Some of them have been met with warm reception, while others not so much today, im going to be giving my thoughts on season 4 and explaining how this could all be important stuff for the jurassic park franchise going forward now before i go any further, i want To mention to you guys that todays video is sponsored by curiositystream the worlds first streaming service, addressing our lifelong quest to learn, explore and understand, offering up thousands of non fiction, titles, documentaries and exclusive originals from some of the worlds best filmmakers. This is the place to find fascinating stories that are entertaining without any of the reality show nonsense. Curiosity stream is the netflix for nerds, the hulu for history buffs and the disney plus for the scientists in us all. I think curiosity stream is a perfect sponsor. For my channel, due to their wide selection of dinosaur documentaries, especially this one called amazing dino world, which i always thought had some pretty cool depictions of feathered dinosaurs. So i could see it being a good comparison between what jurassic world dominion is going to do and what modern documentaries offer. Curiosity stream is the entertainment brand for people that want to know more and its available on roku android, xbox, ios, chromecast, amazon apple and several smart tvs as well. New shows come out every week, so whether you want to learn about science, sports, music technology, nature or history, you can find it all on. Curiosity stream just go to curiositystream.

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in season 4 were just kind of told that there is a spinosaurus living in the desert, biome of manticores dinosaur location, with the only explanation As to how it got there being that the small group running the company stole some animals from isla sorna, i do like the mystery behind some of this stuff early on in the season, but i think the further it went on much like jurassic park 3. It became clear to me that we werent going to get any answers to any of the mysteries and thats, because, more than likely when they were making the show they didnt have those answers written out at all. I will say one thing: thats really interesting is that this entire plot is – and you can just totally see this its obvious. This is all taken from a computer game. Back when jurassic park, 3 came out called scan command. That game had some campers crash on an island and get stranded, while a crazy scientist was conducting research and trying to communicate with dinosaurs and get them to fight one another. You cant make this stuff up. Man, season 4 of camp cretaceous is literally an adaptation of scan command and, of course, all over the cover art of that stuff was the spinosaurus just like we got on all the posters for season four. So while i do think its cool that weve gotten a further jurassic park story with this colossal dinosaur, i do find it to be somewhat disappointing.

That jurassic is still just dropping it into plot lines, with little to no information on why it exists and whats going on in general. That being said, the definite highlight of the whole season for me does involve the spinosaurus specifically when it breaks through the rocks and drags the smilot on out, presumably killing it in the process for all of cam cretaceous efforts to be a jurassic park. Version of westworld – that was the definitive moment where i felt like it, nailed the weird science fiction tone that it really needed way. More of to keep that sort of entertainment coming steady when the saber two tiger is bearing down on the characters, and you just see it get yanked out by the spinosaurus, its pretty badass man. I thought it was uh that was the highlight for the whole season. For me now, the basic plot i thought was a little too contrived in the long run. What it all boils down to is that the freed mosasaurus attacks, the campers boat – causes them to wreck on a mysterious island that, just so happens to be near isla nublar and its revealed that a ton of dinosaur species that have been stolen from isla sorna. In order to conduct research in making dinosaurs fight to the death in mortal combat with one another for the amusement of paying customers, this is all very fun and very cool jurassic park stuff, but its filled with loads of plot holes that just make it seem ridiculously Silly when the season is said and done, and a lot of that has to do with the plot twist at the end with kenjis dad, i dont think everyone really went over the details of this twist before they committed to it at the end of the day, Because it kind of makes no sense when you compare it to previous seasons that we saw earlier for the show, for example, hear me out here.

If kenjis dad is responsible for getting sinoceratops dna and presumably other forms of whatever dinosaur dna they wanted from jurassic world. Why does he need sammy and a drone to do it in the cover of darkness when he owns an entire building on the island and the dinosaurs are readily available to be handled by the public? In fact, the very method in which manticore takes dna from the cyanoceratops they collected its saliva could have been way more easily obtained by just feeding the dinosaurs like what we see happen in jurassic world. So the whole plot of them trying to hybridize the sino with the spinosaurus dna, comes off as rather overly convoluted. When you start to think about it, now, im going to give the show the benefit of the doubt when it comes to what the twist will lead to, because i think its actually pretty interesting and so far seasons. One and three have been really interesting additions to the jurassic park, mythos in my opinion, but to put it mildly. I think this is where the show jumped the shark in a lot of different ways. I do like the new hybrid dinosaurs. I, like the look of the labs, i like a lot of what they do with all the new species and all the returning species seeing the pteranodon hit. The wall was pretty funny, but i dont know theres something here that just feels off to keep things positive season.

