This was received november 17th. A couple questions came in that morning: presiding juror, still number 54, 10 35 in the am says, do we view videos in private or in the courtroom, and we got that question yesterday. We actually deciphered a lot of that and you can see the judge sort of scribbles back on here. On the note courtroom – and we have it – looks like his signature, it says: do you need to know exact, exhibit number of video or photos or photo, and you can see this handwriting obviously looks completely different than some of the other handwriting we looked at in the Prior segment, judge says, need description of what your of what you would like signed off on by the judge, need description of what you would like. 10 35. So sounds like they want to view the videos we talked about that a lot yesterday. They also, but we didnt see this yesterday, its now been received and published. Do you need to know the exact exhibit or number of photos we talked about that yesterday and they said yes they do so then we get further questions because we got an answer. Now. Do you need to know the exact video nope? We just need a general description of what you want. Perfect jurors, say good, because we want to look at all the videos. So question number four then comes in and says well heres what we need there judge.

We want to view the video starting with mr grosskritz his interview with mr rittenhouse, which started early on in the evening right all the way to 10 seconds after ms groskrowicz shooting in regular and slow motion. Also, can we stop and start the video at our request, which is not really an ideal question in my reading of it to me, it sounds like they want to know if theres a relationship here between written house and gross quits, they want to know more about That last second eye contact that was made or that last second interaction between rittenhouse and gross quits gross grit said he re racked. It kyle said he didnt theres this missing bullet that turned into this. This story that was never found. The defense communicated that, but they still want to know more about this. Remember that gross quits said that ridden house was a stooge, because gross grits, of course, is a highly qualified emt somebody with a lot of credentials and a very compelling skill set. He was qualified, written house was not, and so, as written house was running around actually helping people gross kuits said something like youre get out of here: effing stooge, something like that so that all came out but did kyle want to shoot gross crits did he do Anything like this: why do they want to take a look at that interaction again and its not just the shooting its the entire interaction, its from start to finish its from the interview with written house to 10 seconds after the shooting? They want the whole thing its.

What i can gather so they think, maybe that there is something going on there and that doesnt lead me to believe that they think this is a case of self defense. Sort of implies that maybe they think that kyle wanted to shoot the guy, or it could also imply that maybe they think that that gross crits had a motive to go and attack kyle. It could go the other way right. It could be that theyre. Taking a look at the situation and theyre saying you know, gross quits was on the stand, hes claiming to be this really credible person who was out there trying to stop an active shooter, but earlier in that day he was calling him an effing stooge, and so Maybe its actually, the alternate, maybe its actually, the gross quits had a bug up his butt to go and shoot written house. He says: oh, this is my day to be a hero. Im going to call this guy an active, shooter and im just going to go shoot him because he had already thought he was a stooge. He had already thought that this person was somebody who shouldnt be there. Maybe he had an ill motive, so you can see how this question might split both ways and again the jurors. They want to start it and stop it at their own request. Ah at their own, they want to just turn it rewind. It 35 different ways: hey joe come over here.

I got a new angle for you: hey sue, get your butt over here. Look at this one, you think thats a gun! Is that a gun or is that a pixel uh as a defense attorney youre just like? Can you just its so its all self defense it doesnt matter what the pixel looks like its all self defense question number five comes in, they want some more video and i think the the the handwriting is still a little bit different here. It says view the video starting with mr grosskritz. Also here, question number five: this was received at 11 40, along with that prior question on 11 17. So both of those came in together – and it looks like maybe i cant tell on the handwriting here – but it says event – one please prepare mr rosenbaum shooting. Also they want multiple videos. They want the fbi aerial with all the persons of interest mark. We saw that, and so there were actually two versions of that they had the governments case and they had the defense attorneys case. They both had their pois marked on there. Also, they want the drone video, the magical, drone footage that was ultra compressed accidentally by krauss theyre, going to want to take a look at that. The judge, let that in zoomed, in image of the still after mr rittenhouse put down the fire extinguisher. Okay, so that little maneuver from prosecutor binger, where hes walking around pointing firearms at jurors, dropped down his water bottle and uh.

They wanted to see that right that probably left a mark full event, video in regular and slow motion. We will request when ready whatever. That means so that was yet another question and the big one that we spent a lot of time talking about yesterday was this drone video, which was you know, accidentally compressed, but its not my fault im, not a technical wizard. I have no idea how any of this stuff works if i did id be wouldnt, be a prosecutor, but i have multiple different pieces of software on my computer that are for converting and compressing. Videos here is a clip from that segment. Pbs newshour shows us that they were trying to play in exhibits. This is a screen. This is actually a video and you can see right on their desktop that they had a number of different folders. You see desktop trial, exhibits and it looks like they have it. In closing so right on their desktop, you can see on this windows. Pc theyre in a sub folder called closing, exhibit 1 73 62 84 blah blah blah and so were going to see that kraus or whoever is running. This computer is now going to click back into the desktop, and its going to take us to the actual desktop were going to see what is on there right in a desktop. Shows you stuff right on your desktop. You get to see it. For example, this water bottle is on my desktop.

