You want to check out the new jumper t pro that kind of looks like the dji fpv remote. You know, i think people got their inspiration from the tbs tango 2 and they kind of all look like a tbs tango. But this looks even more like this. The dji one. This works with every drone on the planet, pretty much or rc plane, rc helicopter rc boat, whatever you want, and it even comes, if you wish, with an elrs module on the back thats a transmitter for the brand new elrs system everybodys screaming about it, comes with That, if you want and its not very expensive – and you can put sound on it, let me talk okay, so uh it doesnt come with sound out of the box, but in this video im going to show you the second reason youre, probably watching this video is Because im going to show you how to set up a model in it say you bought an fpv drone and youre a newbie, and you dont have a clue. So you bought this and you bought an fpv drone im going to show you how to set up a model in here im going to show you how to put sounds so it can say whatever you want and im going to show you how to bind it With your drone, whatever drone you get and im going to show you how to set it up in beta fpv all in this video, so here we go Music all right so now for all the newbies watching this who are looking at this and going, i really Dont understand what youre talking about what is this.

This is a radio, a controller, a transmitter to talk to anything in the rc hobby, so in the rc hobby, everything speaks a different language. This is one of those radios that has a four in one chip in it, which means it can speak in many different languages. So you can buy a drone with this receiver, an rc plane with this receiver helicopter. Anything and this should work with everything, pretty much everything on the market now i know if youre a newbie, you wont understand this, but im going to show you right now, a splash screen, and these are all the protocols in the receiver world it can connect with Which is quite a bit okay, so all the pros watching this now are going. Oh, no hes making this a beginner video. Well, i got it because theres not a lot of beginner videos out there so thats. Why im making this easy for everybody to understand? Now i should point out that many of you might be familiar with the tea light. This is the jumper tea light. This was the previous version its now discontinued, and this is what replaces it this tea light only had one problem. It was a great great great controller, radio, remote whatever you want to call it transmitter, except it only took one battery and if you put a module on the back, that module usually drain the battery or there was insufficient power in it to power.

This here module its fixed in this baby because it takes two batteries and because it takes two batteries they run in series and because of that theres plenty of power, you can put a crossfire on the back. You can put an els transmitter on the back. Like you see right here, i have one on it right now and it will not drain the batteries. Youll have lots of power and youll be going for days. So, on the very back of the unit, where you have your little rubbery pad things here, you just pull them off: yank them off, well, theyre kind of plasticky rubbery and under there is where your batteries go. Please note: no batteries are included thats. Why people buy these remotes because theyre so inexpensive, because they dont include the batteries? The batteries that go in the back are called 18650 batteries and theyre dirt cheap anybody who does the vaping thing? You probably have an 18650 battery in your vaping machine, so theyre, probably quite common in most stores and if you dont have any ill put a link below as well as a link to this, where you can buy some, and the good thing is. After you put two 18650 batteries in this, it will run for a long time, but you charge them up in here as well. You just plug in a usbc cable and then plug that into a usb output, and it will charge up the batteries.

It does take a while, because its a slow trickle charge but yeah dual charge now for the pros out there. It does have hull sensor gimbals, which are really good and well known in the industry and for the beginners out there. When i say that all you have to know, is it just means that when you move these joysticks theyre on a gimbal and you move them a little bit whatever device youve connected this to an rc boat, a helicopter, a plane, a drone like a little drone. The drone will react exactly the amount that you move these here little joysticks its very real as a matter of fact saying that, where is it ill put it up here, someplace ill show you some video. I hooked this up to a simulator because its too freaking cold out right now to go fly outside. I dont normally use flight sims in the fpv hobby because, if youve been in the fpv hobby for a while, you dont need the sims. You just go out and do it for real, but when i hooked up this year, transmitter radio and start a plane, it felt really good in the hands and i enjoyed it. So i just kept on playing so next. Let me tell you what you get in the box with the different versions you can buy, and then let me show you all the features of this and then well get into actually hooking it up to a drone.

So this is the box. Your jumper comes in, and this is the little case that is inside and inside this case would be your radio. You see your antenna goes flip down, and this here unit on the back, you dont need to keep it there. You can just yank it off because you dont really need it until you go fly if you want to fit it in the case and it fits in there nice and they did include, look at this little uh joystick protectors. Here they go over your joysticks there. You go so protects your joysticks of any impacts on your case, so youll never break your hull sensor joysticks. I should mention as well. The joysticks are quite tall, so those of you out there who are pinchers im, not a pincher im, a thumber so pinchers. I dont know if you like them tall, because theyre tall and skinny, maybe you want tall and fat, but for me a thumber, oh my god. These are perfect. I should also mention that the t pro comes with a manual its the first radio ive, seen that actually comes with a very usable manual design for beginners, its very good. I ive never seen anything this good ever so for around a hundred dollars. You just get the case and the radio you dont get any transmitter on the back, but everything works and for ninety percent of the stuff you want to use in the rc hobby.

