If you want to find out why, if you want to find out what i really think about it, stick around i go through most of the build and then when it goes sideways i cut off and then im going to show you how it ended so theres A piece missing in the middle, if youre, trying to learn to build this, but hes got to build video. You can watch that this is what you should watch if you want to find out from someone who actually watched his videos and then built the quad what they think. So here we go. I said here we go come on, so this doesnt look terribly difficult, um, even without his videos or pulling them back up. You know you can see that theres a theres, a pivot point where its going to press into another screw. So its going to make these these arms really easy to take off of here, so you should be able to put these together like so, and these should line up with those holes, and then this one should go together like so like so and it lines up With those holes, so that is going to be the base of the quadcopter next step should easily or should, as far as i can tell press nuts up means the outer ring, and the reason that is is because, when we pull, we wont want to pull them Through so these should go straight into here again im trying to find ways where you can see me working, so it should go through all four of these holes, no problem.

He kind of skips through this because it can be a monotonous pain to try to get it to work on camera um once youve got all four of these in then youre going to put the standoffs on just to hold it in place. That way, when we pick it up, you can take a look and make sure that you dont have any gaps and everythings aligned right without accidentally having it fall back apart and going through this pane again so again, im just finger tightening these and then once youre Done so i finger tighten them and once im done there is my fitment. You can see that it fits pretty nice and tight. The arms will get more secure when these last couple of screws are in. So now that ive got these in im, going to go ahead and tighten them down nice and snug im not going to over tighten them, though no i dont really see a reason to over tighten these at this point. At this point, the build says build out from or in from the motors which isnt a bad idea, especially if were going to use the his vista installation later so im going to pull this motor out and take a look. These are not cap head, but i believe that he provided cap heads in the kit down here. We are going to start with this motor, so three of the motors already on. So this is how we do it.

This is the easiest way that i found so put in the top corner. Hole make sure that the cords are where you want them to the leads, the bat the power leads to the esc. Put that one in and do the one next to it, and you can rotate it a little bit as you do it until you find the hole opposite corner once thats in the other. Two holes are really easy to find once ive got these four in and tighten down with my fingers im going to use my driver im going to use the cross pattern to tighten them a little bit at a time to make sure that it seats square because, If you tighten one side than the other, it can pull it so that its not seated flat, it can pull it to an angle. So typically, this is how you just keep going across tightening slightly until you get it where you want. So at this time ive ive come back. The next day to solder i had an issue with the soldering iron, where the tip was loose and it wasnt soldering. I was losing heat, so i went. I bought a new soldering tip came back soldered them on. I ended up using these quick connects. These are three wire. Quick connects um, the reason being is it makes it easier for me to check the speed control to make sure that nothings grounded and shorted. So if you have it wired straight to the motor youre, going to show a ground out every single time and youre going to show that its going to short.

But if you have it into these, you can pull the motor off check the speed control and make sure you dont have anything thats going to short. At this point, im going to go over whats happened off screen, so ive soldered, all of the motors um into these quick, connects these three pin quick connects because, in my experience so far when you ding a motor, i dont like to solder back to the speed Control heats the enemy, so ive been putting these in or these luminaire connectors in the middle one of the two for most of the things that i built. Whenever i decided to do electronic components, havent done a lot of quads, but just components in general. So, whenever possible, i use something like that, so i have soldered the positive negative on. I have soldered in the capacitor. I have soldered on all the motor wires and ive shown you just the end soldering of one of these connectors. The next step is going to be the video controller, which is a different set of videos and its kind of confusing. So i kind of wish he would have remade them. He would have gotten more views, but instead theres, like a supplemental, so lets add that direction. So these are, this is the main reason that i dont i wouldnt suggest. Most people build a quadcopter. I would suggest that you buy it unless this is what you enjoy, because i find this to be very stressful, so kidding.

This can be a real pain in the ass that one looks like its got too much on it or just enough on it. Like i dont know my eyes used to be amazing. No, they are not. All right looks like i have everything the way i want. You cant really see, but it looks like its tinned so now lets see if we can move in some better thats, not bad all right. So the next step here is going to be to tin these wires a little bit okay. So, according to his video, its red black white, yellow black yellow, now he has a little message that comes onto the screen. That says he wired it wrong. So i dont know if thats here of the board but ill swap it at the board, if thats the case, so at this point its time to cut the harness off, because now all the wires are secured at this side and start to solder. This to the speed control, yay opened up another bag that came with the quad, and this looks like the mounting hardware for the vista. I think one thing to note here is that we really should be using more space. I think i started in just too tight of a space here to try to film this, because there are a lot of parts and keeping everything straight is going to be the biggest the biggest problem for most people here. So, like all things we do in life.