I can see it on my computer. I can see obs. I can see zoom right here both of those need to be deleted. My desktops a little bit cluttered right now, but you get the drift of this thing. You see it, you know its there. You probably know what it does here is james krauss, who is going to be clicking over to the desktop now lets see what he sees. He clicks, the the exhibit desktop clicks that boom whats there and format factory. He has trial exhibits. You can see his entire file structure. Folks right next to his exhibits. Folder on the desktop are the file compression software softwares. Oh somebody named mark polito, who i thinks in law school mark shout out to mark, sent uh this over on twitter, says twitterversed helped to solve the mystery drone footage. I made this for you all. Tucker carlsons show from august 31st and cropped the top 236 pixels to remove the copyright. Hopefully it helps praying for kyle to judge the jury in everyday justice. God bless, and so he sent this image over and i want to take a quick look at it because it is pretty interesting. It kind of shows you some of what the arguments were yesterday and yesterday we spent some time talking about the various uh different formats of videos and sort of hd and wide frame, and all of that and so mark polito did a nice job with this and Put this together says uh on tucker carlson.

You see here john pierce, this dork of a lawyer who uh really botched the case badly. At the beginning, uh on august 34th, first went on to tucker carlsons show and he played this video and youll notice that its a full sort of uh hd video, its 1920 by 1080, and what youll see is that we have this uh. This little copyright mark up here that says brandon raymond uh, unaired kenosha with tuesday and so thats, presumably that same footage that krause was screaming about yesterday, saying uh, you know, tucker carlson had this footage and we tried to download it and it was bad and then Somebody airdropped it to me and im, not a technical wizard, so i dont know what the hell happened but thats. What his argument was. So mr polito now shows us that if you go back – and you actually take this image out of the tucker carlson frame here, if we just sort of clip this out, we crop that puppy out right there and we make it its own image. Youll see that it is actually 1920×1080 right, it actually is a full hd, video format, and so what you now have is on this top right image. You have the prosecution, their unedited footage, which is now 1920×844. When you add this copyright section over here that comes from the tucker carlson video and you sort of add that to the top frame, it adds an addition.

It adds 236 pixels to the cropped footage and makes it the full video. So somebody somebody basically got the video and then cropped it cropping. The top by 236 pixels removes the copyright and the hocus pocus now matches the prosecutions, video so essentially showing that there was absolutely editing and cropping and manipulation of the evidence that went on well done. There so we have that now and the prosecutor im sorry the judge then jurors for the day. No deliberation jurors want to see a lot of this evidence. A lot of the drone evidence no further rulings on this, no questions about a motion to dismiss with or without prejudice, no questions about any potential days of reckoning coming for the prosecutors, but the judge says. Thank you, jurors ill see you back here tomorrow at 9am. Here is how he closes the day out the audio cut out, but he picks up here soon. Kyles fixing that tie up looking sharp good afternoon. The most patient people in america um were going to break for the day and im going to ask you return tomorrow. At nine is that uh going to be okay – and i know, were over our time by uh that i talked about initially um and your your magnificent jurors. Please adhere to the same rules, dont read, watch or listen to any account of the trial and um dont. Discuss the case with anyone, not even with your fellow jurors, any any question.

Okay, thank you see you tomorrow. No questions judge all right, so theyre excused theyre going to be back tomorrow. 9 a.m. Hopefully they have some caffeine in the morning and we get some energy and a decision tomorrow lets take a look at some questions over from our friends at and were going to get to all those super chats. Thank you, everybody for your patience and all of your support here. Okay, so over at, weve got redbeard whos a new supporter over there says howdy been watching your show since the chauvin trial. Well, past time i show my support. Welcome aboard redbeard. You have an awesome, show fantastic personality and a great community. Well, thank you, keep doing what youre doing a couple of questions. If the jury comes back with a guilty verdict on any count, do they have to explain why no, they dont they can, but they dont have to if they were to convict kyle on any count i couldnt imagine there was evidence beyond reasonable doubt. Additionally, if the verdict was reached with a heavy emphasis on the drone footage, then could the judge decide that the footage was not sufficient evidence and call a mistrial, so i think thats kind of what hes doing hes hanging on to that its in his back pocket. Hes got several different motions: a motion to dismiss with prejudice and a motion to dismiss without prejudice both were submitted by corey chirappisi and the judge hasnt ruled on either one of those to my knowledge, and so if they do come back and he is convicted, the Judge might say you know, the conviction was on some evidence was based on some evidence that was really problematic and so the judge you know he said yesterday that he was going to take inquiries under oath and dive into this, and so we dont you know there Was a lot that took place today that might have not, you know, might might have happened behind scenes that were not seeing what this judge is doing with that entire issue, and so you know he may be thinking about that if they come back and the conviction.

