This is gon na, be my very first flight with it all right. So what you want to do first off is make sure you take that gimbal guard off um make sure you remove it. Put it back in this case before you actually power this drone on, because once this drone is powered on it’s, going to initialize the gimbal. Okay, i’ve got a 32 gigabyte sd card class 10 in the drone there, all right so first, what we want to do is turn on the transmitter here and then turn on the drone Music. Okay, we’ll do that musical tune and it should be connecting up all right now. In the meantime, while i’m waiting for that i’m going to go into the uh we’ll go into the wi fi settings and we’ll see if it comes up. Okay comes up as a15 5g 6k want to choose that one and go into this new app called the h. Fun fly app, the first one i want to do before any of that. I want to make sure i got a screen recording happening, so we’ve got that as well. Okay, start, recording i’ll go back now, screen recording should be uh. Recording now on screen. I’Ll put that in the bottom left like i usually do there’s a few different uh options here. We’Ve got instructions where you can go through and read about some of the instructions there. Okay, guys go to done. There’S 16 pages we’ve got a personal center here, there’s.

Some settings, so you can choose your band 5 gigahertz wi fi is not supported, but it it’s connected to it style, settings general settings and clear cache. Oh, that must be for your videos or something like that and then prepare to fly. Okay, so we’ll calibrate it through the app it is bound. The gimbal is working so calibrate it through the app put the drone on horizontal position. All right so let’s see what that does calibrating all right, so that might have been the gyroscope and we’ll. Do the we’ll do this one, so this is the actual uh should be calibration of the actual drone. Let’S start it confirm. Okay, let’s, try it now: okay, it’s got red lights flashing. I heard a beep and then we’ll go down different lights. Flashing and we’ve got a second beep, all right guys, so this calibration success and we’re in the app now so i’ll go three meters away. Like it usually says: okay it’s got a few. Prompts there got it all right. Let me take a quick, sip it’s pretty hot out here today, guys i tried getting out of here pretty early it’s just before midday, so it’s late uh morning and we’ve got wi. Fi fpv looks pretty instantaneous, not too bad. Okay, so we’ve got 10 satellites here, which is good we’re 11 now, and what i might do is just step back here for a bit because there is a bit of glare on this uh phone and we’ll.

Take it up for a flight, so we got gps mode on okay. I want to start recording. So the recording button is here: that’s a snapshot. You have to hold it down all right, all right, we’re, recording you see a counter there. We’Ve got to press start. Okay, all right it’s put up in the air and we see the stability of it. We’Ve done the calibration correctly it’s working well. We’Ve got 12 satellites. Now turn around there’s a bit of a wind. Here, oh we’ve got toilet bowling, guys, oh that’s, a shame it’s. Looking so good see, if that settles down before i bring it down, bring a bit closer to me a little bit of a toilet bowl happening there that’s a shame, it’s looking so good justin, oh, maybe i’ll land it. My pad’s gon na move a bit, bring it down on the pad. Well, i did calibrate it correctly and it did start to do a bit of a toilet, bowl that’s, a shame so let’s uh try to do it via the i’ll turn that recording off. Let me choose that one let’s see if it’s flashing, again okay let’s see if we can do that again. First beat maybe i’ll put the gimbal upwards this time. I think i had it facing down last time all right, so we calibrated a second time. It did look promising like it was. You could see when i first took off, it did uh look okay, let’s, start recording again: we’ve got 13 satellites.

Now a long beat there he’d done that last time, Applause, just let it hold there for a while guys, all right so let’s take it for a flight. Now on this one, i had to look at the user manual. The speed switch ain’t on any dedicated button. It’S, actually on you got to press the throttle in there’s three, so i’ll, just cruise around in first right, let’s have a look, how she flies. Send it off this way, a little bit it’s, nice and bright orange. So, like the autel evos, you can see it very clearly in the sky there it is cruising pretty slowly. There we’ll have a look around at the stability of this camera. I’Ll put in speed rate too that’s a bit better i’m going to go on the shade here guys because i can hardly see this iphone very dull screen. I’Ve put it on the full brightness and uh can’t really see much so it’s pretty slow. I mean third right now pretty slow bird i’m only at 1900 meters away. Okay, i might adjust that gimbal i’ll. Let it hover there for a bit, so we’ve got wi fi pv back, but it doesn’t really matter because we have the uh sd card. So let’s see i’m trying to operate the gimbal i’ve gone down a bit there. We go just to get those props out of the screen, so i’ve just panned that way and what we’ll do do a gps home return from there we’re at 222 meters out now hold it down.

Okay, so it should be going to gps. Home return is beeping. Let me just do it from the app then okay doesn’t seem to be engaging so i’m going to fly it. This way, it’s rather quick, now get away from the water there let’s see if we’ll do all right just turn that off let’s try that again i’ll try via the app saying it’s sending but uh. I can see the drone straight ahead. She’S just sitting there let’s try with the controller again it says press it for three seconds. The thing is: i’ve got a beeping, an audible beep, but there’s. No confirmation on the transmitter it’s very hard to see on this uh screen at the moment so face towards the field turn that off okay. Now now it should come back. So actually that was my mistake that beeping must have been headless mode. This button, these buttons are pretty small, guys and uh that beeping i must have been headless mode. So that’s. What was tricking me there, the way it was flying now, we’ve got uh. Now we’ve got the uh gps home return, so my error there, it did say in the user manual press the button for gps home returns uh for three seconds, and i did do that, but it went to headless mode. So now at least, i know with the buttons the actual noise of the buttons what it actually is doing so it’s coming in the vicinity of where i took off from raise that gimbal up.

