JJRC X5 Drone Review

JJRC X5 Drone Full Specs & Pricing: https://goo.gl/FvLB5j The JJRC JJPRO X5 EPIC is a GPS, Brushless quadcopter that could be very modern and nimble. It has a …


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  2. Jjpro x5 follow me feature will work to following the remote controller, not the object. So, you must put yourself and grab the remote in the spot of the camera, once you activate the mode, and the drone will follow you.

  3. How can i pair my aircraft to it's remote control?

  4. Good to compare to a Bugs 5w that is what it is and they both have the same gimble issue and the B5W was very popular at one time. This ones cheaper to buy

  5. I think its a good entry level drone. A nice starter for someone. At $152 Its affordable. As I am commenting its now 21% off so $120. I think the follow me mode should be tested out in a more open area. No idea what the manufacture has set up for a follow me mode distance. The return to home was a little odd if you ask me. It didn't rotate 180° is just flew backwards. That was an extremely gentle landing though. Nice review as always. Thanks guys.

  6. I think this is the best gps drone for the money, very surprised mine works great all features work great,and paid 119.00 on gearbest

  7. In order for follow to work, your phone needs to have GPS or location services turned on. Otherwise Follow cannot work. Probably your problem.

  8. The original Bugs 2 and 3, still perform much better with a longer 1,000 + meter range and apparently, a better gps. But, without features like follow me..

  9. This is essentially a clone of the bugs mjx 5w (or maybe vice versa).

  10. Cool drone!ah, showeroom flip flops with socks are a big no-no!

  11. Nice, follow mode is like hubsan and buggs…it follows the remote not an object/person

  12. u are so close for follow mode. get some far to drone. follow mode working very good on jjpro

  13. Good afternoon dear, can you tell me, what remote distance from the fpv wifi to the drone? the company reported 500m of wifi is true?

  14. Good afternoon, the drone camera has a memory card slot ?? Is the video recording on the camera? or on the cell phone?

  15. thanks for the nice review 👍✌️

  16. Bugs 5w or this one which one is better?

  17. Bugs 5 remade, just like the bug, you have to calibrate the drone

  18. Its bugs 5w, just in different shape

  19. I think it follows the phone. it doesnt lock onto an image. I saw that in a different review. next time try it with the app on and your phone on you.

  20. Good review. The bebop 1 would be a good one as well.

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