Arguably was on the basis of bad evidence being submitted. The judge may decide that he cant let that stand and take it away from them. Well see lets see. Weve got another one. My google is not loading for some reason. One second here it likes to kick me out of this right were in the middle of a show, happens every time. Okay, so we have another one. Okay, now its working now weve got sam and sal from car source. Rob how long until a hung? Jury is usually taken. Duration wide. Also, do you handle insurance fraud cases? No, we dont good luck, guys. Good luck, weve got ben tomlinson says now. Let me preface this by saying this is not the verdict i want, but given the recent news in the last few days, this would likely be the craziest verdict. Permutation count, one rosenbaum hung jury count. Two mcginnis not guilty count. Three jump. Kick man guilty count. Four huber hung jury count: five gross grits not guilty heres. Why? I think this would be crazy. The only guilty verdict is on the charge where there was no identified, complaining, witness and also the only racial attacker. The state the mistrial, with prejudice notwithstanding, would be able to retry the homicide. Charges and gross crits would severely impact his civil lawsuit, although not completely killed. What do you think the likelihood of that permutation will be thats from ben thomason? You know i its hard for me to reconcile differences in self defense and provocation.

You know for for me, if im a juror im going to be somebody whos, sort of all or nothing for the entirety of the charges. Im going to say self defense applies, and that encompasses everything which, for me would be not guiltys across the board. I think that other people who are not in that who dont believe in self who dont believe that the self defense doctrine applies. If they think that maybe provocation applies, it might pop the bubble for some of those other charges and they may be able to have more of a permutation like the one that youre saying. But i think that that if you, if you hang your hat on self defense, i dont see how you could get to a guilty on jump. Kick man or a. I guess that would be the only one right not guilty would be the others and hung on the other charges. So i guess i dont see how he would get to guilty on the on that one. But i do see the uh, the political, hot water that you can get into on that one. Its a great question, love that one soul, viking says kyle deserves justice in either an acquittal. If the judge continues the circus or dismissal with prejudice, the judges continued fast and loose lack of adherence to policy procedure and, most importantly, the law is jeopardizing this case on so many levels. There is some allowable discretion. However, certain items are never up for discussion or negotiation thats from seoul viking.

Good to see you seoul, we have vientika says, has the paint dried yet yet its like watching the same thing i mean its like watching the wood grain on a court wall just sit there for six hours. Its painful sean ohalloran says question i meant to ask yesterday. I understand this correctly that theres going to be an evidentiary hearing on the drone footage with more experts after the jury has already seen the footage multiple times everything was so confusing yesterday. So we kind of have several different things going on. We have a discussion about how the jurors could watch the footage turns out theyre going to get a laptop and and come in the courtroom. Actually so the judge is going to let him come in the courtroom, but there thats sort of a separate issue about how the jurors view the footage theres a separate issue about a disclosure problem which is sort of a its a flagrant foul its you did something So badly that youre going to be really penalized in the case, one of those penalties might be a dismissal with or without prejudice, and that is for the poor disclosure of that alleged drone footage saying that you know they gave him everything they had. They presented their case to the jurors and the defense had a subpar piece of evidence that they couldnt prepare their defense based around and because of that miscommunication they were prejudiced. They were, they were harshly biased and at a serious disadvantage, and they want the penalty to be a dismissal of the case.

So thats it its sort of about the footage, but its not really about the footage, its about the fact that they didnt give them key evidence in a case theres a penalty for that we have news now. Wyoming says i just cant. Stop ranting about this judge repeatedly making poor decisions that could affect the trial. I guess the damage is done, but can the defense make a motion in the morning for the bailiff to inspect the jury instructions they bring back to check it for notes, and would that mean and would that be cause to dismiss them also, since he ruled out They couldnt bring home notes. I would surmise that writing notes on the instructions would count just overall. He should have never made the decision without consultation with the attorneys, especially seeing the defense slightly shaking his head in disapproval. I agree i dont think its a good move. I mean you know. The judge has said a multiple, a number of times in this trial that he thinks that there is a lot of disrespect shown to jurors and he thinks that they should have more information, not less, but you make a great point. I mean what if they go back and they write a bunch of stuff on there, how could you differentiate between the two and now, if the jurors come back and theyre being you know, scrutinized by the bailiff, let me see your notes. Let me see this that and the other now theyre taking now theyre thinking.

Well, this isnt right. You know im here doing my due diligence, my civic duty and now youre, asking to see my papers now im offended whos asking for that right and it might deviate this off. You want to limit the volatility limit. The volatility stop anything out of the ordinary from happening and the judge allowing them to take home notes, and all this stuff is not its not not simplifying things its complicating them leafy bug says i had to laugh at the moment of boomer tech talk that went On yesterday, if it continued im, pretty sure that someones 14 year old, nephew whos a real wizard with all these high tech gadgets would have asked to come up and fix all the malarkey seriously. Though kyle deserves better than having to watch this bunch of amateurs working through their tech clueless, while his futures on the line that was from leafy bug, that was a great comment and uh. We loved that one on the show yesterday see. I love that one though c rose says: hey rob, did you see the five jury instructions? What, if anything, can we infer from that uh? The jury questions? Yes, we went through those judge, schrader. Let a juror take the instructions home yeah. We talked about most of that c rose. You got your question early, but i think we got to those news now says not sure if you had any time to research the mcmichael case.

