It has arrived. It took one month exactly to come from China. What a rigmarole any might, but here it is on the bench and all its faux carbon gloriousness. Look at it there. We go now. This is just an intro video. I just want to give you my first impressions, because I haven't had a chance and only arrived yesterday. Haven'T had a chance to pull it apart, rip into it do a deep dive, but I just want to give you my first impression so let's take a look and here's the radio yeah I've got a battery in it turned it on seems to work, but I Want to run through some of the things that I've noticed already. First thing is this little jog wheel here, it's terrible and I think look look look at the slop in it that's awful and it's kind of disappointing, because the original jumper t16 had a similar problem. A little jog wheel, it wasn't very good and they actually sent out replacements. They sent me as a review of a set knee replacement, an update to the T 16 to make it better and it seems, make the same mistake twice in a row: they're not learning from their mistakes, which is a little bit of a problem, but hey let's. Just ignore that, for the time being, styling you'll love it or you hate it. You either love the faux carbon or you think, it's, really cheap and tacky I'm, not gon na I'm, not torn either way it's fine.

What does worry me a little more? Is it a lot of the radios like the even the jumper t16? Is there black? I mean I'm, not a fan of black, because I like to fly on warm sunny days and black just gets hot. You leave this in the Sun, it's gon na get hot and it's like fpv goggles. They used to all be black until I don't know it's funny that I said it's about time. Someone made some white fpv goggles for the same reason: you're flying the Sun. You don't want a more overheating and lo and behold, fat shark shifted to white and skies and wheat to white. So maybe I had some influence. I hope, if that's the case, please give us some more color options, then just black Blacker's know and who knows anyway. There'S a lot of bling a lot of bling in this transmitter. Look the T, 16 or 18 is writing um. I have to close look it's that's a night, but it's really kind of a strange I'd T, I'd unit lights up. You can turn it off inside same with the backlighting and all these little switches and things it's a nice touch. But if you know again, you either love it or you think it's, just so gaudy, but you can turn it off, which is great mind you you're paying for the LEDs and all the you know, engineering that goes to make these backlit so that could affect the Value to some people, but I want to talk about economics ergonomics is where radios are made or broken and when it comes to economics, hmm, okay, it's, a pretty standard, jumper setup you've got the same set of switches as you get on at arenes, x9 d, or On your old jumper or on a radio master, you got the two position.

Switch Ollie has a three position except this one, which is momentary, hold spring loaded to position. Okay, good as gold. You got these little button. Oh look, I've done something wrong. I'Ve accidentally made have happen. You'Ve got these little multi position switches here that you can select the BEC lighting, our notes, not very bright ish. It doesn't really stand out much in sunlight. I don't think you'd be able to see which of these is actually operative. It'S a bit of a shame, because this is nice and I know I've turned it off because otherwise it's going to be annoying, but you didn't seem to light up very brightly. So in sunlight. You probably better see those we'll find out when we go and try it out in the Sun later on. This is all kind of subdued which is kind of nice, and I like stuff that stands out too much, but the lights off. It looks pretty damn good. Nice, big speaker, grille that's, a bonus that's, a positive three positions for you Nick strip, if you're a Knicks, trapper I'm a thumber, so I don't use an extra we've got same as before. We'Ve got sliders here like that slider truly knobs. I don't know why you use twirly knobs I've, never ever used a toilet knob in my life. But thirdly, if you want them – and this is another thing – that I'm a bit disappointed in – and wind jumper brought out the t16 one of the faults I see at head at the time was the sliders had a very poor, centered detent right, so you can't really Feel the center position on the sliders very well at all and that's a worry, because I like to use my sliders for flaps and I like to have up flap and down flaps.

Sometimes you use up flip. You can kill the left on a glider, bring it and really lose a lot of height really really quickly, but you need a solid firm Center on a slider if you're going to use it for that purpose, the original jumper had really poor centering. This is no better it's. No better. I did complain a bit. Haven'T listened they've just gone on. They didn't learn from that. They haven't learned from this answer, worried and also even knobs like this having a center detent is really quite important. Now this one feels like it's, got a kind of a detent but it's so vague the same. No, that one doesn't have any details, just like it's kind of not she you know all the way around. It feels not she so there's, no center detents, no useful center detents on these, which limits their use again, because you want to you want to be able to sit them. Even if using these four flaps, which I don't recommend, you need to have a seen, a position, that's really really firm and almost clicks into place. Doesn'T happen bit of a shame, so yeah hi ho now up the top here. We'Ve got a whip. Antenna I'll talk more about that in a moment. You'Ve got a little rubber thing here we can plug in USB C and a I know if there's a trainer or whatever haven't even looked doesn't, have any there's no legend on this.

