com this week. I got the jlb 2101 by Jay I'll be racing it's, a 4 by 4 3 s monster truck with a hundred and 20 amp speed controller in here. A pretty awesome and powerful little 4×4 truck so I'm super excited about that. I actually took it out to our Airbnb cabin out in Hood River this week, so I could drive it for you guys in kind of in the middle of nowhere and it's awesome on this 3 s battery and using this remote. So we'll go ahead and check out. Some footage will bash it around we'll, see what it can do and then we'll come back to the studio and we'll check out a little closer look of the jail be 2101: nice, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music Applause, Music. So the first little test run of the jail be 21 101. It wrote it drives actually pretty good it's. A super super fast, some of the dhk hobby stuff that I drove earlier this year, the Optimus XL and the zombie. They were both kind of comparable cars to this one, but this one seems to flip over just a little bit better when I do get upside down. But the tires balloon out. It has a pretty nice power system on here at 3s, it's running pretty hot ground, and I jumps really well. It seems to be pretty durable so far, but we'll see we'll, see how that proves out in the next battery.

Alright guys, hopefully enjoyed that footage and we didn't break any arms or legs filming this thing this thing is like super fast, so we almost hit ourselves like several times, had to jump it a bunch of times, but you have to watch out for these little guys Because they are ridiculously fast now, the jlb 2101. Why it's special to me is because, yes, it does have that 125 speed controller right under the hood right here, I'm, just going to flip it around and show you that right away, because this is probably the awesome feature about this car – is the fact that it Does have all this waterproof gear on here, so you can drive through mud, puddles and all that stuff, but the 120 amp speed controller that's, a hobby wing so it's an upgraded speed controller from the other version of this one, which is an 80 amp. And why is that 120 amp speed controller important? Well, because you can use a bigger battery. You can go for s on this car. It comes with a 3 s battery, but you can drive it 4s and 4s is just going it's going to be insane on 4s you'll, probably get in upwards of 60 miles an hour 50 to 60 miles an hour on the 4s and a lot of this Chassis inside here by the way, is all CNC hardcore aluminum. It has sort of this plate across the middle here all suspension in the back and front or lumina m CNC heavy duty parts.

Really nice oil filled shocks. You have LED lights in the very front that light up. You probably saw that in the video and on the bottom, you have a pretty nice in plate. Just move the camera down, so you guys can see that a little closer. Now this is what really takes a beating on this car and honestly it's a it's scratched up a lot. It did take a pretty good beating, especially jumping those hills, and that clay out there in Hood River is pretty hard mixed up with rocks and stuff. So I brought a ton of dirt home with this and then just took it out in the backyard and sprayed it off with a hose to clean it off now, taking a closer look right up front check this out, see all these wires going in here. That is to a fly sky receiver, and this is nice. This is the FS a3 and these are all over the internet. So if you had this go bad if you ran it through the water and somehow this shorted out, you could just pop a new one of these on there they're very easy to find online fly sky is a pretty standard radio protocol out there and a pretty Standard brand for some of the China GP stuff. Now this is not a cheapy car. By the way, this is very high quality and, in my opinion, just as high quality of some of the 500 600 cars that a lot of the hobby shops.

So some people might disagree with that, but you know what this one is doing the job, just like some of the tracks of stuff out there and probably breaks less as well now also right under that hiding right under that one of the best features of this Car is actually this steering servo. This is a this is actually a metal geared servo, and this is important because the gears up inside here would absolutely shear off on the first battery if they were plastic. So a lot of these companies on these larger 110 oz cars will actually put the metal geared server in there and that's that's super important and that's a 15 kg metal, gerd servo. Now the other rock star – and this whole operation right here – is the SI SC 8 RTR ready to run water proof by hobby wing, and this is a hundred and twenty amp which, like I was saying, it's pretty awesome because we have this Deans connector right here. Coming out to your battery and we can put 4s on the set up and run this super high power if we want to, it, does have a built in fan on the top of it to cool it while running it and it's also waterproof. Now, in my other testing my dia dhk cars, I actually had my ESC pop off the frame because I did so much bashing around, but this one actually stayed on so they must have used some better type of sticky tape under this ESC.

Also, some of the other ESC s were actually mounted further toward the rear, so that might make a difference that it's directly in the middle of the chassis, not powering this whole four wheel, drive system over here is this jail, be branded 3670 2500 kV motor super Low end, the lower the kV, obviously, the more sort of low end power, we're going to get and very very nice motor for running this entire full drive system. It has these huge looks like 10 gauge a gauge wires coming out of here, running out to your ESC, and everything is nicely tucked in here and zip tied down. So you don't have a lot of wires floating around so you're. Looking at the back of the jail be 2101 and there's, something different here that wasn't on some of the dhk cars it's, a wheelie bar and turn this to the side. It almost looks like little miniature skateboard wheels back here. They look like they have kind of a nylon outside wheel, part and a really hard industrial plastic inside here and I'm sure there's bearings inside these and this little sort of industrial plastic, wheelie bar arms come out in the back of just below this little wing right Here this little Raceway now it's the spoiler. It seems like it held up in the crashes. I don't have any cracks in here. It is kind of flexible, so that might actually help with it coming in for a hard impact, and there is a little bit of venting through here, so that's kind of a good design.