But the attorney today brought the motion for a mistrial for the fifth time today, because there are black reverends in the audience that havent done anything but sit there. I wonder how many times hes going to bring the same motion how many times you have to bring a motion to preserve it for appeal, uh one. I think and renew it a couple times i mean i have not taken a look at that news now, but im going to have to go. Take a look at that, because what the heck is going on over there all right lets jump over to youtube. We have sea of love, we got you this morning or earlier at the show alex six says honestly, a bad call. If there were notes written on the instructions, they were still allowed to take it home ridiculous. I agree i dont know what this judge is doing. Joe leonard says, if they determine after the verdict that a jury member has been watching the news and discussing the trial, what happened so yeah? That would be a direct violation of the judges orders and you know: youd have motions to strike that juror for cause and youd ask for an alternate to be brought in, and the judge might do that on his own seth stark says: can a mistrial be declared Due to msnbc attempting to follow the jury bus, not that alone, you know if they, if they, if they did something that you know, deviated the jurors in a way that you know caused nine of them to now be no longer impartial.

Then yeah i mean that the the entire panel is ruined and youd have a youd have a mistrial for that, but i dont think the consequences of them following alone would be enough to cause a mistrial doug wilson with a donation. Thank you. There doug weve, got bill cook, says insanely frustrating. I think the judge, letting this crap devolve into chaos, hoping the jury bails him out is failing. This jury is hung, certainly thats from bill cook. It may be looking more and more like that, not applicable, says open. Thuggery by the media, welcome to the ussa comrade umar says: how can the court determine whether or not jurors are sticking to their orders? No speaking with anyone or watching the news, if not by someone watching or snitching its the honor system, its just hey, were just doing our were doing our part and if they dont comply, then they dont comply. Former f former leo over on local says. I hope that a.g garland instructs the fbi to stop harassing the parents of schools and investigate the terrorist threats. Dan bongino calls him agino the a.g in name only. I havent heard that one uh brian hack says anyway: we can get a copy of the jury instructions as well yeah, so brian theyre, all in the notes in the slides but yeah. If you just google, it theyre all over the internet. What are the restrictions on this? Should they be published and available to the public? Well yeah? So how? How do we work courts towards being more transparent? So i think its just with more demands.

You know i mean theyre very slow on a lot of the technology, but were seeing more and more of it i mean more of these trials are being televised. The shovin case we had all of the pertinent court documents, so you know more of that. I think is better, not less, but you know the restrictions on this i mean jurors are not typically taking notes and and jury instructions home and writing all over them and all that stuff thats. Typically not what happens we have wolfgang deo says. Perhaps you could cover this at some point ill. Take a look at that wolfgang. We have jupas says rob strange to me. The judge says that part of the reason the bus has the windows covered is so the jury wont be swayed, but this jury is not sequestered, so they get to go home and drive through these protests hear the news about. It seems like the best way. The court could have prevented this was to sequester the jury. I believe that part of the reason the deliberation is taking so long is because the jury is tainted. A lot of people are speculating that now kinkade says rob. I lost my cool when the judge allowed a juror to take the 36 page instructions home. My gut tells me this juror is the four post person and has a bone to pick with all the bias narratives buzzing around one possible juror tampering is not the odds of some individuals.

Crowdsourcing interpretations are worse extremely high. Psychology behind the judges decision today is ill advised should be well known to professionals on appeal. Can the defense ask for additional considerations for the jury and court procedures? Uh? No, no. I mean it. No. They could say that the they could say that the procedures that were used were problematic, but they cant ask the appeals. Court to you know, consider it differently like if the appeals court said that what the judge did was problematic, they would just remand it down. For a new trial, just do it again, but theyre not going to remand it back down and then say you know, give these new instructions to the jurors or something like that says that the violence is brewing. Yet again, no calls for peace coming out of the networks. Thats from kincaid says, hope, youre doing well, blaster brain says: um a shout out to geomancy games whos been in the hospital all week. Just got out of surgery, thoughts and prayers, as they say, thats from blaster brain. Yes, so shout out to geomancy games. I didnt know that was the situation there, but all of our love and prayers and thoughts, and all of that good stuff goes out to geomancy games who is on youtube by the way so make sure you give him a subscribe and send some love his direction. Thanks for letting us know there blaster brain a couple, others thunder7 says rob no matter what isnt it a win win for kyle.

I think hes going to get an acquittal on all counts, but even if he doesnt the judge will pull out a mistrial card. I think theres, probably one or two lefty holdouts, but they cant keep up the charade much longer with the overwhelming video evidence, even if they do and theres a hung jury can the judge pull out the mistrial with prejudice card to override that kyle will walk. No matter what just in time for thanksgiving so look, the judge is looking like he is doing that you know i cant speak to whether thats legal or not in wisconsin. You know the judges judges run their courtrooms, theyre judges, so they just do what they want, and it is um its up to the attorneys to make objections and to challenge it on appeal. So if the judge wants to hold that motion for a dismissal until the very end it comes and he dismisses it and he can concoct the rationale for it, hes free to do that. Kincaid says: hey man, you are more honest than most also. It seems like the framing and the lighting are slightly different, very polished in comparison to a lot of streamers. Is that right? I am constantly adjusting the lighting, so i actually just made some different adjustments on the camera like two days ago and i think it looks a little bit better. The camera was on a on an auto iso mode and i changed it to iso 1000 and its.