4 does a lot of really cool stuff with the technological biodomes that theyve created for individual scenarios, seeing dinosaurs in the redwoods, the snow and desert are all really cool ideas and the incorporation of stolen sight b. Dinosaurs is also pretty interesting. One thing that does bother me a little bit, though, is the idea that the easeless sorna dinosaurs, that were selected happen to be what the lost world jurassic park established as male and female tyrannosaurs. Despite the fact that, in the show, they call both the brown and green assets females now, my theory here is that this wasnt always supposed to be the case, because the way they interact with each other and behave strikes me as being something of an obvious nod To the buck and doe t rexes from the second movie now, this doesnt necessarily break canon, because the male rex could have simply changed its sex due to the amphibian dna. However, its already reproduced – and we know that the dinosaurs only do this when they are in an environment, made up entirely the same gender, its a survival trait after all. So what gives this is leading me to assume that maybe site b still has some dinosaurs on it, but the animals could be in a pretty bad way if this is happening again on the island. Now these arent the same t rexes from the lost world. They one of them definitely isnt because its the daughter of this one, but maybe their numbers, really are dangerously low, and maybe it has something to do with people taking them off of site b in order to take part in this dinosaur, fighting ring stuff either way.

I do like the idea of the creatures aggression going up due to the types of food they were eating and i enjoyed the idea of a scientist trying to study the animals in different biomes as well too bad. They didnt really go anywhere with that, even in the end, the whole scientific study stuff was abandoned in favor of just having drones zap the dinosaurs towards one another in order to make them fight, which did result in a pretty cool face off between the new kindred Source and the t rex, but really they could have used that dinosaur language research to way better effect during scenes like that they just kind of abandoned it. It was like not just zap them, just zap them and make them fight each other. The character development was great here across the board. Some of it was kind of a bit over the top in some areas, but since its an animated netflix series, i guess thats to be expected. I do think a lot of the actual franchise spirit died away in order to prop up the characters, though, since this is by far the least jurassic park or jurassic world feeling story. Weve gotten – and i understand that the writers are trying to branch out and make this series more than just the same recycled ideas again and again, but this was, in my opinion at least the wrong direction to go, especially with the robots. Now the dog, like brad units, i thought, were fine to begin with and they did offer up some cool new tech for jurassic park companies to play with, but the sleaze stack.

Looking two legged versions were unnecessarily goofy to me and they actually reminded me a lot of the robot that rocky balboa gave paulie in fact, theres a lot of cam cretaceous season 4. That feels like its straight out of the 1980s instead of the 1990s, like what jurassic park was actually all about when it came to these sort of things, and part of me thinks that may have something to do with the people in charge being way older than Those of us who grew up with the first two or three movies when they were literally coming out in theaters but thats, not really something i want to dive into just yet. What i will say is that season 4 looks to be made from a place of love towards jurassic park and the fans of the jurassic park franchise, but they dont seem to know how to take all of these ideas that the fans are interested in and craft Them into a story that still feels like a cohesive and tonally jurassic narrative when theyre trying to branch out away from the movies. For example, a lot of these ideas have been floating around in the fan base for years now, and ive done videos on all of them. What happened to the spinosaurus after jurassic park? 3. whats up with the ice age extinct animals? We know they have dna of in universe. What happened to the tyrannosaur family on isla sorna? What happened to ezla sorna in general? What other kinds of ways are they trying to exploit the dinosaurs outside of the theme parks? You know this is all stuff thats been on peoples minds for literally years, but the way they went about telling this particular story, i think, was just a little too off brand for the jurassic park license.

In my personal opinion, i wouldnt necessarily say that this is bad or something that should be pigeonholed, but i do think that in my own ranking, this is actually just under jurassic park 3. In terms of how i count it among my favorites, the coolest thing to come out of the season for me was the whole biodome setup. But i wish it had been something that made more sense in relation to the other films and seasons, because i dont really know if i can believe that right next door to isla nublar theres this entire dinosaur pit fighting operation with robots straight out of rocky iv And stolen site b animals that nobody has talked about until now, thats, why? I think some of this could have been radically different earlier on in development, which we do know did go down in season two of the show. Maybe when it started, the island was actually supposed to be isla sorna, and that was supposed to be the buck and the dough, and that would have been confirmed without a shadow of a doubt as the spinosaurus from jurassic park. Three and maybe manticore would have been bioson or something that all just makes way more sense in relation to the brand and franchise in general, and i think way more people would have bought into that, especially if the robots were actually just replaced with the modern drone Equipment that we already got to see in the same episodes so – and this is just a theory by the way i dont know if that was originally the ideas, but it does seem like something went off the rails here and they were like, oh new islands, its Weird, too, you know if you want to make another island like maybe they could have called it site c, which we know was in development for a while behind the scenes.

This was a little bizarre, still im not going to knock them for trying something new since jurassic park does need to continue to evolve in the story department and not just recycle the same plots over and over again. But then again i thought theyd already done a great job at that with season three man, the whole scorpius rex idea was such an awesome piece of jurassic world lore that i think, went a really long way, especially in how faithfully it lined up with the beginning Of fallen kingdom and incorporated dr wu and the mercenaries what a fun plot, but yeah anyways. These are all just my own thoughts and opinions on jurassic world cam cretaceous season 4.. What did all of you think and what are your thoughts on what we can expect to see in season five now, whatever they happen to be id love to hear them in the comments down below now before i go id like to thank all of my game. Wardens as well as all of my engine executives id also like to thank all of my park, workers and engine hunters as well guys. It really means the world to me. You all continue to support what i do and i never want you to ever forget that now id like to thank you all for watching todays video and hope that you all enjoyed the content.