Good morning, quadcopter 101, here with a review of the new jumper t pro transmitter, an upgrade to the jumper t light, which i got right here: uh whats new whats special about the new jumper t pro well, the new t pro includes eight additional channels as compared To the original jumper tea light, this one was only eight channels, this ones 16 channels of controls on here added buttons and added controls on here. Additionally, this one, the original t light, was powered by a single 18650 battery. The new t pro now has two battery power theres a battery under that case and a battery under that handle there and the reason being its the power. The nano modules that that are available for this uh particular transmitter. The original uh t light here just did not have the power to power up external modules. It did have external module capability, but just not the power through that single 18650 battery. The new one with the two batteries now has that power. Okay, as with the original jumper, this does have a built in multi protocol module in it a 4 1, its actually the same one. As in the jumper jumper t light. It includes integrated modules of a7105 cc, 2500, nfr, 2401 and cyr6936 and, as with the original jumper, this gives you the ability to uh connect this uh transmitter with uh various receivers that are available out there again, you dont need to purchase a different transmitter for each Different receiver, as you used to back in the old days when im saying old days, im just saying about four or five years ago, but nowadays you dont need to do that anymore with these multi protocol transmitters.

These are good for all receivers, just about all receivers. Another capability of this new transmitter is that it has the ability to use external modules with it. Okay, in fact, you can purchase an external module as an option with this. The one that theyre offering right now is the express loras x, module ell, elrs, nano module and transmitter to go with this, and this gives you the add capability of increased range flight and were predicting that the 10 kilometers through the use of these. This external module keep in mind a lot of countries, dont allow you to fly 10 kilometers so, but if your country does that this has the capability of doing such supposedly again and the way this would work. Folks, let me just show you real, quick here, theres, the external plug that uses this module. You need this adapter here this plugs into the back through this particular plug here, theres also three little screws that that will screw onto the back like so and then you can simply slide these modules on and off as desired to give you that capability of adding The module to the transmitter, you also have to go into the open, tx menus and select external uh transmitter, which isnt very hard at all its a five second thing to do, but again for twenty six dollars more, you get this increased capability, so thats, something to Think about too this, in addition to the elrs, its also capable of using crossfire crsf, tbs tracer modules um, i think im missing one.

Those are the two that im i can think of right now: the crossfire and the tracer tbs tracer team, black sheep tracer modules. They also can be used with this particular transmitter and again thats. A capability is allowed now as compared to the original jumper t light, because we now have two batteries to provide that extra power. These modules can go up to 500 milliwatts of power and, if i use select 500 milliwatts power with the original t light that would just drain that battery right away. Now you have the extra battery to give you the extra power needed for these external modules. Now lets talk about the size of this. This is bigger than the original t light id say about one third of the well, its very similar in size to the original t light except its heavier okay, um its about 288 grams as compared to the original tea light hold on ill. Tell you what the original t light weighed yeah the original t light weighs 230 grams with the original, with the single battery. That added battery brings this up to about 288 grams. So it is a bit heavier than the t light. Now it does have hall effect. Gimbals the same as the t light theyre not the same gimbal though, but they are hall effect, they look the same they feel similar, but according to jumper, they are improved versions of the hall effect cables. Now, what is a hall effect gimbal? Well, these hall effect gimbals use magnetic sensors instead of potentiometers to sense the movement of the sticks, and with that you get much more crisper control with time.

The old potentiometer controllers they use their contacts, which is actually inside their sliding sliding contacts they would wear out with time. These will are less likely to have problems with time and again are much more precise in control as compared to potential style potentiometer gimbals. Now i mentioned it has 16 channel capability. This is increased capability over the original tea light. We have more buttons lets go over what we got uh in terms of buttons and controls. We have the four sticks. You know we got throttle yaw pitch and roll. I, like the original t, light thats four channels right there, but now we have this added six channels up here of uh two position switches. These are two position switches. Let me show you turn it on here: welcome to open, tx um and you can tell which position they are yeah. These come back like that, but um. Turning on each one of these switches, the lights will come on as you turn them on uh. To tell you that theyve been activated only one of these can be activated at a time. For some reason i dont know why, but only one can be activated on at any one instance, but i use these mainly for arming and disarming, because theyre two position switches and additionally, we have two three position: switches on the shoulder of the transmitter here. Um. I use this one, particularly for the mode, my mode switch for selecting angle and horizon and acro for my drones.

