button and the bell notification follow us on social media. Facebook instagram twitter live streaming on, twitch, come and join the best discord. The best community in the world ill put the link down below. We would love to see you in there too, its like the team, owl hub lots of things, and events happening its very exciting right enough of the waffle lets go Music thats a pass Music. Are you all right, Music, its exactly the same shot? Music? Its still trash, but hey better than those two thats a golf shot right there. I started a little bit ott left but thats exactly what we wanted. The glow drawer is the one i feel like ive got thats the one i usually struggle with Music.

Hmm did that fake. I feed it though it did look sad to be right. I cant doesnt matter where it ends up down the line in the hole turned it a little bit but thats decent noise going to 500 sidespin its a pass thats got like maybe 200 and the final one not part of the shot shaping challenge. But i think this has got 200 yards in it, so lets see if we can fly the green Music really. Maybe not. I like the fact that its not going sailing into the water on the other side weve still got plenty of zippage. What did that? Go? 194 carry but a lovely 6254 backspin, so we havent got this hot rocket that comes off the face every now and again, its still sticking to its traditional mizuno um roots.