Yes, we’re, coming up on a year since i’ve lost um made a drone um. You may recognize some of the footage that we’ve i mean that i’ve recorded that i put up on youtube um under drone things, and you can see from that footage. You can see from those videos like there’s, only three videos for drawing things up there, which is quite unfortunate because after a month of um or just i don’t, even it hadn’t been less than a month. It was like less than a month after owning the drone. In the probably about three weeks, if i actually look at the flight time um the drone flew away, it unfortunately flew away the day before my birthday, um and yeah. It was kind of what i was hoping may have been the most devastating news i’d ever received in 2020, but yeah. We all know that this is not to be true, but i sit here now and i look at all the footage that i recorded and it’s a thing where i kind of want to reflect on a lot of that um and i sought out some help to Do so it’s a drone what’s good everybody triple mark summers, major linux and yes, as stated earlier, we are celebrating huh the life of the times of major drone gone too soon by replacing major drone with another one um. Yes, so this is what you saw earlier. Flying um at the intro is the dji mavic mini.

This is the first one and sorry about the ring light here. Yes, it did um, definitely it’s very bright, and it can cover things on the box um, so yeah. This is their first ultra light drone. Of course, now they have the um it’s a dji mini 2. They got rid of the mavic name in the um and the title. This is now the dji mini 2, but this is actually the first one. This is the mavic mini. This is so, if you remember from the shots that i showed and you can go check out, drone things, one two and three they were shot on a dji mavic mini um, as i was trying to learn something trying to experiment. Ultimately, i feel, like i found a niche there, but then um on february 21st. 2020. You know, small things were happening before the big thing happened. I really thought that the worst thing that was gon na happen for me in 2020 was the fact that i lost a 400 drone um. But no things really got put into perspective, i mean and into like yeah having to lose this before. My birthday was kind of a it was a shock, but then i had things to do: um so yeah. I thought the biggest thing was. This happened to me. 2020 was losing a drone, but then here we are um almost a year into a pandemic and yeah. It kind of puts things into perspective as, to you know, what’s important in your life um, so yeah.

This is the exact model that flew away that fateful day. I was capturing some snow footage and i will never get that back. Unfortunately, all the footage that you capture stays local to the um device as it’s being recorded on a micro sd card. So i lost the drone lost the footage. I’M, pretty sure that snow footage looked amazing and i’m pretty sure. The subsequent crash of that drone would have looked amazing to put on youtube um, but you know i’m, definitely not fortunate enough to be able to capture my drone crashing and burning well, hopefully not burning, but just crashing um. I am looking into some tracking hardware, whether it’s going to be tile, or maybe some gps tracking stuff. So that way i can kind of know what happens to it. If i do happen to lose it again, um i’m, also looking into some – i don’t, know some home weather station stuff. So that way, i can kind of know like hyper locally what the weather is going to be like at home before i go out and fly instead of having to rely on some place. That may not be accurate to where i am like. I can actually just pull up the little things that hey it’s, windy outside my house, maybe not go out and without further ado, it’s time to Music cut it open, so let’s see i’m going to remove the plastic. Hopefully, that should help with some of the reflection here that i’m dealing with um also i’m, hoping that this unboxing experience is going to be a little bit better.

This is the i want to. I don’t know if this is the first unboxing since um, since i picked up the elgato solid arm or the second elgato um solid arm. I have one of them currently set up with my canon eos m50 that i use for streaming, and i liked it so much that i figured i’d try to pick one up for these unboxings and i’ve and i think i’ve shown pictures of some like a a Similar setup on twitter and instagram, using this alarm with the sound canon um alpha a5000, which i’m also looking to upgrade yeah i’m. Looking to do, some more upgrades still got to invest in myself when it comes to content creation um. But i think this is the first unboxing i’ve done with this camera set up with the solid arm and the ring light. Also, as you can see, i’m using a different surf, you may not notice i’m using a different surface, apparently cleaning your room can afford you more table space in places so i’m, actually using one of my tv tray tables and um a black tablecloth that i found That can kind of cover up the stains that are on this table. To kind of give this a more uniform look, you might see some wrinkles that’s, because no, i don’t, but i would say i don’t have a way to iron things. I do, but not within five minutes to be trying to do something, um so i’m, hoping that you know this makes these videos a little bit better, a little bit more uniform like now, the like there’s, no angle, there’s.

One thing i did not like about these videos is the fact that it kind of showed an angle, because i could not get the camera to look straight down, but now, with the solid arm it’s looking straight down onto the product and should kind of give that Uniformity that i’ve been looking for um enough of the setup let’s go and open this box up, as you say, took off that plastic. So now hey this looks a lot better with that light shining on it, um cut off this tape here, um one thing before i do that i do want to kind of take a look at the outside of the box. Of course, you can get that mavic mini there um ultralight 249 grams. They advertise this really heavily because of the fact, especially in the u.s i’m, not sure what it is in other countries, but in the us you cannot have a drone over 250 grams without having to register it with the faa. So this drone is technically light enough for you to be able to fly it and not have to register it like. I thought that was kind of odd that they were really highlighting that when i first bought this but yeah after looking it up. Seeing as that, you know, 250 grams or higher, you have to register your drone with the faa. This one is technically light enough for you to not have to do that so um that helps out there.