Unless you know what it is. No, maybe it's, just I don't, know it's not written on this, so which is kind of strange, because all these switches have the backlit switch emblems. But this one you don't know what it is so never mind and then we've got an interneuron here, but then, depending on the model of radio, you buy. That may or may not be a 2.4 gigahertz antenna, because this comes in three flavors: chocolate, strawberry and rust. No doesn't comes in the the light, the standard and the pro I think in the light Edition. This is going to be your 2.4 gigahertz antenna in the standard and the pro it's, not it's, going to be a 915 megahertz transmitter antenna. So you're going to be a bit careful, you don't to mix these up. Don'T mix these up, because if you use the wrong tantony, you get really crap range. Now this one has the five and one I believe I haven't opened the back. As I said, I only just got it so we're just first impressions, which means that you don't want to leave the 2.4 antenna no and there you want to put this 915 megahertz and 10 on there, because in theory it will work with the the frsky r9. Why on earth you'd want to use Frisco ion, I do not know. I'Ve played with an ion, i played with crossfire crossfire, wins hands down in every respect, so yeah.

If, if you were going to buy one of these, you know you make your own mind out which model you want, yet the the pro model has Hall effect and, interestingly enough, this is the stock one. This is the I don't know how this works, because this apparently has the five in one module, but it came with standard sticks and they sent the hall effect sticks in a separate box. For me to install myself, if I feel like doing so – and here they are so I can plug those in screw them in place. Simple hall effect sticks yeah, nothing, nothing to see here, it's all pretty normal stuff. Other reviewers have said they like the sticks on the don the jumper. I actually prefer. The radio master sticks to be totally honest, totally honest, I'll get into that in a later video, but other thing that notice, I said: jumper didn't, listen about the the sliders and they don't listen at all. Actually, to be honest, because this was sent on the 2nd of June and when it obviously wasn't gon na show up for a month, I did email, jumper and say: hey look. You know everyone's getting these radios before me. I like to be able to do reviews, but I'm gon na be last on the queue. No more watch my review because you're seen TNT instead of DHL, like I asked so listen when you asked him how to send it and then also when the radio master arrived, it's got mode one.

I fly mode one, so they she set it up mode, one for me: it's really really nice it's, that's thoughtful, and they put, I see, model reviews on the little thing that I've done. If you can see that, but these people don't listen at all, and so I got a mode 2 which I'll change is not a problem. Cuz I'm going to change the sticks anyway, but it's like this. Is it take it or leave it? We don't care whether you like it it's, not a good look to take it's, not a good approach to take with a reviewer. I would have thought with reviewers you go any away to make them feel special and you make sure the products you send them. A top spec top line, you don't, say: oh hey, by the way you can put new sticks in. If you want better it's, not the humor there. I suppose, and it won't affect my review of the product I'm gon na. Look at it totally objectively. As to you know, what would you want, you know? Will this be better than this because that's the real question people are gon na be asking you know, is that if I've got some money burning a hole in my pocket, do I buy the jumper or do I buy the radio master? This there's a question? Everybody'S gon na have on their lips look from side by side very similar, looking radios. There are pros and cons to each I, my favorite play with each of them and there's things.

I love about this radio there's things I love there's radio things I hate about their things. I hate about this, so it's, really I can't say, buy this one because for some people that'll be better than that and vice versa that's. Why I'm doing the videos that are coming up next, which is the deep dives, the comparisons, the pros the cons, the things that will be important to you? If you're trying to make your mind up and of course just but wildcard in there? Maybe you want to buy one of those. Instead, the den go to some people. This is a better option: it's really kind of tricky isn't it working out what to buy but it's beer. With me, this is just my first impressions and their first impressions. Are all these radios give you so much bang for your buck. When I started, let me do a loop or mild man hat on when I started in this hobby. My first radio control system was a 5 channel. Analog AM proportional system made by Futaba, it cost me 275 dollars, it was 1972 or 1971, and that was enough to buy a second hand car. That was like really speedier these even hundred hundred and fifty bucks, just depending on on which options you take it's. Just so fantastic I've even got jr. 9 X 2, which is a 9 302. I think it was in America or something and that cost me 600 New Zealand Dollars and I bought it and, if I'd bought it likely, it would have cost me 1200 roughly, and it has none of these features.

It was compared to this it's, a crap radio, with if in terrible old thing, so we've come so far that it doesn't matter what you buy. You'Re gon na you know find it's an amazing amount of value for your buck, but like most people, you want to get that last little. Few percent out of the value of your dollar so that's. Why I'm going to go through and compare these products yeah? So hey ho, what I'd, like you to do, is go to the comedy but down there and ask me some questions. So I can tell you what you want to know when I review these products and when I do the shootout and the deep dive, because you're the guys ever going to be looking at buying these things. I need to know exactly what you consider to be important. Otherwise, the videos would be three weeks long for each of them, because there's so much. We could talk about, but that's it for the time being it arrived. It arrived at long last, a month after it was sent and when I turned it on at wind, what more could you wish for there you go so thanks. Very much for watching takes my patreon supporters. You make this all possible and stay tuned, stay tuned comment and stay tuned, because we will be looking deeply at both of these radios and, to be honest, I like them both I like them, both but you'll, find out which one I like the most thanks for Watching guys bye for now, oh did I mention that jumper comes in a really nice little carrying case, which is fantastic.

If you're going to be throwing your backpack if you've won a case, this is a case and of course, the ultimate.