Not its not as uh it doesnt adjust in real time as much so thanks for that, you know im trying to im trying to always constantly improve things. So i appreciate it. The antiques says i know there were throngs of people are not being stupid. Theyre staying warm, do you know what the temperature is up there i dont, but thats. A great point, leafy bug, says didnt kraus, throw shade at the defense for not being able to use airdrop yesterday, wow thats a sick burn. Why am i not surprised that he and bingy boy are apple users to be fair, however, richards gives the impression he might have the technical proficiency to operate a flashlight, but would struggle with a tv remote. I dont know. I think that youre dealing with a lot of people who arent technically sophisticated in general, we have socks over on youtube, says leslie, mcadoo gordon says: theres, no constitutional right to be doxxed and msnbc did nothing wrong. Lol, theres, probably theres no constitutional right to not be doxed right so that theyre free to go docs, whoever they want their msnbc theyre in charge. They run stuff around here, aidan hoffman says: do you think it was deliberate? Visual tactic for the prosecutions, weapons handlers to wear the same gloves as kyle did each time they touched the ar ooh ooh. They were wearing those gloves, werent they. What might that imply if they were doing that? Would it show that maybe kyle rittenhouse was doing something that was lawful, legitimate police technique? I got the feeling that a lot of the police in this case were on team.

Kyle. Perfect, i mean honestly pep moretti was like it was a war zone out there. We all needed guns yeah. No, it was crazy for three days. Thats. A great question, aidan not applicable, says wonder. If bion is a ccp collaborator fits the bill uh. Maybe you should ask eric swalwell, he might know william vasquez says i think the judge and the jury are being naive, no matter what they say or do or what the verdict they agree on. People will hate them fairly or unfairly yeah its like damned. If you do damned, if you dont, as they say, andrew johan says we should have met up, we should have a meet up for those that live in arizona and have coffee or breakfast thats, not a bad idea. Its not a bad idea, you know, might be something that let me give that some thought might be something i dont know how many people are in arizona, but might be something that might be fun. We have a new one from uh, mandy carravisius, says raketa sub. Here now sub to you too, robert virtual hug love it glad youre here, mandy love, roccata love what theyre doing over there. I mean its mind. Blowing whats happening so shout out glad youre here, love those guys over there and all the and gals and all of the attorneys not applicable, says all fighting. I think for the right side of this cause, which is cool.

You know oftentimes in cases you get attorneys that will sort of split at least on youtube. Most people are kind of row in the same direction. Pretty neat not applicable, says those look like fake white supremacists hired men could be mandy with another one. Mandy caravisia says: kyle supporters might be busy working full time, jobs and saving up for the holidays. Robert thats, why theyre? Not there thats right, but, but even if so, even so, where are the non kyle supporters right there from what we saw theres? Just not not you know, hordes of anti written house zombies running around maybe theyll show up well see what happens after the verdict, but i just get the sense that most of the country just sort of has seen the evidence and feels that way. Eddie oliver says i was going to go protest at kenosha courthouse but got a day: job yeah and a life thats good good for you, eddie, congratulations, eddie, says: hey rob! If i go protest and get arrested. Would you represent me? What if i punch each juror? One time in the face for not coming up with the verdict, eddie that is illegal to punch people even jurors in the face, even in the written house, trial its illegal. I cannot advise you to do that. Dont break the law. We have billy123 says sorry. If you already addressed it just join, but do you get the feeling that deliberation is being held up by a single karen figure who asked to take the jury instructions home to validate the view? Yes, i kind of said that i i didnt call her a carer and i think i might have at some point, but i was calling her a jury instruction nazi somebody whos going to go back home and write everything out and uh.

Excuse me on page 37, 6, because theres only 36 pages, it says in paragraph 4, x, y and z and therefore hes guilty. Okay, and you know everybody goes well, those are the rules. I guess we have to take provocation and self defense and match those all up together, and so you get the one hull monitor nazi karen out there, who who sort of commandeers the entire panel blase uriarty says, are closing arguments normally so petulant. Both sides seem less than professional yeah. It was, it was pretty petulants a good word. Richard said bs several times. I didnt think lawyers would speak that way in court. It like its. It was perfectly on par with the rest of the trial, very loose, very sort of felt like organic. You know just kind of had some bullet points that he wanted to hit and just kind of tried to check them off, and you know meander through the argument, but not not typical. I would say we have another one from chris kelly says rob. Can you shout out to my wife, claire kelly, shout out to claire kelly? She says youre dishy! Well, i dont know about that. If you read this out and say hi to her shell, totally blush well im going to blush too claire kelly, whoo dishy, thats, thats, uh thats a very nice compliment. I appreciate that, but shout out to claire kelly shout out to husband chris kelly. I appreciate you both being here and watching the show we have wolfgang deo says smash that like button share and subscribe.