This is perfect, probably even 99, to be quite honest, but if you want to go further and you want to get the next type of transmitter, which is e l r s, this here is sort of in competition with crossfire. So if you want to get the elrs transmitter – and you order the package with this and this and this its about 100 – and i dont know 15 119 im not really sure. But i would say: thats thats the package you want to get and if you want to go even further for the pros out there, i would not recommend this for the amateurs but the pros out there. The third package is this: this the ells transmitter, i cant even pronounce that and you get the elrs uh receiver that you can hook into any rc product. You have so that everything communicates now a quick word on the elrs module that you can get on the back it functions, but opentx does not fully support it. Yet it is coming soon and in the very near future, youll be able to go on youtube and just type in jumper t pro e l, r s and youll see people who have videos of the e l, r s module working fine right now, when i Use it i can operate it, i can put the lua script in everything else. I dont think i have the right lua script for it, but it just comes up and it says version unknown.

Ive never tried to bind it to an elrs receiver but other than the one it came with. I guess i could do that, but either case. As far as i can tell its not fully functioning yet and jumper says it will be fully functioning soon. So if you buy one yeah, it will work. Dont worry about it now. That brings me to another point, and that is that there are new radios coming out on the market that have the e l r s module built inside the radio. I think im not 100 sure, but i think the radio master zorro thats coming out the end of january early february. It might have this module built inside theres, pros and cons to that. So the pro is, basically, you dont have anything hanging off the back and you could put something else there like a crossfire module because you have the elrs on the inside. The con is that if you wreck your radio well, then you got nothing because nothing comes off, you know, but the pro with having the module on the back is that technology keeps changing. So as elrs changes, you know you pull off one module and you put on another one or something else, and you can keep on going with the same radio pros and cons all right lets go over the features of this controller really fast and then ill show You how to set up a model inside its really really.

This is going to go really quick watch this okay, so i have to look at it, so i see what im doing here so down here. This is your back button just like on a phone, its got an arrow, the bottom little button, thats back next one up. I have to look here thats your pages button, so that means go page forward or page backwards to go forward. Just click it to go backwards, you hold the button in and it goes backwards. Next, you have your menu button, you want to see the menu of items and then over here you have your scroll wheel, very important and when you push it in its like on a mouse thats your select button and then well thats, pretty much it for the Major ones that youre going to use on the front then over here these are your trim buttons if youre a newbie youll, never use them. If you fly fpv drones, youll, never use them, thats more for rc airplanes and a few other things in that hobby. So dont worry about that. Get your power button down here! You got your neck, strap there. You got your joysticks here. What else up here? You have six yeah six buttons over here you can assign them to anything so say you had a drone. Ive done this already a lot of times i like to assign the beeper, so it goes beep beep if i lose it, and i want to turn the beeper on.

So i will assign the beeper to one of these push the button in anyone i want. It starts beeping. You can do that next for your buttons in the front, they put momentary switches so in the hobby, depending on what rc product youre using momentary switches are very, very handy. The same is true with the dials on the bottom in the hobby. Those dials can be very important for what youre doing usually the rc plane hobby in the fpv hobby, not so much so in this video im going to show you just to use these three way switches. You have a three way switch here, one two three and over here one two, three thats all you need for the fpv hobby so were gon na use, one switch to arm the motors and another switch to change the mode. So you can go fly in acro mode angle, mode horizon mode, so i already mentioned your antenna goes up and down and right on top of your antennas, where you put a micro sd card now very important, it does not come with a micro sd card because You dont need one, but i would highly recommend you get a micro sd card. If you want voices on here sounds and all that other stuff, because what im going to show you requires a micro sd card and you only need a 16 gig or less micro. Sd card dont use anything more than 16 gigs also way down.

Here you have a usbc input. It will ask you on the screen. Hey, do you want to use me as a joystick, or do you want to use me as an external storage device? So you just pick joystick and youre playing the simulator and having fun then over here we have a trainer input that ive never seen anybody ever use in my life so ignore that. Finally, on the front, you have your little display up front, and you have your speaker down here and its a very loud speaker too. So the next thing im going to show you is how to set up a drone, so it doesnt matter which drone you bought on the market like you could have bought it from any company. It cannot be a camera drone like dji or autel or hubsan. Those are not in the rc hobby. I am captain drone, so im not going to show you how to set up an rc plane or a helicopter im just going to show you how to set up a drone. So i have one here: this is the flywoo nano hex, its got six motors and im gon na set it up in this here radio. So i can go fly it now. The very important thing that you have to know im going to tell you a lot of stuff that you dont have to know in advance. But the very important thing you have to know in advance is when you bought or if youre going to buy in the future.