Of course, you got some more information here on the side. Um, of course, you got the apps that you can use it with you’ll, be using the sort of smartphone um there’s a blank on this side. Nothing here this is everything that comes in the box, um the drone and the remote, not the device itself. Um it’s power like i can show you. It’S it’s got some cables and it’s powered by usb c um lightning, and i think micro usb, if i’m, not mistaken um. So the version that i bought um last year was actually the fly more kit and it comes with a carrying case. Extra batteries um some mainly it was – maybe it was just like the extra batteries. The battery is like a battery charger that can charge multiple batteries um. It was like a nice little carrying case. I can put all this stuff into um. It was. It was the reason why i actually bought the drone itself because i obviously the carrying case doesn’t fly away, so all i needed to do was replace the drone. Unfortunately, that gives me an extra remote to use um. But hey i mean it’s, not that big a deal i mean eventually was going to end up with some extras or something anyway, so i might as well just get the remote and of course you got all these regulatory information stuff here down at the bottom um. So that’s a dji care refresh i’m prob, so that’s one that’s.

Also another mistake i didn’t do is. I did not do any of the dji care stuff, which probably could have made me made my lost drone situation a little bit easier, um. So definitely look into that this time. A lot i’ve learned a lot of lessons since the last um purchase um. Also, i found it interesting i’m, not sure if this was on the old box um, but yeah and also i didn’t care at the time, because i was editing movies on a mac, um yeah. It says it works with imovie and final cut pro x. So i don’t know really kind of making those arguments for me to stick with final cut um, even though i’m using premiere not more more than final cut, actually i’ve been using final cut more, but you know hey we’ll see and there we go inside of the Box here, um, of course, we’ve got the drone let’s. Take a look. Take a more look at that a little bit later. Let me empty out the context of the box here. This is the remote, the gel, of course, you always got ta. Have the gel got this box here, got some documentation, a lot more documentation um, i think that’s it for the box, so of course yeet um. This is got some in the box documentation here, disclaimer and safety. Quick start guide, um, probably a little point today, because again it’s been a year since i’ve done it, but um i like to definitely um get back into more of that stuff.

I guess if you need help so help cod here, um use wechat like please do not forget. Dji is a chinese company. I did not know that. I think i found more about. I think i found out that dji was a chinese company. When i got this drone was unaware. I thought that was an american company even like i’ve owned, my osmo mobile 2 um for a while and did not. It did not occur to me that it was a chinese company, not that that’s an issue it’s just that that was really new to me. I learned a thing um, bringing some regulatory information from the australian government um – and this is this one’s really small here so i’m gon na start i’m gon na take this, i don’t know it’s a caa, but it looks like new zealand, the the url on the Bottom kind of i’m hints at the fact that it’s new zealand can’t really get that to focus but yeah. I don’t know if you can see it yeah whatever, but apparently this is new zealand government so and in the box i imagine there’s some cables in here. All the cables we need to connect to the drone, so let’s open up this bag. Here there we go yep, so these are all the cables that you would connect from the um from the handset here or your little remote to your phone. So, of course, um looks like it looks like it’s usb c to micro usb on this one uh micro, usb to micro usb.

So it seems, like the controller uses micro usb to communicate to your devices. So now that we have that information. So this is your iphone one. This is for any devices that are using micro, usb still in 2021 uh granted. This thing came out in 1988 um in 2018, so there actually may have still been some phones that were using micro, usb and here are the here’s. The one for usbc phones, so, like your your most your android on devices nowadays um so like i can use my pixel 4a. I can use my any any of the iphones that i have. I do not have a usb type uh. I do not have a micro usb phone, so that’s kind of moot um, so let’s see here i’m gon na. Without opening this, i actually see what these are i’m gon na leave these in here. These are the extra propellers. So, in the event that i you know mess these up, i can have some replacements also have probably some more replacements from my older drone as well um. This is not yeah that’s, i don’t care, but then again i can’t open the bag. There. We go all right, so this is a usb type, a usb type c. I believe this is to charge the drone, i believe, it’s the charge of the drone itself um. If there should be a battery pack in here already yep. Actually, i can just trying to be careful here not to remove everything out of order, and there we go see, as you can see on the bottom here, there is a slot for micro for our micro, usb and yeah micro, usb and micro sd.