We also have these momentary switches on these trigger switches. I would use these momentary switches mainly for such as turtle, turning on and off turtle uh mode on your drone, if it flips upside down, you can momentarily press this and activate turtle mode on your drone to write it thats what these would be used. I would think, and also we have two scroll wheels. If you have a need for scroll, you put scroll control. We do have that on here on the drone other buttons on this particular on this controller. Other buttons on this controller is the navigation buttons. We have three navigation buttons down here. This is for selecting the different menus, and this is up and down on those menus, and we also have a scroll wheel, navigation over here to help you go through the menus more and the scroll also has a selection button that you activate by pressing into the Scroll right here, i dont know what i just selected, but well go over that here shortly. Additionally, we talked about navigation menus. There are two trim switches on this: its trim, buttons, uh for trimming, left and right trimming up and down trimming left and right on the ah and up and down on throughout. So we have trim control for the sticks on this particular transmitter. And finally, we have an on off switch right. There im turning it off right now, um other things on this. We have a folding antenna on here right here.

Some people might be tempted to use this as a handle. I would not recommend that, because i dont know how well this is um attached to this, but uh the the idea of the folding is to get it out of the way, so you can store it easily. I forgot to mention that this does come with a carrying case for the controller and also it has a gimbal protector that comes in that carrying case, so it does. I forgot to mention the nice carrying case. I always forget to mention those things so um. I mentioned the trim switches on off switches. Antenna. Finally, lets talk about other things on this. It has sd card slot. Sd card slot is used for um fine tuning certain things on this for adding um. You can add voice control on this using the sd card. In fact, i had to do that im using uh sliding an sd card in there. Additionally, you can upgrade the firmware or save models using that sd card with this particular controller. Other things on this i forgot to mention: we have a 1.3 inch lcd screen here, lets see if that actually comes in. So you can see it. You got ta hold the power button on like so welcome tx there. It also has alerts through the speaker, as you heard the speaker, and it also has haptic vibrations. I can feel the vibrations when, when those um alerts come on for this particular controller, let me turn off the throttle and center all the positions there.

We also have on the top of this. In the back. We have a 3.5 millimeter uh port here, ppm simulator port for for simulator programs, along with this usb port here, a type c usb port, mainly for charging the batteries in this controller. But additionally, you can use this usb port for simulator programs. In addition, either one of these can be used for the simulator programs um. Additionally, there is a boot button here in the center. Now the original t light would go. There was a problem with the original tea light and ive had that problem happen to me already in that, sometimes when you plug in and charge this particular controller through that usb port that would put this into boot mode and to get out of it. You had to reinstall the firmware into this controller to eliminate that problem. Theyve made it so that you cant enter boot mode by accidentally, plugging in the controller and to enter boot mode with this one. You need to press this button here in the center and manually. Do such so that you dont have that problem anymore, because uh again, a lot of people were complaining im one of them and that this thing would sometimes enter into boot mode and again to get out of it. You had to update the firmware not using the sd card. By the way you had to actually manually update the firmware through the usb port using open, tx companion, which is a software program.

You have to use with the computer to do such so. I keep that in mind for those of you who got the the tea light out. There wondering why its uh um been bricked uh. You can unbrick it by just update upgrading the firmware through the usb port on it and uh. If, if anybody has that problem, just leave a comment down below and ill include a link to show you how to do such uh joshua bardwell did a nice little review on how to upgrade the firmware on your uh particular controller, using uh, open, tx companion. So keep that in mind, okay, whatever i mentioned so far, i mentioned the firmware update, putting it in the device firmware update mode with the tea light and thats been eliminated. Now again, i didnt ever forget to mention this does use open tx firmware on here. Opentx firmware makes this highly configurable folks thats the advantage of using opentx. Why they put that on this here you can adjust. You know, select any of these buttons to make them do anything you want. You can make this controller just control just about anything using through open, tx um, but im not going to go into detail on opentx because theres, a lot of of uh software or a lot of videos out there already talking about optx and what you can do With it, but again this uses opentx with its firmware so and finally, i did touch upon the external batteries the the batteries on this.

You know you are going to need to provide your own 18650 battery batteries for this youre going to need two of them um. They are mounted specifically with the positive terminals on the top, so keep that in mind here folks, a problem that the original thats not focusing lets see. If i can get that to focus there, we go the problem with the original uh tt light was that if you accidentally put these batteries in upside down and inverse, you could actually brick this burn or not, im not sure that they fixed that problem. Okay, because i have not seen any reference to that so be careful when you insert batteries in this, make sure the positive terminals are on the top and again this can be charged through and should be charged through the usb port type c, usb port. On the controller, okay, uh, one of the things i forgot to mention lets put this inside. This does come with a manual, a quick start manual. However, this manual is focused and i guess it should be mainly on opentx and how to use opentx its actually. Quite nice and its coverage of opentx software, so keep that in mind. I would recommend going through this manual and itll. Give you an idea of how to to configure this controller for your particular needs now um. I have this already set up with several different models. I want to demonstrate down in my basement, uh using this controller, with several different models to demonstrate that, yes, you can use this with multiple, multiple uh rc products.