Your drone, you get to pick the receiver that goes inside this talks to the receiver in the drone, and you have to know what receiver you picked. So i would suggest if you can get an fr sky xm plus, because those are the simplest receivers in the world to use this one has one in it and im going to show you using that most receivers are the same. I cant show you every receiver in the world because this video would go on for two or three months, but im just going to show you the one i have in here. So anyways lets get started here we go. These are the items youre gon na need. First youll need your jumper t pro controller. Then youll need some batteries 18650 to power. It next youll need a micro sd card, just get some gp class, 10, 16 gigs or less then youll need whatever drone you bought and make sure you know what the receiver is in. It then youll need a battery to power it. Hopefully you have one of those, then you need a usb cable and the usb cable is going to be attached from your drone to your computer. So obviously you need a computer, a laptop whatever you have mac or pc is perfectly fine, make sure you pre, install betaflight on it. Links below to betaflight next were going to install all the files you need on that microsd card. So take your pc, your laptop! Your mac and go to open, tx sd card contents, type that in you can see here on my screen, thats what you click on the open tx make sure you click on the latest version.

Just look at all the blue pointers i put on the screen scroll down until you see something that says: sd card content, thats what you want now, at the time this video was made. There were no file contents for the jumper t pro. Only the jumper t light so thats why i selected jumper t light here. So if you do see file contents for jumper t pro, then by all means use those instead, next just download the latest version, as you see here and then extract them, theyre going to be in a zip file, extract them and its going to look like this. On your computer and you just copy all of those files straight directly to your micro sd card then place the micro sd card in your jumper t pro and now lets create a new model in our radio, so we can bind it to our drone. So first thing youre gon na do is power on your radio, then press the menu button and scroll down until you find a blank spot. If you just bought this radio, your blank spot is number two minus number four on here, then press in the scroll wheel create a new model. This display comes up hit the back button because you dont want anything on. There then use the page button to move forward to page 2 of 12.. This is where youre going to name your drone im, going to name mine steve now to make a capital letter just hold the scroll wheel down on any letter, and it will turn into a capital when youre all done just hit.

The back button then hit your page button and move forward to page five, then scroll down to where it says i 05 and press enter then scroll down to where it says, name and type in the word arm a r m. Once this is completed, scroll down to source and then youre going to tell your remote, which button youre going to use to arm the motors on your drone, so go down to source, highlight s1 and then flick the button on the right. The three way switch on the right of your remote and it will switch to sb. This switch will now be the switch on your remote that starts and stops the motors once youre done that just hit the back button several times until you go back to the screen and were going to add another switch just like before scroll down, and this time Were going to go to i06, select that and then scroll down to where it says, name and youre going to type the word mode m, o d e. This is gon na, be your flight mode, so were gon na assign a three way switch to it. So to assign the switch just scroll down to where it says s2 press enter and then go on your remote and pick the three way: switch on the left hand, side and move it back and forth and it will switch to s8. So the switch on the left of your remote will now be the one to select your flight modes.

You know angle mode horizon motor acro mode press the back button when youre done then press the page button and go to page six scroll down to where it says, ch5 and then press enter and then, where it says, name mix, name, youre, gon na type in Arm arm Music, when youre done press the back button, then scroll down to ch 6 and the same thing select it and then, where it says, name: mix, name: youre, going to type in mode m, o d e when youre finished everything again hit the back button And then hit the page button and were going to go to page 10, so we can add our sounds to assign a sound to any switch on your remote. All you do is press your scroll wheel button and then flick. The switch you want to assign the sound to this is going to be our arm switch so flick that one, it will say sb i goofed up thats. Why i have to show it says sp, then scroll over to where it says over channel 1 youre going to see and then select play track. So youll have some options go to play track. There we go play track press enter and then the next one just push it in and its going to look at your micro sd card in your remote and you can pick any sound. You want off of that card, so pick something like the word arm or arm md.

Anything you see like that, and that is what it would look like. You see it on the screen. Next, of course, you want to add sounds to your mode switch. So basically, the same thing go down to the next line. You can see it on the screen and then press enter then press your mode switch and pick the track you want to play now. This is very important. If you look at my screen im showing you everything i set up in my remote, so you can figure it out yourself. The only thing you should take note of is look at the arrows on the left. You got the top one sp. The arrow goes up. The next one sa the arrow goes down. That is the position of the switch if the switch is in the center, its just going to show a dash. So if you make sure the arrows on your remote look exactly like the arrows on my remote when we get into betaflight its all gon na make sense now for this tutorial, the only four you need are the first four, the sb sasa and sa you see Them up there at the top ill show you some arrows pointing at them here, thats, the only four you need for this tutorial. This is where the fun begins binding. Your drone, the reason its fun is because i have no idea which drone you have and which receiver you have so lets, get started, hit your page button and go to page 2 of 12.