I i have to do it different im, not im, not finding the same simplicity and piecing these things together, that he found – and i dont know if its a size thing but im just going to start here and go from the back and find the hole like This because i was unable, with the capacitor to slide these in the way he did so im gon na go this way, find all the holes twist it as i set it down, so the screws dont fall out so because no one really wants to. So no one really wants to watch tedious, soldering, so ive soldering, the rx and tx and in the video he does these backwards, so ive swapped them so instead of yellow being on the outside yellow, is on the inside and in order to, like my eyes, are Not great, they used to be great, but im 40., so it is what it is. So a pro tip is if you cant, really read what youre doing then use your cell phone take a picture and zoom in thats the best way to try to figure out what youre, looking at so ive soldered the rx and tx ive soldered the s bus Black and yellow and on the other side, ive soldered the power. So at this point everything should be soldered up for the vista all right with the antenna and everything in place, the wires all soldered on. We are looking more and more like a quadcopter all the time, its definitely lighter than the nas ghouls.

Definitely the parts are definitely thinner its lighter, but i dont know if the nas ghouls are overkill. I mean ive hit trees and pipes and everything else from the nas ghouls and i havent broken anything, but i wont know until i hit the same thing with this and break or dont instructions being weird and using a different camera. The best i could do is a hybrid setup, so i use the horns on the inside. If i flip it around, it hits the camera so the best i could get it was like this. So you use the housing, use the longer screws and use the housing longer screws on the inside. This is the best fit. I could get so im going to test the main things which are that the power is not shorted. This way it should beep and then stop because the capacitors got a load. I should get ground and the top of the usb should be grounded these other plugs thats a ground, so thats right its a ground here, its a power thats right. So, as far as i can tell as long as i havent bridged something that i couldnt see, everything looks like its in the right spot and hooked up correctly, so were gon na move on to the last phase of blowing this up so yeah that build ended, Kind of quick huh, so yeah heres. Why? I soldered everything in finished everything up made a bunch of more videos had nothing but problems with betaflight had problems with b.

o heli im a beginner. I expect to have some problems im, not going to say. Oh, this is a terrible quad, because i had issues ive had issues with every quad. However, when i buy an iflight, i dont have that problem, at least not with the nas ghouls. They were out of the box. Good tune good hardware, good software, everythings set up for me and, and i havent had problems connecting to it so so heres. What happens? I take the quad out to fly it after getting it all set up and running. I set it down it. The motors spin up for a few seconds i mess around with my headset and the motor, starts to twitch the back left. So i go look at it and everything looks good, its all soldered everythings on what do i do? I take it home. I resolder everything again, i look it over and the esc is out theres just nothing. The back ese is just shot the back left, so i try to get a hold of get fpv, which i dont recommend for customer service. If you need products and you live in south florida or somewhere close and they have what you want order from them, but dont expect customer service its terrible. So so i ordered a knife light uh, i ordered a f7. I flight flight stack flight controller and speed control and i sided it all up. Got it going on the bench took it out, back left, didnt work again frustrating so i brought it home and i thought well whats wrong, so i ordered well.

I spun all the motors and the back left one had more resistance than all the other ones. It was just strange so tried to get a replacement couldnt get any kind of customer service to get fpv. So i ordered two new rear motors from again fpv just paid for them, because i wanted to get this done when they came in. I replaced the motor and i put yet another flight controller and speed control in so now. Im on the third, because the flight stack was still sold out, so i got it wired up. I got it running and this time flew like a champ with the eye flight in the new motor. It was a nice quad. I flew it around a little bit, not very much – maybe 10 minutes just around in circles tested it out, put it away, but i was determined that i wanted to do the review on this quad as it was intended. So i finally got a new speed, control and flight controller and i soldered it all in and it was a pain because the wires were the wrong length coming off the motors. Now, because i had soldered them into the eye flight and then i had some. I had actually soldered it in a pad in between, so i ended up having to solder the wires together with a breech wire, so multiple solders and everywhere, but i got it going and it worked took it out so the first flight i mean it felt great.