So if you want to charge your um, your drone use this cable plug it in and charge it up. Um. Of course, that makes sense because again there’s no bat there’s no battery charger here to do any of that so screwdriver to replace the wings, and these are the nubbins for the controller. So i’ll probably take these out in a little bit all right and of course i did not bring my phone with me. That’S a bummer um yep. So here is the remote for the dji mobile um or not dji mobile dji, mavic mini um. Take that off here, there’s no screw, as you can see, there’s no screen on here. You put your phone into these bottle parts. You adjusted the kind of to the height of your phone um antennas come out like that and let’s go ahead. We’Re going to take the nubbins out now i like calling them nubbins little nubbins, all right, that’s, one and two, and you screw the little nub along just like that. There we go and fly the controller again like i have another one of these as well. Of course, it’s got some buttons here: um take off power, got a record button here photo button, and i forget what this little little rotary dial is for i’m gon na remember what that’s for um. So apparently i put on ovens here, but if you look down there there’s some nubbins in here so yeah like so these things actually allow you to store the nubbins.

Apparently these are extra nubbins um. So now i have all the nubbins so yeah. If i yeah, i wish i had a phone on me. I can put a phone in here, but i did not bring my phone in here to record um yeah, you put your phone in here. You connect it to the support here. This micro, usb um port let’s just grab one of them trying to figure out which one it is i want, but yeah that’s great yeah let’s grab the iphone one that’s, probably the one. I want to use, go ahead and stick that into that port and for the most part, you probably want to stick it underneath here. Stick it underneath and push it through this little hole here that we can get right into that little charger port, see ya that’s. The remote let’s go ahead and put that off the side and we’re gon na get to the piece of resistance, that’s right, that’s, the drone, it’s very, very, very small, drone and yeah. I definitely wish i had um my phone, but i’ll use my switch i’ll use. My switch for size comparison here, um, so yeah. This is a nintendo switch. Very dirty screen was not really expecting to use it right now, but yeah um, and this is a drone. This is the umd job, mavic mini, which is sliding off the drone. So i’m gon na hold it like that, so you can kind of see that this whole thing fits within the screen of the nintendo switch um it’s length height fits right within the screen in the switch um kind of off to the side.

Here everything is all compact. Now, of course, you do not fly like this, so let’s go ahead and open this baby up that’s. Why? The one thing i do love about it, because it is so compact. Excuse me so one we’re going to take off the sticker from the wings, hopefully not to damage it there. We go that’s one set of this one sticker there. So now those are free, let’s, go and remove this sticker here, oh there we go all right. So we took the sticker off the front part here, of course, that um freeze little camera cage here so we’re going to open it up. Look at that so let’s go out like that. Oh and definitely carry out about these here. So i got to flip that under get the things down here, they’re now free and what that allows me to do is flip them boom there. It goes all right and we’re going to take off the back here. Take off this sticker from the black the back plate set that over here and as you can see inside there is a battery pack. So all these drones come with a removable battery pack. You can buy more battery packs and again like with the fly more kit, which is about 100 bucks. More um for this particular model at best buy it’s 90 bucks more on amazon. You can only buy the fly more pack at the msrp um, but then you get to i’d almost recommend just getting the newer ones at this point, get the um dji mini twos.

Um again, i again like i said i got the older one, the 2018 model, because that’s the one that i lost and that’s the one i have all the equipment for which means again. I have all the battery packs for this. I have the battery pack charger for this i’ve read that the mini two’s equipment is not compatible with the mavic mini so that’s, why i went ahead and just got it for maximum compatibility um. So you got your battery pack here, close that up and of course, like you, don’t necessarily need to open this up to get access to your micro sd or to your um micro, usb ports, but yeah so that’s it there i’m gon na and then let’s see. We can take this off here come up under here. Oh there we go take that off and that shows off the camera sitting on a gyroscope. So that way, it will always be ready for you always shooting straight yeah that’s it um, but yeah that’s it with it that this is the dji mavic mini again. This came out in 2018 um. This is the drone that i had that you know. I lost that lost um that it broke my heart, trying to shoot some snow footage the day before my birthday um, but glad to finally have it back again for my birthday um. I hope to show some more footage like i know, i’ve um. I think it was drone things two i want to say it was jerome thinks two.

No, it was drone things three. It was the last one i shot. We actually shot the plot of land, where uh major studio currently is where we’re, where major home currently is um, so it’ll be nice to actually kind of bring this back out and kind of show like hey. This was a before, and this is after. This is what the home looks like now, um and i’m, actually kind of curious to see what is different from the last time. I was out here because i think i was out here january of 2020 uh, maybe early february. I had to be in early february because i think i bought this with my first paycheck from my current job um mistakenly, because the fact that i thought i would get paid twice a month and i was like man. I got a lot of money to spend. Let’S buy drone and yeah. I think again, lots of lessons have been learned in the year since i’ve since i’ve had the drone either about drone ownership, or you know just about life but yeah, so that’s going to do it. For me. I know this was an extremely long look at um, the unboxing for the mdji, mavic and yeah. I hope to get some more footage um up on the channel a little bit later. Of course, spin your boy mark summer’s, major linux. You can check me out over on all the social medias at major linux and, of course, at major linux.

com, but until then all i’ve got left to say two wonderful people out there. As i love you, peace, oh hey! Thank you for watching the video hope you really enjoyed it, of course, really help me out if you like comment and subscribe and click the little bell icon. So you can get notified of many more videos that appear on this channel.