How am i get out of that now? I just let it land is it gon na land? Now i got out of it all right. Let’S have a look at this gimbal it’s too bad let’s have a look at it. Up close, looks very familiar doesn’t. It is it’s designed to be like a mini hubsan zeno that’s. What i think, anyway, all right so take it out again, i’ll finish that recording off, i think, okay, i think let’s stop. Recording and uh take some photos i’m in rate two now so take some quick snapshots. You know the photo’s meant to be in uh 6k on the sd card – hey cup behind me, there now we’ve got 19 satellites, so that’s a pretty decent amount of satellites here, face that way towards the houses all right. Now let me go into the parameters here and uh. Beginner modes turned off. We’Ve got the full uh distance of five kilometers, which this drone won’t do: uh, okay, so that’s all good. We can go into the uh camera camera settings here, all right, so i’ll just leave them the way they are at flight. You can change from mode 1 to mode 2 and other okay, so get out of that. What i want to actually look for is any options of uh some flight smart features here i think it’s got a digital zoom. I know that controls the gimbal. If i go down yeah, so you can control the gimbal via the app that’s, pretty neat.

Okay, so uh still a bit of a distance run how much battery life we’ve got left we’ve got quite a bit of battery, so what i’ll do i’ll um start recording again it’ll take for a bit of a distance run, see how it goes. We’Ll see what the wi fi fpv is like put in third rate. Take it up a bit too so we’re at 200 meters. I want to bring it into the center of the field there. If i can so saying 400 meters, it looks like the wi fi fpv has uh stopped. Okay, so let’s bring it back again. So the instruction manual is telling a bit of a lie for the gps. Home return said: hold it for three seconds, but what that does is actually get you into uh headless mode, so it’s a quick press for home return, so it is coming back guys so it’s around 400 meters. I think it’s hard to tell on this iphone it’s. Very you know: it’s very low, low, brightness and i’ve got it all the way up. So it might just be my phone but uh having a hard time seeing the actual fpv. So this time, i’ll, let it land and uh i’ll use the app to bring the gimbal down so it’s landing, pretty close about the same spot, where i was going to land before bring the gimbal up now, that’s, pretty cool. I like how you can control it off the uh off the app as well so it’s about three meters away from the landing spot, all right guys.

Well, what i’m gon na do i’m gon na um just pause this video just for a second! I want to see where all these flight functions are supposed to be uh. You know orbit and uh follow me and so forth. So i did look at the user manual beforehand, but i can’t seem to find them here unless let’s see okay, i found them it’s on these three near this uh gear icon, on the on the on the far right, the the gear settings icon, it’s right next To it and we’ve got all our features here, all right, so let’s let’s try those out let’s uh in that recording, hold it down. Okay, so what we got here, i don’t want to do that gesture rubbish on the top uh of this circle. Here we have a follow me. Gps. Follow me. Okay, so i’ll. Try that one out but let’s get it up in the air. In the meantime, all right let’s get it up so far. Besides that little bit of toilet bowl so far, it’s been behaving itself, which i’m really happy about. It’S got a large battery too. Okay, so we’ll do a follow me just let it park it there for a bit i’ll. Take it up a little bit all right, sorry from facing down to the ground a lot guys just i’m fine i’ve got my sunnies off and i’m finding it hard to see this screen. So i did send the uh the function to the jjrc x17 and we can see she’s following i am recording.

Let me record that so many things happening when you review drones, you got to remember to record remember to do this, remove it to do that. So it’s going all right i’m in the center of the photo of the frame, rather now i’m to the right of it, not a bad job. There x, 17., all right let’s get out of that cancel all right. Now let’s try did it cancel it or did it not? No, it didn’t cancel. I press cancel too. They should have cancelled it by right. Okay, that’s, odd. All right, so maybe i’ll hit confirm again. Now i can. I can yeah fly it so all right. So you have to hit confirm again: i’m, just learning guys as i go got a nice little spotlight there on the bottom. The led light they’ll come in handy at night, flying all right, just sit there between the aircraft, all right, let’s, uh, try orbit mode, clockwise or anti clockwise just go whatever it said, clockwise. So, as you can see, it’s spinning around i’m still recording you know. I take it up yeah, i can take it out. So i like that when you can adjust the angle, it should start doing its own thing. Maybe i have to give it a sticking port yeah. You have to give it a stick, input, guys, okay, some of them do it automatically. When you choose an option, but most of the time you have to give them a stick, import, not bad, it does one rotation.

