Since i made uh several videos about three and a half months ago, so yeah i’ve been using it um. It’S still my daily driver, i guess i never made a video that it’s my daily driver, like i did for the tango 2 and yeah i switched to this and i’ve been using it pretty much every day. I have tried other radios, of course, for reviews and stuff, but this is the one that i pretty much take everywhere. I fly and review everything with this radio and i actually took it on my road trip, um uh video. I think i put up the first video out like a few days ago anyway, um yeah. This is the same original one that was in the original videos uh. I did buy three of these because i am well aware of jumpers quality control issues, so knowing that this one will probably die at some point uh, probably sooner than expected, i ended up buying three of them. They all still work. I i’ve been like uh. You know i took them out of the box to make sure that they’re all working, um they’re, basically my backups, because i really like the gimbals on this radio and the feel of the way this the weight and the feel in my hands of when i’m. Using it as a controller for flying stuff, which is why? Because i like it so much, i bought two more and um they’re, just backups just sitting in a box still they’re not actually being used ready to test them.

They are working and i sold my tango. 2 pro, so i don’t have that anymore. I really wanted to give that a shot, because um it did feel good in the hands in terms of the weight and the ergonomics. I just could not get the gimbals to feel the way that these do, even though these are probably way cheaper and lower quality gimbals. These just feel better to me so and it’s hard to explain it’s just a subjective kind of thing. The uh, i think i took apart that tango two so many times and replaced the springs and just adjusted all kinds of things. I just never got the gimbals to feel the way i want you know granted. You know if you want to go back and look at my older videos on the tea light. You know the tango 2 in terms of the quality of the parts and the engineering. Everything is definitely a better radio than this one. This is a cheap radio. You know 65 um, just can’t you just can’t, really compare in terms of quality and support and all that kind of stuff and the integration of crossfire, and everything is much better on that one it’s just overall. The overall experience is going to be better on that versus this one it’s just that um, since i know how to deal with all the little issues with this radio, i decided the gimbal feel was more important to me.

So you know i decided to go with this one now uh. This is as you well, maybe you guys don’t know, but if you have seen the previous videos you know this one is actually broken. When i did my testing with the crossfire nano transmitter module um before i made the power modification, i i tried to run it on one watt and it ended up burning like a transistor or some sort of component on the the main board that controls the power That goes to the module bay here and um, so that’s constantly on all the time, even though the power drain on the battery is very minimal like i could leave this as it is powered off with power. Coming onto that, one that that two, those two pins there pretty much like for a week and i’ll, lose like a tenth to two tenths of a volt you can see here. I met a fully i’m fully charged here. I just charged this up last night. I have 4.2 volts and i i can fly aluminum. I fly a ton and i can go like a whole week and i go from like 4.2 volts down to like three 3.7 3.6. If you’re flying a ton of packs um and then i charge it up again, just you know obviously via the usb c port in the top there and no problems just take a while it’s pretty slow in terms of charging it’s pretty much plugging into that and Running the charge up all night because it’s pretty slow and charging, but it does charge up to 4.

2 volts, as you can see here, but yeah the power stays on on those pins. All the time and i’ll just show you just turn this off and then uh. I have this little piece of foam here to basically prevent any shorts, because i think it’s these two on the right that are the actual power, so it’s just a piece of foam that see there’s little holes there and i i just basically cut up foam piece. Like this, so it kind of fits that little dimensions it’s a little bigger than it needs to, but i i wanted it bigger, so i can grab it and then i just slide it on like that and that stays on there i mean it does pop off. Sometimes, but just in case i don’t want to short on anything, because there is live power because you can see the radio is off, but as soon as i plug in the module, it will turn on right away and there we go now. You see you’ve got power right away, so normally um this doesn’t power on until you switch the model that actually powers on the external module bay. But now because my radio is not working, it is constantly setting power. But as i you know mentioned, it’s, not a big deal just make sure that i don’t short these pins and i do have backup radios in case. I end up breaking this but i’m like yeah, you know it’s a minor inconvenience.

I always disconnect the module anyway because just to fit into my bag, so it’s not a big deal um. It doesn’t really bother me too much. Obviously, some of you guys are probably not going to like that, but yeah not a big deal for me now, as you can see here, i’ve added this silicone covering this is from ur uav, but it’s actually branded by a different company here, it’s called Music uh Yeah i don’t know what is that farmer farmer, something like that? I’M, not sure isn’t it another chinese brand, but it’s it’s sold by you or uv from banggood i’ll link it down below, but this thing fits really. Well, surprisingly, i wasn’t i mean it’s, like 17 bucks i’m. I wasn’t even really expecting much, but they did a really good job in terms of the fit and they um. I, like the feel that’s a little bit slippery, but doesn’t it doesn’t slip in the hands, but it does uh have kind of a soft touch, it feels cool and it feels better than the stock material. Here the soft touch here and, as you can see, i’m, not sure if it’s going to come out on camera, it is kind of peeling in certain spots: it’s, not the highest quality material, it’s, a cheap radio so and also like it’ll scratch. The certain spots and i’ll start peeling this little. The surface layer is like just like a coating and it will come off, and so this little silicone cover actually will help prevent that from happening and protect.