Thank you for reminding me about that wolfgang. Yes, please do all of those things. Sharia labeouf is here, says. Imagine believing the media establishment that docks and destroyed a paramedic for donating ten dollars to kyles defense funds when they say they arent trying to dox jurors. I forgot about that one thats right: they did they skewered that guy for donating to free kyle. Oh, what a joke that was scott a3 says. Sorry, if i missed this youre covering this, but wondering if bingers pointing that rifle could be assault with a deadly weapon. If so, are there special rules for prosecutors? So we did a segment on that earlier in this week there scott and i would check that out on the clips channel but yeah we did a whole segment on that. We actually looked at the statutes and theres good argument for that. The point being that if binger were prosecuting binger, hed, probably prosecute him woods008 says well. What do you think of the news organizations like msnbc cnn, other media outlets? They only showed the states closing arguments. Didnt want to show the defense closing arguments. Thats whats wrong with the world. Today they only get one side of the story. Instead of the whole story. Thats from woods008 we have former leo says rob. Can you let me know how many antifa fit fists there are, so i can bring enough male markers enough markers for drawing male sex organs. Crime, junkie, jekyll, says at rakita law livestream.

They were worried about the defenses face when the jury requested to take the instructions home. What do you would you think that could really affect the jury? Also, what do you think about the judge approving it? Finally, after hearing the live stream today through rocata law, i realized how much they think the defense has effed up. Do you feel the same way if kyle gets another trial, can he change them? Uh yeah. I think the defense, you know really complicated a case that didnt need to be complicated. I dont think kyle right now should have testified. I think that opened the door to all sorts of new issues. The prosecution successfully keyed in on them talked about provocation based on a lot of the statements that came out of kyles mouth and then they started to change the whole narrative and it started to go downhill from there. Didnt it – and here we are so – i dont think that that was a good move, but you know thats, where were at. They have been certainly loose a lot of these things, i think, should have been settled before court ever started with motions in lemonade about what the jurors can see and hear not allowing words like militia to ever be played in the courtroom, thats kind of just basic Stuff, so you know if he does get another trial. Yes, he can change them, and i would you know at this point, recommend that he does it feels like they have snatched victory.

Snatched defeat from the claws of victory. Weve got bill. Gibbons says rob. I think they were chanting. This racist apartheid had got to go, maybe thats what it was apartheid uh former leo says. I dont see 36 inch batons. Newsnow says an acquittal on friday afternoon, kenosha will burn over the weekend. I wonder if the jurors will ask kyle to come and help save his town. I think not. The bee had a hilarious meme about that. They actually wrote out. A judge asks kyle rittenhouse to go, protect the courthouse and its kyle rittenhouse in front of the courthouse. With a gun we have nadar says bg on the scene was on allison morrows channel hes in kenosha, said it wasnt bad at all that there was at max at least three dozen people there, some for kyle some brain dead aka, not for kyle. He also indicated that the po po never asked him for the footage they used of his and seemed to suggest they got it from the internet, which is yeah. I believe that the police testified. They got it personally from him after arresting him for possession that night. Do you remember any of that? I i dont remember the specifics on the bg on the scene footage i remember it was used in trial and i believe it is an exhibit, but i dont recall if they got it from him specifically, because we did hear from detective martin howard that he was Just basically on the internet, downloading videos all over twitter kind of the same thing i was doing back then.

So you know if the defense just stipulated to all those documents and all those videos and just said well, we dont really care where it came from were not going to challenge it. Maybe he didnt bother to go. Get the original former leo says facts. We dont need no stinking facts. We have uh news now. Almost every decision by the judge has gone against the defense and is harmed a fair trial. I dont understand why so many people are so upset the judge that thinks that kyle is guilty. Thats from news now and uh jumping back over to uh to youtube. We had sharia labeouf, we have not applicable, says how far towards outright leninist communism. Has our society slit if joe rogan and bill maher are now right wing somebody throw on the brakes already? I know its kind of crazy. You know joe rogan a couple years ago was a sort of an apolitical person. He lived in california now hes in texas. In austin hanging out with alex jones and tim poole talking about left wing cultists, which is which is you know, perfect theyre, all accurate, more accurate than you know, brian stelter is weve, got lauren p says anyone else. Remember during director cross binger said: do you need a tissue karen responding to a sneeze? Could that be for a juror karen? I dont remember that, but thats hilarious, or maybe they can just they can just identify her. Everybody goes its her dont even know her name, but its her dapper dave says if the defense insisted that the drone footage be removed as evidence, even though first photo was seen by the jury couldnt.

The jury say that it was not properly admitted into evidence. Couldnt. The judge say it was not properly and be ignored. So yes, but the problem is, is you sort of you co mingle, that information with all of the other information, even though the judge can sort of bifurcate that out and separate that? How do you uncommingle? All of that from the jurors minds very difficult to do that just had a loud noise in the office. Dont know what that was. If you saw me poking around, i heard a loud noise and its gone now: okay, so uh. What else do we have? We have another one from wolfgang says: i watch a two hour show and one hour playing at 2x speed, well thats good to know wolfgang yeah speed it up fly through this stuff, not applicable, says kraus would love spam, its compressed pork taguts. If he says im worried they are scrutinizing everything in order to find something for conviction, because they fear the mob. How possible do you think that is it? It could be possible right. I mean it really could they could be going through and trying to identify any of those lesser included and just trying to see uh. You know like they kind of want something to stick, or some of them do and theyre trying to find where they can thread. The needle, if it was all of them, thinking self defense or all of them, thinking murder, they wouldnt be going through all of the minutia and asking to take the instructions home chris cunningham says: uh the video wasnt compressed.