. Then scroll through the options on this page up or down until you find internal rf change the word off from off to multi next youre going to scroll down to where it says type, and this is where you have to know what type of receiver is in. Your drone, so in my drone i have an fr sky receiver, so im going to go to fr sky xm and it just says: fr sky x, ill select that then it says what is the subtype most times, theyre d16, so im going to leave it at D16 and then im going to scroll down to bind, see the bind and im just going to leave the button on bind next grab your pc and your drone make sure the props are off your drone. I left mine on because ive been doing this for years. If you dont know where your receiver is just look for these little thin wires, those are the antennas and follow them until you find your receiver im pointing at my receiver here, its a little flat piece and you can see a little silver button on the top And thats what im going to push to put that receiver into bind mode? So basically, i take a screwdriver im going to press that button in and you have to hold the button in while you plug power into the drone thats, how it works with an fr sky, xm plus receiver thats. Why? I say all receivers are different: how to put them in bind mode, so i hold the button in i apply power.

Then i can take my screwdriver off the button and its ready to bind so then the next step is basically just tell the remote to bind. So i just press the bind button. I select channels one to eight and you see it flashing. It starts binding, it makes a chirping sound and it will last a few seconds and it should work. Next were going to configure everything in betaflight, so get your computer out start up betaflight. Have it running, get your drone out make sure the props are off get the battery for the drone. Youll need that next, take your remote, your jumper t pro power it on and push all the switches away from you next take your usb, cable and plug it into your drone. Make sure you use a good usb cable, because the biggest problem people have with betaflight not working is their usb cable sucks and it doesnt transmit data only power. You need data. Next connect the battery to your drone. Your drone will start up then take that usb cable, the other end and plug it into your computer, so that betaflight can read whats on your drone. Next click the connect button at the top right of the screen, and you should see your drone on the screen. It should move as you move if nothing works, it means your usb cable is no good or you plugged it in the wrong spot or you have the wrong drivers on your pc or mac now well see if our binding actually works so go down to where It says receiver and then, when youre in receiver, take your controller, your t pro and move the joysticks and you should see them move on the screen.

If they dont move, it means your binding did not work. Now we have to set up our flight mode. So go down to modes and then on your screen. You want to set everything up to look exactly like on my screen. You see where it says, auxiliary one and you see where that nice little yellow bar is. You can move it around, just leave it in the same location as mine. If you set up your controller as mine was set up in this tutorial, then everything on your screen should sorta look like this and if it doesnt look like this well, you can change it manually, so you can move those yellow bars left to right. So they look like the bars on the screen and you can change the aux aux 1 and 2 to look just like the ones on the screen here now its very important that, after you make all the changes to make everything look like mine, you click on The save button, or else nothing is saved, so click on that save button. Now, if you wish to change the information that is viewed in your fpv goggles thats called the osd on screen display, you can change it in this menu, the osd menu and just by putting a check in any of the boxes under item number. One then clicking save, it will be saved and youll see it in your fpv goggles when youre all done hit the disconnect button.

And, finally, a word of advice for newbies see this button, never click on it. I dont care if your best friend says click on it or your wife says click on it. Never click on this button plop this down here its cold, okay, make sure its in angle mode. There we go our motors. The switch here will now be our motor switch disarmament. There we go pick, it up went well, our configuration went well its just so, and there she is in the snow lets, get that off. All right lets go back inside all right guys. I kept this step. Super easy for beginners, so i couldnt cover every single thing, but if you follow the steps i showed and everything worked for you, you didnt have any snags, then it should be working and you should be off and flying a drone, no problem. I didnt show you these six buttons up top, but if you want to use the six buttons up top its the same as when we configured the buttons on the front, you know how we were just adding and calling it arm and then modes and things like That you can call the next one pick one here. I use one here for the beeper on a drone which is a buzzer in case. I lose it. So if i press this there we go so it says buzzer and you see it lights up. So now the beeper on the drone would be beeping and push it, and the beeper would stop its just an on and off switch.

So if you havent already checked out the links below this video theres links below this video to this product, its not very expensive, i know an awful lot of you will buy it because it is not expensive and it gets you into the fpv hobby with a Quality radio, like i mean this, is a very good radio, because its a four in one and you can also get the elrs on the back if you want.