Now we can take a little closer look at the suspension back here. Like I said, this is oil filled shocks, so they seem to be set to kind of a medium tension, and if you want to loosen those up to make them lighter and less tense, you can definitely do that. It looks like there's, actually, some kind of a rubber gasket over top of those which is kind of interesting, looks a little different than the other cars that I've seen now up front. This is the front suspension and we have a pretty nice and tight suspension here for doing a lot of landing. This is going to take most of the brunt of the impact in the front of the car. So you want a really nice sturdy suspension setup in the very front, because if you don't have that you're going to have a lot of stuff popping off up front, and especially if you hit something from the very front bumper now, it does have kind of a Squash and miniature bumper up front, but this this held up in my testing, and it also has recessed LEDs inside here. You see this wire running through here kind of comes up and powers, these LEDs straight coming from your receiver. Now these tires actually did pretty well during the review they held up, they didn't puncture, there's, no holes in them and they didn't split on the highway. A lot of times, some of these, like short course tires, will actually split on the highway.

If you have too much torque, because the pavement would just rip right through some of these thinner tires. But these these held up pretty well and they look like they're JLB branded race tires, so they're going to be better off road tires than something for Hall, Road and that's kind of what these are for. They also seventeen millimeter hex right down here this nut right here for taking it all off, which is pretty much standard for most RC cars at the 110 scale. Some of the other stuff that comes along with this truck is this eleven point one volt battery. This is a three s 30 C battery, and you can charge it from the charger that comes along with. It has a little balance point right here, where you can charge it from your Deans connector sort of on a standalone charger, the charger that I got. That came with a European Union style plug and if you go on, you can actually get a little converter for this. That will convert it over to US plug. So no problem let's just plug it in the bottom right here and this one actually with collectable charge two and three S batteries you, if you upgrade to 4s, you couldn't use this charger to charge 4s, but you have to have your own additional charger for that. Like a standalone charger, but this one does the job and probably in about two to three hours, that battery is going to charge up, but it does also take one hundred and 240 volt power to this one, so kind of a versatile charger and it's going to Charge, probably about one amp right there, so you're not going to charge super fast, which is good because you're not going to sort of quick charge this battery and damage it.

If you overcharge, you put to me, cease to wear it. If you put too many volts toward it, you'll actually damage the battery. Now, like I said, you also get a flash guide transmitter with this car, and this is a two channel fly Sky transmitter. It takes four double A batteries in the bottom here and that's suggests. Putting the nickel metal batteries in this one do some rechargeable than this so they'll last longer. Now there are some options up inside here you have three trim buttons here for throttle, trim, steering, trim and your power on and off buttons. There you've got an LED for binding up. If you need to rebind it, you can actually include a little bind plug. You also have steering reverse and throttle reverse right here, the wheel itself. It feels okay, it does have a little bit of a rubber exterior right here for grabbing it, but there's no rubber on the handle grip right here. So this is, I mean this feels pretty good. This pistol grip is okay, it's, not like the best transmitter in the world as far as like the exterior quality, but I think it does the job for this particular truck. Okay, so let's go ahead and wrap up this review. I have the JLB 2101 sitting over here on my left and on the right. We have that dhk zombie and the zombies it's just a little bit higher, but the JLB 2101 is a crazy RC truck on 3s, and with that 120 amp speed controller, you can upgrade it to 4s battery no problem and some of the other RC cars.

If you do that, sometimes they'll strip out the drivetrain, so you have to be careful or you'll blow out the tires ruining them. If you try to drive it on the street, but this this truck, I would get this 120 amp version of this truck because being able to do or s on this truck I've seen other youtubers. Do it and it's absolutely crazy on 4s. So if you get this one grab a couple batteries. I think your job time is going to be like 20 minutes close to 20 minutes on either of these trucks. So, like I said that dhk hobby zombies it's just a little bit higher there, you can see the tires a little little taller than the JLB 2101, but, like I said this, one will flip back over once you go invert. If you kind of floor it and move the throttle steering a little bit, it will actually sometimes flip over for you this one once it goes over. You have to do the walk of shame and go flip this one back over, mainly because it's got that taller truck body on there, but either of these you can't go wrong. I'Ll try to put both the links down in the video description below, so you guys can look at the specs and see what the current cost is. If I have a coupon for either one of these I'll try to drop that down in the description below.

For you, but thanks again for watching you guys, this has been an awesome awesome demonstration of the GMB 2101. I like it, I think it's, a pretty rad truck.