The resolution was changed yeah and i think that mike polito mark polito actually showed us that right that they just cropped that top segment of the video out tw superstatic uh super chatted, says f, zack stacy, i dont know who zac stacy is but im losing hope For kyle says j rod, i hope the good guys win. I think a lot of people feel what youre putting down there j rod we have take me transportation says what are the repercussions on the banger in the three different outcomes? Acquit hung guilty or does it matter? What are the repercussions on binger? I mean look if its an acquittal. He lost the case, so hes gon na now be you know, a prosecutor who lost a national case, and so he would have to you know deal with that in his office. Wont be any you know, real consequential outcomes for him. Hes, a government employee who gets paid by the government so hes, probably not going to get fired, hes, probably just going to go back to work on monday, like a normal day candidly, if its hung, you know same thing, hes, probably going to want to retry it Again so have a bunch of meetings about what do we do with this? Should we retry it or not, and then of course they probably will and if its guilty hell probably suddenly want to comment about the case again, he said that he wasnt going to, but if its a guilty hell probably say we knew this all along were very You know very uh happy that the justice was done in court, that day blah blah blah blah and maybe even get a promotion and a job on cnn, someday, mitchell kirkwood, says statements by the prosecutors and the defendant are not evidence, but vids annotated are by them.

Unless you can id them its a good point, mitchell yeah, they are modified, so they are kind of testimonial right, theyre, saying something they are communicating an idea, its not just a raw video. It has been modified, and so what the judge would likely do is submit both sides submit the prosecutions version, submit the defense version and allow the jurors to just view them both at will decide which one they want to give more credibility to, and it was essentially The same video just with different annotations one had the arrows one had the little circles that were being uh bandied around. We have blase uriarty says if this was tried in florida, itd be done by now. Maybe true yeah, i dont know in arizona im, not sure how it would go. You know we have sort of a changing demographic here. Lama brad says consider an activist juror with p22 in their notes, well see if the judge addresses that at all tomorrow, im not sure that he will hectory tulia de alameda al magro says why people are focusing so much on the judge when state grimace and captain Crook are the clowns who begun the whole circus by indicting kyle. Why its a good question? You know the judge gets a lot of attention because hes sort of supposed to be the person in charge. He is the person in charge and people want to see. Sometimes you know the judge kind of get involved a little bit more, and so they take a lot of pressure from both sides.

Everybodys unhappy with the judge defense is prosecution, is its kind of a no win position and were seeing that on display. Joe calgano says if the jury acquits on some charges, but hang on the rest. Would a mistrial void the whole case or just hung the charges. Would a mistrial void the whole case uh just the hung charges, so i see which so so they could uh. I mean it kind of depends on the yeah. I think they could break. They could recharge him on the hung charges if they wanted to george mcnair, says 32 degrees with a 26 mile per hour wind in kenosha tonight, oh thats, chilly 32 degrees, 26 mile per hour winds in kenosha, thats, cold, thats, thats, chilly c rose over on local Says rob: do you think the defense has grounds for appeal to admit the fbi drone allow the jury to see it during trial, then further allow them to replay it during deliberations, despite schrader knowing of prosecutorial misconduct, it implicates altered photographs or video. If so, what do you think the appeals court would do speculation, of course, so for appeal to admit the drone footage allowing the jury to see it during trial. So i guess my question would be. Why would the? Why would the defense want it to be played? So why would they appeal to admit it? It already has been admitted so, if youre asking, if youre, asking about an appeal to preclude the evidence, what youd really be talking about would be sort of a special action, so sort of put everything on hold say we need this.

We need the court of appeals to come down and give us a ruling on this about what to do with this video. But the problem here is: the jury has already seen it. So a remedy there would almost have to the jury, has already seen it and the defense didnt get to prepare a counter to it, because they saw a different version of this. So the remedy is not that you just say just forget about that. Drone footage because youre missing a huge trunk of the trial, youre missing a whole defense that could have been concocted based on provocation based upon this new drone footage. So you know the appeals court could could theoretically make a ruling kind of insert itself in here and make a special action ruling, but its not easy to do. All of this stuff has been co. Mingled together, which has been you know my a criticism that ive had about this court since the beginning, kincaid says when i think of the nightmares and the dreams i face and embrace pondering mindless crowds leaves my hair in chase also arrest every effing. One of those contacted the judge based on the context of the last year. One cannot be too safe. This judge and jury should be protected and separated from the vile we have speech unleashed says: has the prosecutor received any threats so far just curious, because it seems that all the people getting threats are those believed to be supporting written house, not the ones trying to Put ridden house away for life? How can that be? I thought that all the people who support people like rittenhouse, those in favor of self defense are supposed to be.