Is it still going to continue it yeah? It is so i got to get out of that see. Maybe i have to hit confirm again. Yeah you got to hit confirm where it says, cancel that doesn’t seem to work. You’D think it would, when it says, cancel, but you have to confirm, always hit the confirm button now. I think there is supposed to be a uh, a vision follow here, so let’s bring it down, maybe like an active track. Sort of follow me all right. So just sit there let’s see how that works. Let me choose that again, the riding’s so small, guys i’m within two meters. I just click, confirm riding’s, so small. I cannot see it on this phone at all. So, oh, we got out of the app what’s going on Music i’m, getting it back into the app start. We’Ll turn that recording off let’s try that again this one which was easier to uh. It says something about a blue box and the target character is not selected Music, so maybe i have to get into proper frame here and uh bring it down a fraction. Oh here we are we’re in the box. Now all right, so let’s uh record again. Please select the target i’ll, just press myself. Okay now, will it do it? Try that again bring it up a little bit? Okay, a bit too close to it. We might try and get this working see if it does actually work.

That’S, all right, let’s select. Ah, okay, please select the target with the green, which the green frame signal interference. Now, oh that’s, not good. Okay, i’ll go there and i’ll i’ll click on there got signal interference. I think it booted out again all right so ah forget it Laughter. I’Ll! Maybe try that another time all right let’s get back into this sorry about that guys. I did try it twice and it seems to fail. So is there any other options that i can go through before it? Uh goes into low level, lvc vr mode, okay, pretty self explanatory, if you’re wearing goggles ar iphone 7 mine’s an iphone 6 for the 50 times, zoom let’s check that out at least okay. So let’s have a look i’m facing that uh let’s see that tree in the distance in front of me. Let’S try to square that up a bit and we’ll zoom into that tree. I just zoomed into the ground there a bit so let’s lift that gimbal up. Okay and we can zoom in bring it down a bit okay, so it does have a zoom, oh she’s, going to return to home now guys we’re out of time, so there’s a zoom function anyway, guys all right. So that will be it for this review of the uh jjrc x17. Overall, it behaves itself pretty pretty good um. You know the second calibration worked perfectly. It did a little bit of a toilet bowl wasn’t, a massive uh.

You know taller ball at the start, but uh i did bring it down recalibrate it now. This might just be in low level lbc or first warning lvc but i’m going to bring it down guys i’ll bring it down i’m, not going to. Let it go to the very end of the battery it’s, the first cycle of this battery. I will revisit this drone again. Maybe do a max flight distance or something like that uh. I might even try to uh cover the android version of the app as well and add another another day, guys i’ll just try and land on the pad, not the grass manually. Oh, i missed it all right guys. Well, that’ll be it. Let me uh finish that recording this very important thing to do: okay, so uh! Yes, i will allow that and what i’ll do i’ll just end this screen recording guys it looks like it did end itself. Oh well, okay! Well, i’ll get out of the app now. I think the screen recording ended itself, possibly when the um, when the app kicked me out a couple of times, but anyway, guys i’ll put most of the screen recording in there that i have captured during this flight, but uh yeah, not a bad drone, guys um, You know we’ll see how the video turns out on the sd card. It is supposed to be uh 2.7 k, i’ll, put the file uh the properties of the files uh for video and photos in the video okay, while you’re watching this, but uh the gimbal seemed pretty stable for just a two axis, as you can see, works rather Well forward and back so the video did look pretty steady.

I can’t tell if there was any jello guys, because i haven’t seen the footage, but it did look pretty good compared to uh some of the other drones i’ve tried in the past. So anyway, some of the features worked there. I couldn’t get the active track one to work, but we’ll see maybe another time. I have a better luck. It did uh show on the screen uh when i did choose that it said signal interference and then there was a prompt on screen. So i don’t know what happened out here today, but uh seems to have pretty good uh distance there as well return to home fairly accurately, as you would expect from a drone at this price range, so yeah guys um overall, not a bad drone. For my first flight, i do recommend this one, not too sure 100 on the price. I think it’s around 150 160 us price range around about there. It wouldn’t be any more than that, but uh yeah i’d, just like to thank uh the vendor. I believe their name, the name of the vendor, is the god toy who sent me this one out. So i appreciate that guys for sending this one out for review, as always guys i’m going to put the links to their store, like i did in the unboxing overview. So you can check out uh the links for this one and some of the other links they sent me for their store and uh.

I believe, if you uh sign up, you you’ll get uh 10 off um, your first order. So if you decide to maybe you’re interested in this drone, you’ll get 10 off if you log into their website, just like you do on any other website, you have an account and make your purchases from there. So uh thanks very much for watching guys. I’Ll put the flight time on screen when it landed and uh. It seemed like it got a pretty decent flight time out here today. Obviously it’s not going to get. You know the flight times that most of these companies state they’ll get that’s. Just a marketing marketing ploy, you know it’s all about marketing, but uh yeah we’ve got one one uh led on the back there, but uh overall yeah, not a bad little uh, not a bad little drone guys it performed rather well today, so uh, yeah, nice and Compact and comes in that nice little case as well, so there we go that’s it there. That is the jjrc x17 thanks for watching guys if you’re new to the channel feel free to subscribe like and comment all that good stuff and i’ll catch you on the next one.