So here it is Music, Music, Applause, Music, Music, Music, oh Music, Music oops started out fine yeah thats, how it ended it wasnt going fast. It wasnt very high. That pole, i mean its an fpv camera, so theres some distortion, but the pole is about 10 or 15 feet in the air, and i came down from 10 or 15 feet above that wasnt, going real, fast, ive taken way harder crashes with both my um baby. Hawk hd and all of my flight quads so heres the gist of what happened. I hit the pole. It landed on the ground. I picked it up. It looked fine put the battery back in straight, put the camera back on and started it up. When i started, i heard tick tick tick, so i instantly turned it off and what had happened was that this rear arm, because of the way it slotted in, had shifted now i didnt hit real hard and it shifted, and that kind of annoyed me – and i Thought man this is this is a bad idea to have this with. Just excuse me one screw and i thought no problem, it shifted its whats gon na happen. I mean i, i crashed, you cant expect it not to crash, and so i grabbed it and i tried to pinch um pinch these two arms. So i went here and i tried to pinch to see if i get this to slide and that snapped right off of my hand.

Now it wasnt broken it wasnt wobbly it snapped now. Can you typically break something like that? No not typically so i came home and i measured because i wanted to see and uh. This is four to four point one and this arm here is three point. Nine three point. Eight, so youve got two to three millimeter difference in these two arms. You can see theres a little bit of bubbling in here, so its its just poorly manufactured its just bad manufacturing thats. What it comes down to a couple things to finish up. I wouldnt recommend this squad. I wouldnt recommend any of this for a beginner from the problems with the electronics to the bad manufacturing. I just i wouldnt recommend this quad. This is not going to be conducive for someone who wants to fly. Even i mean its. I dont even know it was a is it budget because it was 400 and some dollars plus now ive spent 250 more, so you can get an eye flight for under three with, i think, better components. The build video the thing is is bardwell has taught me a ton of i mean i am not joshua bardwell and youre going to break if you go out with me, but i dont agree with this. I dont think this is good and i dont think that he should push this. I think that he should tell people that this is outdated and its poorly manufactured and its not a good quad for a beginner.

You shouldnt label it for a beginner because its not robust um, its its, not easy, youre going to spend a ton of time, and there are things that he even says and does in the video that that arent right, like your flight controller, is secured to the Stack and when you calibrate it that flight controller is in the stack and during his build, he says. Ah, you know its not and im not put these screws on its, not a big deal. It is a big deal if that thing, wiggles just a little just two threads two threads. Your flight controller is now not balanced. It thinks that your quad is imbalanced and it wont fly right. You need those screws on there. They dont they dont secure it. So that you cant knock it out in a crash, they keep it in place. So when you calibrate it its calibrated, these are the types of things that i would have expected from him because he seems like a genuine guy to go back in and say, hey guys. I have a new quad. You know, pull those videos, you dont, need you dont, you dont need those videos, you have patreon, you have everything you dont need those tell people that this is not the quad for them. This. I was excited to try to upgrade and i feel like i downgraded so im, going to give this a no dont buy thats my review dont buy the squad his new one might be great.

I actually ordered that frame. To put this in. I want to see. I want to see if that frames better. I dont know the motors are great its a good choice on motors, good, inexpensive, nice flying motors, good props, inexpensive, nice playing props. The frame itself went together. Fine, the the engineering to make these slide in quick, quick fix, arms, thats, terrible they if they can shift its terrible. You dont want that. You dont want an arm that shifts it needs to have two screws. It cant have one screw. I dont know whose idea that was not a good idea: um im gon na give it a no. I mean i spent time, and i made you know protective side skirts to keep the junk out. You know on my 3d printer, similar to the ones from my nas ghoul right um, because i wanted to fly this squad. I wanted to like it and i was enjoying it. I was having a good time. It doesnt fly terrible, but the headaches, the 25 hours and 700, its not worth it dont buy this squad, maybe try his other one, maybe watch more of his videos – maybe maybe i misunderstood. Maybe maybe i caught an old video and somewhere. It tells me its not for me, but i can tell you this is not for me. I i wont buy another um, not not this and i wont suggest it. I even i even created this 3d printed stack topper.

You can see there um to stop things from moving a little bit, because i can still feel it not quite in there right it was. It was just not right without those screws on and i wanted it. I want to make sure that it couldnt come off. The top, so i had to go back in and put the screws on after he said its not a big deal. Well, it was. It was a big deal, so anyways thats the review thats part of the build um. I hope this is helpful. My suggestion would be skip this and start with just an eye flight. A 4s v2 fly the crap out of it. You can do anything with it and once youve done that its cheap, it flies great. It comes if you get one with an f7 in it. Its gon na be way better than this thats thats thats, my beginners review. So maybe you guys think different id like to hear id like to hear your experiences um, because mine was terrible. This was this has been my least favorite part of fpp. So far so anyways i have other stuff to do um other things to make other things to build. Ive still got to make my build video for these. How i create these and um theres going to be a 3d tutorial and a printing tutorial and uh.