You are not bound by that single transmitter anymore, like we were in the past, where you had to buy a fr sky transmitter or a fly sky transmitter or a spectrum transmitter its all built in into one transmitter. These days so hold on folks lets. Take it down to the basement and demonstrate that good morning, quadcopter 101 and welcome to the quadcopter 101 indoor flight test facility. I always like to demonstrate these uh controllers. These multi protocol controllers with a multi protocol aircraft, okay, keep in mind um. This can be used with hobby grade, okay and its intended to be used with hybrid grade. I got some more or less toyish type of drones. Im going to be flying with, i would be flying outdoors folks, but the weather again is bad up here. In early pennsylvania, so were going to be flying indoors with these smaller aircraft im not going to actually fly the airplane. I just want to show you that it can connect to that and control the aircraft, but again, for since were flying indoors were going to be flying a little whoops to demonstrate this with different protocols on these different aircraft. Well, start off with this little beta fpv drawn here. This uses a toy protocol called buying protocol on here for in its receiver so and to connect that i already have a profile set up in here. A model profile set up with buying protocol for buying protocol loops now to access this.

We are actually were already in that protocol, but we need to bind, i know with a buying protocol. We need to bind the receiver to the transmitter every time. Okay. So, to do that, we got to go into the menus for the bang and to do such were going to select it like so and then were going to scroll actually up from the bottom to find the receiver. Now let me show you real quick that i had selected buying protocol. I dont know if thats coming through. I hope it is that you can see it, but we need to go down to bind and select bind, and i noticed that starts blinking and that only uh beeped once so we are connected. We should be good to go now to our okay im going to select angle mode on this on this three position, rocker switch by pointing it toward me, and then i am going to arm this aircraft by pressing this button here i had set these up again Previously that this button here is going to be my mode switch, and this button here is going to be, my arm switch so lets arm it and we notice the motors are starting to spin and lets. Try that so yeah, and actually these gimbals on this are okay, which way am i going turning it off? Disarming okay, putting it back on the pad lets. Try it one more time and let me take my glasses off folks im having a hard time seeing and flying at the same time that close up so arming again and giving it throttle there we go so it works, lets go on to the next one and Then disarming like so okay thats buying protocol for the next one we got here is we got a little mob like 70 there now that mob light uses, uh fr sky as its protocol and actually lets select it first in the menus, since this is an fr Sky receiver, and to do such we just do a quick press.

This button here and i am going to select the one i have already set up, which is the whoop fry fr sky 8 d8, and i had set this up previously. Actually, i got to press that button. There then select model and whoop fr8 thats. What i want i got ta hit enter, select model there we go enter now. I want to go into the menus of this and double check that we are in fr sky d. We are set there, so we should be good to go actually and again. I am going to select angle mode and make sure that my arm switch is off, since i dont see a light, so we should be transmitting right now on the fr sky brand or or protocol. So all we really need to do is turn on the drone plug it. In put it on. It should be already bound and we are in angle mode and im going to arm it by pressing this button here and i notice the motor starts spinning right away. So so there we go Music, so it works. So again, one transmitter for everything you dont need multiple transmitters anymore, in fact, im not sure why people still use some of these older transmitters, the old these old, big ones like taranis, i dont know. Why would you need it anymore and im going to get a lot of comments? First, just what i said there i thought below, but really folks, i dont.

I find myself using the tt light these days and im going to be probably using this one. Quite a bit too, this will temporary lost since we turned it off, but again i i rarely use my taranis anymore folks, its just with these. I have no need. Okay and finally, i want to demonstrate that it works also with aircraft were going to uh, select back, go back into the models and were going to select the spitfire there. I already have this set up and hit select, select model. It should be good to go im, not sure if i need to bind this or not. Maybe i do well find out, but were going to plug it in, and actually it sounds like its already connected lets, just verify that yep so right and i can see right now. I need to reverse my controls because thats make okay, you know thats right. Okay, thats right right and right turn left turn and down elevator up elevator and a little bit of throttle. So there you can see we are set up there. So again, one transmitter for everything. Just like the original remember the jumper t8sg thats, the first one. It started everything the old tasg i wish i still had mine, but i gave that away a long time ago. Then i went with the jumper v2 and then i got the t12. Then i got the t t light now i got this. This might be my new favorite well see so hope you enjoyed this review this quadcopter 101 again with the jumper t pro quadcopter 101 signing out hi quadcopter 101.

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