That and the other thing it does, is it keeps this battery cover from popping off. You can see it’s kind of loose, so every once in a while. This will just pop off, but now with this little covering it, actually keeps it on there. It does. You know it’s still loose, but it won’t fall off anymore. So i do like that a lot as well and then uh these little switch covers here. These are from race day. Quads are actually from my t12 i’ve had these for a long time, um, but oh yeah, i mean you can see. This thing fits super nice. The only thing that is is a kind of a pain is that, because the uh, the thickness of the silicone covering which isn’t really that thick, because these buttons are so low profile, it does make the buttons a little bit harder to press. You can either press down kind of in the middle like this. You can hear that or you have to kind of hit your fingernail in here and do that as well, but it’s not that big of a deal. You know the main power button, not a big deal here and then you know getting into the radio settings just press down like that. It’S it’s, workable it’s, not i still haven’t kind of quite gotten used to it because it the buttons, were kind of depressed now. Instead of instead of raised up so not a big deal, but just something worth mentioning, but yeah, this thing fits really really well like, like it wasn’t like kind of half half assed put together, they actually must have gotten the the cad files from jumper.

So you get this to fit pretty much exactly right and i really like with it. So, unfortunately, when it comes in black, i wish it would come in other colors, maybe down the road it will, if it does i’m going to probably switch color, because i like customization but yeah. This is only in black at the at this moment, but yeah. I really like this a lot anyway. I still haven’t gotten the um, the nano module for the express lrs uh 2.4 gigahertz. That is um, which i think it was just announced. A few days ago, i saw some photos that they were going to send it to me. I’Ll have an update video later, obviously, with that and i’m going to be using it for the tea light. I think it’s made specifically for the tea light, because it it deals with the power problems. You know, obviously, with the stock right now. Obviously, i’ve modified mine so i’m, not sure how that’s going to work with my modified version. I think it’s meant for the stock version, but that’s a topic for a totally separate video but yeah. I just want to give you an update on this guy it’s working it hasn’t been giving me any problems. It’S been very reliable. I do know that some people have had issues where it doesn’t power up anymore or the buttons stop working. You know – and this is not that surprising i mean honestly like i think i mentioned – that in the very first video i made about the tealight jumpers: quality control – isn’t.

You know that great and then they engineered this completely wrong in terms of the power setup, so that the the these nano modules, like especially the crossfire, takes up too much power, and you end up burning things out like i did on this one, and then you Have to do like a crazy modification to fix it, so it wasn’t engineered out of the box or out of the gate correctly and they’re, probably using cheap components, and this is a 65 radio. So you know, given the multi modules in here, the gimbals and all the electronics – and this is like bare bare bones so um people that are shocked, that things are breaking um kind of. I kind of laugh at that because i’m like come on. This is like a really cheap radio and from a company that cuts corners, so this is this should be very well known that you know if you’re buying a toy radio. Basically this is a toy radio. You know you should be buying extra ones like. I did just in case something should break um because um, you know that’s what they’re doing they’re cutting corners or cutting costs. Um, you know, quality control is the first thing you go out the window, so there’s going to be a higher rate of failures and yeah mine’s working. Fine, then great, but, like you know, what’s their failure rate, maybe 10 15 so i’m on the 85. That got a good one and then there’s, probably like 10 15 of you out there got a dud so that’s.

Why uh? If you are, if you really do like this radio and intend to use it for a while, i would say get another one. I mean it’s gon na cost you twice as much, but uh you’ll have some spare parts down the road. If you need to you, know, switch some stuff out and make you know, make your own repairs or whatever, but we have just a cool backup in case one just dies on you, but yeah this one’s, fine, i’m, i’m kind of expecting it to die. At some point, but it hasn’t – and i always carry a spear around with me, but it’s working no problem – i haven’t done any of the firmware updates either like it’s still the stock firmware that came from the factory 2.3 down 11. I think i do know that um the nightly builds add like the crossbar shot, i think, or that might actually already be in here. I think, but it may add some additional features that i don’t particularly care about, like i don’t really need you know the fastest. Ultimately, uh super lensy whatever because i’m, not a racer but yeah um. Those are probably gon na, come out in 2.4 when that’s officially announced but that’s not out yet so. But i haven’t had any need to do that and i’ve had some bad luck with some nightly builds. I, when i put some nightly build on the um t12 pro when it first came out.

I had some random lockups where the radio would just like freeze while middle flying, and then i would just get a fail safe. So after that happened a couple times, i i decided i’m not going to be flying nightly, builds anymore um at that point. So i’m, just going to wait until the official build comes out after it’s all been all the bugs have been ironed out. Before i put on this one anyway, i think that’s about it, um three and a half months in still working, no, no real complaints. Um. I have dropped it a few times. I’Ve broken the antenna here. This thing pops off, but you just pop that back on um yeah, you can see it’s kind of damaged a little bit. There i’m probably going to replace this with something else, something like a stubby, because i don’t really fly that far on 2.4 gigahertz anyway, and mainly i mainly fly crossfire. So i kind of don’t really use the 2.4 gigahertz too much anyway. So i’m gon na probably replace this with some kind of a stubby antenna uh, if you guys have any suggestions on a good one, because this is a different one than the free sky stubby antenna. Let me know down in the comments below i’m still kind of looking around for that anyway. That’S going to do it for this one uh.