The ones that are violent but judge, schrader and drew hernandez, seemed to be the ones that are getting blown up all over the place. Very curious, good point. There speech woodso8, says well, robert all those emails, the judge received, are basically terror threats, depending on the email they could be tried for felonies. It depends look in many instances if youre on here heres the problem with all this stuff. If you make the the threats towards a political, protected class, then oftentimes or against sort of the establishment to some degree oftentimes, you can be penalized for that. But if you, if you condemn somebody that the establishment has decided is no longer in favor, then nobody cares about that youre free to beat those people up. Judge schrader is not part of the mainstream person. He said asian food, so hes a racist, and he also is somebody who said you cant call somebody a victim when it hasnt been proven in a court of law and thats illegal now in this country. Apparently so he can be scolded and criticized and harassed on a regular basis, thats, okay, because hes no longer in the in group, good question, another one from yoda says joe rogan is right. It is a cult we have john halgren, says being just over an hour from the war zone, known as kenosha. Preparations are being made to ensure no early black friday shopping breaks out, nothing happened before by us.

Nothing will happen now. I can only hope everyone has had time to upgrade their cameras and practice their filming im, tired of the fuzzy, poorly framed drone films. The next trial needs to be more cinematic, its from john halgren id like that too yeah special, like super cuts, hd ultra 4k sergeant bob – is here its been a long time sergeant says: i think all the threatening will solidify the good people who will just not Take it anymore good to see you sergeant bob, i know miss lucky said you were traveling its good to see you back. John halgren says the sixes and the ofs were exactly the same same karen thats from john halgren, giving us some handwriting analysis thanks. John briggs says: schroeder has been a pushover based on his wishy washiness, addressing rulings, including the admission of evidence in various motions. I dont see him granting any dismissals with or without prejudice. I agree with you, i think hes just kicking the can to the jury. Hes afraid of the backlash of a dismissal will cause him. His best outcome would be a conviction, kicking the can to the appeals court if they hang hell, call a mistrial and make sure someone else presides over bingers next, try pretty good summation there briggs. I also think that maybe hes hoping for an acquittal, you know if they come out, then he really has nothing to do. That would be a big, the biggest win for him.

News now says i really do not understand the duty to retreat instruction. It says you have no duty to retreat, which means you dont have to do it, but you can find him guilty if you find that he could have not if he could have retreated yeah its a weird instruction thats, why the judge said everybodys confused about it. No duty to retreat, but you can consider the failure to retreat in your verdict. What thats, why everybodys confused news now, youre, not alone, we got rational gay, says if schroeder declares a mistrial with prejudice. Do you think the doj will try to file federal charges to circumvent double jeopardy uh i dont know what they would base that on. You know what what would they charge him with? You know in the chauvin case its a federal civil rights violation, hes a government, employee whos. You know, murdering somebody uh, allegedly on the basis of race and all of that, so they had that ready to go. In this case, you know, is it a weapons, trafficking violation? Is it something like that, because otherwise, its just kind of a murder case, you know theres, really what civil rights are being implicated here? I dont know thats from rational gays, another one from grouchy old cat. Lady says, maybe all that background detail is needed to determine reasonableness in kyles actions. Hes 17, not 65. kyles reasonable to believe, might not be the next persons reason to believe thats from grouchy old cat.

Lady, a good comment and a lot of people interpret these things differently. Former leo says if they found self defense on the top charge, that should self satisfy the top count and they need not go to the lesser included thats. The way it used to work in california, i agree, which is why i was saying, if youre a self defense believer, it solves everything you dont need to even read the instructions anymore, because the self defense instruction excuses and privileges all of the other conduct. But the jurors, of course you know, are diving into it. Brit cormier, says fact: pattern in this case is so bad for the state. Not even legal eagle could spin it to not self defense. That should tell you something yeah, if hes not even going to get out there and dunk on this one man, it must show you that this is a pretty good case. Sea of love says: why does the offensive the defense appear so weak? They should be pounding on the desk demanding a mistrial with prejudice for violating his constitutional rights. They are just kind of you know going along with the motions it seems. Pesky citizen says if the jurors were allowed to take the instructions home, but not their notes. Are they allowed to bring notes from home into the deliberation room, so we dont know because the judge said that they can take their notes that are written on the instructions home.

So what happens if they write notes on the instructions and bring those back? Can those come in probably according to this judge, we have shirley hastings says i would love to see his trial dismiss with prejudice, but in this case he would be accused his whole life for the deaths of these two justice for kyle rittenhouse, yeah yeah right a Mistrial would mean that hes not completely exonerated, and, i think, thats part of the reason he testified is because he wanted to clear his name and who can blame him. Hes been maligned for the last 18 months, hgtp omapulatipus omaplatypus says: what are the chances that kyles found guilty in sentences? Time served zero, i would say: uh. You know its going to have a mandatory minimum of a lot longer than that. Wouldnt that still ruins kyle life, kyles life yeah, so hes going to have a statutory minimum and he was only in custody. I think for two or three months, if i remember correctly so thats, not enough time, it wouldnt satisfy the statutory threshold. Steve irwin says: have you ever had an experience with a fair prosecutor? You have respect for but based on how they handle cases or are they all the same and like bingo? No, they are not all the same in like banger. A lot of them are right. A lot of them are and im not im, not trying to backtrack. On that statement i said a lot of them are but yeah there are a lot of good prosecutors out there.